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RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Core_One - 11-09-2013
...Initiate.Lee Fu-Chu.recognized...transmission.encrypted...


It's my 3rd day as Lane Hacker and I would like upload my work.
I bought "Bactrian" Pirate Freighter yesterday and I was doing tasks what are required for next rank.

I joined Mr.Bond and Mr.Dr.JuliusNO when they were catching transports in California and we catched something unexpected... ROYAL NAVY "Cougar" Bomber... She was spying there and we eliminated her in few seconds...

Me and LR| member were catching transports between Riverside and LA, meanwhile Mr.Bond and Mr.Dr.JuliusNO were catching transports between Riverside and California Minor.

We catched Samura Container Transport and scan showed -contraband- Hypnotainment bands... I demanded 1,5M credits for his nice load but he refused to pay. I destroyed his ship and I took his load and delivered it to Cochrane... Meanwhile Rogue was pirating Zoner...
After a while we flew to the Alberta where we found mining operation and lot of transports. I don't want speak about miner who tried to kill us ... He died by my Hellfury... I was guarding Ontario jump hole and Mr. Bond, Mr. Dr.JuliusNO, Freelancer "Wolf" and Mr. Rogue "Mistake" were looking for transports and they found one flying to the Ontario. I intercepted this transport and helped with destruction because he refused to pay us... I took his load, Silver ore and delivered it to Hideout. Then we flew to mining field where we found two "Hegemons"... One engaged cloaking device and second Hegemon stayed there, facing our small party group... Again he refused to pay and we destroyed him. I took Ore again and I delivered his ore to Hideout... Meanwhile LNS ships arrived to Alberta.

*Uploading files * - Determination task files

Cautiousness task: Liberty Assault Carrier near Fort Severn in Ontario. Ship was standing by and I have a lot of time to getting some intel.

Name: LNS-Independence
Class: Carrier
Type: Liberty Assault Carrier
IFF: Liberty Navy
Armor Upgrade: Universal Armor Upgrade MK VIII
Weapons/turrets: 2x Heavy Cerberus, 5x Heavy Liberty, Light Liberty turrets
Vessel's cargo space: Sake
Info: LNS-Independence was guarding Alberta jump hole, LNS fleet was called because we robbed transports and miners in Alberta. Avenger and Dreadnought were following Mr.Bond.

*Uploading files* - Task files

Today I met Mr.Trigger in California and Mr. showed me few maneuvers. I don't know why but Cruise Jumpstart was harder than other maneuvers, but I completed it.

Few hours later, I hacked my transponder to Lane Hacker Guard IFF and I set friendly reputations with Liberty Rogues, Liberty Rogues Guard [-My systems can't show this group- I used Technical Manual-], Outcasts, Junkers and Mollys.
They love me, hehe.

*Uploading files* - Identity + Reputation task files

I think I completed my Persistence task... But I need more skills and flights to be better.

*Uploading file* - Activity

Also, I completed optional Relentlessness task today, with Miss Hunter...

*Uploading file* - Pilots transfer

That's all, Fu-Chu.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Core_One - 11-10-2013
...Initiata.Lee Fu-Chu.recognized...transmission.encrypted...


I finished Cautiousness task today. My target was LNS-Infinity Dreadnought class vessel. We, Miss Hunter and Hacker Concordia, found Dreadnought at Colorado gate in New York system.

Name: LNS-Infinity
Class: Dreadnought
Type: Liberty Naval Dreadnought
IFF: Liberty Navy
Armor Upgrade: Capital Armor Upgrade MK VIII
Weapons/turrets: 2x Heavy Cerberus, 1x Heavy Mortar, Heavy Liberty and Light Liberty turrets.
Vessel's cargo space: N/A
Info: LNS-Infinity's equipment contains Battleship scanner, Docking module and Cloaking device MKII Advanced. Vessel arrived to New York by Jump gate. We couldn't destroy it and we flew to Fort Bush where we met it again.

