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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Phate - 04-20-2012

I just thought I'd drop by and express my gratitude to the Abbi crew ...

[Image: th_Abbi1.png]

... in memoriam, since they just won the Darwin award.

[Image: th_Abbi0.png]

Thanks to Krimmler and Greene for helping out with the award ceremony.

~ When natural selection deems that an individual's highest cause is
to serve as a warning to others, who are we to disagree? ~

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 04-29-2012

Back in business.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Eraser - 04-30-2012 data...

Surgery log, Airdrie hideout, subject: Eraser
Quote:[30.04.2012 11:33:43] Nicole.Hunter: *You entered the laboratory with a surgery table and several or robotic arms*
[30.04.2012 11:34:06] LH~Eraser: *lays down on the table*
[30.04.2012 11:35:47] LH~Eraser: WouLd say to minD my circuiTs. but according to the statUs indicators, it caN't get much woRse anyways.
[30.04.2012 11:36:36] Nicole.Hunter: *robotic arm immobilises your head*
[30.04.2012 11:36:49] Nicole.Hunter: Don't worry.
[30.04.2012 11:37:01] Nicole.Hunter: *Nicole is gently removing the casing*.
[30.04.2012 11:37:46] Nicole.Hunter: I will now plug you directly to the external laboratory computer for diagnostics.
[30.04.2012 11:37:52] LH~Eraser: Kino-wirEs had beeN damaged. Need full wiLL to movE my limbs.
[30.04.2012 11:38:31] LH~Eraser: and the Ageira cRanal bomb is still in tHere. MighT need and EMP to remove it.
[30.04.2012 11:39:15] LH~Eraser: Dun' waNNa damaGE the preCious eQuipment.
[30.04.2012 11:40:01] LH~Eraser: Meaning yoUrs. Mines are just lower 'Hattan crap.
[30.04.2012 11:39:02] Nicole.Hunter: I will copy current databanks and install new memory modules.
[30.04.2012 11:39:33] Nicole.Hunter: We will try to recover lost data from the old ones.
[30.04.2012 11:40:50] Nicole.Hunter: In order to do it I will need to shut your cybernetics down.
[30.04.2012 11:41:17] Nicole.Hunter: Whole operation, including neutralization of the bomb might take several hours.
[30.04.2012 11:41:41] LH~Eraser: I woN't lose much with it. SigHt. Smellin'. skillwires.
[30.04.2012 11:42:01] Nicole.Hunter: Please engage hibernation mode so I will be able to shut you down safely.
[30.04.2012 11:42:22] LH~Eraser: Positive. Shutting down.

[30.04.2012 11:42:44] Nicole.Hunter: ***after 10 hours***

[30.04.2012 11:43:01] Nicole.Hunter: Initiating waking up sequence...
[30.04.2012 11:43:38] Nicole.Hunter: *bits of your conscious are waking up, first subroutine returns: service mode*
[30.04.2012 11:43:38] LH~Eraser: Reboot completed. Nerual kernel stable. Pain is gone. Motoric functions satisfactory.
[30.04.2012 11:44:26] Nicole.Hunter: Mr Eraser, it took longer than I expected, however, we managed to remove the explosive from your head.
[30.04.2012 11:44:51] Nicole.Hunter: Like I said, we replaced the memory banks. Recovery of the data from old ones might take several days.
[30.04.2012 11:45:04] LH~Eraser: Diagnostics working. A battery leak damaged memory lobes. Still can't remember a thing. It might get better with time.
[30.04.2012 11:45:38] Nicole.Hunter: Also, I took liberty to replace your semantic processor. Shiny new bio-neural processor stolen from Galileo Convoy.
[30.04.2012 11:46:00] Nicole.Hunter: There should be no problem with your vocabulary and sentence-formulation.
[30.04.2012 11:46:45] LH~Eraser: Noticed. I have an urge to form expressions I don't even know about.
[30.04.2012 11:47:26] Nicole.Hunter: as well as basic targeting system and standard flight operations protocols.
[30.04.2012 11:47:34] Nicole.Hunter: Any exams should be just formality.
[30.04.2012 11:48:07] LH~Eraser: *sits up, moves limbs and fingers*
[30.04.2012 11:48:16] Nicole.Hunter: And once again, the recovery of data might take several days. So be patient.
[30.04.2012 11:48:23] Nicole.Hunter: Closing diagnostic mode.
[30.04.2012 11:48:47] LH~Eraser: Nice work doctor. Pyramidal and extrapyramidal coordinations efficiency - 98%.
[30.04.2012 11:48:54] Nicole.Hunter: *Nicole closes head casing*
[30.04.2012 11:49:03] Nicole.Hunter: This might be updated with new firmware.
[30.04.2012 11:49:50] LH~Eraser: Appears I knew where I was coming when I did so.
[30.04.2012 11:50:08] Nicole.Hunter: That is great news, Mr Eraser.
[30.04.2012 11:50:47] LH~Eraser: Think I need some rest. A REM phase would help neural circuits to form.
[30.04.2012 11:51:14] Nicole.Hunter: As you please, I need to attend something on Cochrane now. Goodbye Mr Eraser.
[30.04.2012 11:51:54] LH~Eraser: Will log the surgery transcript in the system for further generations to study.
[30.04.2012 11:51:28] Nicole.Hunter: *after going out of the lab Ms Hunter smiled*
[30.04.2012 11:51:47] Nicole.Hunter: *she hardcoded three subroutines into Eraser new behavioural core*
[30.04.2012 11:52:15] Nicole.Hunter: * Priority 1) Protect Ms Hunter in combat. *
[30.04.2012 11:53:50] Nicole.Hunter: * Priority 2) Execute every order from Ms Hunter if containig the key word: "raszornak".*
[30.04.2012 11:54:26] Nicole.Hunter: * Priority 3) Ridicule Mr Phate verbally on 85% of success. *
[30.04.2012 11:54:50] Nicole.Hunter: *on/when*
[30.04.2012 11:55:17] LH~Eraser: :-] terminated...

