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RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - JonahC - 12-06-2012

[Image: OrlovFormal.png]

Good Day Professors

I am formally requesting permission to use salvaged prototype weaponry on my Sabre. Now, I am fully aware that these weapons are not nearly as efficient as our wonderful Hellflurries. That being the case it is possible that they will drain my power core rather rapidly. However the sheer damage that these weapons do in a short amount of time could possibly make up for their lack of efficiency, if I can learn to harness them. I have spoken to the R&D technicians and I am certain these weapons will be mountable on a Sabre, now I just need your permission to proceed. I will await your answer.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nicole Hunter - 12-09-2012
[Image: 1b.png][Image: 15.png]
Dear Mr Orlov,

You've a green light. You're hereby authorized to fly a Sabre class very heavy fighter equipped with up to four codename weapons listed below. I attach detailed computations for a Sabre class vessel for your convenience. I believe that it is apparent that in every possible way EXCALIBUR class weapons are simply the best option. Each subsequent gun is worse. Additionally, from my own experience, the increased beam speed of CLAYMORE, GOLDEN BLADE and RAGNAROK is not worth the decreased energy efficiency and damage output.

Computation for Quad EXCALIBUR

Damage output: 11,120 d/s
Damage potential: 108,534 d/p
Energy consumption: 2,328 e/s
Effective efficiency: 4.78 d/e

Computation for Quad HEIMDALL

Damage output: 11,120 d/s
Damage potential: 100,291 d/p
Energy consumption: 2,424 e/s
Effective efficiency: 4.59 d/e

Computation for Quad CLAYMORE

Damage output: 9,920 d/s
Damage potential: 107,091 d/p
Energy consumption: 2,216 e/s
Effective efficiency: 4.48 d/e

Computation for Quad GOLDEN BLADE

Damage output: 10,000 d/s
Damage potential: 105,556 d/p
Energy consumption: 2,240 e/s
Effective efficiency: 4.46 d/e

Computation for Quad RAGNAROK

Damage output: 10,120 d/s
Damage potential: 98,102 d/p
Energy consumption: 2,336 e/s
Effective efficiency: 4.33 d/e

Best regards,
Nicole Hunter

Hypnotainment Bands route secured - Nicole Hunter - 12-09-2012
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 15.png]
Dear Hackers,

We have finally secured a source of hypnotainment bands. After negotiations with the Unione Corse we managed to strike a deal concerning the goods exchange. Two days ago our interceptor rendezvous with a transport filled with hypnotainment bands in Tau-23, which was sent by the Unione Corse. Transport "Libra" has been successfully escorted to Leiden where it was filled with devices full of our counterfeit software. On its way back "Libra" was accompanied by our three trains, piloted by Mr Krimmler, me and Mr Orlov. Once we arrived at Monaco in Provence, we unloaded the devices and stayed for one day before returning to Liberty. On the next day our transports departed from Monaco to Epernon in Orleanais where we bought full shipments of hypnotainment bands and delivered them directly to Leiden and Cochrane. All Hackers of the rank of Specialist and above are allowed to trade with the Unione Corse. However, be advised not to cooperate overtly in the Tau region in the presence of Outcasts. Additionally, when operating in Gallia keeping low profile is mandatory and all special operations' restrictions apply.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - JonahC - 01-26-2013

[Image: OrlovFormal.png]

Good day fellow Hackers.

I made a routine run from Leiden base to Ibiza base today with our software. Nothing special to report about it. However after loading up with Cardamine and making my way back towards Tau 37, I ran into a Sammarran Raider. He offered to escort me on part of my journey and warned me that the "spirits" as he called them are getting more and more active. In fact their were 2 of the Nomads just on the other side of the jump hole. The Raider offered them some artifacts to appease them. Apparently they liked this, and we continued on unmolested. I thought this is information that should be passed on so here is a copy of my flight comms from that conversation:

