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RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - JonahC - 10-31-2012


Today I had the privilege of assisting my superiors to terrorize a local law enforcement officer in the California system. What a rush it was. Sadly some time later we were engaged by a Liberty Cruiser. I was warned to avoid incoming fire from both it and Battleship Yukon. I thought I had managed to make it to a safe distance, but suddenly I was hit by two missiles fired from the cruiser, and my ship was badly damaged. So here I am back at Mactan. While I am waiting for my ship to be repaired, I thought I would take the time to turn in the tests I was given. Here they are:

Combat Exam

...results discussed with instructor...

General Operations Exam

...results discussed with instructor...

So then, I hope my answers are satisfactory.
Lets see what sort of trouble I can get into now. I suppose the LPI databases should be an easy one to hack into...

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - JonahC - 10-31-2012


Today as I was returning from a reconnaisance mission in New York System I ran into a vessel that at first I thought was a freelance trader because it was a Firefly class transport. However the transponder showed that in fact it was an LPI ship, and was carrying 58 Liberty Rogue pilots to prison.

I was able to rescue these prisoners, and return them to Montezuma base in Cortez where hopefully they will be able to return to duty.

Here is the chat log of the encounter:
LH~Brad.Sloan: Drop those rogue pilots sir
[31.10.2012 19:54:16] LH~Brad.Sloan: well?
[31.10.2012 19:54:27] flaminghomer: no I want to sell em
[31.10.2012 19:54:45] LH~Brad.Sloan: afraid I cant let that happen
[31.10.2012 19:55:01] flaminghomer: who cares take them
[31.10.2012 19:55:32] flaminghomer: rogues dropped
[31.10.2012 19:55:39] LH~Brad.Sloan: Safe travels

I assume by sell them he meant take them to an LPI post, but in my haste to rescue them I failed to scan his ship to see what kind of ID he was carrying. Perhaps he was a slaver with a hacked, pardon the expression, transponder. I will make sure to scan him if I see his ship around again.
Anyway, I was able to safely deliver these pilots as I said:

[Image: lhreport1.jpg]

I will update you with further progress.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Pink Panther - 11-02-2012

Good evening,

It seems due time to report on my progress since joining the Lane Hackers.

With the helpful Lane Hacker induction procedures received from Professor Hunter, my Robin Hood-like activities against the corporations of Liberty, and their blindness to materialistic wealth began 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. Due to the unusually high levels of adrenaline involved in some of these operations of idealistic equality, many encounters were unsuccessfully documented. Regardless, the sums of these activities have netted the Lane Hackers approximately 30 million Sirius credits to date. I have to thank most of the traders in Liberty for their apparent distaste for experiencing transitions into a higher entropy state - as they usually sensibly donate a sum of money in order for us to fight the good fight. There were a few tragic incidents however where rather dull witted pilots refused to even jettison some of their cargo and thus inevitable tachyon condensation of their hulls followed; allowing the circumstances...

Perhaps with the activities of two new Lane Hacker Recruits, Mr Sloan and I, attention gained from the wretched bounty hunters was a matter of time. Indeed one overconfident employee of Cryer attempted to assassinate Mr Sloan (who was then flying a Dagger light fighter) right outside Mactan Base! Mr Sloan managed to hold out against this bounty hunter's Raven's Talon - IR-7 Civilian Very Heavy Fighter until my arrival, even dropping the bounty hunter's shields by the time I had arrived. With Mr Sloan's Dagger, myself in a Bactrian, and the trusty Lane Hacker patrols from Mactan base, this Cryer bounty hunter was eventually confiscated of his ship. Today it was my turn to have a close encounter. This time I was nearly prey to the Bounty Hunters' Guild. After taxing a silver miner in Humboldt, I was making best speed to Rochester Base to rid myself of this so-called-precious-ore when I was ambushed by bounty hunter "Adam.Smith" near planet Mojave. He denied my escape through the tradelanes, so after a tiresome effort of making my way to the New York jumpgate on thrusters, and gaining distance between him and myself using my new nuclear mines, I escaped with a "gatescape" into New York with barely 15% hull remaining. This has taught me the lesson to be aware of players especially when they lack faction call-signs!

