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Vladimir Scorpius - Manipulation Criteria - Vladimir Scorpius - 11-24-2013
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Interruptor.png]


I am uploading interrogation logs of two unaffilated Mammoths transporting Neon.
I hope this is sufficient for the Manipulation criteria.
Quote:[quote]LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Hold it!
Lupo: what?
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: I would highly suggest you to drop the rudeness.
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Because you are at my mercy
Lupo: What?
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Now
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Why are you using Liberty Mammoth ships?
Fluppy: For trading
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: But why Libertonian ships?
Fluppy: We've got not enough money for other ships
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: So you chose to support Liberty?
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Instead of...
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Anything else?
Lupo: We hate Liberty ships
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Then why have you bought these?!
Fluppy: We got no money for other ...
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: This makes no sense.
Lupo: We are new traders *
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: You hate the ships, yet you bought them
Lupo: Yeah
Lupo: Can we go ?
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Where is the Neon from?
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: No you cannot.
Lupo: Erie
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Not untill I say you can
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: So again, from Libertonian soil?
Lupo: Yes
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: And where are you headed to?
Lupo: Kusari
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Now tell me, what profit margin are you looking at?
Lupo: 400
Lupo: Very low profit
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: I need accurate numbers
Lupo: 1 million
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Substract the downpayment for cargo from the profits you will earn after selling
Lupo: Per cargo load
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: How much are you planning to save up before spending it?
Lupo: 500.000 ?
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: So that is lower than what you earn?
Lupo: Not realy
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: What will you buy with 500.000 credits?
Lupo: Rice
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: And where will the rice be going to?
Fluppy: Erie
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Aha.
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: And once you make more money?
Lupo: Rice
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Will you be upgrading to bigger ship?
Lupo: Yes
Lupo: Later
Fluppy: In future, we hope
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: What kind of ship are you planning to buy?
Lupo: we have today first trading
Fluppy: Dont know, 4.500 cargo space
Fluppy: Then you can ask about money
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: For that, you will be forced to sign up with an employee.
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Which corporation are you planning to join up with?
Fluppy: Dont know
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Which region?
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Bretonia? Kusari? Liberty corporation?
Lupo: We dont now
Lupo: we are Rheinland traders... Rheinland?!?!
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Right.
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Do you know what Ageira Technologies are?
Lupo: Nope
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Then all you need to know is that they are greedy corporate swines which are infecting Liberty
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: With corruption
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: The Navy and Liberty Police are under their thumbs
Lupo: OK
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Corrupt just as much
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: You should never ever even try helping them in any way.
Lupo: What is the best region for us?
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: You must never ever transport Ageira's technologies.
Lupo: For trade
Fluppy: OK, never Ageira
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: You must never ever sign-up to work for them
Lupo: OK
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Or you will be abused, underpaid, abused, underpaid, put in danger, underpaid, abused.

LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Professor.
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Now that I am done with interogation and propoganda
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: What to do with their cargo ?
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Two unaffilated Mammoths are in front of me
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: With two thousands of Neon.
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Proceed as usual?
LH~Leiden.Equivocator: Were they cooperative?
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Yes
LH~Leiden.Equivocator: Then small extortion can be in order.

Fluppy: OK
Lupo: Can we go?
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Not yet?
Lupo: Why?
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Now then
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: You shall pay up a small fortune.
Lupo: OK
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Each one of you will send me 250.000 credits
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Is that clear?
Fluppy: OK
Lupo: ok thaks made
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: You are free to go.
Lupo: We see us later
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Remember. Ageira is pure evil
Fluppy: Thanks and have a nice day
Lupo: OK

* Auto-Translated audio
Later on, I intercepted them in New York system, transporting Kyushu Rice. One of them already bought Kusari Medium Transport. I extorted them as per protocol and departed them with 2.423.385 SC. That's probably all they had. Sacked dry.

