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RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - JonahC - 08-11-2013

[Image: OrlovFormal.png]

Greetings Miss Hunter,
I trust you are feeling well?

I have prepared the report of my visit to Baffin. I think I witnessed something I have only read about in the archives. First of all I recieved a communication from Richard Cole who is some higher-up in the Zoner heirarchy, who wanted me to hack into the databases of a ship he purchased supposedly from an ex-hacker.

This seemed rather odd to me as the only ex-hackers I know of are not breathing any longer. In any case her is a copy of our conversation upon my arrival at Pueblo Bonito. Note: I could not get any closer than 600m to the station, their guns were all locked on to my gunship.

[11.08.2013 18:56:38] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: I am apporximately 40 k from your location.
[11.08.2013 18:59:09] Marilon: Richard: Tei Kallistei sir
[11.08.2013 18:59:27] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: Orlov: Good day to you as well.
[11.08.2013 18:59:40] Marilon: Richard: As you can see this is an old ship.
[11.08.2013 18:59:51] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: That is some peice of hardware you have.
[11.08.2013 19:00:24] Marilon: Richard: Indeed, restoring it is a bigger problem
[11.08.2013 19:00:39] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: As I can imagine it would be.
[11.08.2013 19:01:30] Marilon: Richard: I suggest you look into the databanks, for us it was rather hard to decipher.
[11.08.2013 19:01:36] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: Well, I can do some scans. And of course, the datafiles...I would need to download them in entirety to my ship.
[11.08.2013 19:02:29] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: I dont have a clue yet what sort of information would be contained in them. But likely things Zoners have no business with.
[11.08.2013 19:02:40] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: No offence.
[11.08.2013 19:03:17] Marilon: Richard: None taken, point is we need to update the databanks with our data we gathered over the years.
[11.08.2013 19:03:24] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: *initiating scan*
[11.08.2013 19:04:18] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: *database download activated*
[11.08.2013 19:05:12] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: This encryption is old but still good. Trying to crack other Hackers work is much more difficult than cracking into a...
[11.08.2013 19:05:24] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: corporate or even military database.
[11.08.2013 19:05:42] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: *data recovered*
[11.08.2013 19:05:58] Marilon: Richard: That explained why our engineers where unable to do so.
[11.08.2013 19:06:35] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: This will be difficult even for me. I will need to take this up with Miss Hunter.
[11.08.2013 19:06:57] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: She will likely have the decryption keys.
[11.08.2013 19:07:26] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: *Vessel system scans complete*
[11.08.2013 19:07:42] Marilon: Richard: Let us hope so, it would be a waste if the vessel would never be able to fly again in the future.
[11.08.2013 19:08:01] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: Now, I am interested to know how you came into posession of this vessel.
[11.08.2013 19:08:56] Marilon: Richard: I bought it from a salesman. An former Lane Hacker. He kept it after his journeys hidden.
[11.08.2013 19:09:13] Marilon: Richard: Think maybe to sell or who knows what he intended to do with it.
[11.08.2013 19:09:46] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: There have been some incredibly crafty Lane Hackers.
[11.08.2013 19:10:44] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: I can only imagine what he intended with this vessel...and yet, why sell it to you...and not ransom it back to us?
[11.08.2013 19:11:16] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: Did he talk about his reasons at all?
[11.08.2013 19:12:14] Marilon: Richard: Sadly not. It was a quick and swift transfer. I brought a case full with credits and what he did after that?
[11.08.2013 19:12:23] Marilon: I have no clue.
[11.08.2013 19:13:02] Marilon: Richard: As suddenly he came into my transmissions the same way he just vanisht and seems never to have
[11.08.2013 19:13:25] Marilon: existed at all. I guess thats one of the things the Lane Hackers are good in.
[11.08.2013 19:13:47] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: I am sure Nicole knows more about this wraith.
[11.08.2013 19:14:24] Marilon: Richard: lets hope so.. You did gather what you need for now?
[11.08.2013 19:14:41] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: I would also need to know what your intentions are with this ship, should it get into flyable condition again?
[11.08.2013 19:15:45] Marilon: Richard: Not entirely sure yet about that i must say. I am thinking of using it as a defense of our beloved home. And maybe
[11.08.2013 19:16:28] Marilon: even use it to help the ones in need. 1 thing is for sure it will never be seen within liberty or directly bordering systems.
[11.08.2013 19:17:40] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: I suppose that is all I need for now.
[11.08.2013 19:18:02] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: Orlov: good evening Miss Hunter.
[11.08.2013 19:18:07] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: Good evening, Mr Orlov. I presume, you're in Baffin
[11.08.2013 19:18:19] Marilon: Richard: Ok sir. Well if you could keep me informed on the opened channel?
[11.08.2013 19:18:19] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: in order to learn more about our stolen LHGS.
[11.08.2013 19:18:29] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: I am, and you will not believe what I am looking at.
[11.08.2013 19:18:38] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: What you're looking at?
[11.08.2013 19:18:43] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: No LHGS at all.
[11.08.2013 19:18:59] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: A spyglass. As in one of the originals.
[11.08.2013 19:19:18] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: That is interesting....
[11.08.2013 19:19:36] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: I need to see it on my own eyes.
[11.08.2013 19:20:02] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: This Mr.Cole claims to have bought it from what I can only assume is a defector.
[11.08.2013 19:20:21] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: This is getting more and more surreal I see.
[11.08.2013 19:20:28] Marilon: Richard: Sir?
[11.08.2013 19:20:50] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: I have completed a scan of the vessel. And I have downloaded the entire datafiles from the ship.
[11.08.2013 19:21:06] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: I am communicating with Miss Hunter.
[11.08.2013 19:21:21] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: I believe she would like to see this ship for herself.
[11.08.2013 19:21:22] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: Is it still there?
[11.08.2013 19:21:53] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: Yes, at Pueblo Bonito, near Planet Eris
[11.08.2013 19:21:54] Marilon: Richard: I suggest it would be better to arange another time for this. As i have to depart.
[11.08.2013 19:22:02] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: ETA 8 minutes.
[11.08.2013 19:22:08] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: I will relay this to her.
[11.08.2013 19:22:22] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: They have re-docked the vessel.
[11.08.2013 19:22:38] Marilon: Richard: Like I said you can use the data you gathered on the said vessel. And keep me informed on the communication
[11.08.2013 19:22:41] Marilon: channels.
[11.08.2013 19:22:51] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: They will let you look at it in an arranged time. I think you may have scared them.
[11.08.2013 19:22:57] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: Roger.
[11.08.2013 19:23:05] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: Scared them?
[11.08.2013 19:23:23] Marilon: Richard: 23's and may Eris be with us all.
[11.08.2013 19:23:23] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: That's interesting.
[11.08.2013 19:23:40] Traffic control alert: Marilon has requested to dock
[11.08.2013 19:24:06] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: Well, once I said I was communicating with Nicole Hunter, and that she would like to see the ship, they docked.
[11.08.2013 19:25:01] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: I will relay our communication logs as well as the data from the vessel to you shortly.
[11.08.2013 19:25:02] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: Very well, returning to base then.
[11.08.2013 19:25:23] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: As you can imagine, it is heavily encrypted.
[11.08.2013 19:25:44] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: You have the decryption keys, I assume?
[11.08.2013 19:27:35] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: Even if I don't have the keys, it's still my database, Mr Orlov.
[11.08.2013 19:28:07] LH~Nicole.Hunter.: *laughs*
[11.08.2013 19:28:36] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: Of course, of course.
[11.08.2013 19:28:51] Traffic control alert: LH~Mactan.Vindicator has requested to dock
[11.08.2013 19:29:28] LH~Mactan.Vindicator: I will rendezvous with you at Mactan, and present you with the information.
[11.08.2013 19:29:42] Shutdown