Operation Exposure - Nicole Hunter - 05-10-2012
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 12.png]

Dear Professors,

I wish to file an overdue report. I hope you will find it worthy your attention.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter


This is a report on the operation initiated by me and Mr Krimmler on 7th April and completed on 10th May. Certain phases of the operation were also completed by Mr Yoshida and Mr Diavolo. Primary goal of the operation was to locate newly built bases of the Liberty Security Force and the Liberty Navy. Secondary goal of the operation was to sell exact location of these bases to primary enemies of their owners. Tertiary goal of the operation was to intercept as many as possible convoys supplying the construction efforts.


[Image: OperationExposureCopperfieldResearchFacility.png]

During standard cargo interdiction in California on 7th April we have spotted an LSF transport carrying ship hull panels. Since its captain refused to meet our demands we have destroyed both the ship and its cargo. During next several days we have noticed increased activity of the LSF. Their numerous transports were carrying various base supplies such as industrial materials, robotics or ship hull panels. We have also noticed that all of their transports headed to Zone 21 in New York. Additionally, my source in the LSF, former field agent John Toledo, call-sign Sierra, confirmed that the LSF have a new secret base. Using old reconnaissance data, gathered nearly three years ago by Mr Sanguinetti, we have concluded that their base must be located somewhere in Ellesmere. However, initial reconnaissance performed by me and Mr Krimmler turned out to be unsuccessful. I decided to assign an operative to observe the Ellesmere jumphole in Alaska on long range scanner. On 10th April an LSF transport ship carrying supplies for the base entered Ellesmere, most likely supplied the base and returned to Alaska in 8 minutes 51 seconds. Considering time for finishing the jumping sequence, navigation, docking and undocking, we concluded that the base must be in 90 units radius from the Alaska jumphole. On 11th April I have personally plotted a three dimensional grid of reconnaissance waypoints in the given radius and flown over 2000 units myself before I located the base. I tried to extort the LSF for keeping this information secret, however, they obviously denied my demands. For this reason we have sold the location of the base to das Büro der Marineintelligenz and the Order. The base is still in the development. Right now, it is apparently still in the second phase of construction and consist only from three docking modules, four external storage tanks and a working shield generator. No other external sections or defences were observed. We possess no information on interior laboratories or production facilities. While the base is kept secret and relies only on the LSF own supply line, the agency is highly motivated to develop and maintain their project. Patrols around the base are frequent and vigilant.


[Image: OperationExposureCapeCanaveral.png]

On 1st April my source in the LSF, former field agent John Toledo, call-sign Sierra, delivered me a roster of the Liberty Navy Logistics Corps. We have used this data to locate and intercept several transports. It turned out that they were carrying base supplies, mostly ship hull panels. Having in mind the reconnaissance which I had performed several months ago, we concluded that Virginia is the most probable location of the newly built base. Our suspicions were confirmed after we have noticed several Ageira, DSE and USI transports using Virginia jumphole in California. On 1st May Mr Diavolo intercepted a DSE transport carrying base supplies in California. Apparently, Mr Diavolo was in a suicidal mood, as he followed the transport to Virginia while being shot at by a Liberty Navy fighter and an unidentified gunboat. Foolish DSE transport pilot led Mr Diavolo directly to the newly built base. In the meantime, I managed to catch up and together with Mr Diavolo we have destroyed two Liberty Navy fighters. After that, we decided to leave this dangerous system. On 8th May I have personally flown Division by Zero and used the cloaking device to get safely past the defences and perform complete scan of the base. It is apparently still in the second phase of construction and consist only from three docking modules, four external storage tanks and a working shield generator. No other external sections or defences were observed. However, the entrance to the base is protected by four battle-cruisers and ten weapon platforms, therefore no additional protection is likely to be installed. We possess no information on interior laboratories or production facilities. Direct attack on the base is almost impossible. Like in the case of Copperfield Research Facility, preliminary report on Cape Canaveral has been made available to interested parties hostile to the Liberty Navy.


Quarterly report - Nicole Hunter - 05-25-2012
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 12.png]

Dear Professors,

I wish to file a quarterly report on regular extortions and assassinations. During four months I have performed exactly 200 extortions amounting to nearly 500 million credits and confiscated cargo worth nearly 300 million credits. As for assassinations, I have managed to destroy three Ageira Security Division ships, two gunboats and one fighter. That fighter ran for almost 300 thousand units before he decided to face me. Seeing a security division agent running in fear was a real bonus to the kill. Besides numerous extortions and destructions of Ageira, Interspace and IND transports, I have also managed to considerably milk Deep Space Engineering. The most noteworthy extortion was when me and Mr Diavolo found their Barge full of silver ore in Humboldt. Additionally, as both LN and LSF logistic corps shown much activity in recent months, I decided to concentrate on intercepting as much of their transports as possible. The most hilarious extortion was when I managed to force two Liberty Navy Bisons in Humboldt to pay me 10 million credits in total and successfully evade pursue. Money diverted directly from the Liberty's defence budget are much much sweeter. For further details see the report.