Apart from the run ins with bounty hunters, my Bactrian often was chased by the various "Securities" of Liberty. From these experiences, I have to conclude that the Bactrian possesses certain characteristics.
1. It is adequate for transport piracy
2. It is formidable in escaping the majority of pursuers and capturing escaping transports
3. It is terrible at dog-fighting

All I can say is that with the funds raised whilst in the Bactrian, I look forward to settling into a Scimitar - Series CX Border Worlds Light Fighter when I become a Technician.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nikolai Diavolo - 11-03-2012

Airdrie R&D Report

Airdrie Research & Development Files
Archive-ID: 7825-B1 ; Files 13.9-27.5

Subject: #0923-001
Logs on: Neural-Enhanced Mental Conditioning; Semi-Lethal Attitude Adjustment

Subject Assessement – Irrational, uncontrollable, sometimes aggressive behavior; Progressing Schizophrenia; [Negligence, extreme arrogance and superiourism towards any person.];
Other Notable Aspects: Unusually high and severe addiction to cardamine; Repetitive black-outs;

Operator Log:
The subject #0923-001 has been locked in a hermetically locked human test chamber, where it’s experiencing ongoing withdrawal of any mental appealing. This state will be continued for an exact 72 hours, after which the subject will be moved into a different chamber for mental reconditioning using several techniques, including an experimental version of the Ludovico technique.

After 2 Hours, 21 Minutes and 35 Seconds, Subject #0923-001 has not shown any of the expected reaction to the methods. Any effects of nausea causing drugs are being blocked by minor remains of Cardamine within the subject’s body. In order to push influence, the dose of TX-E45 will be quantified by 3,5.

Airdrie Research teams have managed to block the influence or working capability of several neural processes hindering the subject to show reaction to the Ludovico-B device; diverse nerve structures, including several ones transferring stimulative impulses caused by objects or subjects.
A breakthrough at trying to breach through the subject’s mental barrier was achieved, after approximately 4 Hours 26 Minutes and 12 Seconds; one is now able to re-educate the subject by visual and/or sensitive means.

Re-education plan SE35 is being practicated for 336 Hours; major, positive, results are visible and the subject is being assessed for virtual testing.

Behavioral and cognitive tests resulted in a decision from the Airdrie Human R&D to test subject #0923-001’s full functionality in the real world environment with the consent of a Lane Hacker Professor. All specific data available on the testing, mental reconditioning and re-educational phase are included in Archives 7825-B3; 7825-B6; Files 1.1-8.7; 4.9-6.2.

Operator: #8738-313

Release of Nikolai Diavolo - Nicole Hunter - 11-03-2012

Release of Nikolai Diavolo

Nicole Hunter was relaxing in her chamber aboard Disco Volante, one of the two cruiser class vessels belonging to the Lane Hackers. She was drinking a glass of milk, when she decided to bring up a holographic screen. Moving her wrist gently, she quickly flicked through recent reports which were sent to the Department of Intelligence and Subterfuge. Suddenly, she put the glass back on a wooden table and picked report #0923-001, which was sent by Airdrie Research and Development department.
- So let's see how are you doing, Mr Diavolo - she whispered, while viewing the report. Multiple graphs appeared on the holoscreen showing the progress of mental conditioning.

Nikolai Diavolo was one of the most dedicated Lane Hackers she have ever met. Possessing combat skills equal to a Lane Hacker assassin, and at the same time being a master of survival, Diavolo was often sent on near-suicide missions deep inside danger zones. Often surrounded by multiple hostile ships, he always managed to accomplish mission's objectives and escape. Nicole believed that this is what caused his hypercritical superiority complex. Diavolo started to disregard his fellow Hackers and conduct mindless bloodbaths of civilians and military personnel alike. Eventually, he turned on the professorship itself, which forced Professor Phate to order Diavolo's assassination.