These are the scans I took of the vessel:

[Image: Spyglass1_zpsb723684b.jpg]

[Image: Spyglass3_zpsb9d84b92.jpg]

I am also sending you access to the communication channel Mr. Cole opened to me.

We will speak of this further, I am sure of it.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Yber - 08-16-2013
...Technician.Domingo Espada.recognized...transmission.encrypted...

Good afternoon. I've succesfully obtained a certain data regarding the Bounty Hunter Guild, with the aid of miss Hunter and mister Trigger, and of course the "mania interrogation" procedures. I'll proceed with the logs.

Subject: Gunwald Larsson.

[16.08.2013 19:29:03] LH~Domingo.Espada: State your name, affiliation, rank.
[16.08.2013 19:29:09] LH~Domingo.Espada: This is being recorded.
[16.08.2013 19:30:02] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: My name is Gunwald Larsson i have just recently joind the bountyhunters guild,i dont even think i have a rank yet
[16.08.2013 19:30:29] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: i dont know annything
[16.08.2013 19:30:42] LH~Domingo.Espada: That's a very bad beginning, Gunwald.
[16.08.2013 19:31:06] LH~Domingo.Espada: You see, at this very moment, I'm a little kid, playing with a new, shiny toy.
[16.08.2013 19:31:30] LH~Domingo.Espada: How do you think that the kid would feel if his new, shiny toy, turns up to be bugged?
[16.08.2013 19:31:37] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: then you wuldent want to get it scratched then?
[16.08.2013 19:31:44] LH~Domingo.Espada: Wouldn't the kid smash it, tear it appart?
[16.08.2013 19:31:47] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: you shuld be carful with your ship
[16.08.2013 19:31:50] LH~Domingo.Espada: You're following that way.
[16.08.2013 19:31:58] LH~Domingo.Espada: I'm the one making questions here.
[16.08.2013 19:32:17] LH~Domingo.Espada: You'll only talk when I allow you to.
[16.08.2013 19:32:36] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: ok ok, just sayin... i dont see anny scratches
[16.08.2013 19:32:46] LH~Domingo.Espada: Now then, my hopeless bounty hunter.
[16.08.2013 19:33:05] LH~Domingo.Espada: Why did you attempt to hunt miss Hunter down?
[16.08.2013 19:33:31] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: well i an pretty short on credits.. and thats my job
[16.08.2013 19:33:38] LH~Domingo.Espada: I see.
[16.08.2013 19:33:51] LH~Domingo.Espada: You're the typical mercenary.
[16.08.2013 19:33:54] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: in reallity i have nothing against miss hunter
[16.08.2013 19:34:05] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: she seems pretty nice
[16.08.2013 19:34:15] LH~Domingo.Espada: Don't answer off topic.
[16.08.2013 19:34:47] LH~Nicole.Hunter..: *laughs*
[16.08.2013 19:34:51] LH~Domingo.Espada: Being a member of the bounty hunter guild, why did you show up alone?
[16.08.2013 19:35:18] LH~Domingo.Espada: It'd have been much safer to bring some companions.
[16.08.2013 19:35:38] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: i just took of from the base and saw a red name on my scanners
[16.08.2013 19:35:55] LH~Domingo.Espada: A red name? Whatever.
[16.08.2013 19:36:01] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: and like i said im in a pretty big need of cash
[16.08.2013 19:36:12] LH~Domingo.Espada: These answers have allowed me to classify you as a low threat, and as a pretty dumb person.
[16.08.2013 19:36:18] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: yea my screen can show colours
[16.08.2013 19:36:45] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: yea dont do drugs of you will end up like this too
[16.08.2013 19:36:51] LH~Domingo.Espada: That being said, you'll now tell me about your organization.
[16.08.2013 19:37:03] LH~Domingo.Espada: I'll ignore the cardamine joke.
[16.08.2013 19:37:26] LH~Domingo.Espada: However, even before that.
[16.08.2013 19:37:32] LH~Domingo.Espada: You'll drop the rogue pilots.
[16.08.2013 19:38:01] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: well i dont even think i would call it my organisation, its just that i get some small benefits from being in the guild
[16.08.2013 19:38:06] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: lie a union
[16.08.2013 19:38:08] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: like*