*Uploading files* - LNS-Infinity

~ Lee Fu-Chu

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - JonahC - 11-11-2013

[Image: OrlovFormal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

Good day fellow Hackers,

I was asked to meet with members of the Commonwealth, a group of zoners with origins in or ties to Gallia. I was uncertain of their agenda, and yet, with the proximity of backup from our Outcast allies, I felt quite confident I could manage the situation. Even so, I arrived quite early to our pre-arranged meeting to do some scouting and electronic sweeps. The conversation I had with their representative, heavily edited I might add, as he is rather verbose, follows:

[08.11.2013 21:02:43] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: Good day sir.
[08.11.2013 21:03:32] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: *jumps* "La, indeed, good day to you too my Libertonian comrade...
[08.11.2013 21:04:21] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: Orlov: I believe we have a meeting scheduled for now ?
[08.11.2013 21:04:58] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: *grins indulgently* "...And with great puntuality; Sir, if I may be so presuptuous...
[08.11.2013 21:05:28] CW|Achille'sAlpha: "...May you state your current stellar location, for the benifit of me personally, of course."
[08.11.2013 21:05:47] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: I am outside Freeport 10 of course.
[08.11.2013 21:06:07] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: This is where you asked to meet, is it not?
[08.11.2013 21:06:26] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: *Varifies most recent Proxemic data* "...and so you are. In transit now, ami."
[08.11.2013 21:07:33] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: "Pardon the lateness of the host... but the odd fashionable delay is very becoming, is it not?
[08.11.2013 21:07:55] CW|Achille'sAlpha: "...Adds a particular 'gravitas' to an entrance, as our hispanic bedfellows may utter.
[08.11.2013 21:08:25] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: It has given me ample time to scout the area for traps and espionage devices.
[08.11.2013 21:09:23] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: *with a certain Irony* "...Sir you are so close to '10, that a man with a telescope standing in a biodome could...
[08.11.2013 21:09:37] CW|Achille'sAlpha: ...conduct comfortable espionage. *grins wirily*
[08.11.2013 21:09:58] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: Indeed. *smiles*
[08.11.2013 21:10:48] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: "But be at ease ami, our meeting is solitary, any information recieved (or exchanged) here will travel through me...
[08.11.2013 21:11:10] CW|Achille'sAlpha: ..before being conducted to the Commonwealthian primary body. A human filter if you will.

[08.11.2013 21:11:17] Death: Anne.Marin was killed by LH~Dr.JuliusNo (Gun)
[08.11.2013 21:11:17] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: We are ever glad to do business with the Zoners. So Mr. Nadeau, lets get to business.
[08.11.2013 21:30:19] Death: helper was killed by LH~Jimmy.Bond (Gun)

After quite some time I was finally able to get him to tell me what they were after.

[08.11.2013 21:38:18] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: *smiles amiably* "...Orlov indeed; what would the Lane Hacker's intrest be in, say, de-encrypting classified Liberty..
[08.11.2013 21:38:33] CW|Achille'sAlpha: ..Navy data, data they may not wish the public disclosure of?

It was at this precise moment that I caught a Liberty Navy IFF on my scanners. Though I will admit, something was not quite right about the long range scan I got, however, I did not wish to venture closer to a warship, as I was only in a transport vessel myself. As you will note, I imediately engaged my cruise engines and made haste for the nearest Outcast base in the next system, where we continued our discussion via a long distance comm link.