Also I need to inform you that after these very intense four months I need some R&R. For at lest several weeks I will be recharging my batteries on Curacao.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter


Kills: 121
Extortions: 200
Extorted money: 485 500 000 SC
Confiscated cargo: 297 500 000 SC

Highest priority targets:

Ageira|Chornohora: Crane (destroyed), Neon (confiscated)
Ageira|Columbia: Mastodon (extorted), Passengers (left)
Ageira|Andrus: Liberty Gunboat (destroyed)
Ageira|Olympus: Bison (destroyed), Niobium Ore (destroyed)
Ageira|Overlord: Ahoudori (destroyed)
Ageira|Razorback: Bison (crippled), Neon (destroyed)
Ageira|Thunderbolt: Bison (extorted), Furs (confiscated)
Ageira|Thunderbolt: Bison (extorted), Nano-capacitors (destroyed)
Ageira|Wildhorn: Pelican (extorted)
Ageira|SF|Grey-5: Raven's Talon (destroyed)
IC|F.Davis: Stork (destroyed), Military Vehicles (destroyed)
IC|Philip.Prowse: Stork (destroyed), Platinum Ore (confiscated)
IC|Liverpool: Bison (destroyed), Boron (destroyed)
IC|Philip.Prowse: Stork (destroyed), Platinum Ore (confiscated)
IC|Newport: Stork (extorted), Gold (destroyed)
IC|Jason.Kronos: Crane (destroyed), Gold Ore (confiscated)
IC|Traveler: Stork (destroyed), Silver Ore (confiscated)
IC|Columbus: Stork (crippled, extorted)
[IND]Poison.Pill: Bison (destroyed), Luxury Food (destroyed)
[IND]Invisible.Hand: Kujira (extorted), Neon (confiscated)
[IND]Casual.Friday: Stork (extorted), Superconductors (destroyed)
[IND]Limited.Liability: Shetland (extorted), Superconductors (destroyed)
[IND]Derived.Demand: Titanic (destroyed), H-Fuel (confiscated)
[IND]Beget.Bullion: Ryuujin (extorted)
[IND]Jihad.Trader: Titanic (crippled, extorted), Platinum (left)
[IND]Casual.Monday: Camara (extorted)
[IND]Profitable.Loss: Titanic (destroyed)

Military grade targets:

[LN]-LLS-Arleigh.Burke: Bison (extorted), Light Arms (left)
[LN]-Jorzza.Clark: Guardian (destroyed)
[LN]-Alan.Polstari: Guardian (destroyed)
[LN]-LLS-San.Mateo: Bison (destroyed), Ship Hull Panels (destroyed)
[LN]-LLS-San.Andreas: Albatross (destroyed), Scientists (left)
[LN]-Alan.Polstari: Guardian (destroyed)
[LN]-Robert.Hanson: Executioner (destroyed)
[LN]-LLS-Arleigh.Burke: Bison (extorted), Silver Ore (left)
[LN]-LLS-Santa.Maria: Bison (extorted), Silver Ore (left)
=LSF=TS.Crystal.Bay: Bison (destroyed)
=LSF=Yunee.Yukine: Guardian (destroyed)
=LSF=TS.Halifax-2: Mammoth (destroyed)
=LSF=TS.Crystal.Bay: Bison (extorted), Ship Hull Panels (left)
=LSF=Randy.Rodan: Guardian (destroyed)
=LSF=Ethan.Allen: Guardian (destroyed)

Medium priority targets:

DSE)Traveller: Titanic (extorted), Optronics (left)
DSE)Operations.Platform: Barge (extorted), Silver Ore (left)
DSE)UC-64.Norseman: Bison (extorted), Silver Ore (left)
DSE)Galaxy: Mastodon (extorted), Silver Ore (left)
DSE)Liberator.Express: Stork (extorted)
DSE)Galaxy: Mastodon (extorted), Silver Ore (left)
[*USI*]Lincoln[E]: Bison (extorted), Boron (left)
[*USI*]Lincoln[E]: Bison (extorted), Boron (left)
[*USI*]Boston[S]: Bison (destroyed), Ship Hull Panels (destroyed)

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Yoshida - 05-27-2012

Esteemed co-operatives. This is Yoshida speaking and I will present you several old and new but equally unreported operations of mine.

Some months ago I stumbled across the "Chicago" flunkies of Interspace Commerce and Universal Shipping Inc.

The IC|Chicago extortion was much simpler as it didn't have any escorts and I had support. Unfortunately its incompetent captain didn't jettison his cargo so our Hellflurries burned his transport before we obtained his valuable cargo. Some days later an USI Supervisor piloting [*USI*]Chicago[S] along with [*USI*]Santa.Fe[E] were being escorted by [*USI*]M.Sevyn[R]. I intercepted them near Kepler Gate in Shikoku system. As I was alone, they were foolish enough to ignore my demands and start running to Deshima. My Hellflurries heavily damaged the Crane, however as Santa Fe was constantly supplying Chicago with nanobots, I quited targetting it. Unfortunately for them, their escort paid the price for not paying the fine as he was destroyed before I disappear into the cloud:

Two weeks later, I found a [GST] tagged transport filled with slaves for Malta. As it's captain didn't comply with my monetary demand, his ship was blown up. Soon afterwards, I called for a transport to collect the surviving slaves. However it wasn't over. A [GST] escort ship soon approached the site and when we left and returned to our original position, he kept making circles around our spot. I asked him to leave and when he didn't comply, he felt the taste of "Hellflurry Justice". Soon after he was destroyed too, 2 more [GST] fighters came to our spot. However, that interaction didn't last long as a LPI- also arrived.

