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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 02-26-2012

Another IC lackey was sucsessfully seperated from his goods.

Operation ExHale - Nicole Hunter - 03-04-2012
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 12.png]
Dear Professors,

I am proud to report that the Operation ExHale has been successfully completed. I attach detailed report. I hope you will be pleased with my performance.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter


Defame Fleet Admiral David Hale causing serious damage to the Liberty Navy's image in the media. Slander Liberty corporations if possible.
Phase 1: Acquire identity of a credible journalist.
Phase 2: Make interview with David Hale.
Phase 3: Present the interview in a defaming context.


In the first phase of the operation journalist Nikoletta Ohotnik has been captured and her identity taken by the operative. In preparation for the phase two, the operative has taken job in Liberty Finest Magazine in order to maintain her cover. In the second phase of the operation an interview with Fleet Admiral David Hale has been made on Newark Station in New York. In the third phase of the mission a report including the interview has been published and a death of the journalist has been arranged in order to shed suspicions on David Hale and the Liberty Navy.

Detailed report:

I started from searching for a journalist to impersonate. I ran advanced face recognition scripts against Liberty journalists database in order to find a person as much similar to me as possible. After numerous reiterations and narrowing down search criteria I came out with Nikoletta Ohotnik, an orphan, working for the Vanity Today. For two weeks I studied her daily routines, then captured her and transported to Cochrane Depot. In the meantime I arranged change of an employer and begun preparations for the phase two. As Nikoletta Ohotnik, I made several interviews and reports for the Liberty Finest Magazine. The worst part was that I had to bleach my hair. Since my credentials were authentic, it proved no problem to contact Admiral Hale's bureau and arrange an interview. It took place on Newark Station in New York. I used specially prepared samples of Nikoletta's tissue to leave only her DNA and fingerprints in the conference room. David Hale proved to be cautious interlocutor. To lull him into security, I started from trivial questions such as why he joined the Navy or whether Liberty is at risk of a war on three fronts. After that, I changed the subject of discussion to the IND and their recent cardamine smuggling operation. I didn't manage to catch him off guard, but he provided me with enough material for the successful provocation. During the last phase of the operation, I prepared the material for emission, which is available on the NeuralNet, and arranged spectacular death of Nikoletta Ohotnik in a shuttle crash above Manhattan. Since she was cooperative during the whole operation, I decided to kill her painlessly just before putting her body into the shuttle. I sabotaged its starboard thruster in a such way that superficial investigation of a wreck should be inconclusive. However, a closer investigation will definitely prove an intentional sabotage, which as a result should shed suspicions on David Hale and the Liberty Navy.

Operation Purity, Rising Sun, Exchange - Nicole Hunter - 03-05-2012
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 12.png]
Dear Professors,

I wish to file several overdue reports. I hope you will find them worth your attention.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter


This is a report on the operation authorized by Professor Brutus Clay. During standard cargo interdiction in Galileo an unknown contact has been spotted near Reppu Bend. Closer investigation turned out that it was a heavily modified Sabre class fighter outfitted with a technology of an unknown origin. Contact was soon lost and all communication attempts were unsuccessful. Later on the ship has been identified as belonging to the organization called the Oracles. On the same day also an alien cruiser-class vessel has been spotted in Ontario near the Colorado jumphole. The Nomad has not been aggressive and a certain form of communication has been established. During this encounter I have learnt that Nomads might react less aggressively if they sense cardamine. Several days later a communication from the Oracles has been received, which included general information about their cardamine research programme. Professor Brutus Clay authorized me to meet Oracles' high priestess in Omicron Alpha. I've been granted an audience by Exarch Zsun. During my stay in Omicron Alpha, I have learnt that the Oracles work as some sort of spokespeople for the Nomads and they supervise cardamine research in the 101st facilities, especially projects concerning fertility related problems. Apparently, the Oracles are divided into an inner scientific division and outer cult. The official agenda of the cultists is to spread cardamine throughout the Sirius. Articles of their faith are rather obscure and consist of standard mixture of mysticism and vague rhetoric. Exarch Zsun was not really interested in any form of cooperation with the Lane Hackers, however, since our goals converge, at least in respect to cardamine, we were given twelve samples of cardamine in a purified liquid form. Seven samples have been already distributed. Five remaining samples are being stored at Cochrane Depot.