[08.11.2013 21:38:38] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: *starts*
[08.11.2013 21:39:02] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: Is this some sort of trap?
[08.11.2013 21:39:10] CW|Achille'sAlpha: ...Speak of the devil and it magically appears... The Liberty Secondary Fleet, here? Putain de la Fu<expletive>ck
[08.11.2013 21:39:51] LNS-Tundra: Daniel: And guests rush away to depart as quickly as possible...
[08.11.2013 21:39:55] CW|Achille'sAlpha: *looks positively alarmed* "...Ah, Sir Orlov, I did not anticipate... A trap it is not."
[08.11.2013 21:40:11] CW|Achille'sAlpha: "...A surprise, a startlement, possibly."
[08.11.2013 21:40:13] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: I think I may retire to the security of the Outcasts hospitality.
[08.11.2013 21:41:02] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: *With the most self-vanglorious voice musterable* "...Libertonian Siege Cruiser LNS Tundra, you appear to...
[08.11.2013 21:42:01] CW|Achille'sAlpha: ...The vessel didn't follow you here, did it man?
[08.11.2013 21:42:12] Traffic control alert: LH~Cochrane.Repossessor has requested to dock
[08.11.2013 21:43:02] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: If you think for one second the Lane Hackers wish to cavort with Liberty Navy lickspittles, you are sadly mistaken.
[08.11.2013 21:44:15] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: And of course I was not followed, I have been enjoying the hospitality of the Freeport all day. *smirks*
[08.11.2013 21:44:30] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: A relief indeed... but you misunderstand my offer.
[08.11.2013 21:44:59] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: Perhaps you can enlighten me then?
[08.11.2013 21:45:16] CW|Achille'sAlpha: ...My appreciation was as follows: any individual capable of creating such a masterful codelock, could, hypothetically...
[08.11.2013 21:45:31] CW|Achille'sAlpha: ...access the Libertine naval archives with relative ease, oui?
[08.11.2013 21:46:05] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: Of course, hacking the Navy is a daily trifle of ours.
[08.11.2013 21:46:19] CW|Achille'sAlpha: *Grins vulpinely* "...I am so glad."
[08.11.2013 21:48:39] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: What information are you looking for exactly?
[08.11.2013 21:49:22] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: ...Uncharacteristically bluntly: technical schematics.
[08.11.2013 21:50:03] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: For what, Sugaraland prison?
[08.11.2013 21:51:23] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: I assure you, you will need much more than schematics to free someone from a Libertonian prison. *smiles*
[08.11.2013 21:51:28] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: *laughs*
[08.11.2013 21:51:46] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: "Oh no Sir, my intrest runs much farther than a mere cube..."
[08.11.2013 21:52:01] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: I figured as much.
[08.11.2013 21:52:51] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: ...Let the query be self-evident; what is the present product of Baltimore, Washington, and the rumoured Juneau, hmm?
[08.11.2013 21:53:59] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: Well, my verbose companion, you could be speaking of either the famed Liberty Dreadnought, or the Liberty Carrier.
[08.11.2013 21:54:13] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: "Or quite probably both."
[08.11.2013 21:55:13] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: It is indeed quite possible to gather these schematics. However, it is not cheap. *grins malevelently*
[08.11.2013 21:55:34] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: "...Oh credits are paltry, but we Sir, are information traders."
[08.11.2013 21:56:10] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: "Besides, is not the satisfaction of knowing untold millions others will posess the secrets of Liberty's Capital...
[08.11.2013 21:56:27] CW|Achille'sAlpha: after our extraction sufficient credit enough?
[08.11.2013 21:57:20] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: There is little information we dont have, that we cannot get ourselves.
[08.11.2013 21:57:43] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: *raises a well-sculpted brow* ...Really now?"
[08.11.2013 21:58:00] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: So what you offer would need to be of a suitably good quality to catch our interest.
[08.11.2013 21:58:04] CW|Achille'sAlpha: ...Then perhaps you underestimate the value of having a possible listening post in the Zoner community?
[08.11.2013 21:58:49] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: Eyes and ears are always a welcome commodity.
[08.11.2013 21:59:34] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: *Winces at the allusion* "...Careful Sir, a certain HMS Thunderer removed one of my own."

[08.11.2013 22:01:50] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: "You see ami, we posess a certain... intrest in persevering what the crown calls the Liberation war for as long as...
[08.11.2013 22:01:56] CW|Achille'sAlpha: ...concievably possible."
[08.11.2013 22:02:30] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: I see.
[08.11.2013 22:02:36] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: "...We are, in essence, Zoners, and the large houses are the greatest threat to the Independent worlds...
[08.11.2013 22:02:53] CW|Achille'sAlpha: " ..presently existant".
[08.11.2013 22:03:05] CW|Achille'sAlpha: ...The only more significant threat, is of course, other Zoners.
[08.11.2013 22:03:29] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: I will take what you want into consideration, and will confer with my fellow Hackers and get back to you on a suitable...
[08.11.2013 22:03:37] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: "price"
[08.11.2013 22:03:46] CW|Achille'sAlpha: ...Hold on Sir, I am not complete with my offer.
[08.11.2013 22:04:11] CW|Achille'sAlpha: We, I, hold the opinion that Gallia will destroy itself if the invasion is successful.
[08.11.2013 22:04:27] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: The mother kingdom cannot merely bear the weight of such a loadstone.
[08.11.2013 22:05:16] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: Additionally, Liberty, the enslavers of the Penslyvanian Zoners...
[08.11.2013 22:05:31] CW|Achille'sAlpha: ...Have barstardised themselves further with their occupation of freeport four.
[08.11.2013 22:05:49] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: A matter that is most disappointing to us as well.
[08.11.2013 22:05:52] CW|Achille'sAlpha: ...We cannot trust liberty any more than you yourselves can.
[08.11.2013 22:06:04] CW|Achille'sAlpha: ...ah, you also regret the loss?
[08.11.2013 22:06:23] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: It is inconvenient yes.