[16.08.2013 19:38:14] LH~Domingo.Espada: Don't move.
[16.08.2013 19:38:32] LH~Domingo.Espada: I won't harm you.
[16.08.2013 19:38:33] LH~Cannonball: Pilots secured
[16.08.2013 19:38:34] LH~Domingo.Espada: Not yet.
[16.08.2013 19:38:42] LH~Domingo.Espada: Good job mister Trigger.
[16.08.2013 19:38:54] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: come on
[16.08.2013 19:39:00] LH~Domingo.Espada: Good.
[16.08.2013 19:39:18] LH~Domingo.Espada: Next time you'll answer faster.
[16.08.2013 19:39:24] LH~Domingo.Espada: That was your manta's turret.
[16.08.2013 19:39:26] LH~Nicole.Hunter..: I think failing life support unit will make this hunter more willing to share his knowledge. Good call, Mr Espada.
[16.08.2013 19:39:40] LH~Domingo.Espada: Thank you.
[16.08.2013 19:39:49] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: oh come on i need life support!
[16.08.2013 19:39:54] LH~Domingo.Espada: Well, then.
[16.08.2013 19:39:59] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: i already told you, i know nothing!
[16.08.2013 19:40:03] LH~Domingo.Espada: Of course you do, that's why I'll take it away from you.
[16.08.2013 19:40:11] LH~Domingo.Espada: I don't believe you.
[16.08.2013 19:40:22] LH~Domingo.Espada: You'll share the names of all the agents you've on your database.
[16.08.2013 19:40:23] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: what is there to know?
[16.08.2013 19:40:30] LH~Domingo.Espada: As well as ship classes.
[16.08.2013 19:40:43] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: but... thats treason!
[16.08.2013 19:40:49] LH~Domingo.Espada: You're a mercenary.
[16.08.2013 19:40:54] LH~Cannonball: And docking codes for your bases would be good too
[16.08.2013 19:40:54] LH~Domingo.Espada: You've no friends within the guild.
[16.08.2013 19:40:55] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: and i dont have acsses to those files
[16.08.2013 19:41:08] LH~Domingo.Espada: You're short of money and your life support is tickling.
[16.08.2013 19:41:15] LH~Domingo.Espada: That's the last of your worires.
[16.08.2013 19:41:18] LH~Domingo.Espada: Worries, duh.
[16.08.2013 19:41:49] LH~Domingo.Espada: Miss Nicole.
[16.08.2013 19:42:04] LH~Domingo.Espada: You may blow up any ship part you trust useless within his manta.
[16.08.2013 19:42:05] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: i could have told you if i har the files
[16.08.2013 19:42:25] LH~Domingo.Espada: With these guns, it takes a while.
[16.08.2013 19:42:41] LH~Domingo.Espada: You don't lack memories, do you?
[16.08.2013 19:42:44] LH~Domingo.Espada: Who recruited you?
[16.08.2013 19:42:48] LH~Domingo.Espada: I want names.
[16.08.2013 19:42:58] LH~Domingo.Espada: And any data regarding the higher ranks.
[16.08.2013 19:43:01] LH~Nicole.Hunter..: I am affraid I am not in shape for precise aiming. You can see for yourself that this hunter managed to damage my ship.
[16.08.2013 19:43:08] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: I DONT REMEMBER!! please! dont hurt my ship!
[16.08.2013 19:43:19] LH~Domingo.Espada: You now have amnesia?
[16.08.2013 19:43:25] LH~Domingo.Espada: What'll be next?
[16.08.2013 19:43:48] LH~Domingo.Espada: Miss Hunter, do we possess all the data regarding this ship's model and weaponry?
[16.08.2013 19:44:06] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: no, to tell you the truth i am short of cash becouse of my syntethic marijuana abuse
[16.08.2013 19:44:13] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: i need it
[16.08.2013 19:44:28] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: thats the reason i an so bad at names too
[16.08.2013 19:44:33] LH~Domingo.Espada: Now, that's much better.
[16.08.2013 19:44:37] LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Previous version, yes. They have slightly upgraded this ship recently. Nothing of much importance, I belive.
[16.08.2013 19:45:21] LH~Domingo.Espada: Could you please, proceed with the hacking sequence, and adquire any piece of information you deem useful?
[16.08.2013 19:45:33] LH~Nicole.Hunter..: *opening socket*
[16.08.2013 19:45:43] LH~Domingo.Espada: I'll continue the talk with our friend here.
[16.08.2013 19:45:58] LH~Nicole.Hunter..: You will need to press "Yes", Mr... *reading ID code* Larsson.
[16.08.2013 19:46:01] LH~Cannonball: I will help Miss Hunter with ship data