And then, the time had come to put forward my plans. I informed the LPI- that the [GST] was moving slaves and I would message him later with the evidence. He agreed under the condition of giving him 3 of the the 5 LN pilots I had in my cargo hold. In my message to Mr Dusentrieb, I made him an offer which only a fool would have rejected. My offer was to give him clues about the destination of the slaves and continously supply him with intel which would grant his quick elevation in LPI's hierarchy and in return I only asked to give me once in a while some information from inside. Unfortunately for him, he rejected my generous offer so the slaves were transported to Malta. However he recently had a change of heart and he is now fully devoted to a mission I currently plan. Furthermore on my way to Malta I encountered the SR) faction carrying slaves. On another occasion I caught one of them in Liberty with Cardamine. Eventually the fool captain refused and my Tachyons opened his hull and obtained his cargo hold:

A few days later, I had the opportunity to speak with the Vice President of USI. I promoted a conversation even though I knew that one of his naval puppets was on his way. After a rather interesting conversation, a LN gunboat soon came. I delayed the head flunky until support arrived and we prepared our next stunt in Shikoku, where the LN gunboat wasn't allowed to enter. Unfortunately however, the Vice President thought it would be a good idea to rest in Ames instead of continuing his route. Later that day I also found some Colonials visiting Liberty before they were thrown out by the Liberty Navy and a TAZ carrying a few Blood Diamonds. Furthermore, I also intercepted 3 Firefly transports in the Magellan system, near the Cortez hole. PrussiaCove was carrying Copper and Supper Alloy while the other 2 Tourists, probably for Curacao. Additionally, an ALG Tanker carrying nukes was also caught in the Leeds system and an IC flunky with Military Vehicles in the Texas system:

These the IC| activity has been increased in Liberty - Kusari route, so I had the pleasure in catching some of them. IC|Disgusting.Profits was a wonderful target practice when he refused my generous offer to drop his cargo and tried to run. So I blew up the Interspace ship and took the cargo which I sold it for making disgusting profits. On the other hand, IC|Liverpool carrying Luxury Consumer Goods for the Kusari elite was more clever and dropped it's valuable cargo. Finally - and after several extortions - the IC leadership took notice so they used their [KNF] puppet contacts to secure the Liberty - Kusari corridor by even coming to the southern part of Kepler which is officially claimed by Liberty:

Some months ago I encountered a Cryer| freighter in Colorado. The pilot thought I was gonna extort him, though I had different plans. I asked him to talk to his superiors if they are interested in supplying the black market with medical supplies. Some hours later he got back to be with a positive answer. In Cortez system, I encountered a DSE) transport. The captain understood and complied with our goals so he was left unharmed yet with a few less millions. In that system I also encountered Joker carrying a Lane Hacker IFF on his Outcast gunship. We talked a bit before I had to go to Newcastle for some business. There, I accidentally encountered an [ALG] transport carrying nuclear devices to a strange structure on the north-east of the system. I paid the captain handsomely and he revealed me that that structure was a nomad city which is protected by a shield and these devices are being used to break through the shield. Furthermore, rogue Rheinland Military vessels are being sighted trying to sabotage BAF's efforts:

I would like to report some other hits I recently had on a Pearl convoy, and on a transport down in Bering carrying FloraGro. I also had the pleasure to intercept the current IC| CEO Felicia Davis. Unfortunately, right before her mania-interrogation was about to finish and move to extortion, an ion storm hit my ship. In Texas I encountered a [M]olly Scylla near Beaumont. I am not sure what it wanted that far from it's base of operations and his answers weren't really enlightening. On another occasion, a Mandalorian visited my usual hotspot in California but soon afterwards a Wilde gunboat jumped in. So I considered the odds and decided to retreat back to Cortez:

During my most latest operations, I'd like to report the extermination of an Ageira| Bison and it's LSF puppet who run to save it but in the end he just followed his friend to the death. Furthermore, in Shikoku, I intercepted a smuggler and an IND transport. The latter was unwilling to talk so I delivered what his meaningless life was asking all this time; purging. Afterwards, I seeked to hit IC| transports. I found them in two different occasions, and both operations were both successful. As I wanted to complete the circle, I tracked down and finally found the *USI* flunky in Quebec system. My virus on his systems resulting in sending me over 25 million credits instead of 2.5 millions that I asked. My most recent encounter was with a BPA) convoy full of prisoners which interestingly enough was heading to Liberty:

Back in the Alberta system, I introduced the protection system to a freelancer who was considering to purchase Platinum ore from there. He understood the importance and sent me 3,000,000 S.C. for my services. I have also recently implemented it on DSE) transports down in Humboldt with excellent results as well. Before I move back to Montezuma, I found an IND dog in Yukon. He was probably under the effects of cardamine or another drug, but nevertheless he knew his fate so he decided to have a final say on that and do the world a favor by suicidally crushing on a Yukon's moon. I also encountered an USI transport coming out of the eastern part of Kepler, probably from the asteroid field where the Xeno base is somewhere located. He was very suspicious and I am going to keep an eye on him. Finally, during the Copperfield's base construction we intercepted several =LSF= transports. After some successful interceptions, they were even forced to chase us in Manchester clearly showing that Bretonia's doors to Liberty's Intelligence Services are wide open. For further reference: [Attachment]:

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Milton Krest - 08-28-2012
Today I was updating my navigation map of Alberta for new (and old) objects, and noticed Platinum|- ship near Cold Lake nebula. Thanks to my advanced scanners I found out it's empty Hegemon class mining ship and taxed it per usual guidelines. The pal was quick to pay, even more then required. As he started to move down the cloud, I noticed he's heading to unknown to me base, so I decided to check it out. It appears Platinum|- did build a base here. Furthermore, I was surprised to notice the base is actually home to various corporate conspirators (file(s): I | II ) . Of course I thought it'd be quite polite for them to deprive themselves of claims to such expensive material as plathinum in favour of space. Unfortunately they decided to act rude and... one of them got misteriously moleculary dissolved, while the other one moored with that station. Besides, that Ageira slug tried to bribe me. Bribe a Lane Hacker, incorruptable and superior to him in terms of intelligence and technical expertise!