However, Nicole Hunter had her own plan. She decided to organize Diavolo's capture. Subject #0923-001, as he was labelled in databases, underwent experimental neural-enhanced mental conditioning, a fancy name for an extremely invasive brainwashing. The results were satisfying: unconditional and utter loyalty to the Lane Hackers at the cost of a minor brain damage. What was not in the report, were special subliminal directives Nicole personally encoded into the treatment. She wanted to ensure that Diavolo will be suicidally loyal to her, and her only, but even more importantly, that she will be able to use him at a right moment to strike Moriarty. She knew that if Diavolo, who was known for his hatred towards the senior professor, assassinated him, no suspicions would fall on her. Then she could simply press the kill-switch, a brain-bomb secretly implanted in Diavolo's head, and take complete control over the Lane Hackers in the glory of Moriarty's avenger. Nicole Hunter smiled and opened communication channel with Airdrie Research and Development department.
- Time to let the hound out.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nicole Hunter - 11-24-2012
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 15.png]

Dear Hackers,

After completion of the operation Exposure we have received information from the Order that it caused a major turmoil within the agency. Some time ago we have intercepted an LSF operative in Colorado. Mr Raul Silva interrogated him and learned that Sonya Mosby, former head of internal affairs in the LSF, after being fired by new directorship, defected to the Xeno Alliance and is known by the alias Rinkhals. I decided to find her and ask her couple of questions in order to learn what exactly happened within the LSF. This time a carrot was more efficient than a stick. I attach interrogation logs for reference.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