[16.08.2013 19:46:18] LH~Domingo.Espada: You do that, mister Trigger. If you think you can follow her coding.
[16.08.2013 19:46:21] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: Ok "yes"
[16.08.2013 19:46:36] LH~Cannonball: *downloading data*
[16.08.2013 19:46:43] LH~Domingo.Espada: What are the bounty hunters looking for nowadays, Larsson?
[16.08.2013 19:46:56] LH~Domingo.Espada: Don't you pay attention to your screen.
[16.08.2013 19:46:56] LH~Cannonball: *data loading completed*
[16.08.2013 19:47:15] LH~Cannonball: Sadly you still use Ageira developed systems
[16.08.2013 19:47:19] LH~Nicole.Hunter..: What are the highest priority targets at the moment?
[16.08.2013 19:47:19] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: can you see that in my computer files? im just a hunter not a hacker
[16.08.2013 19:47:24] LH~Domingo.Espada: I'd bet my soul that some targets are more juicy than others.
[16.08.2013 19:47:44] LH~Domingo.Espada: Well, miss Hunter just summed it up.
[16.08.2013 19:48:14] LH~Domingo.Espada: Does he have any file related to the bounty boards he works for?
[16.08.2013 19:48:16] LH~Cannonball: OK, I loaded and backed up all ship data and gun information
[16.08.2013 19:48:31] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: i already tild you i just go to the guild to get my paycheck
[16.08.2013 19:48:45] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: the bigger the ship the nore money
[16.08.2013 19:48:51] LH~Domingo.Espada: Your ship records should hold what I asked for.
[16.08.2013 19:48:52] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: more
[16.08.2013 19:49:04] LH~Domingo.Espada: Ops.
[16.08.2013 19:49:05] LH~Domingo.Espada: My bad.
[16.08.2013 19:49:19] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: we done have anny secret plans
[16.08.2013 19:49:30] LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Only fools, ex-convicts and life-loosers join Bounty Hunters Guild on their own.
[16.08.2013 19:49:35] LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Which one are you?
[16.08.2013 19:49:39] LH~Domingo.Espada: If you move, Larsson, you'll die.
[16.08.2013 19:49:39] LH~Cannonball: I see... You have some intresting access codes
[16.08.2013 19:49:41] LH~Domingo.Espada: Stand still.
[16.08.2013 19:49:52] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: i would prebaly say all three...
[16.08.2013 19:50:15] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: but im crawling back from the bottom
[16.08.2013 19:50:18] LH~Cannonball: *logging in to Bounty Hunter General database*
[16.08.2013 19:50:40] LH~Cannonball: *Seems you have nice place in Omega
[16.08.2013 19:50:42] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: soon il rise again and maybe but a cruise liner or something and just relax
[16.08.2013 19:51:01] LH~Domingo.Espada: With your marijuana, right?
[16.08.2013 19:51:06] LH~Domingo.Espada: Or whatever it's pronounced like.
[16.08.2013 19:51:08] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: ofcourse!
[16.08.2013 19:51:31] LH~Domingo.Espada: Have you finished the hacking sequences, miss, mister?
[16.08.2013 19:51:34] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: if you let me go i will invite you over!
[16.08.2013 19:51:37] LH~Cannonball: Yes
[16.08.2013 19:51:49] LH~Cannonball: I have all data from ship and most from guns
[16.08.2013 19:52:00] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: i know how to get the best shiet in the galaxy
[16.08.2013 19:52:08] LH~Cannonball: But they look little bit special
[16.08.2013 19:52:29] LH~Domingo.Espada: That's silly. There's no best technology than what us the Lane Hacker possess.
[16.08.2013 19:52:53] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: yea but you ant hack plats
[16.08.2013 19:52:56] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: plants*
[16.08.2013 19:53:13] LH~Domingo.Espada: I don't even...
[16.08.2013 19:53:19] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: they need love and attention
[16.08.2013 19:53:21] LH~Domingo.Espada: You're interesting no more, Larsson.
[16.08.2013 19:53:32] LH~Domingo.Espada: I'm done with this toy.
[16.08.2013 19:53:35] LH~Domingo.Espada: Get lost.
[16.08.2013 19:53:42] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: Sweet!
[16.08.2013 19:53:55] BHG|Gunwald.Larsson: Good bye

