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RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lalilepo - 03-27-2013

First time for some more intense action. The USI reported an LPI vessel strolling around Colorado. Having yet to prove myself in live combat, I set out to intercept this scamp in his Liberator. It didn't take long for me to lock on to him near Denver. Obviously, it was easy to draw him away from the planet itself, enough for me to engage him.

After perhaps just a minute, a second target came in range. LNS-Egy, a Navy cad in his Eagle, which near instantly engaged me. The exact same thing applied to LNS-Amr, another Eagle, turning it into a pretty uneven fight. However, it was nothing I couldn't handle. This didn't make the arrival of a Reaver, Fatboy, any less appreciated though. He turned the fight a little more even. I downed the first of the two Eagles about the same time the Reaver joined in. It didn't take us long to seperate the second Eagle's pilot from his hull, while the bribelover just returned from his restock.

But alas, a fourth contact right then entered scanner range. Aurra Sing, a Bounty Hunter flying a Manta. What ensued was a rather obnoxious game of cats and mice, the hoodlums obviously being the latter. They ended up managing to hit Fatboy with a barrage of nuke mines, turning the fight back into an uneven one. I proceeded to try my best to scrap these two lickspittles, but a lot of mistakes on my part put me in a tough spot, so I decided to pull off and retreat to Cochrane.

Once restocked, I set off again in order to hunt them down for good, but I lost their ship signatures after a while, leaving me at a dead end. At the very least, those two Eagles were eliminated.

=> Attached file "hostileContacts.img"
=> Attached file "friendlyContacts.img"
=> Attached file "killShots.log"
=> Attached file "flightLog.log"

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Nicole Hunter - 03-27-2013
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 15.png]

Dear Hackers,

For your amusement and to enrich your heuristics I attach logs from two educational sessions performed in New York. Remember, that slaves of Liberty corporatocracy should be enlightened whenever possible, naturally, providing that their rapid disintegration can be avoided at all.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

Surveillance log: New York, Nicole Hunter's Sabre, 8th February

Milton Krest: Hold it, Foley. Just want to tell you it's better for you to pay 1,5 million SC if you want to get out of this alive.
Foley: You want .. 1.5 mill ?
Milton Krest: Aye.
Foley: Well, if I give ya some money , what's stopping ya from blowing me up anyways?
Nicole Hunter: I have enough of your typical corporate slave talk.
Foley: Looks like my days are numbered.
Milton Krest: Aye, listen to miss Hunter, she's not so soft-hearted.
Nicole Hunter: You will do what Mr Krest asks you to or we will disintegrate your ship atom after atom, then we will pick up your escape pod, and drop it near a star corona. Then we will stay in comms range to hear your scream as the life support will not be able to keep the heat off your capsule. So you have 10 seconds to pay or prepare for some crispy sunbath.
Foley: Damned Mexicans.
Milton Krest: Who're Mexicans?
Foley: Who robs people like this, if they aren't Mexican?
Nicole Hunter: 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... Actually, I have an idea... What's your name corporate shill?
Foley: Just Foley... isn't it?
Nicole Hunter: All right Mr Foley. I have an alternative for you, which will not include killing you and destroying your ship. You will enter New York....
Foley: I like New York.
Nicole Hunter: We will take you couple clicks away from the main lane and then you will send several messages on the system-wide channel.
Foley: You want me to follow you?
Nicole Hunter: Follow Mr Orlov.
Foley: You got it man, easy with the guns. All buddies here now. New friends and all,
Nicole Hunter: Now head to E2, Mr Foley. Now! And you will send these messsages over system-wide frequency... "The Liberty Government is corrupted and stands as oppressive upholder of corporatocracy. Both the Navy and the LSF are nothing more than puppets in the hands of dissolved corporate snollygosters. Thank you Lane Hackers for opening my eyes on the injustice and inequality that plagues this House." Don't test our patience, Mr Foley! You have 10 seconds to comply to my demand. After that you're dead.
Foley: The Liberty Navy is corrupt and stands as oppressive upholder of Corproacracy! Both the Navy and LSF are nothing but puppets in the hands of dissolved corporate snollygosters! Thank you Lane Hackers for opening my eyes to the injustice and inequality that are the plague of Liberty!
Nicole Hunter: Thank you Mr Foley. I believe your education is complete.
Foley: Thank you Lane Hackers.
Nicole Hunter: I hope you will have a pleasant journey.