After Ageira flunky was vaporised, one of station security officers tried to capture or destroy me. Since he wasn't really succesful, I prefered to leave the battle site at once. Then he contacted me talking of some deal with lord Moka. (records: 1 | 2)

After this, I headed back to fort McMurray for refuel and minor repairs. What's even more interesting, it appears Platinum|- runs mining operation in system. It's unclear if they have refinery of some sort nearby, but that base is likely to be sort of their storage for mined material (presumably platinum). (file(s): 1 | 2).
I've got back to McMurray with some planitum, by the way. Should you need it, it's in their storage.

I suggest this base needs to be closely monitored, and motives and affiliations of this organisation to be confirmed, as presumably they're just another group of vile conspirators with their own good in mind.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Raoul Silva - 09-28-2012

A =LSF= Recruit named ''Griffin Spade'' has been interrogated and forcefully removed within the Colorado system.

Shortly after the target has been sighted, it was stopped and put under permanent pressure of mania interrogation.

Logs follow -

Quote:[28.09.2012 21:14:53] Krimmler.: How polite he is.
[28.09.2012 21:15:13] Krimmler.: Our last client was nothing against you, Mr. Spade.
[28.09.2012 21:15:18] Infiltrator: Yeah, Mr Raoul will conduct questioning.
[28.09.2012 21:15:35] Raoul.Silva: Well thank you, 'trator.
[28.09.2012 21:15:44] Krimmler.: *haz Razor.
[28.09.2012 21:15:58] Raoul.Silva: Out of curiousity, why all the politness ? Sympathy ?
[28.09.2012 21:16:10] Raoul.Silva: Do you like us ?
[28.09.2012 21:16:16] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Smarts. 3vs1 wouldn't end very well on my part.
[28.09.2012 21:16:34] Raoul.Silva: Don't even think of outsmarting us, you can't.
[28.09.2012 21:16:35] Infiltrator: Mr Krimmler, observe long range scanners for possible reinforcements
[28.09.2012 21:16:54] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Why would I think that? And why would I tell the truth if I thought I could?
[28.09.2012 21:17:13] Raoul.Silva: Because you're dumb, like the rest of the Security Force.
[28.09.2012 21:17:16] Raoul.Silva: It reminds me of something.
[28.09.2012 21:17:24] Krimmler.: He's alone. A single Navy officer is in space anywhere. But nothing to worry about.
[28.09.2012 21:17:35] Raoul.Silva: Where did your spacestation in Ellesmere go ?
[28.09.2012 21:17:44] Raoul.Silva: Now that we all here knew about it.
[28.09.2012 21:17:56] Infiltrator: We actually know it, received intel from the Order.
[28.09.2012 21:18:08] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Which station? The one that I know nothing about and can't verify if it exists?
[28.09.2012 21:18:24] Krimmler.: Gday, Freelancer.
[28.09.2012 21:18:28] DragonRider: Hello
[28.09.2012 21:18:33] Krimmler.: Why don't you just travel on?
[28.09.2012 21:18:35] Raoul.Silva: Don't play the innocent officer. Or has the Security FOrce a habit of not telling the full truth ?
[28.09.2012 21:18:42] Raoul.Silva: Which is interesting.
[28.09.2012 21:18:46] Krimmler.: Or is there anything important you want to tell us?
[28.09.2012 21:18:57] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Well, new-ish recruits aren't usually kept in the loop.
[28.09.2012 21:19:06] Raoul.Silva: So you're new there.
[28.09.2012 21:19:07] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: And I've only been around for about a month.
[28.09.2012 21:19:16] Infiltrator: Mr Dragon Rider, is there any reason for you being here?
[28.09.2012 21:19:22] Raoul.Silva: I see. A vulnerable young recruit.
[28.09.2012 21:19:23] DragonRider: Me?
[28.09.2012 21:19:29] DragonRider: Just travenin
[28.09.2012 21:19:30] Raoul.Silva: So what do you know already ?
[28.09.2012 21:19:37] Krimmler.: *looks around* No the other Dragon Rider.
[28.09.2012 21:19:52] Infiltrator: I advise you not to stop travelling.
[28.09.2012 21:19:57] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Enough to keep me alive, but if I tell you you'll kill me, so we're at a bit of an impass here.
[28.09.2012 21:20:06] Raoul.Silva: Any idea about something called Eureka ?
[28.09.2012 21:20:10] DragonRider: Relax guys...
[28.09.2012 21:20:14] Raoul.Silva: And before you start thinking.
[28.09.2012 21:20:19] Raoul.Silva: Let's make a deal here.
[28.09.2012 21:20:35] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: I'm listening.
[28.09.2012 21:20:37] Raoul.Silva: You give us what we want. Tell us what we want and you won't be doing orange holidays.
[28.09.2012 21:20:48] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Well, what do you want?
[28.09.2012 21:20:53] Krimmler.: Our conversation here is not made for your ears.
[28.09.2012 21:20:53] Raoul.Silva: What I just asked.
[28.09.2012 21:21:29] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Eureka...
[28.09.2012 21:21:33] Krimmler.: What is so hard to understand, Freelancer?
[28.09.2012 21:21:33] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Doesn't ring a bell.
[28.09.2012 21:21:44] Krimmler.: *laughs* Eureka.
