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RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - JonahC - 12-10-2013

[Image: OrlovFormal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

Operation report, Crimson Prometheus

At 1700 hours SMT Miss Hunter received a communication from Dr. Perseus Friend, a scientist working for the LSF who was willing to sell us the agency's unfinished superiority fighter prototype in exchange for ability to further work on it under our supervision.

Phase 1: The ambush

Miss Hunter contacted Mr. Trigger and myself to gather all available resources and intercept this valuable transport. We rendezvoused with Mr. Vladimir Scorpius and Mr. Lee Fu-Chu at Beaumont base in Texas and from there proceeded to the Minnesota system. Once there we received a brief transmission from Dr. Perseus Friend aboard the Shuttle Zulu. Since Mr. Fu-Chu was the most familiar with the Minnesota system he led our wing to the Virginia Jumpgate where we awaited our prey. In the meantime, our target launched from Ellesmere.

Shuttle Zulu flight logs recovered prior to destruction

=LSF=Shuttle.Zulu: Dr Friend reporting readiness.
=LSF=Internity: Ready to enter formation.
=LSF=Menace: Everyone ready to go?
=LSF=Section: Affirmative.
=LSF=Euclid: I hope you checked your ships gents.
=LSF=Shuttle.Zulu: Affirmative.
=LSF=Menace: Let's move out. Form on me.
=LSF=Shuttle.Zulu: All systems nominal. Prototype is secured and intact. Entering formation.
=LSF=Euclid: Entering formation.
=LSF=Section: Copy that, entering formation.
=LSF=Shuttle.Zulu: (secure LH channel) Dr Friend reporting basic intel. Four Avenger class fighters. We have jumped to Alaska. You better be ready.
=LSF=Menace: Transport status?
=LSF=Internity: Jump successful.
=LSF=Shuttle.Zulu: Jump completed successfully. Interference shield is working nominally.
LH~Mr.Orlov: Message received.
=LSF=Shuttle.Zulu: Accessing Minnesota jumpgate interface in Virginia with LSF credentials and uploading directive 567#34 override which should seal entrance to Virginia on the event of hostile attack after the jump.
=LSF=Section: Forget about the Ice and keep your eyes open.
=LSF=Menace: Proceed when ready.
=LSF=Section: Initiating Jumping Sequence.
=LSF=Shuttle.Zulu: Approaching Minnesota jumpgate.
=LSF=Shuttle.Zulu: To avoid any further problems with docking I suggest breaking formation.
=LSF=Menace: Proceed transport
=LSF=Shuttle.Zulu: Jumping sequence successful.
LH~Trigger: Contacts!
=LSF=Section: Initiating Jumping Sequence. Sequence successful.
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Aha!
=LSF=Shuttle.Zulu: Oh my god...
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: We got them!
=LSF=Section: Alert! Multiple hostile contacts!
=LSF=Menace: Its a trap!
LH~Mr.Orlov: All right boys, light em up!
=LSF=Euclid: Get ready gents!
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Roger.
=LSF=Section: Dammit!
LH~Vladimir.Scorpius: Going in!
=LSF=Shuttle.Zulu: The Hackers sealed the gate, we cannot return!
LH~Lee.Fu-Chu: Let's roll!
=LSF=Internity: Enemies, break formation, engage!
LH~Trigger: Take fighters down!
=LSF=Menace: All units open fire.
=LSF=Shuttle.Zulu: I will try to break away.
=LSF=Section: Copy that, weapons are hot, engaging.
=LSF=Shuttle.Zulu: *I**--static-==/*** power...
=LSF=Shuttle.Zulu: *connection lost*

As planned we let Dr. Friend to escape with the shuttle and engaged the escort fighters. I daresay the fight was much like fighting inside a bubble, as the jumpgate was completely surrounded by a dense minefield. The LSF agents were very skilled pilots, but eventually succumbed to our surprise attack.