Surveillance log: New York, Nicole Hunter's Sabre, 8th March

Kinmon Gosan no Kiri: Konbanwa, gentlemen.
Nicole Hunter: Whoa... stop there, Kusarian. You seem to be hauling quite a worthy cargo.
Kinmon Gosan no Kiri: Are you taking your time, just to make me sweat a little? It is working. I am stuck to my chair.
Nicole Hunter: Really nice cargo...
Kinmon Gosan no Kiri: Please, take pity on a poor hauler, and make your demand.
Nicole Hunter: If it wasn't for the fact that the Blood Dragon Shogunate has fallen...
Kinmon Gosan no Kiri: ...long before either of us were born...
Nicole Hunter: ...we would have certainly made you sweat more and more... and send them recordings for amusement.
Milton.Krest: He's, like, asking to get in trouble...
Kinmon Gosan no Kiri: Asking for... for... for trouble? No, please. I don't want trouble. I just want to get my cargo to it's destination with the minimum of damage.
Nicole Hunter: However, since that time has passed we will let you get out alive if you....
Kinmon Gosan no Kiri: If I..?
Nicole Hunter: Pay us a little donation, let's say 3 million credits.
Kinmon Gosan no Kiri: Thank you! Thank you, thank you!
Nicole Hunter: Transfer confirmed. Now, if you make one more...
Kinmon Gosan no Kiri: One more...?
Nicole Hunter: ...friendly act I will give you a tip that might save you.
Kinmon Gosan no Kiri: Please, I have no more handkerchiefs to use. They're all drenched in perspiration. What kind of act?
Nicole Hunter: You will send a certain message on system-wide channel.
Kinmon Gosan no Kiri: Anything! Anything! Do you want me to say that you are blessed with enormous bosoms, and that your eyes sparkle like lasers? I can say it! I can muster the courage!
Nicole Hunter: The message is: "LSF is a nomad kissing conglomerate of corrupted lackwits that do not know the difference between toilet and a shower." So how it will be, Samura-san?
Kinmon Gosan no Kiri: I have been instructed to pass along this message: The honourable LSF is a kisser of nomads and bribed semi-sentients that cannot effectively cleanse themselves without supervision. Was that right, Hacker-san?
Nicole Hunter: Indeed, that's true. The hint I have for you is... avoid lanes in New York. There is a group operating here that is not nearly as polite as we are.
Kinmon Gosan no Kiri: Your kindness will be known to my grandchildren, Hacker-san! I shall impart that tip to all my fellow haulers.
Nicole Hunter: If you want to save your ship and crew - take a longer trip. Please, continue your journey.
Kinmon Gosan no Kiri: Thank you, thank you!

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lalilepo - 04-07-2013

[Image: Xl901NQ.png]

I finally have gotten rid of those two prototype weapons I've been holding on for weeks now. The buyer was none other than a Syndicate operative. Perhaps they do have their uses, after all. The earnings have been sent to the R&D.

=> Attached file "dealing.log"
=> Attached file "transfer.log"

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lalilepo - 04-11-2013

[Image: Xl901NQ.png]

Two shippers have become the victim of a Dagger piloted by non other than yours truly.

=> Attached file "contact1.img"
=> Attached file "transcript1.log"
=> Attached file "transfer1.log"

=> Attached file "contact2.img"
=> Attached file "transcript2.log"
=> Attached file "transfer2.log"

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lalilepo - 04-11-2013

[Image: Xl901NQ.png]

Three more transports which you can notch down as "stabbed cleanly in the back of their wallet by a Dagger".

=> Attached file "contact3.img"
=> Attached file "transcript3.log"
=> Attached file "transfer3.log"

=> Attached file "contact4.img"
=> Attached file "transcript4.log"
=> Attached file "transfer4.log"

=> Attached file "contact5.img"
=> Attached file "transcript5.log"
=> Attached file "transfer5.log"

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lalilepo - 04-11-2013

[Image: 0FVcja7.png]

A high profile Navy scamp has been eliminated during a field trip to New York today. Amongst friendly combatants were Milton Krest, Nicole Hunter, Norman Bates and Bordetella. Enemy combatants included give or take a half dozen fighters, two gunboats and a pair of heavy capital ships. While the initial fight started with smaller numbers, the conflict progressively grew more chaotic, to a point where some of us found ourselves in a pickle.