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Trigger. - 09-20-2013

[Image: TriggerFormal.png][Image: Technician.png]

Good morning, I am hereby submitting report of my yesterdays actions.
I start with Miss Hunter from Alcatraz, plan was to stop several transports.
When we had stopped several transports and Domingo Espada had been joined us, we saw and incoming DSE) Mastodon, Miss Hunter told me we can do my mania interrogation with him, we headed to sector G-5 and I started interrogation:

Quote:[19.09.2013 21:20:13] LH~Trigger: Ah DSE...
[19.09.2013 21:20:38] LH~Infiltrator: We have brought you here to answer some of our question. You will be interrogated by Mr Trigger.
[19.09.2013 21:21:07] LH~Domingo.Espada: I'm proceeding to Alcatraz, gentlemen. It was a pleasure.
[19.09.2013 21:21:12] LH~Infiltrator: If your answers are not satisfactory or our voice analysis software detects a lie...
[19.09.2013 21:21:27] LH~Infiltrator: Your ship and your crew will be vaporized.
[19.09.2013 21:21:35] LH~Infiltrator: Mr Trigger, Mr Dobson is all yours.
[19.09.2013 21:21:54] LH~Infiltrator: I have two topics you could try to go over.
[19.09.2013 21:22:00] LH~Infiltrator: Supergate in Alberta.
[19.09.2013 21:22:06] LH~Trigger: Ok, first question, what is your cooperation status with Liberty Lawfuls?
[19.09.2013 21:22:14] LH~Trigger: Ok, I take that next.
[19.09.2013 21:22:25] DSE)Dakota: Joel: Neutral. I don't bother them, and they don't bother me.
[19.09.2013 21:22:57] LH~Infiltrator: Second topic. We heard they fielded a DSE bounty hunting squad. Ask them what they want to achieve by it.
[19.09.2013 21:23:01] LH~Trigger: Oh, and you are working in Liberty Faction?
[19.09.2013 21:23:48] DSE)Dakota: Joel: I'm just a corporate pilot. I don't involve myself in military stuff. It's not my job.
[19.09.2013 21:24:09] LH~Trigger: I think you don't know anything so secret, I hope you will tell more about rumor about some kind supergate in Alberta.
[19.09.2013 21:24:49] DSE)Dakota: Joel: I've heard of it, but nothing solid. It's wayyyyy above my pay grade.
[19.09.2013 21:25:00] LH~Trigger: So tell me everything about that project.
[19.09.2013 21:25:15] LH~Infiltrator: You better get something more than that, Mr Dobson.
[19.09.2013 21:25:30] LH~Trigger: Hah, you are transporter, I think you might be even bringing those alloys there.
[19.09.2013 21:25:48] DSE)Dakota: Joel: I swear, I know about as much as you do.
[19.09.2013 21:26:00] DSE)Dakota: Joel: These are for Baltimore, not Alberta.
[19.09.2013 21:26:34] LH~Trigger: So you think: "I know nothing, let me go" story works for me?
[19.09.2013 21:26:53] DSE)Dakota: Joel: That's the truth. That's it.
[19.09.2013 21:27:05] LH~Trigger: Well, lets ask little bit more general stuff
[19.09.2013 21:27:18] LH~Trigger: When did you join to DSE?
[19.09.2013 21:28:04] LH~Trigger: You can't say that you don't know.
[19.09.2013 21:28:08] DSE)Dakota: Joel: About two years ago, I signed on as a navigator.
[19.09.2013 21:28:30] DSE)Dakota: Joel: Last month, I got promoted to captain.
[19.09.2013 21:28:37] LH~Trigger: Good, now what is your monthly payment?
[19.09.2013 21:28:55] LNS-Northampton: Frade: Contact 13k and closing.
[19.09.2013 21:28:59] DSE)Dakota: Joel: 3500 credits.
[19.09.2013 21:29:21] LH~Trigger: That's something what I don't believe.
[19.09.2013 21:29:32] LNS-Northampton: Frade: Attention Lane hacker ships this is the navy, leave the area at once.
[19.09.2013 21:29:38] LH~Trigger: Your ship alone is worth of 150.000.000 credits.
[19.09.2013 21:30:00] DSE)Dakota: Joel It's all owned by the company.
[19.09.2013 21:30:10] LH~Trigger: Navy don't come closer.
[19.09.2013 21:30:23] LH~Trigger: We will blow this transport up if you do.
[19.09.2013 21:31:04] LNS-Northampton: Frade: What is your business with this convoy?
[19.09.2013 21:31:31] LH~Trigger: I can understand that DSE don't pay nearly anything...
[19.09.2013 21:31:43] LH~Infiltrator: We are having here a friendly discussion, is that right Mr Dobson?
[19.09.2013 21:31:53] LH~Trigger: How did you manage to get that transport with so low monthly payment?