Surveillance log: Kepler, Nicole Hunter's Sabre, 20th November

Nicole Hunter: Good evening Ms Mosby.
Sonya Mosby: Ah... you again. That explains a lot.
Nicole Hunter: I hope so.
Sonya Mosby: It's not everyday that my autopilot malfunctions. So what is it this time?
Nicole Hunter: I hope I that I have not misjudged you when I expected you to be more flexible than your Xenos friends.
Sonya Mosby: Let's say it depends on the situation.
Nicole Hunter: You pretty much know what I am after.
Sonya Mosby: But I still don't know why.
Nicole Hunter: Curiosity, intelligence gathering, name the reason which suits you best.
Sonya Mosby: I'd go with the intel.
Nicole Hunter: You have nothing to gain or lose by doing it. But on the other hand you can always trade your intel. This is a win-win scenario. Easiest for all concerned.
Sonya Mosby: So it's only a win-win situation for you? I have a strong feeling that no matter what I'll do you'll be still a pain in my behind. As you've always been if I may add.
Nicole Hunter: What I will say now might hurt your ego. But The Lane Hackers have rather very limited interest in the Xeno Alliance. For us you're just a Legion's pet. Since the not-so-recent change of Legion's heart, we simply avoid you both. But if some of your kin sticks his nose into our operations we deal with the situation at hand accordingly.
Sonya Mosby: Don't underestimate us, we may not be well equipped with all that fancy Legion stuff, but we know our plays. However, since my little party with the LSF I don't give that much about the Hackers. So I guess we're even, huh?
Nicole Hunter: This is what I tried to tell your trigger-happy friends.
Sonya Mosby: Yet it seems you need my help regarding your operations... Pretty odd, isn't it? And you can't tell me it's because you're curious about the spooks or me in person. There's somethin' bigger behind all this. I am simply looking for missing elements of the puzzle. So what's the picture on it?
Nicole Hunter: Well, from my perspective our operation, which was aimed against LSF and LN newest research programme, caused a serious turmoil and struggle within the LSF ranks. I want to know details.
Sonya Mosby: Well, there's been some trouble, yes. But I don't think that the stuff I know still represents things they're now.
Nicole Hunter: What I want to hear is your perspective on the whole situation from the beginning of our operation against Copperfield to the moment of your departure from the agency.
Sonya Mosby: I see. But I guess there's not as much to it as you'd like to be.
Nicole Hunter: Let me assess it.
Sonya Mosby: Things just went outta control, the new puppet on top went nuts and the show started. Some other nutters made some fireworks, my folks tried to re-establish order and that's when I were showed the door.
Nicole Hunter: By the new puppet you mean John Leroy who replaced Miss Brown?
Sonya Mosby: Yeah, that's the puppet I was talkin' about.
Nicole Hunter: What was the primary cause of Miss Brown's resignation?
Sonya Mosby: Don't think so. Leroy couldn't handle things. Ya know, there's this old sayin'. Give one power to reveal one's real face. That guy just deserves to sit in a padded cell all day long. No idea how he passed the psych guys.
Nicole Hunter: Tell me more about these fireworks.
Sonya Mosby: Let's say it this way. You knew about somethin' that isn't anymore. You remember the LSF base you knew about?
Nicole Hunter: Naturally. It was a prime target of our operation against LSF. The base itself and its logistics fleet.
Sonya Mosby: Well, some folks decided it'd be best to "help" you in this matter. During the internal clash some weirdo set off the auto-destruct and blasted the whole thing through space.
Nicole Hunter: The Order passed us information that the base was destroyed by the order of John Leroy.
Sonya Mosby: Dunno, can only tell you what reached me.
Nicole Hunter: So this was the main cause of the split within the LSF? Those who were supporters of the project lost with those who wanted to reroute the funds elsewhere.
Sonya Mosby: Kinda, yeah. Those of us who tried to act like the laws say where overthrown by those who'd like to do their own stuff.
Nicole Hunter: Do you know what happened with Miss Brown and the rest of your party?
Sonya Mosby: My former department was sent to some not so nice place. For Brown you'd better ask your sources from the Omicrons.
Nicole Hunter: That's interesting. We knew that miss Brown was transferred to regular Navy but then we lost her from our radar.
Sonya Mosby: Ask your sources in the Omicrons about her. They know where to find her. At least from what I know.
Nicole Hunter: Well, I don't really think it's necessary. According to our profile, she's rather emotionally unstable.
Sonya Mosby: Comes with the fact of bein' a spook, I guess.
Nicole Hunter: Well, I have one last question to you, Miss Mosby.
Sonya Mosby: But lemme ask you somethin' first.
Nicole Hunter: Go ahead.
Sonya Mosby: As it seems you've got sources everywhere in Liberty and you said this might be a win-win situation for both of us. I don't want any names but do you have access to Navy tech?
Nicole Hunter: Depends what technology you're talking about.
Sonya Mosby: Well, engine parts, navigational computers, spare parts to repair a Li-117.
Nicole Hunter: The main benefit of not being a trigger-happy terrorist in Liberty is that you retain access to one of the biggest black markets in Sirius.
Sonya Mosby: So I take that for a yes.
Nicole Hunter: These parts are your price?
Sonya Mosby: As I've got the feelin' that we might meet again with more questions it is the price for now.
Nicole Hunter: Leave a list of requested parts. They will be delivered to Ames. Now's the time for my last question.
Sonya Mosby: Alright, let's hear it.
Nicole Hunter: You're a trained agent. Not that we consider LSF training to be even half as good as the induction procedures used by us. Nevertheless, your profile fits rather a more sophisticated organisation than Xenos.
Sonya Mosby: You wanna know why I haven't been knockin' on your door?
Nicole Hunter: Why, of all choices, you joined Xenos, instead of, well, us.
Sonya Mosby: Well the answer's rather simple. I haven't heard from you folks after the rumors spread around in Liberty. That's the whole deal behind it.
Nicole Hunter: So it was a simple psychological need to remain in pack.
Sonya Mosby: You could say so.
Nicole Hunter: Interesting. Thank you for your answers.
Sonya Mosby: I guess now's the time to say the magic words. This conversation never happened, right?
Nicole Hunter: Actually, we usually kill people in such situations. Dead people don't talk. But it's pointless in this case. And there is another thing. We might be perceived as assassins or backstabbers, but the main reason we are able to do such things effectively, is that when we offer deals, we always abide them.
Sonya Mosby: That's what civilized people do.
Nicole Hunter: It's possible that when we meet next time it will be on purely hostile terms, but you will get your parts.
Sonya Mosby: We both know the rules of space, don't we?
Nicole Hunter: Just leave a list to that handsome bartender, and you will get delivery in 24 hours.
Sonya Mosby: I'll have a ship standing by to pick'em up.
Nicole Hunter: Anyways, good night Miss Mosby.
Sonya Mosby: Miss Hunter.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - JonahC - 11-26-2012