With the unexpected coverage of the Outcast Bordetella, we managed to retreat to a safe distance. As I was withdrawing, I ran into one of the Navy fighters and took my shot at assassinating the weasel. It's safe to say medical costs will be expectedly high for this pilot.

Do note that mister Bates didn't partake in this assassination, and simply stood by for the remainder of the battle.

=> Attached file "killshot.img"

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lalilepo - 04-12-2013

[Image: 0FVcja7.png]

It's as if I'm putting too much effort into making Liberty a better place, but is there really such a thing as too much effort?

That said, a short visit to New York has resulted in the disgronification of two Bounty Hunter vessels and a Liberty Navy fighter. I'm already amused by the worry the corporate slavemasters will be having the moment they notice the rise of assassinations taking place against their beloved lackeys.

=> Attached file "contact1.img"
=> Attached file "killshot1.img"

=> Attached file "contact2.img"
=> Attached file "killshot2.img"
=> Attached file "killshot3.img"

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Lalilepo - 04-16-2013

[Image: 0FVcja7.png]

The meeting with the spokeswoman of the Orbitals took place successfully at Freeport 4 yesterday. If I may say so myself, this seems to be the start of a lucrative business relationship. Open the attached file for details on what subjects were covered during the conversation. If there are any things left undiscussed, the same channel on which the Orbitals contacted us may be used to clear anything up.

=> Attached file "transcript.log"
=> Attached shortcut "OrbitalsChannel.sct"

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - The Lane Hackers - 06-22-2013

Job Board Report

The Lane Hacker Job Board in the current state has been online for nine months. During this time we have collected significant amount of data which needs to be processed. We will be assessing achievements of our contractors and optimizing assassination protocols to better suit our long term goals. During this time the job board will remain offline. We expect that the job board optimization will take up to one solar week.

Mission Statistics

Mission: Kill Ships

[LN]- 62 vessels
=LSF= 59 vessels
BHG| 38 vessels
LPI- 31 vessels
SMP| 1 vessel

Mission: Assassinate Target

Pain Bringer
Kai Dressel

Best Assassins*

Red Reaver, Reaver Mercenary Company
Skinny Reaver, Reaver Mercenary Company
Cerulean Reaver, Reaver Mercenary Company
Titanium Reaver, Reaver Mercenary Company
Norman Bates, The Lane Hacker Assassins

* top five assassins were given 10 000 000 SC bonus reward.

Job Board Budget

1 077 000 000 SC

Reaver Mercenary Company
Red Reaver 188 000 000 SC
Skinny Reaver 133 000 000 SC
Cerulean Reaver 126 000 000 SC
Titanium Reaver 117 000 000 SC
Sangria Reaver 60 000 000 SC
Void Reaver 52 000 000 SC
Icterine Reaver 40 000 000 SC
Carnelian Reaver 26 000 000 SC
Silver Reaver 23 000 000 SC
Toolbox Reaver 17 000 000 SC
Flamingo Reaver 9 000 000 SC
Colorless Reaver 3 000 000 SC
Total: 794 000 000 SC

The Lane Hacker Assassins
Norman Bates 99 000 000 SC
Anton Chigurh 9 000 000 SC
Total: 108 000 000 SC

The Mollys and the Wild Geese
Still Inglorious 27 000 000 SC
Total: 27 000 000 SC

Individual Contractors
Jacob "Scorpion" Forges 26 000 000 SC
James "Clown" McClallen 21 000 000 SC
Hans "Sexy Pancakes" Weissman 18 000 000 SC
Leo "Silver Fang" Oscar 18 000 000 SC
Wayne Peyton 11 000 000 SC
Remilia Scarlet 4 000 000 SC
Total: 89 000 000 SC

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Simeon_Cole - 08-01-2013

[Image: zbyq.jpg]
Mr. White here. Recently hacked a private channel during covert LSF operations into Gallia to speak with one of their commanding officers. He denied any activity into Gallia, but proved an interesting conversationalist. Eventually he betrayed his thoughts of the Liberty Navy, and had to quickly backtrack. Here is what transpired.