[28.09.2012 21:21:47] Raoul.Silva: Big station. Ellesmere ? No ?
[28.09.2012 21:21:53] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: What's Ellesmere?
[28.09.2012 21:21:54] Raoul.Silva: Nothing at all ?
[28.09.2012 21:21:59] Raoul.Silva: Idiot.
[28.09.2012 21:22:09] Raoul.Silva: Don't do the foolish idiot.
[28.09.2012 21:22:17] Raoul.Silva: I repear.
[28.09.2012 21:22:21] Raoul.Silva: Repeat, even.
[28.09.2012 21:22:34] Raoul.Silva: Do you know anything about Eureka.
[28.09.2012 21:22:35] Infiltrator: Someone here is asking for serious lesson of manners.
[28.09.2012 21:22:36] Krimmler.: If you think it's funny.. Give me a gun next to your head and I tell you what's fun.
[28.09.2012 21:22:53] Raoul.Silva: Coalition's roullete game, mmm.
[28.09.2012 21:22:53] Krimmler.: You will immediately leave this place, Freelancer.
[28.09.2012 21:22:55] Raoul.Silva: Not here.
[28.09.2012 21:23:09] Raoul.Silva: We will make this a liittle bit easier.
[28.09.2012 21:23:11] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: I know nothing about any supposed "Eureka".
[28.09.2012 21:23:26] Raoul.Silva: Who do you think knows, names !
[28.09.2012 21:23:31] Raoul.Silva: Who do you think knows.
[28.09.2012 21:23:36] Raoul.Silva: Who do you think knows.
[28.09.2012 21:23:37] Krimmler.: Ashley Sunderland is in space again. Yet in Connecticut.
[28.09.2012 21:23:39] Raoul.Silva: About the station.
[28.09.2012 21:23:49] Raoul.Silva: Give me -one- name.
[28.09.2012 21:23:58] Raoul.Silva: Which is not the Director's one.
[28.09.2012 21:24:06] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: I do not know. That's the thing about secretive organizations. Too many secrets.
[28.09.2012 21:24:11] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: But I do know a certain Xenos.
[28.09.2012 21:24:15] Krimmler.: Let me give you a little warning, DragonRider.
[28.09.2012 21:24:18] Raoul.Silva: Elaborate.
[28.09.2012 21:24:20] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Who was once the head of internal affairs
[28.09.2012 21:24:29] A player who was killed in a PvP fight is not allowed to re-engage using any of his/her characters within 4 hours.
[28.09.2012 21:24:29] Characters of a player who was killed in a PvP fight must not return into the same system for 4 hours. Check the server rules on the forums for the exceptions to this.
[28.09.2012 21:24:31] Raoul.Silva: Good, tell me more.
[28.09.2012 21:24:33] Krimmler.: How polite.
[28.09.2012 21:24:58] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: She might be more willing to give up information. Her name is Sonya Mosby, but she goes by Rinkhals or something now.
[28.09.2012 21:24:58] Raoul.Silva: Xenos are easily accesible objects of interrogation. I want ! A name !
[28.09.2012 21:25:05] Raoul.Silva: Oh, right.
[28.09.2012 21:25:18] Raoul.Silva: Neeext question.
[28.09.2012 21:25:39] Raoul.Silva: Why did she defect to the Xenos.
[28.09.2012 21:25:42] Infiltrator: I she still live, mr Bates destroyed her bomber couple days ago.
[28.09.2012 21:25:57] Raoul.Silva: Those pesky things always manage to survive.
[28.09.2012 21:26:25] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: What, think I know why someone would defect? LSF likes to cover up mistakes, which I suspect she was involved with one.
[28.09.2012 21:26:42] Raoul.Silva: So there was a mistake, including internal affairs.
[28.09.2012 21:26:50] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: How am I supposed to know?
[28.09.2012 21:27:09] Raoul.Silva: I am the one asking the questions.
[28.09.2012 21:27:10] Raoul.Silva: Not.
[28.09.2012 21:27:11] Raoul.Silva: You.
[28.09.2012 21:27:12] Infiltrator: He doesn't have a mine dropper.
[28.09.2012 21:27:19] Raoul.Silva: Excellent.
[28.09.2012 21:27:29] Raoul.Silva: Let me ask a question he can't know and shoot him.
[28.09.2012 21:27:33] Raoul.Silva: Or.
[28.09.2012 21:27:50] Infiltrator: Make him suffer more.
[28.09.2012 21:27:55] Raoul.Silva: Right.
[28.09.2012 21:28:01] Raoul.Silva: Mister Spade.
[28.09.2012 21:28:07] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Yes?
[28.09.2012 21:28:08] Raoul.Silva: Would you like to hear the next question ?
[28.09.2012 21:28:11] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Sure.
[28.09.2012 21:28:16] Raoul.Silva: Right answer.
[28.09.2012 21:28:38] Raoul.Silva: How long will you remain as recruit ?
[28.09.2012 21:29:08] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: I'm not sure exactly. The higher-ups don't seem to care much about the organization anymore.
[28.09.2012 21:29:19] Raoul.Silva: Oh. Good piece of cake.
[28.09.2012 21:29:25] Raoul.Silva: Thanks for telling me.
[28.09.2012 21:29:33] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Opinions are shared easily.
[28.09.2012 21:29:37] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Facts, not so much.
[28.09.2012 21:29:45] Infiltrator: If they don't care maybe he wishes to leave it.
[28.09.2012 21:29:51] Raoul.Silva: My thoughts.
[28.09.2012 21:30:01] Raoul.Silva: What if I told you, they won't ever care.
[28.09.2012 21:30:01] Krimmler.: I doubt the truth in his words.