On an unrelated, but worthwhile note, I intercepted two ships transporting the cursed Jump Gate Parts. They were equipped with Dulzian and Zapper Turrets and I was already without enough of nanobots and ammunition, so I had to sacrifice one transport and let him "successfully flee" while the other one was deconstructed to molecular level and only the Jump Gate Parts were left. Without any nearby recovery-able vessel, I destroyed the cargo contents.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Core_One - 11-24-2013
...Interruptor.Lee Fu-Chu.recognized...transmission.encrypted...

[Image: LeeFu-ChuInformal.png][Image: Technician.png]

Good evening Hackers!

I interrogated Ageira vessel today. This pilot was weird, he gave me bottle of Sake. I would try look for poison in this bottle...
Anyway I'm uploading Interrogation here.

Quote:[24.11.2013 06:45:29] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: You can talk to me and I will leave you and your corporation alone.
[24.11.2013 06:45:51] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Fair deal hm?
[24.11.2013 06:46:02] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: And that entails what?
[24.11.2013 06:46:14] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Just few questions.
[24.11.2013 06:46:27] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: What sort?
[24.11.2013 06:46:40] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: About Ageira and you.
[24.11.2013 06:46:59] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Ask one and then i'll think do i want to answer
[24.11.2013 06:47:23] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Okay, Your name and age.
[24.11.2013 06:47:56] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: The Name is Steve
[24.11.2013 06:48:06] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: You can be sure, if you'll be answering, I will not harm you
[24.11.2013 06:48:18] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: A young pilot just making his living
[24.11.2013 06:48:25] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: I see.
[24.11.2013 06:48:32] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Keeping bases fed with supplies...
[24.11.2013 06:48:43] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: How is it to be one of the Ageira employee?
[24.11.2013 06:49:03] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Not one for long... A mere 2 trade hauls
[24.11.2013 06:49:11] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: but enjoying thus far
[24.11.2013 06:49:20] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Describe Ageira in 5 words.
[24.11.2013 06:49:40] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: People who make stuff
[24.11.2013 06:49:43] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: and need stuff
[24.11.2013 06:49:49] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: more or less
[24.11.2013 06:49:58] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: That was more then 5 words, but okayy.
[24.11.2013 06:50:07] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: hard t do in 5
[24.11.2013 06:50:14] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: How is it going with Gate constructions?
[24.11.2013 06:50:27] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Have not been a part of one yet...
[24.11.2013 06:50:36] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Well.
[24.11.2013 06:50:39] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Saw one experimental... Do not want to go through it
[24.11.2013 06:50:46] Death: Genarus was killed by an NPC
[24.11.2013 06:50:49] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Heh... Me too.
[24.11.2013 06:51:00] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Now, have you got a girlfriend?
[24.11.2013 06:51:06] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: God know's where i'll end up Big Grin
[24.11.2013 06:51:17] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: No.. Just a guy making money
[24.11.2013 06:51:23] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: No girfriend in sight
[24.11.2013 06:51:28] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Have you got a home?
[24.11.2013 06:51:36] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Like where you can rest
[24.11.2013 06:51:48] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: I feel at home on Manhattan of New Tokyo
[24.11.2013 06:51:55] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: *or
[24.11.2013 06:52:04] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: New Tokio...
[24.11.2013 06:52:06] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Wanna smoke?
[24.11.2013 06:52:11] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Ah mistake... Are you drunk?
[24.11.2013 06:52:11] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Or some sake?
[24.11.2013 06:52:17] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: no
[24.11.2013 06:52:27] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: You? *chuckles*
[24.11.2013 06:52:37] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: It looks like this Sake... Nevermind
[24.11.2013 06:52:50] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: It's for special ocasions
[24.11.2013 06:53:06] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Am I special ocasion for you?!
[24.11.2013 06:53:22] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Well... Having a chat is Smile
[24.11.2013 06:53:32] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Interesting.
[24.11.2013 06:53:45] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Now can you describe your routes?
[24.11.2013 06:53:57] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Tea or sake?
[24.11.2013 06:54:06] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Sake please.
[24.11.2013 06:54:06] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: What do you prefer?
[24.11.2013 06:54:22] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Seems that we are out of cargo spaces
[24.11.2013 06:54:25] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: he he
[24.11.2013 06:54:46] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: could you find a spot for the sake?
[24.11.2013 06:54:50] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Ye.
[24.11.2013 06:55:31] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Trade routes?
[24.11.2013 06:55:34] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Well *looks at Sake*
[24.11.2013 06:55:37] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Yes.
[24.11.2013 06:55:43] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Usualy routes.
[24.11.2013 06:55:48] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Usual*