LH~Mr.White.: : Excursions into gallia? May both sides destroy each other until you're foaming at the mouth and collapse sidelong into a sun.
=LSF="Agent":: Your scanning equipment seem to be faulty. Why would the LSF be in Gallia?
=LSF="Agent":: We only occupy ourselves with shooting down petty criminals in Liberty's core worlds.
LH~Mr.White.: : Ah perhaps the 'lanes are being filled with superior tactics to dissuade us from reality.
LH~Mr.White.: : But.... that couldn't happen. Not beyond our scope of detection. Could it?
=LSF="Agent":: Everything is possible
LH~Mr.White.: : Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.
=LSF="Agent":: No. You are still not allowed to break Liberty laws.
=LSF="Agent":: Nor are you allowed to try and tap into government level comm frequencies.
LH~Mr.White.: : Yes, that may be so, however if that be the case I invite you to find and detain me.
=LSF="Agent":: We both know this is exactly what you want. You've probably set up some folly where you point out Liberty forces' corruption
=LSF="Agent":: and aggression.
=LSF="Agent":: The nonexistant ones, of course.
LH~Mr.White.: : And you'd be providing us viable proof to that extent.
LH~Mr.White.: : Should you approach with aggressive intent
LH~Mr.White.: : Especially when all I am doing is picketing for donations to inform and educate those who are ignorant to the corruption
=LSF="Agent":: Exactly why I won't arrest and detain you. I'll leave it to the Liberty Navy.
LH~Mr.White.: : I sow not disharmony, when the disharmony is inherent in the lives of the rat to begin with how could I?
=LSF="Agent":: They're already fully functioning on incompetence and unwise decisions, so they might as well make another one.
LH~Mr.White.: : Then perhaps a few stray bolts of fire between us.
LH~Mr.White.: : But no need to find time to organize such a struggle.
LH~Mr.White.: : Things of that manner find their way of happening. Under the discrete noses of the [LN] dogs who choose whom to protect
LH~Mr.White.: : based upon how much those corporate hobbledyhoys have bribed them.
LH~Mr.White.: : Amazing the lesser fortunate companies are preyed upon without so much as a comm frequency offer of assistance from the Navy.
=LSF="Agent":: How very poetic. Sounds exactly like the gurgling someone who just took a mouthful of amfetamines would say.
LH~Mr.White.: : That sounds like the bitter words of someone who is jealous of the strictures placed upon him by those he pretends to love.
LH~Mr.White.: : Would it not please you to remember, Cardamine, as I'm sure you refer to, is but a byproduct of natural plants.
LH~Mr.White.: : Plants found on many worlds the hackjaws of Liberty rush to occupy.
LH~Mr.White.: : It is unfortunate, however, that our allies hold strong to those worlds. The Outcasts are no friends of Liberty.
=LSF="Agent":: Are you implying I have any intent of loving and affection, mister White?
LH~Mr.White.: : No, why would I presume you relish such commodities as those, when you bear the flags of your stained fathers?
LH~Mr.White.: : I'm sure from a young age you were bred to be a mooncalf, as I'm sure your forebears before you brainwashed you to be so.
=LSF="Agent":: Jesus Christ. You're really doing a number on my train of thought. I can't even follow two words of what you're saying before
=LSF="Agent":: being confused again.
LH~Mr.White.: : Enough of this, cockalorum, I have wasted enough breath that could be used to inhale precious carda to remind me of my clarity.
=LSF="Agent":: If you're trying to make a point, make it, don't beat around the bush. What would make me an indoctrinated tool like you say?
LH~Mr.White.: : I simply want to hear it from your own mouth : is it not true you and those like you have been conditioned to be numb.
LH~Mr.White.: : Numb to the circumstances in which you live, nay, prosper!
LH~Mr.White.: : You make a buck upon the backs of the brusque!
=LSF="Agent":: I wouldn't know, since I choose to avoid attaching myself to others. The only thing it accomplishes is work obstruction.
LH~Mr.White.: : Denounce your evil ways, lickspittle of the caddiwumpus, ill-named "Liberty" galactic conglomeration!
LH~Mr.White.: : So you prefer blind obedience?
=LSF="Agent":: I prefer living under the circumstances I deem satisfying enough.
LH~Mr.White.: : The blind and deaf sheep lead themselves headlong into the slaughter, laughing all the way at the circumstance befallen them.
LH~Mr.White.: : Only with enlightenment and freedom of mind can one follow a path of righteousness and throw down the shackles of deceit.
LH~Mr.White.: : Be it not so?
=LSF="Agent":: I can't find a flaw in logic there. Even if so, it doesn't matter whatsoever.
=LSF="Agent": I'm quite content as it is.
=LSF="Agent":: What more could I possibly crave for to step out of the comfort zone that's already keeping me functional?
LH~Mr.White.: : Of course, you are.
LH~Mr.White.: Thank you once again for proving my point.