[08.11.2013 22:06:56] Death: Leght3n_miner-2 was killed by LH~Lee.Fu-Chu (Gun)
[08.11.2013 22:07:55] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: I have another pressing appointment. Perhaps we can continue our discussion...
[08.11.2013 22:08:14] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: But of course, via the neuralnet or personally?
[08.11.2013 22:08:25] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: either over the neuralnet, or on another occasion.
[08.11.2013 22:08:38] CW|Achille'sAlpha: Achille: I'd rather our Regional Nemesis, the TAZ, hear as little of this as possible, if you understand. *grins&
[08.11.2013 22:09:46] LH~Cochrane.Repossessor: Set up the rendezvous over the neauralnet if you will.

Mission was accomplished, but I must admit the arrival of the LNS vessel raises some red flags for me. I would advise we test these Commonwealth folk out some to see where their true loyalties lie, before we continue business with them.

On a side note, I recieved some hostile target destroyed confirmations from our latest recruits while I was conversing with Mr.Nadeau. I hope they will bring a smile to you as they did to me.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Thargoid - 11-14-2013
...Initiate.Dr.Julius No.recognized...transmission.encrypted...

I woke up in the early hours of the morning, bored, so I decided to look for some targets to extort in my Schimitar.

I activated my long range scanners, there weren't many ships around!

I planned to wait for potential targets in California when I picked up what looked like a large ship in Alberta. Knowing this to be a common Platinum mining spot, I set out to the asteroid field to investigate.

Upon arrival I picked up a Hegemon belonging to DSE.

[Image: screen47.jpg]

I moved in closer to commence a cargo scan.

[Image: screen48.jpg]
[Image: screen49.jpg]

Aha! Platinum!

[Image: screen49.jpg]

After issuing a demand ordering him to drop all of his cargo, the DSE ship engaged his cloaking device!

[Image: screen50.jpg]

A compination of my Light Fighter lasers and Nuke mines was able to blow the Hegemon up before the cloak was fully engaged.

[Image: screen51.jpg]

I asked a Rogue who I seen hanging around a lane earlier if he wanted to buy the Platinum that was left behind after the explosion as I knew he had a friend with a cargo ship on standby, he declined.

So I decided to vaporize the Platinum, just incase DSE decide to send out a salvage ship to pick up the remainging loot.

[Image: screen57.jpg]

Communication Logs:

[Image: screen58.jpg]
[Image: screen59.jpg]
[Image: screen60.jpg]

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Trigger. - 11-16-2013

[Image: TriggerFormal.png][Image: Deceiver.png]

I have completed all of the tasks needed for Infiltrator rank.

Today I tested my new Barghest class bomber, Miss Hunter also evaluated my skills, and I passed everything.

After that we had several attempts to catch official transports, first we found IC| ship but because of Ionstroms Miss Hunter failed to stop him with taking lane.
Some time later USI system detected [IND] transport coming from Kusari,
I intercepted him to Colorado gate in Kepler. When Miss Hunter arrived, we demanded transport to drop his cargo and shoot it himself.

Signed Trigger.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Core_One - 11-16-2013
...Interruptor.Lee Fu-Chu.recognized...transmission.encrypted...

[Image: LeeFu-ChuInformal.png][Image: Technician.png]

Good evening Hackers!

I have completed few requirements for Deceiver rank.