I was authorized once again by Professor Brutus Clay to improve our relations with our allies in Kusari. I've contacted Shogun Ryuu Noboru of the Blood Dragons and was granted an audience in Chugoku. I've given the Shogun four modified guns codenamed RAGNAROK as a sign of our good will and friendship. We have preliminarily discussed details of the operation against IND in Kusari. We are still waiting for the official confirmation, however, our recent cooperation in Galileo and Kepler has proved that my efforts were successful. Several days later, I was also given an audience by Okasan Amaya Tanaka of the Golden Chrysanthemum in Hokkaido. I've given the Okasan one vial of liquid cardamine from our supplies to express our friendly intentions and discussed possibility of increasing the goods exchange between our factions. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from Okasan since then. I believe that Golden Chrysantemum is currently undergoing internal changes caused by the death of their former leader. I will obviously monitor the situation.


Professor Sanguinetti authorized me to sell our intelligence report on Virginia to the Hellfire Legion. I've contacted their High Command and arranged the exchange for 25.000.000 SC. In order to uphold the highest security standards I have developed special encrypting algorithms. I am more than sure that LSF won't be able to crack them before I die from an old age.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 03-08-2012

The following is a comm-net-extract from a conversation with a Bretonia Armed Forces Admiral revealing information about the current state of Bretonia and it's newly begun war.

Abruptly, the target decided to end the 'conversation' and got away with incoming reinforcements.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 03-11-2012

On today's action a DSE mining operation in the Alberta system has been interrupted and 10 million credits sucsessfully redirected to my neural net account.

Next at hand was an Interspace vessel hauling Platinum Ore; as Ms. Hunter was already engaged with the Transport and it's escort (a heavily armored LABC) there was only time to get proof of the destruction.

Shortly after the cargo got picked up by the Disco.Volante, Ms.Hunter and myself took care of the Navy vessel.

In a solo-operation I also forced a Navy Captain to transfer 2 million credits from governmental military funds to me.

In the same operation, an Universal Shipping Stork crossed my way at the Colorado JH. It was very cooperative and even increased the original price I wanted to extort out of him.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 03-18-2012

[Image: screen10n.png]

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 03-18-2012
Updates on Diplomatic situation of the Lane Hackers:

As of per this agreement, the Lane Hackers are now neutral-friendly to the Council; their transports must not be extorted or harassed in any way.
Also, secrecy about the said relations is required, even our allies should not know about it.

Additionally, the Lane Hackers are now engaged into a smuggling-contract with the Red Hessians, as agreed on in this transmission. Uncut Diamonds can be purchased in the Omega-11 system for 4000 p/unit on request through a secure SKYPE comm channel; current contact man for that matter is Nikolai Diavolo (myself).

Currently, there is an attempt to get into contact with the Gallic Mafia (La Brise). Lane Hackers should treat members of the said faction nicely and with respect incase they meet, to not hinder possible diplomatic talks.

Addendum to today's operations:

In an operation together with Miss Hunter, 7 targets have gotten their attitude adjusted after they failed to comply.

On a solo run, I reposessed 4480 units of Bio-Neural Processors from Ageira|Ainos.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 03-19-2012

Attitude adjustments successful; in a joined operation between Lane Hackers and Liberty Rouges, several hostile targets have been destroyed.

The Liberty Navy Logistics Corps Roster - Nicole Hunter - 04-01-2012
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 12.png]
Dear Professors,

My source in the Liberty Security Force has delivered me list of ships belonging to the Liberty Navy Logistics Corps. I managed to intercept and extort one of these ships in Colorado. It was carrying Light Arms, most likely to Fort Severn. We should keep an eye on these transports and map their route patterns, as it is highly probable that they are carrying military grade technology, such as personal arms and advanced munitions. As for my source in the Liberty Security Force, it seems he does not know his place and decided to not show up in a place and time set by me. I will have to teach him obedience and respect, and he might prove useful for us once again.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter


The Liberty Navy Logistics Corps Roster


The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Petitioner - 04-16-2012
...Trainee.Bradley.Sigeweard.recognized...uploading data...

Today, I engaged in my first flight as a Lane Hacker, alongside Miss Hunter. We effectively rustled the jimmies of two IND vessels, after a long pursuit, and escaped the corporate lapdog MM~Lunchbox. Miss Hunter departed to take care of business elsewhere, and I located the wreck of the USI transport Bradley. It was carrying Ageira-manufactured tradelane parts. I removed its turretry and returned to Mactan with them, and was compensated for my troubles after I turned them over to the armory. The location of the Bradley is enclosed with this transmission. I would suggest that any fellow Hacker with a freighter or transport revisit the site to collect the parts. As an aside, I intend to acquire a Mule for similar ventures immediately. This concludes my report.