[19.09.2013 21:32:06] DSE)Dakota: Joel: Uhh... Yeah.
[19.09.2013 21:32:38] LH~Infiltrator: Mr Dobson, please tell this nice officer that you're in no danger and that he can return to his duties.
[19.09.2013 21:33:14] DSE)Dakota: Joel: *Whimpers* I... I'm alright. No danger. Carry on.
[19.09.2013 21:33:17] LH~Trigger: Now, I have been informed that one of your security wings got grounded my us while ago?
[19.09.2013 21:33:45] LH~Trigger: Might you know how much your company is ready to pay to get it back?
[19.09.2013 21:34:20] DSE)Dakota: Joel: A lot.
[19.09.2013 21:34:42] DSE)Dakota: Ships like Dakota don't come cheap.
[19.09.2013 21:35:11] LH~Trigger: Well you have transmission device, contact your HC, lets see how much they will pay, whole wing of pilots.
[19.09.2013 21:36:03] LH~Trigger: I am sure you have some of them in contact list.
[19.09.2013 21:36:27] DSE)Dakota: Joel: I've sent a message out. It may take a while to get through- you know how beauracracy can be.
[19.09.2013 21:36:31] LH~Infiltrator: I will make sure that this communication does not go into wrong ears.
[19.09.2013 21:37:12] LH~Trigger: What are your primary trade routes by the way?
[19.09.2013 21:37:33] LH~Trigger: I speak generally about DSE.
[19.09.2013 21:38:26] DSE)Dakota: Joel: Well, we ship base materials- alloys, industrial equipment, H-Fuel and MOX- to Doe Industries Spaceport...
[19.09.2013 21:38:46] LH~Infiltrator: How about your presence in Kusari?
[19.09.2013 21:39:04] DSE)Dakota: We have construction facilities in Okinawa.
[19.09.2013 21:39:09] LH~Trigger: But where you get them and what route you use?
[19.09.2013 21:39:43] LH~Trigger: Near GMG, you do a lot of bussines with them?
[19.09.2013 21:39:46] DSE)Dakota: Joel: Most of our H-fuel comes from the GMG, in Kusari. Alloys and MOX come from Bretonia.
[19.09.2013 21:40:02] LH~Trigger: From LD-14?
[19.09.2013 21:40:30] LH~Infiltrator: Alright, who will know more about your construction endeavour in Alberta?
[19.09.2013 21:40:36] DSE)Dakota: Joel: Well, we're gonna have to find alternative sources, now that Leeds is under Gallic occupation.
[19.09.2013 21:40:55] LH~Trigger: Yea, I heard about it, so you are running low in Mox now?
[19.09.2013 21:40:56] LH~Infiltrator: *checks voice live analysis*
[19.09.2013 21:41:06] DSE)Dakota: Joel: I dunno. Try asking some of the people in engineering.
[19.09.2013 21:42:15] LH~Trigger: What about that Mox? Your bases are low of fuel currently?
[19.09.2013 21:42:45] DSE)Dakota: Joel: We have stockpiles, but unless we find an alternative source, those are gonna run out in about a year or so.
[19.09.2013 21:43:01] LH~Trigger: Well, you have big stocks then...
[19.09.2013 21:43:19] LH~Trigger: And alloys are coming from Bretonia too?
[19.09.2013 21:43:58] DSE)Dakota: Joel: Yep. Mostly from Newcastle and Bretonian operations in Omega-3.
[19.09.2013 21:45:08] LH~Trigger: Are you sure you don't know about Albeta operations?
[19.09.2013 21:45:28] DSE)Dakota: Joel: Absolutely. All I know is that it's something that exists.
[19.09.2013 21:45:41] LH~Infiltrator: Very well. We are generous today.
[19.09.2013 21:46:08] LH~Infiltrator: We will allow you to leave lesser of 1000 units of your cargo.
[19.09.2013 21:46:33] LH~Trigger: Now I would like to know all your personal data, age, full, name, birthplace...
[19.09.2013 21:46:46] LH~Infiltrator: Make this last question.
[19.09.2013 21:47:04] LH~Trigger: Roger.
[19.09.2013 21:47:11] LH~Infiltrator: After this answer you will be free to leave.
[19.09.2013 21:47:52] DSE)Dakota: Joel: Let's see... Joel Baldwin Dobson, born 28th Januaru 785 on Planet Manhattan.
[19.09.2013 21:48:41] LH~Trigger: Well enough, leave.
[19.09.2013 21:48:46] LH~Infiltrator: Mr Dobson, you're free to leave.
[19.09.2013 21:48:56] LH~Infiltrator: We will confirm some of the information you have gave us.
[19.09.2013 21:49:16] LH~Infiltrator: If they turn out to be false our next encounter will be much less pleasant.
[19.09.2013 21:49:27] LH~Infiltrator: Good night.