I send 5,000,000 credits to our R&D ... I hope it will help!!

...*Uploading files*... - 5,000,000


I completed phase 01 of Mission 28 ... You can read about it here.

...*Uploading files*... Mission 28


This task was easy as always.

2 Days ago, I met Mr Pace employee of Ageira corporation at Riverside station. His cargo space was full, but still he was at Riverside... I demanded 500,000 credits only... Small demand - Better chance to receive some credits... I was surprised, but Mr Pace paid me... I flew back to Ontario

I flew from Airdrie to platinum field in Alberta and I discovered DSE Hegemon heading there too. Hegemon and alone, why not ... But Platinum| vessels were there too. After a while Platinum| left field and I flew to Hegemon ... I don't know why but he welcomed me and his next qustion was : "How much today?" ... Strange ... He gave me 500,000 credits and I left him.

Same day, I met Mr Pace again. His little train was full, but Concord was near and I demanded 500,000 credits again... Mr Pace tried to run in Ontario system but I stopped him again and he gave me 500,000 credits.

...*Uploading files*... Vigilance files

I need to complete Lockdown Command and Manipulation tasks.

~ Lee Fu-Chu

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Dreganius - 11-16-2013
...Initiate.Georgi Koskov.recognised...transmission.encrypted...

[Image: GeorgiKoskovInformal.png][Image: Initiate.png]

A good morning. A good morning indeed.

At approximately 17:20 SMT, after Mr. Trigger and I had returned from a particularly profitable (if not time consuming) software/cardamine run to Malta and back, Dr. Julius No contacted me regarding a request to perform extortions, so we set out to begin.
Rendezvousing in Ontario, we made our way into Colorado, and took one lane each from the New York Jump Gate, a 20km distance between us should things get hairy - which they did. {GUNCAM}

An Outcast here, a fairly inexperienced and poor Freelancer, nothing much of interest was coming through at this time. Until the Freelancer came back, asking if he could bribe me to allow a freighter he was escorting to pass. {GUNCAM}

At my last check, there were only three contacts on my long-ranged scanners, and not one of them would have had much of worth. Furthermore, since the Freelancer stated he was escorting a Freighter, I likely would have only been able to extort 1.5 million anyway. So, after a moment of thought, I accepted.

Log transcription:
Quote:Freelancerjw: Ahoy GeorgiKoskov
LH~GeorgiKoskov: Greetings.
LH~GeorgiKoskov: I would advise you not to loiter.
Freelancerjw: How much are you looking for to allow ships to pass through?
LH~Dr.JuliusNo -> LH~GeorgiKoskov: Who is it?
LH~GeorgiKoskov: For you, nothing. So long as you keep moving, now.
LH~GeorgiKoskov -> LH~Dr.JuliusNo: Same beginner as before.
Freelancerjw: I am escorting a freighter willing to pay up to 1.5 for a bypass
LH~GeorgiKoskov: Very well.
LH~GeorgiKoskov -> LH~Dr.JuliusNo: 1.5 million for a bypass of this beginner's friend in a freighter.
LH~Dr.JuliusNo -> LH~GeorgiKoskov: did he pay you?
LH~GeorgiKoskov: Payment, then passage.
LH~GeorgiKoskov: I will inform my colleagues to let you pass unhindered.

I checked the time, and ensured I recorded the events through guncam footage. Although I had noticed Ageira)Alan.Pace was appearing on my long-range scanners, I was expecting this Freelancer to be escorting a Freighter, and was thus not expecting the turn of events.

Log Transcription:
Quote:Freelancerjw: He has agreed to the 1.5M Alan
LH~GeorgiKoskov: Hohoo, not with an Ageira.
LH~GeorgiKoskov: That complicates matters.
LH~GeorgiKoskov -> LH~Dr.JuliusNo: Get here.
LH~GeorgiKoskov -> LH~Dr.JuliusNo: Now.
LH~GeorgiKoskov -> LH~Dr.JuliusNo: He's escorting Ageira.
LH~Dr.JuliusNo -> LH~GeorgiKoskov: ok

I immediately jack the trade lane, and moments later, the Ageiran Train pulls up.
I immediately chastise him for even attempting such a weak, borderline suicidal ploy. I demand he drop and destroy his cargo. He complains, I don't sympathise. I then warn the Freelancer to back off.