[28.09.2012 21:30:26] Raoul.Silva: What if I told you, the reason Ms. Mosby left might be the reason you may be in prison sooner or later ?
[28.09.2012 21:30:27] Infiltrator: You know what happend to Director Anna Brown?
[28.09.2012 21:30:44] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: I know that Brown is involved with the Order now.
[28.09.2012 21:30:48] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: That's it.
[28.09.2012 21:30:53] Raoul.Silva: Do you know why she went there ?
[28.09.2012 21:30:57] Krimmler.: What more does it need to make you leave this place, Freelancer?
[28.09.2012 21:31:04] Raoul.Silva: Do you know when and how it may be connected to Ms. Mosby ?
[28.09.2012 21:31:12] Raoul.Silva: Do you know what may happen to you ?
[28.09.2012 21:31:15] Raoul.Silva: Do you want to know ?
[28.09.2012 21:31:26] Raoul.Silva: You die.
[28.09.2012 21:31:30] Raoul.Silva: You get imprisoned.
[28.09.2012 21:31:49] Raoul.Silva: The LSF is a like a black hole.
[28.09.2012 21:31:58] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Sure I'd like to know, but open space isn't exactly where secrets should be shared.
[28.09.2012 21:32:01] Raoul.Silva: It sucks you in. And if you don't get out early enough ...
[28.09.2012 21:32:05] Raoul.Silva: You're lost forever.
[28.09.2012 21:32:06] Krimmler.: Gday, fellow.
[28.09.2012 21:32:18] Raoul.Silva: Do you want to be lost forever ?
[28.09.2012 21:32:36] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Sure, why not.
[28.09.2012 21:32:41] DragonRider: Oh don't mind me. Im just sitting here.
[28.09.2012 21:32:50] Raoul.Silva: You want to be an unfree man ?
[28.09.2012 21:32:57] Raoul.Silva: Sucked into the black whole.
[28.09.2012 21:33:01] Raoul.Silva: Hole, even.
[28.09.2012 21:33:06] Raoul.Silva: Your personality, your rights.
[28.09.2012 21:33:10] Raoul.Silva: Compressed.
[28.09.2012 21:33:13] Raoul.Silva: Your freedom taken.
[28.09.2012 21:33:17] Raoul.Silva: No escape.
[28.09.2012 21:33:20] Raoul.Silva: No turning back.
[28.09.2012 21:33:38] Raoul.Silva: Does this sound like the bright future they promised you ?
[28.09.2012 21:33:46] Raoul.Silva: Did you know the truth ?
[28.09.2012 21:33:53] Raoul.Silva: You see, you don't know much.
[28.09.2012 21:33:55] Raoul.Silva: See why ?
[28.09.2012 21:33:55] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: I put my life on the line to protect Liberty and her people. I would gladly give up my life if it meant keeping them alive.
[28.09.2012 21:34:04] Raoul.Silva: Hah, no.
[28.09.2012 21:34:07] Raoul.Silva: Your thinking ...
[28.09.2012 21:34:17] Raoul.Silva: No.
[28.09.2012 21:34:33] Raoul.Silva: It's a lot different from that.
[28.09.2012 21:34:39] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Corruption is rampant, I know. I've heard it before. You don't need to sprinkle your conspiracy theories on me.
[28.09.2012 21:34:49] Infiltrator: LSF is only shilling for warmongers who got Liberty into conflict with Rheinalnd
[28.09.2012 21:35:30] Krimmler.: *waves*
[28.09.2012 21:35:31] Raoul.Silva: Here's your option.
[28.09.2012 21:35:37] Krimmler.: Gday, Mr. Diego!
[28.09.2012 21:35:41] Raoul.Silva: Leave. Run.
[28.09.2012 21:35:44] LPI-Maradona.Diego[O]: wo is the problem here?
[28.09.2012 21:35:45] Krimmler.: Do have a donut for me?
[28.09.2012 21:35:55] Raoul.Silva: And I mean the LSF.
[28.09.2012 21:36:13] Raoul.Silva: Get away from it. As soon as you can, while you still can.
[28.09.2012 21:36:50] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Change never comes around unless someone is there to instigate it. I'm going to do my best to improve LSF, not leave it behind
[28.09.2012 21:37:02] Raoul.Silva: And then, end up as Xeno.
[28.09.2012 21:37:06] Raoul.Silva: Don't do it.
[28.09.2012 21:37:23] Krimmler.: There are enemies in Colorado.
[28.09.2012 21:37:31] Raoul.Silva: I can offer you to meet a contact person at Ames.
[28.09.2012 21:37:41] Raoul.Silva: If you take it, be my guest.
[28.09.2012 21:37:49] Raoul.Silva: If not, remember our deal.
[28.09.2012 21:37:52] Raoul.Silva: Do you take it ?
[28.09.2012 21:38:06] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: I'd never join the Xenos. Their terrorist organization doesn't have Liberty's safety as its goal.
[28.09.2012 21:38:24] Raoul.Silva: The contact man on Ames is a trusted middlesman of mine.
[28.09.2012 21:38:30] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Who is he?
[28.09.2012 21:38:35] Raoul.Silva: You will know.
[28.09.2012 21:38:47] Raoul.Silva: Do you refuse my offer. Or do you accept.
[28.09.2012 21:39:00] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: If I refuse, what then? You shoot me up?
[28.09.2012 21:39:06] Beta.Wing.Red-1: Jax: Reinforcement is here!
[28.09.2012 21:39:13] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: There we go.
[28.09.2012 21:39:14] Raoul.Silva: I am the one questioning.
[28.09.2012 21:39:17] LN-McQueen: you called
[28.09.2012 21:39:22] Krimmler.: It's getting interesting here.
[28.09.2012 21:39:32] DragonRider: *gets popcorn*
[28.09.2012 21:39:38] =LSF=Griffin.Spade: Excellent response time, friends. I was starting to get worried, though.