Reorganization and re-evalutation - Nicole Hunter - 10-14-2013

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 15.png]

Dear Hackers,

The reorganization of the Lane Hackers after Professor Moriarty's retirement is nearly completed. All internal regulations, especially rank structure, resource access, promotion criteria and operational protocols, have been revised in order to adapt to our new environment. Consult our Information Network for more detailed info. The chart below shows the changes in our rank structure.

[Image: 45.png]

All Lane Hackers, including me, will retain their old ranks and associated privileges until they complete re-evaluation tasks as outlined in updated Careers Datasheet. No promotions will be considered until all re-evaluation tasks are completed. As of now, standard flight operations are resumed!

Good luck and good hunting,
Nicole Hunter

Initiative - Nicole Hunter - 10-18-2013

[Image: 1b.png][Image: 15.png]

Dear Hackers,

During this night operations I had an opportunity to exercise some initiative when two Interspace Commerce primary branch vessels were detected via a USI hack. Apparently, they were coming back to Liberty with a full cargo holds of Optronics bought in Kusari. I have set up an ambush at the Colorado gate in New York and caught there an Albatross and Firefly class transports. In order to teach those corporate milksops a lesson I ordered them to drop their entire cargo. A captain of the Albatross thought that he could bribe his way out of the situation and offered me 5 000 000 SC. He was quite surprised to find out that his efforts were fruitless. I found this particular Interspace snollygoster beyond redemption and terminated him instantly. Apparently, the antimatter treatment I applied has cured the other pilot from any acts of bravery, as he jettisoned entire cargo into space shortly after. Due to lack of a nearby retrieval transport the entire confiscated cargo has been destroyed to prevent its recovery by other pettifogger.

Good luck and good hunting,
Nicole Hunter

Extortions. - Trigger. - 10-19-2013

[Image: TriggerFormal.png][Image: Specialist.png]

I have extorted 3 transports today with Miss Hunter using Freighter. I completed one of the tasks what I need to do in order to get rank of Deceiver. This should complete Determination task.

After that we went to Shikoku and extorted few transports more, but I don't have gun cam shots from them.

Also I have updated my Hacking Algorithms to our newest version.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Trigger. - 10-25-2013

[Image: TriggerFormal.png][Image: Specialist.png]

I have completed last task what I need to do in order to get rank of Deceiver.