[Image: OrlovInformal.png]


This evening as Miss Hunter and I were in Colorado trying to earn some credits, we were discussing the need for education. I told her that sometimes I would rather educate the subcontractors of the corpratocracy than destroy them as perhaps they are not fully corrupted and could spread the truth to their coworkers.

About this time a ship with the tag of [DTJ], and the IFF of Orbital Spa and Cruise came through the Jump Gate form New York. We tried hard to educate this flunky, but rather than listen to us, he called for support from a fellow [DTJ] pilot in a Nanda Devi bomber, and they proceeded to open fire on us. Miss Hunter was forced to disintegrate their vessels. I hardly had time to be sad at this turn of events because another vessel came through the gate almost momentarily. A Mastodon class vessel it was. This time I am pretty sure the education process went a little more the way I had hoped as I am sure the following communications from my Scimitar will show:
[25.11.2012 22:34:14] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: This interrogation turned a bit bloody.
[25.11.2012 22:34:21] LH~Orlov: Sadly
[25.11.2012 22:35:10] LH~Orlov: I would rather educate the subcontractors, than eliminate them
[25.11.2012 22:35:21] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: Good evening.
[25.11.2012 22:35:26] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: You may try again.
[25.11.2012 22:35:33] LH~Orlov: Cut your engines completely
[25.11.2012 22:35:43] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: Universal corporate shyster.
[25.11.2012 22:36:09] LH~Orlov: You work for Universal do you?
[25.11.2012 22:36:20] Zyrax: Yes sir
[25.11.2012 22:36:48] LH~Orlov: Are you aware of the greed and coruption within your organization?
[25.11.2012 22:37:05] Zyrax: Im not sure sir
[25.11.2012 22:37:29] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: Universal is a part of Liberty corporatocracy, a pillar of the system of opression.
[25.11.2012 22:37:36] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: And you claim you're not sure?
[25.11.2012 22:37:39] LH~Orlov: HOw can you not be aware of it?
[25.11.2012 22:37:59] Zyrax: I'm just recruit sir
[25.11.2012 22:38:13] LH~Orlov: Ideas are stolen, due credit is not given
[25.11.2012 22:38:48] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: If he's recruit then it's good for you as you can try to educate him.
[25.11.2012 22:39:25] LH~Orlov: You are knaves, you should look into what your corporation really has going on behind the scenes
[25.11.2012 22:39:46] Zyrax: I sure will sir
[25.11.2012 22:39:56] LH~Orlov: Bribes, theft
[25.11.2012 22:40:12] LH~Orlov: It really is atrocious
[25.11.2012 22:40:47] LH~Orlov: But you have a chance to correct some of the wrongs
[25.11.2012 22:41:15] Zyrax: How, sir?
[25.11.2012 22:41:33] LH~Orlov: A small donation to our education work.
[25.11.2012 22:41:59] Zyrax: How much do you need
[25.11.2012 22:42:23] LH~Orlov: I think 2 million would go a long way.
[25.11.2012 22:42:57] Zyrax: Is this negotiable? i promised my kids toy cars when i go back to home
[25.11.2012 22:43:42] LH~Orlov: If you will repeat after me, I think I could cut your donation in half
[25.11.2012 22:44:04] Zyrax: Sure, sir
[25.11.2012 22:44:16] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: Is this slave of corporate oligarchy showing any responsivity to your enlightning speech?
[25.11.2012 22:44:30] LH~Orlov: Universal is a Greedy parasite, feeding off of Liberty
[25.11.2012 22:44:43] LH~Orlov: Say it
[25.11.2012 22:44:50] Zyrax: Universal is a Greedy parasite, feeding off of Liberty
[25.11.2012 22:44:59] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: *laughs*
[25.11.2012 22:45:10] LH~Orlov: And the Liberty Police are incompetent lackwits
[25.11.2012 22:45:28] Zyrax: And the Liberty Police are incompetent lackwits
[25.11.2012 22:45:38] LH~Orlov: Education complete
[25.11.2012 22:45:47] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: I approve.
[25.11.2012 22:45:54] LH~Orlov: Now the matter of your donation
[25.11.2012 22:46:05] Zyrax: Who wants to receive the donation?
[25.11.2012 22:46:09] LH~Orlov: One million to me