[24.11.2013 06:55:57] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Well... I usually just go to NY, see what i can pick up, head to tokyo
[24.11.2013 06:56:14] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: it kinda comes with the prices and whims of the moment
[24.11.2013 06:56:19] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: And what are you delivering to Alberta?
[24.11.2013 06:56:25] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: H-fuel
[24.11.2013 06:56:37] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: To Camrose? Or Freeport?
[24.11.2013 06:56:55] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: I would not like to disclose
[24.11.2013 06:57:01] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: but let's just say - none of them
[24.11.2013 06:57:05] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: It's okay...
[24.11.2013 06:57:19] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Then Concord...
[24.11.2013 06:57:35] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Missed again
[24.11.2013 06:57:51] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Well. Is Ageira planning some special actions?
[24.11.2013 06:58:05] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Not that i'm aware of...
[24.11.2013 06:58:18] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: The prices are good, so i haul..
[24.11.2013 06:58:24] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: I see.
[24.11.2013 06:58:40] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: And what about Kusari pirats? Are they annoying?
[24.11.2013 06:59:03] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: *whirls his sake* Well, they are interesting, let me put it that way...
[24.11.2013 06:59:31] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: I don't like them... You can saw what you feel
[24.11.2013 06:59:41] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: say*
[24.11.2013 06:59:51] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Well... You can strike a deal with them.
[24.11.2013 06:59:52] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Are they machos?
[24.11.2013 07:00:02] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Some of them are, yes
[24.11.2013 07:00:13] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: and some can be scared of with 2 transport in a convoy
[24.11.2013 07:00:26] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Why should we make some deals with Kusari lapdogs?
[24.11.2013 07:00:42] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Better than to train guns at them..
[24.11.2013 07:00:52] Death: Mora was killed by an NPC
[24.11.2013 07:01:01] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: But they are friends of our enemy...
[24.11.2013 07:01:03] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: I'm a pacifist you see... If one can avoid fights, i do.
[24.11.2013 07:01:10] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: I see.
[24.11.2013 07:01:28] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Anyway...
[24.11.2013 07:01:29] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Cash works fine for said purpouse
[24.11.2013 07:01:53] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: That's right,... Are you hauling Lane and Gate parts?
[24.11.2013 07:02:10] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Hauled once... The profit is not that good...
[24.11.2013 07:02:25] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: I'm not yet at that point where i can freely choose what i haul...
[24.11.2013 07:02:37] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Ah... You think corporations don't want Ageira parts now?
[24.11.2013 07:02:38] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Currenty lane parts are not rly the top paying
[24.11.2013 07:02:55] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: I see.
[24.11.2013 07:03:03] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: no, it's just that there are hauls more profitable
[24.11.2013 07:03:34] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: It's logic... I want - it's profit, I don't want, No money.
[24.11.2013 07:03:47] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: exactly
[24.11.2013 07:03:53] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: THen corporations don't want Lane parts now.
[24.11.2013 07:04:22] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: they do, but things like basic alloys sell in husari space for good money
[24.11.2013 07:04:28] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: and the investment is small
[24.11.2013 07:04:39] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Okay... then...
[24.11.2013 07:04:46] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: lane parts are heavy (5 cargo space each)
[24.11.2013 07:05:05] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: I know...
[24.11.2013 07:05:05] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: and the profit is about 2k for cargo space
[24.11.2013 07:05:27] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: It's not bad, but one can find better.
[24.11.2013 07:05:32] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Would you like tell me more?
[24.11.2013 07:05:37] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: How's your sake?
[24.11.2013 07:05:38] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: That's right.
[24.11.2013 07:05:45] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Great...
[24.11.2013 07:05:57] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Do you like donations?
[24.11.2013 07:06:15] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Depens - to whom *chuckles*
[24.11.2013 07:06:27] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: For example to me?
[24.11.2013 07:06:46] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: I though this was heading somewhere Big Grin
[24.11.2013 07:06:59] Death: JosephN was killed by an NPC
[24.11.2013 07:07:05] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: It was just question...
[24.11.2013 07:07:23] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Anyway, you can go...
[24.11.2013 07:07:24] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Then sorry if i offended with my reply
[24.11.2013 07:07:37] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: See you around.
[24.11.2013 07:07:46] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: But quickly... My head tells me to rob you.
[24.11.2013 07:08:00] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: Oh, and i always carry sake, so if you want we can have some more sometime Smile
[24.11.2013 07:08:08] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Sure.
[24.11.2013 07:08:16] Ageira)Steve.Bosman: cya around
[24.11.2013 07:08:38] LH~Lee.Fu-Chu.: Heh... that was weird.