Log Transcript:
Quote:LH~GeorgiKoskov: Trying to pull a fast one, Ageira hypocrite?
LH~GeorgiKoskov: Any other trader I would let go
LH~GeorgiKoskov: But not Ageira. Oh no.
Ageira)Alan.Pace: Well you accepted alraedy
LH~GeorgiKoskov: Drop all your cargo.
LH~GeorgiKoskov: All of it.
LH~GeorgiKoskov: And destroy it.
LH~GeorgiKoskov -> LH~Dr.JuliusNo: Take out the trade lanes.
LH~GeorgiKoskov -> LH~Dr.JuliusNo: Ageira is primary target if we engage
Ageira)Alan.Pace: That would mean no profit for all of us
LH~GeorgiKoskov: That's the intention.
LH~GeorgiKoskov: Freelancer, if you value your life you will leave at this point in time.

Thankfully, the Freelancer obliges, and flies directly away. At this point, the good Doctor has arrived to back me up, and with only us and the Ageiran, we supply an ultimatum, at which point our target weighs his options. And chooses poorly.

Log Transcript:
Quote:LH~Dr.JuliusNo: This guy will be calling the Navy
LH~Dr.JuliusNo: we'd better hurry this up
LH~GeorgiKoskov: You have 30 seconds to comply.

The target begins to flee, charging Cruise capacitors. Dr. No and I immediately launch CDs to intercept, and begin opening fire as we catch up. He's made his decision, and will pay the consequences. {GUNCAM}
Julius continues to move ahead and take the trade lanes down when the Ageira train approaches them, and I soak up almost as much damage as I avoid, while constantly dishing out Hellflurries.
From further than halfway down the lane, we traveled all the way back to Pueblo Station, where the Freelancer escort had run to. By this time, the Ageira target is flaming, his cargo pods had been destroyed, and he's all out of batteries and nanobots. I myself was out of shield batteries, but still had a stable supply of nanobots to replenish with.
And then, in front of Pueblo station, with the Freelancer watching hopelessly, we send the pig-headed corporate miscreant to an early retirement. {KILLCAM}

His cargo I obtained consisted of mostly Nanocapacitors, with small quantities of raw minerals thrown in. Shortly after his destruction, Dr. Julius and I retreated from the system, expecting Ageira to have unleashed their petty lapdogs in the Liberty Navy. {GUNCAM}

Yes, 'twas a good morning indeed...

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Dreganius - 11-18-2013
...Initiate.Georgi Koskov.recognised...transmission.encrypted...

[Image: GeorgiKoskovInformal.png][Image: Initiate.png]

As I awoke yesterday morning, I checked Cochrane Station's long-range scanning relay for activity to notice something quite interesting. A trio of LNS vessels were moving through the Colorado system. Upon further investigation, there was also a pair of LNS vessels detected inside the Kepler system, in addition to other vessels, displaying no callsign affiliation. Interested in the what operations the Liberty lapdogs were up to, I decided to gather intelligence.

I will simply upload the Ship's navigation log for events up until the time of arrival at my objective.

Navigation Systems Wrote:13:11 SMT: Undocked from Cochrane Base.
13:11 SMT: Waypoint set for Colorado Jump Hole.
13:11 SMT: Autopilot engaged. Cruise engines engaged.
13:12 SMT: Waypoint reached, traveling through Jump Hole.
13:13 SMT: Arrival in Colorado System.
13:13 SMT: Waypoint set for Kepler Jump Hole.
13:13 SMT: Autopilot engaged. Cruise engines engaged.
13:14 SMT: Waypoint reached, traveling through Jump Hole.
13:14 SMT: Arrival in Kepler System.
13:14 SMT: Taking fire from Xenos Weapons Platforms. Autopilot disabled. Cruise engines engaged.
13:15 SMT: Xenos Weapon Platforms out of range.

Leaving from the Colorado Jump Hole in B6/C6, I began to head eastward. At this point in time, I watched for hostile communications carefully on common Navy frequencies. Assuming the LNS had at least one capital ship accompanying them, I knew it was likely they would detect me before I did them.