That very moment, 3 ships, two type ''Upholder'' one type ''Guardian'' appeared at the same, immediately leading to an engagement resulting in the total annihilation of the hostile snubcraft forces.

This guncam shot was made from the Light Fighter ''Infiltrator''.
When the snubcraft forced were fully deatomized, a swift scramble followed.

Universal Ship Information system report - Nicole Hunter - 10-02-2012
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 15.png]
Dear Hackers,

As you probably have heard, some time ago I have upgraded our hacking algorithms for the Universal Ship Information system. Since then we were periodically performing hacks into the USI and downloading commercial traffic data concerning snollygosters from the Ageira, IC and IND. I advise you to familiarize yourself with the report, as it seems that our enemies are slowly trying to get out of our reach.

Best regards,
Nicole Hunter

Universal Ship Information system report

[Image: USIReportonLibertyCorporations.png]

Interspace Commerce

Main branch of Interspace Commerce has basically monopolized trade between and within Bretonia and Kusari, moving 72.77% of their operations there. For comparison, only 6.45% of their operations during last two months were located in Liberty, and due to political crisis only 0.07% operations were located in Rheinland. With the most frequently visited systems being outside of our reach, Interspace Commerce flunkies face no real threat of getting ambushed by our operatives.

Independent Neuralnet Division

Independent Neuralnet Division has totally focused on Kusari and Sigmas with 38,26% of their operations being located there. Their secondary zones of interests are Bretonia (15.74%) and Rheinland (9.72%). With Liberty being nearly completely neglected, only 6.45% of operations were located there, our operatives have no real chance of even spotting IND hoodlums, let alone hunting them down and making them suffer for their corporate atrocities. We have also noted that unusually large number of transports left trade lane network in the Tau region, which suggests that IND is trading with Gallia.

Ageira Technologies

Ageira Technologies is the only corporation that has retained focus on Liberty. Most of their operations are conducted within the corridor between Kusari and Liberty, and thus their transports are prone to be intercepted in either in Colorado or Shikoku. Additionally, besides their inter-house trade, their vessels often supply Cape Canaveral project in Virginia. While we do not really need to send operatives to Kusari in order to reach Ageira, hitting hard these devious snollygosters where they are least expecting it should be our priority.

Operation Rascal's Nightmare - Nicole Hunter - 10-13-2012

Mactan's Surveillance Logs

Door to Moriarty's office on Mactan opened and Nicole Hunter quickly entered the room, as always, admiring old fashioned shelves full of ancient books.
- No - professor Moriarty replied unasked, barely paying attention to his visitor, and quickly returned to reading a novel.
Nicole stopped, glanced at the book, A Study in Scarlet, and slowly approached Moriarty's desk.
- But James... - her voice became soft and hypnotic - You saw the report. Six and half and less than five percent. There is simply no other way. - she said the last sentence like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
- I won't stop you. - Moriarty's voice betrayed a bit of annoyance - However, I will not send a single Hacker to aid you on this fool's quest.
- Fine. I will do it alone. - Nicole replied through gritted teeth while leaving and slammed the door.
- And when I return, it will be your end old coot. - she said to herself and smiled, scheming another plan of backstabbing Moriarty.



[Image: TheLaneHackersSpecialOperations.png]

Operation Overview

In recent months both Interspace Commerce and Independent Neuralnet Division shifted most of their space operations from Liberty to Bretonia and Kusari. While it is an undeniable victory for the Lane Hackers, these vile corporations still have numerous stationary installations and perform great deal of their commercial ventures within Liberty. Goal of the Operation Rascal's Nightmare is to even further cut profits of Ageira Technologies, Interspace Commerce and Independent Neuralnet Division by sending a small special operative wing in order to disrupt movements of their fleet within Bretonia, Kusari and the Tau Region.

Special Operations in Bretonia

Due to convenient location of the Leeds jumphole our main base of operations for Bretonia will be Mactan. However, recently renewed alliance with the Mollys granted us free access to their numerous basses, especially Arranmore in Dublin, Lisburn Rock in Cambridge and Belfast in Newcastle, which should allow us to operate deep inside Bretonia. Additionally, in emergency situations, our special operatives, while maintaining a low profile, can always land on Junker, and, due to our special business relations, on IMG bases in order to refuel or lay low for a while. The main objective of operations within Bretonia will be to intercept as many Interspace Commerce shipments as possible, while being on the lookout for occasional IND and Ageira transports.

Special Operations in Kusari

Due to convenient location of the Shikoku jumphole our main base of operations for Kusari will be Leiden. Additionally, our long-cherished relations with the Blood Dragons and the Golden Chrysanthemums have paid off. Should we need to operate deeper within the Kusari space, we were granted access to their bases, especially Ainu in Hokkaido, Kyoto in Chugoku and Battleship Matsuda in Okinawa. In emergency situations our operatives can also dock on Hogosha bases, but only if not in scanner range of a Blood Dragon or Golden Chrysantemum. Additionally, no hostile operations against the Interspace Commerce should be conducted in the presence of Golden Chrysanthemum. The main objective of operations within Bretonia will be to intercept Ageira Technologies and Interspace Commerce shipments, while being on the lookout for occasional IND transports.

Special Operations in Tau Region

Our base of operations within the Tau Region will be Cali in Tau-23. Also, our operatives can use Kirkwall in Orkney and Tayport in Dundee as a staging ground. In emergency situations our operatives can use IMG and Zoner bases to lay low for a while. No hostile operations against the Independent Nauralnet Division should be conducted in the presence of an Outcast. The main objective of operations within the Tau Region will be to gather incriminating evidence on IND and intercept as many as possible Interspace inter-house shipments.

Logistical support

During the operation Rascal's Nightmare special operative wing will consist from up to two spacecrafts of bomber or fighter class. They will be supplied by Division by Zero, which was recently upgraded with two docking bays, and can serve as a mobile base of operations and long range recon vessel. Spacecrafts will be equiped with specially encrypted random transponders preventing long range recognition and mix of Lane Hacker, Outcast and civilian weaponry. In addition to Borderworlds and some Civilian spacecrafts, we plan to use recently acquired Eclipse and several Barghest bombers, which are currently eating dust at Cochrane.