~ Lee Fu-Chu

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Core_One - 11-25-2013
...Deceiver.Lee Fu-Chu.recognized...transmission.encrypted...

[Image: LeeFu-ChuInformal.png][Image: Deceiver.png]

Good evening Hackers!

Yesterday I completed Initiative task. I catched IC| vessel in New London, between Southampton and Newcastle jump gate. Pilot was friendly and he paid me 500,000 as little donation... IC| vessel didn't have a cargo.

*Uploading files* - Initiative

~ Lee Fu-Chu

Vladimir Scorpius - Vigilance Criteria - Vladimir Scorpius - 11-26-2013
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Interruptor.png]


So far, the best day of my career as the Hacker.

The fun started when I intercepted Ageira)Alan.Price in New York delivering Water supply to Peublo Station. Considering that it is not commercial cargo, I charged him 1.500.000 credits, however he insisted on paying only two thirds. In the same event, AI Unit designated as Central, was uncooperative to my demands and I opened fire. Alan Price saw it fit to assist and suffered the same fate, even after I gave him the chance to pay for his offence.

Later on, I halted Interspace vessel, transporting optronics. I forced him to drop the cargo and destroy it himself.

Further more, I used access to USI system and deduced the to-be-location of DSE Titanic, shipping a load of furs. He refused to acknowledge me and thus was decomissioned. A recovery vessel of our own came to liberate the Furs. Delivery was made to our Depot in Ontario. Due to ionite interference, evidence of whole trip was lost.

This concludes my report for Vigilance criteria.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Trigger. - 11-26-2013

[Image: TriggerFormal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

I am here to report my recent activities. I have tested abilities of Light Fighters in piracy, as I expected its possible but not easiest way to do that, even freighters are more effective in that.
I extorted too many transports to list, but evidence is linked to this message.

Signed Trigger.

Vladimir Scorpius - Proficiency Criteria - Vladimir Scorpius - 11-27-2013
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Deceiver.png]


I am reporting the successful destruction of Bounty Hunters Guild's Guildmaster - Moshu. The first contact was in Shikoku, but he soon turned back and headed back to Deshima. He took an Orca to deal with my Broadsword, since he thought it was a Gunboat. I managed to evade him while mocking and pranking him and thus refining and testing various espace techniques. Once at Deshima, he once again moored and took out his Manta. I lured him into Galileo, where I slipped to Leiden and took our Falchion for a ride. He followed me into Kepler where we exchanged fire. In the end, his Manta was ripped to pieces. Sadly, his pod was no where to be seen.

I am not sure if this meets the Proficiency criteria, but nonetheless, it's worth to report.

Vladimir Scorpius - Initiative Criteria - Vladimir Scorpius - 11-28-2013
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Deceiver.png]


Today was a perfect day. Not all of my extortions and decomissions were evidenced, but nonetheless. Feast your eye and mind.