During our attack Miss Hunter showed up to assist our destruction of the LSF agents, but strangely so did a Xeno piloting a Waran class bomber. Sadly to say three of our ships, including my own, Mr. Trigger's and Miss Hunter's were destroyed in the battle. About this time Mr. Domingo Espada was able to join the fight at the gate. Eventually Mr. Fu-Chu was forced to sacrifice his own ship to take out the strangely skilled Xeno pilot. To summarize our operation to this point all witnesses to the operation save for one, LSF agent Internity, were destroyed, while we lost a total of four ships.

Phase 2: Rendezvous with the Shuttle

Following the ambush, our two surviving fighter crafts made their way swiftly to Beaumont Base in Texas, where the LSF Shuttle then met us. I was able to take command of a contingency ship we have stashed there at Beaumont for just such occasions. From Beaumont we made our way quickly to the New York jumphole and jumped into the Badlands where we knew it would be nigh impossible for us to be traced.

Phase 3: Delivery

Once we exited the Badlands it was simply a run for home. We made our way uneventfully to Cochrane Depot. Knowing that the LSF could be attempting to infiltrate our defenses, it was decided early on that the Shuttle Zulu must not survive, lest some undetectable spy machinations be unwittingly carried aboard our station. The Cochrane Interloper met us at a safe distance from the depot and we switched cargo from the Zulu to the Interloper. Following this the Shuttle Zulu received tachyon condensation. The contents of the shuttle are being examined and will be the subject of a future report. Initial studies seem to indicate that what we brought to Cochrane are parts for a prototype fighter craft. To say more than that at this time would be mere speculation.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Wulverine - 12-10-2013

I managed to get into space today in my somewhat efficient Scimitar. I was being dragged around by Dr Julius and Mr Koskov. Despite this, we collected some intelligence on the LNS-Hamilton and KDS-Hiei.

The Hamilton was an interesting encounter. His communicators must have malfunctioned as his text based messages seemed to be very illiterate. He also had an interesting tactic of immediately opening fire on Dr Julius after demanding him to halt. His armament was somewhat efficient in taking out our fighters, but his aim was terrible at the least.

The Hiei was definitely a challenge. We had just disrupted a lane when a vessel poured out, we were nearly finished with it when said "Hiei" made an appearance. He spared no time in assisting the civilian and in the blink of an eye, Koskov's ship was atomized. Of course we feverishly tractored his escape pod. Just a quickly as he had appeared, we vanished. The Hiei has great knowledge when choosing weapons that would suit against Fighter Class ships. Treat vessel with caution.

Vladimir Scorpius - Infiltrator #001 - Vladimir Scorpius - 12-14-2013
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

Dear Colleagues,

To celebrate my promotion, I took out my Scimitar for a spin around Liberty in hopes of pranking Liberty's "finests".

The trip started out with intercepting Ageira transport. It fired upon me instantly and minute late Navy Carrier showed up to protect the transport. Ageira vessel issued a bounty on me whichis a fine compliment. Since I left my Bomber on Rochester, I was fast to get back into action to participate in destroying LNS|-Prometheus and 5th|LNS-Liberty.

Later on I went to Alberta to shake down USI vessel. We had an interesting talk about striking a deal of some sort. I was unable to get ahold of Professor to discuss the matter and extorted five millions out of him.

After that, I decided to head to Manchester and try my luck on the long lane. In few minutes a transport showed up and he wired 1.500.000 credits.

Unable to ambush any other comemrcial traffic, I hurried up to intercept Kishiro convoy, but was unable and thus had to lay an ambush in order to wait them up near the Jumpgate. Two transports jumped in, properly armored and aware of their advantage. I had to offer them a chance to pay so that I wouldn't waste their precious time.

In few minutes, another transport showed up. This time it was GMG Kanome, transporting Boron. It complied with my demand and transfered 500.000 credits.

Then USI system showed incomming DSE transport. I hurried up to Kepler and saw two transport heading Denver way. I took my chances and intercepted one to extort while catching up to second later on to be provided with moderate sum of money.