After some poking around at the eastern fringes of the Dengo cloud, one of their craft detected me, and I caught a communication package notifying the other LNS vessels of my presence. Acting quickly, I triangulated the source of the transmission. It was transmitted from the direction of the Kurya cloud, so I began to travel in that direction from my location just outside the Dengo cloud, in grid reference D5.
Shortly after setting out towards Kurya cloud, I had made visual contact with a Liberty Battlecruiser. At 10km, my scanners detected the vessel and confirmed the LNS affiliation. IFF squawk of Liberty Navy, callsign of LNS-Santisima.Trinidad.

Vessel was moving on an intercept course with my Dromedary, so I turned to the left, roughly towards Ames Research Station, and began to circle the vessel, letting it slowly gain on me.
At 7km, I picked up the rest of the Liberty vessels as well as three other unknown vessels on my scanners, but failed to make visual confirmation.
The vessels were as follows:

LNS/LN vessels:
LNS-Santisima.Trinidad, LNS-Wickerton, LNS-JohnyWalker, LNS-Creighton, LN-Snake

Unknown vessels:
BonBon.McKhan, Psion, Ansgar.

At 5.5-6km out, I made my scans on the systems and cargo of the Battlecruiser LNS-Santisima.Trinidad, and broke off as I received another LNS transmission regarding aforementioned Battlecruiser engaging in "dissuasive fire". I escaped back into the Dengo cloud, and subsequently left the hostile LNS vessel's scanning range. Footage is as follows:

However, my reconnaissance mission was not yet complete. I had not yet discovered what the LNS simpletons were up to.
Now that I knew the precise location of the LNS party, I looped up through the Dengo cloud, emerging just north-east of Ames Research Station, and cut across the trade lane towards the northern Matsua cloud for a few kilometers, before moving directly south towards the LNS group. The LNS picked up my signal again, but this time, I managed to get close enough to make visual confirmation of the entire LNS force, as well as most of the unknown vessels; the reason for the Liberty presence.
They had seemingly captured three spacecraft, two squawking Xenos IFFs, and were likely in the process of interrogating them. I had made visual and scanning confirmation of the following vessels:

IFF: Navy
Callsigns: LNS-Santisima.Trinidad, LNS-Wickerton, LNS-Creighton, LNS-JohnyWalker.
LN-Snake was not visually confirmed.

IFF: Xenos
Callsigns: Psion, Bonbon_McKhan
Ansgar was not visually confirmed.

To completely confirm my assumption, I moved into full cargo-scanning range and scanned one of the Xenos crafts, belonging to callsign Bonbon_McKhan. Footage is as follows:

At that same moment, the LNS group began to open fire on my ship with various missiles. Although out of range of those missiles, I had the intelligence I needed, and broke off towards Dengo cloud rather than risking my life to more threatening LNS ordnance. Before I entered the cover of the cloud, the LNS vessels warned me that they will actively assault me should I approach again. A bit late for them; I had all the data I needed.

Georgi Koskov, over and out.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Vladimir Scorpius - 11-23-2013
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Initiate.png]


I would like to report the completion of Determination criteria:
1. Gateway Stork ( Gateway|LSV-Sphinx ) hauling Platinum Ore was departed from 7.500.000 SC;
2. Unaffilated Firefly ( Johnywalker ) shipping Optronics shared 1.600.000 SC;
3. BMM Titanic ( [HA]Vala ) transporting Furs was extorted for 2.300.000 SC.

Data Packet

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Valrin - 11-23-2013

I am reporting the extortions I have done over the last few days.
The files are being uploaded as we speak.

First target was a minor Gateway Shipping Train that was only loosely affiliated with Gateway, it was named BigBucks. 1.5 million SC were taken from him.

The next target was a ship belonging to the Platinum Miners, it was a Hegemon class mining ship, and the pilot's name was Mr.Baadsvik. 2 million SC was taken from his ship that was filled with Platinum ore.

The last target belonged to USI and was a Advanced Train class ship that was named Columbus. 1 million SC was taken from him, now you might be thinking that it was not a lot, but I also took some of his cargo, he was carrying Liberty Ale.

File uploading: successful, opening files.