At this point there was a very strange anomaly. Sensors went completely blank, engines were killed for a moment, and then everything came back online and we continued our discussion.

[25.11.2012 22:47:21] Zyrax: Uhh
[25.11.2012 22:47:27] Zyrax: looks like Galaxtic blackout
[25.11.2012 22:47:34] Zyrax: Galactic*
[25.11.2012 22:47:43] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: A gravitational anomaly.
[25.11.2012 22:48:06] LH~Orlov: Caused by improper gate maintenance by Ageira likely
[25.11.2012 22:48:10] Zyrax: Am i free to go gentlemen?
[25.11.2012 22:48:15] LH~Orlov: Yes
[25.11.2012 22:48:32] Zyrax: Thank you, and thank you for the education
[25.11.2012 22:48:35] LH~Orlov: And tell your workmates what you have been taught
[25.11.2012 22:48:36] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: *caughs* Gentleman and Lady.
[25.11.2012 22:48:53] Zyrax: Lady, my mistake
[25.11.2012 22:49:09] Zyrax: Farewell
[25.11.2012 22:49:23] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: Good night.

I feel that we really got through to this Universal recruit, and I sincerely hope that he tells his fellow recruits what he learned, and looks further into the truths we were able to talk to him about. Perhaps he will decide to join our organization in the future, or, at the very least will quit his support of the Liberty corporatocracy. Sometimes words are more powerful than Hellflurries.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - JonahC - 11-27-2012

[Image: OrlovInformal.png]


I am formally requesting permission to purchase a used Sabre from a Hacker, who has decided to take an administrative position for the time being. Normally I wouldnt ask the profesorship about this purchase, but this ship is outfitted with 2 Kraken guns, and 1 Kraken turret. He purchased these weapons from our allies, the OUtcasts on one of his visits to them some time ago, and it appears they are already registered in our database. I have put a down payment on this vessel and pending your approval, I will pay the remainder. Get back with me as soon as you can, as I am anxious to take this thing out to the detriment of corporate flunkies all over.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nicole Hunter - 11-27-2012
[Image: 1b.png][Image: 15.png]
Dear Mr Orlov,

Permission granted. You're hereby authorized to fly a Sabre class very heavy fighter equipped with up to seven Kraken class weapons. Be advised, however, that according to our analysis powercore incompatibility will reduce Kraken's overall damage potential to a one comparable with Hellflurries. Ultimately the real choice is between Tachyon and Particle beams. For more information consult following chart:

Computation for Hellflurry Mk V (x4) + Hellflurry Turret Mk V (x1)