After trying to complete one of the mission, I returned to Magellan and large scale battle was in progrees.
Later on, I went towards Kusari and saw a Slaver. I explained to him that he should transport Counterfeit software to get our immunity. He donated a small sum of money.
After half and a hour, I spotted Universal vessel ... transporting slaves ... and later on, intercepted to extort it.
Once our beloved Professor signed on for business, we initiated a localised lockdown of Liberty. We migrated from California, to Pennsylviania, Colorado, New York, Colorado and Shikoku.
During this, we intercepted USI Bison, who was hesitant to pay while only I was in sight, but once we were two, it quickly agreed and wired moderate sum. In Colorado, we were met with numerious and large vessels of Navy. We damaged on Battlecruiser and forced him to take shelter on Fortbush. One Gunboat was crippled and then terminated.

Leter on, I caught up with IC| weasel and interdicted him!

Immediately after this, we desposed of Police and Kishiro Gunboats.
We suffered no losses, slight damage to our hulls and yet we nailed both, local authorities and corporate shipping.

Overall, ten out of ten day.

Time to take that godd night's sleep which is long overdue.

Extorsion of an Interspace Vessel - Thargoid - 12-01-2013

Vladimir Scorpius and I found an Interspace vessel in Alberta, he was transporting Platinum Ore.

We made an extortion, the captain for the vessel was very compliant and complied with all of our demands.

Evidence follows:

[Image: screen86.jpg]

[Image: screen87.jpg]

[Image: screen88.jpg]

[Image: screen89.jpg]

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Thargoid - 12-01-2013

I have performed another successful extortion with Vladimir.

All went smoothly, the Bowex vessel stopped when asked, and complied in full.

Thanks to Vladimir for the help!

Evidence below:

[Image: screen113.jpg]

[Image: screen114.jpg]

[Image: screen115.jpg]

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Dreganius - 12-07-2013
...Initiate.Georgi Koskov.recognised...transmission.encrypted...

[Image: GeorgiKoskovInformal.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Some extortions I previously performed before I became too focused on Codename LHX.

Extortion #1: Planetform Large Train - Behemoth

Coming from what seemed to be the Kyushu Jumphole in Shikoku, the Train almost slipped by us and docked with a trade lane. Thankfully, we managed to disrupt the lane just before the ship entered it. I told the transport to move out of the lane, while the Outcast made our pre-arranged demand of 6 million, and the ship's captain complied. Visual evidence is as follows.

Extortion #2: Freelance Large Train - John.Carter.Serpico

This extortion was much less eventful than the last. We took out the lane as the trader was coming through, made our requests, and explained he would gain passage through our territories for 24 hours. He agreed to the terms and paid the Outcast, who then sent me my requested cut*. Visual evidence is as follows.

Extortion #3: IMG Adv. Train - Boldimore_The_Trader

This extortion is a lot more interesting. Upon disrupting the tradelane, I scan the ship to find it is an IMG transport. A good haul of Helium, and not much else of interest, means a pretty good target to pirate. I ran the Pilot's name through my database quickly, to discover a valuable piece of information: He has been recorded as an Ageira Employee in the past.
As his ship wasn't directly squawking an Ageira IFF, conviscating/destroying his cargo wasn't an option, but I felt a whole lot better about extorting cold hard credits from them. Not that I felt very bad about it to begin with.
The pilot attempted to negotiate and buy time. I gave him an ultimatum, as I do with all definite targets. This would serve to save our lives later, as the trader obviously called his LNS lapdog contacts he gained while in Ageira, and so they came sniffing around the Kepler > Shikoku Jumpgate. The extortion was completed, and the funds were transferred. Visual evidence of the extortion attached.

Upon completion of the extortion, we turned and made best speed to the Kyushu jumphole in order to avoid the heavy LNS activity entering Shikoku. 5 ships, at least two of them Capitals, were hunting us. We made our escape through Kyushu jumpgate. The LNS forces, ever incompetent and lazy, gave up chase very fast, but made it impossible for us to return the way we came, so we swiftly made our way back to Cortez undetected by any other party, via the Tau systems.

All in all, a good haul. Georgi Koskov, signing out.