[26.01.2013 12:07:07] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Greetings Hacker!
[26.01.2013 12:07:13] LH~Syntax.Error: Hello Raider
[26.01.2013 12:07:15] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Need some help out!?
[26.01.2013 12:07:29] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Saw a couple of Nomads.... Maybe You'll need it afterall
[26.01.2013 12:07:31] LH~Syntax.Error: Wouldnt mind an escort to Kyushu
[26.01.2013 12:07:37] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Roger That.
[26.01.2013 12:07:52] LH~Syntax.Error: Make that T29
[26.01.2013 12:07:58] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: All the same.
[26.01.2013 12:08:25] LH~Syntax.Error: I will follow you
[26.01.2013 12:08:26] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Ah, the Mighty Spirits are with us.
[26.01.2013 12:08:30] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Roger that.
[26.01.2013 12:08:32] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Follow me.
[26.01.2013 12:08:38] Shas'vre: ***Human***Enemy***(excited) (!)
[26.01.2013 12:08:53] Natri-Sakro_Toh: ***Less light... *** (excited) (!)
[26.01.2013 12:08:57] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Oh mighty spirits, i have something for you.
[26.01.2013 12:09:02] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Wait here.
[26.01.2013 12:09:22] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Accept this gift.
[26.01.2013 12:09:30] Natri-Sakro_Toh: ***(!) (excited) ***
[26.01.2013 12:09:46] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: They are satisfied i think...
[26.01.2013 12:09:58] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: We should move now, we don't want them to get nervous around you hacker.
[26.01.2013 12:10:06] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Starting Cruise Engines
[26.01.2013 12:10:52] Natri-Sakro_Toh: ***(excited) .. Light* less .. (friendly) (!) .. ** ??
[26.01.2013 12:10:52] LH~Syntax.Error: That is only my second time seeing these....creatures up close.
[26.01.2013 12:11:08] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: You get used to it... after some time.
[26.01.2013 12:11:51] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Lets hope the IMG isn't home.
[26.01.2013 12:12:01] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: They aren't
[26.01.2013 12:12:05] LH~Syntax.Error: Those buggerish lost star would like to get my cargo I bet
[26.01.2013 12:12:13] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Ah.... Sol...
[26.01.2013 12:12:20] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: The Lone Star gang.
[26.01.2013 12:12:29] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Lets go.
[26.01.2013 12:12:38] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Cruise Engines initated.
[26.01.2013 12:12:53] Shas'vre: ***Scaning***
[26.01.2013 12:12:58] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Eh... Kishiro...
[26.01.2013 12:13:08] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: I have got other things to do now....
[26.01.2013 12:13:09] Natri-Sakro_Toh: ***Light less ... Within.. (human) ** (excited) (!)
[26.01.2013 12:13:22] LH~Syntax.Error: Thanks for the escort sir.
[26.01.2013 12:13:53] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: I can follow you to a certain point. Afterwards, you are on your own.
[26.01.2013 12:14:06] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Money isn't a problem kind sir.
[26.01.2013 12:14:44] LH~Syntax.Error: You potentially saved me and my cargo from the nomads, so , my thanks!
[26.01.2013 12:14:51] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Not a problem
[26.01.2013 12:15:07] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: I'd prefer if we don't take any Trade lanes.
[26.01.2013 12:15:20] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: For our own Safety.
[26.01.2013 12:15:22] LH~Syntax.Error: Im not planning to.
[26.01.2013 12:15:30] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Thats the spirit...
[26.01.2013 12:16:23] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: One thing you should know too is
[26.01.2013 12:16:29] LH~Syntax.Error: It is imperative that my cargo reach its destination.
[26.01.2013 12:16:33] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Keep some cardamine and artifacts in your hull...
[26.01.2013 12:16:52] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: The holy Spirits are rising again....
[26.01.2013 12:17:08] LH~Syntax.Error: These things will appease them?
[26.01.2013 12:17:18] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: Indeed.
[26.01.2013 12:17:43] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: This is the point for me to return..
[26.01.2013 12:17:48] (SR~Tyr.Cromwell: I may not go there....

I am not sure how much this information will help our future endeavors, but if the Nomads are indeed on the rise, then this information could prove useful to our transport captains. After all none of us want the flow of Cardamine interupted, for any reason at all.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - JonahC - 01-27-2013

[Image: OrlovFormal.png]

Good day.

Today I again oversaw a delivery of software to Ibiza.
After a short stay on Malta I was on my way back,
this time with a load of Cardamine bound for Rochester.
Delivery was successful:

[Image: CardamineDelivery_zps3208d659.jpg]

From there I bought some light arms to take back to our dealers on Leiden. Delivery was again successful:

[Image: LightArmsDelivery_zps6f0709d4.jpg]

On my way home to Leiden however, I was again contacted
by the very same Sammaran Raider I talked to yesterday,
by the name of Tyr. He seems a pleasant fellow, but still
something was not quite right about him. Perhaps too much
time spent around Nomads? Im not sure. He seemed intent
on establishing better relations with us Hackers though, and
brightened considerably when I mentioned Miss Hunter.
I suppose I will leave the deliberations with these Raiders in her hands.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Milton Krest - 02-22-2013
USI detected a military convoy consisting of 2 [LN] fighters and Camara freighter with some chips coming to California, so I thought it'd be nice to deprive them of those chips, because who knows - maybe they're experimental? I've caught them in the middle of the lane, but unfortunately they didn't really want to comply with my request... So I had to take 2 of them down. One of [LN] fighters tractored in the chips and tried to escape to Los Angeles, however I've managed to persuade him to give up peacefully.
Right now those chips are being studied by our specialists on Cochrane. Chips didn't have any tracking microchips on them, as far as I know.
Attachments: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lalilepo - 03-23-2013
...Trainee.Ron Johnson.recognized...transmission.encrypted...

Another corporate pleb robbed of his riches.

=> Attached file "Bowex)Wilberforce-II.log"

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lalilepo - 03-25-2013

Feeling quite bored in Alberta, I decided to play around with a Platinum Incorporated hoodlum. The results were both amusing and profitable.

=> Attached file "Platinum|-Rising.Sun.log"

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lalilepo - 03-26-2013

While busy editing some logs and images created earlier, I accidentally let a Kishiro transport slip past me as I was trying to rob some corporate lackeys of their dirty earned money. I decided to try my luck with him via a private communication, and what do you know. I might be able to milk this one of even more credits, given I haven't given myself away yet, while it's so tempting to do so. The ridiculing of these kind of naive individuals is just too priceless.

=> Attached file "Kishiro|Fubuki.log"

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lalilepo - 03-26-2013

When flying towards Ontario in Colorado, a Benitez vessel showed up on my scanner. I immediately moved in to intercept it, because lets be honest, how often do we run into Corsairs in Liberty?

It turned out to be a transport carrying Light Arms around. I immediately started question this Corsair, learning some useful information from the shipment of artifacts he brought into New York. I propose that this shipment be tracked down. Perhaps some of its qualities can be used to identify any artifacts which aren't legitimately transported through Leiden.

At some point, the Benitez captain lost his temper, seemingly ejecting all of his cargo in a fit of rage, and actually destroying it. While it shamefully couldn't be delivered to one of our bases, at the very least, it wasn't delivered to any of our enemy's bases either. He also started showing suicidal behavior, telling me to kill him. I decided to leave him to his self pity instead.

=> Attached file "Benitez(CT)-Adriatic.log"
=> Attached file "Benitez(CT)-Adriatic.scan"
=> Attached file "Benitez(CT)-Adriatic2.log"