Vigilance task:

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - JonahC - 10-29-2013

[Image: OrlovFormal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

Greetings fellow Hackers,
I wanted to report some recent extortions made in the last couple of days. I was involved in repossessing both funds and goods from 3 corporate schills, and a freelancer who, although on the right track in trying to evade paying taxes to the corupt government of Liberty, needed to be educated in the benefits of taxation for the just uses of the Lane Hackers. One of these extortions was performed by myself alone; all the others were performed together with Professor Hunter. Photographic evidence to follow.

[Image: extortion1_zpsae39daac.jpg]

[Image: extortion7_zpsd44836c0.jpg]

[Image: extortion6_zps8d11cfaa.jpg]

[Image: extortion5_zps01edfb1b.jpg]

[Image: extortion4_zpsb43cb8a0.jpg]

[Image: extortion3_zps28738ef3.jpg]

[Image: extortion2_zpsc83ff22b.jpg]

Obviously these were all subcontractors and not primary branch representatives of DSE, and IC, still they were made to pay for the ablility to do business in areas controlled by us. Total gains for the Hackers today amounted to 8.5 million credits and 1020 units of Platinum Ore. These funds have already been used to strengthen our fleet, as we were able to purchase 2 new Bactrians today, fresh from the Rogues assembly line. These ships will serve us well in our future endeavors.

As well, I believe this fulfills both the Determination and Vigilience criteria, as all but one of these extortions were performed in a Bactrian freighter. Quite a versatile craft, I have to say. See you in space Hackers.

Determination and Vigilance - Nicole Hunter - 10-31-2013

[Image: 1b.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

Last two weeks were rather busy. As I have promised I have also completed all re-evaluation tasks announced over two weeks ago. I've always admired designers of Bactrian for making a fast, relatively agile and incredibly powerful vessel. As such, I decided to pay homage to its designers by completing all the following extortions in this fine piece of a ship.

Determination Victim 1: Bowex Shetland in Colorado
Determination Victim 2: Council Vache in Alberta
Determination Victim 3: Universal Crane in Colorado
Determination Victim 4: Gateway Stork in Cortez

One particular extortion in Alberta turned into a real bloodbath. I have intercepted DSE Mastodon and brought it to its knees. However, its foolish captain decided to stall the extortion until his reinforcements could arrive. Once I saw them on scanner I terminated the corporate cockalorum and grabbed his cargo, just to be attacked be a hostile mining ship and his escort bomber and fighter. Since they were not really experienced pilots, I managed to kill the bomber and fighter quite easily. When I was about to teach the miner some manners, a hostile pirate arrived. Claiming that these people were under his protection, he attacked me. Since my Bactrian was already damaged I decided to lure my pursuers deep into one of Alberta's nebula, where Mr Orlov awaited me. Together we have killed the pirate and transferred the ore to Airdrie Traverser.

Vigilance Victim 1: DSE Mastodon stalling an extortion in Alberta
Vigilance Victim 1: Mastodon destroyed
Vigilance Victim 1: Escort bomber destroyed
Vigilance Victim 1: Escort fighter destroyed
Vigilance Victim 1: Interferring pirate destroyed
Vigilance Victim 1: Ore transferred to Airdrie Traverser
Vigilance Victim 2: DSE Hegemon extorted in Alberta
Vigilance Victim 3: DSE Hegemon extorted in Alberta

Bactrian is truly a wonderful ship. I am afraid that I have also some bad news. The war with Gallia has finally come to Magellan. We are seeing more and more ships and battles within our system dangerously close to our headquarters. While operating in Magellan we should keep low profile and execute pinpoint strikes against military marauders of hostile parties whenever possible. Just recently me and Mr Trigger destroyed a Liberty Carrier near Leeds jumphole. Later the same day I have also terminated two Colonial Remnant fighters belonging to 27th wing.

Termination 1: Liberty Navy Carrier
Termination 2: 27th Colonial Wing Nyx
Termination 3: 27th Colonial Wing Nyx

Good luck and good hunting,
Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Trigger. - 11-01-2013

[Image: TriggerFormal.png][Image: Deceiver.png]

I completed one of the tasks what are required for "Infiltrator" rank.
Precisely "Proficiency" mission:
Few days ago me and Miss Hunter were patrolling in Magellan, at Leeds jump hole we met Libertonian Carrier called: LNS-Battleship.Illinois with help of VCS-Nightmare we took him down. After that we went to Mactan for restock, and then headed to Freeport 4 where we found CEO of Ageira Technologies. And then I did it, when his shields was down I shoot him with my snac, it hit in middle of his hull. It was my first snac kill I am proud that I did it to the Ageira CEO, proof.

Yesterday I completed our deal with IMG|, exchange was made in Alberta near Ontario JH with Freelancer called Silver~Serpent, who was contracted by IMG. I traded Platinum ore to same amount of diamonds what are sold for 4k per unit on FP14, so I made profit of 16million credits.

Signed Trigger.