Damage output: 10,400 d/s
Damage potential: 82,333 d/p
Energy consumption: 2,600 e/s
Effective efficiency: 4.00 d/e

Computation for Kraken Type 2 (x4) + Kraken Turret Type 2 (x1)

Damage output: 11,120 d/s
Damage potential: 76,164 d/p
Energy consumption: 2,720 e/s
Effective efficiency: 3.94 d/e

Best regards,
Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - JonahC - 11-30-2012

His raptor-like gaze staring into the darkness of his small cell, a man sits on his bunk contemplating the changes his life has taken these last several months, and nursing several bruises, not the least of which is the rather large bruise to his ego. He sits in the dark thinking:

" I have been seconds from death every day for what seems like an eternity. I have finally earned the promotion I have wanted for months now, I put all the credits I have earned into a Sabre, and then what? It gets destroyed the first time I take it out for a joyride! If it hadnt been for the quick thinking of Nicole, I would likely be on my way to Attica about now. But now I am down to my last few credits. The Sabre is gone, and my Scimitar is in dire need of repair. I could go raiding in my Bactrian again but, the firepower of that Sabre, *sighs* I definitely need another one. I suppose there is nothing to it, my trusty Bactrian will have to do until I get some more credits. But that can wait until tomorrow. Today, I am free from duty!"

He leaves his cell and heads over to the Mactan Bar. In one of the corridors he passes a man called Diavalo *shivers* "Something is off about that guy, he gives me the creeps," he thinks. Finally he makes his way to the small, fastidiously cleaned tavern. As he enters he thinks to himself:

"I had really hoped there would be an exotic GC girl visiting here to flirt with, or at the least a fiery tounged Maltese. No one here but the bartender. And my this place is WAY too clean. If Krimmler or Nicole were to see some of the places I used to play music in....*laughs* Nicole would probably faint from the smell."

"Yoshida, pour me something that burns on the way down!" he says with a smile. The bartender complies with a knowing smile, and as he sets the drink down on the bar he says, "Mr. Orlov, I hear you could use a few credits." Mr.Orlov appears momentarily taken aback, but recovers quickly, "You heard about my little mishap already I suppose, but really, how could you know anything about my finances?" Yoshida smiles and says, "Mr.Orlov, I may not get out to the lanes as much as I used to, but I am still twice the Hacker you will ever be." From anyone else these would be fighting words but from Yoshida they were taken as they were given, as a friendly jibe. "I really couldnt argue with that, could I?"

"As it happens, I have a way for you to make a few credits. Are you interested?" "Of course I am," Orlov replies. " Well then, the captain of the Stack Overflow recently caught a bad case of lolwuts while visiting Fort McMurray. His hold is full of missile tracking software that was ordered by the Outcasts, as well as several copies of Assasins Creed 45, which is all the rage on Malta. This captain is looking for someone to make this delivery while he recovers. You would also be loading up with Cardamine while there on Malta and bringing it back." Orlov considers this for just a few seconds and says, "Sounds like a good deal to me, I will take the job." "Good, good. Then get yourself out to Fort McMurray and make that delivery." " I will leave presently." replies Orlov. As Orlov approaches the exit of the bar, the bartender speaks again with no malice in his voice, "Oh, and Mr.Orlov. If you lose that ship or that cargo, I would reccomend you find a very deep hole to hide in. Good luck."

An undetermined amount of time later:

[Image: OrlovInformal.png]

Orlov reporting in a successful delivery of missile tracking software, and Assasins Creed 45 copies to Ibiza Base.

[Image: smuggler1.jpg]

I was also able to return without too much incident with a full, undamaged cargo hold full of cardamine.

[Image: smuggler2.jpg]

It has been a pleasure visiting planet Malta. I have often wanted to follow the cardamine pipline to its source, and what a lovely experience it was. Hopefully I will get the chance to do it again soon.