I was contacted by local criminals and we made a mess out of yet another Navy Capital Ship. LNS-Theodore.Roosevelt was downed by our might.

In Texas, two more Capital Ships were shot down. I was too busy trying to keep my Bomber intact and forgot to take evidence. But you know, the scrap reserves on Beaumont will be proof of that.

It was a splendid first day as Infiltrator and I hope that no other day will be lesser than this one.

Vladimir Scorpius - Infiltrator #002 - Vladimir Scorpius - 12-18-2013
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

Dear Colleagues,

After securing enough funds for a couple of weeks via extortions, I started to move towards more destructive ways. Since my Sabre will be swapped for Rapier, I decided to give few last goes with it. Sadly, in all of the process, it was destroyed few times, so I had replacements, untill I force myself to try out the Rapier. Without further ado, I shall present some of my adventures I had since last report.

At first, I will be mentioning successful deal with Junker Marauders. I transfered over Platinum Ore in exchange for monetary compensation.

I still managed to extort few commercial transports before fully concentrating on property destruction. Unaffilated medium transport departed with his money.

There was also a skirmish between Lane Hackers and Liberty Navy in New York system. I was joined by Professor and in short time we were found and engaged by primary fleet. We managed to gun one down. Status about other two - unknown.

After I quickly bailed for Buffalo and opened proxy-relay to Cochrane Interceptor. I saw LSF agent heading to Bretonia systems and I followed here for some interrogation. He was not talkative at all and soon I found in a defensive position. With few good trick, it was put down quickly in Newcastle.

After returning to Mactan and launching off sometime later to get my Waran from junkers, I had a glimpse of strange ship near our station.

Later on, when I was harassing few personas in texas, I came by to two uncompliant and stuborn transports. I had to teach them a lesson and both were splitted apart with Excaliburs.

I encountered a stuborn Mastadon captain as well. Before being done with him, I forced him to yield and demanded extra for the time wasted. He wired some cash.

Once Professor was available, we headed to Shikoku. We managed to gun down a Bunter and annihilate Naval Battlecruiser

As I continued upon my quest, I encountered LSF agent, who days ago were the cause of my Sabre's loss. Since there were only one of him, instead of whole wing, I managed to destroy the ship.

California... Great place to hunt down lapdogs of commercial oligarchy. I was engaged by two LSF Fighters and one Navy Bomber. I bet my cardamine stash, that they won't come near me ever again after being annihilated.

And the best things for the last bit of report. I tracked down noone other but Rachel Baker in the Badlands. I guess Badlands were not suited for her ship, so it was put out of action.

That is all. Will see what other adventures I can embark on.

Lane Hacker Prototypes LH-X5 - Nicole Hunter - 12-26-2013

[Image: 1b.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

Today, at 0430 hours SMT a team led by Dr Perseus Friend and supervised by Mr Georgi Koskov managed to perform first in-flight test of two prototypes from LH-X5 series being currently in development. The project has been greatly accelerated thanks to the success of Operation Crimson Prometheus led by Mr Orlov, which resulted in acquisition of LSF space superiority fighter prototype and recruitment of Dr Friend into our ranks.

[Image: 21.png]

[Image: 39.png]

According to the preliminary report by Mr Koskov, the prototypes will require months of development and calibration before first combat tests can be performed. During upcoming months we will focus on securing resources required for smooth progress of the LH-X5 project. Appropriate assignments will be given in due time. Meanwhile, I think it's needless to say that this project has the highest priority and security level.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

Big operation in New York. - Trigger. - 12-28-2013

[Image: TriggerFormal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

Yesterday me, Miss Hunter and Dr.Julius No committed operation to New York system, we had 2 heavy Waran class bombers and one Falchion class Very Heavy Fighter. We had plan of taking down some Liberty Navy warships. When we reached Fort Bush we found one Liberty Navy battlecruiser class capital vessel. We open fired on it but before we could get it down, Navy reinforcements arrived and battlecruiser moored, those Navy reinforcements contained another Liberty battlecruiser, this one we successfully eliminated and proceeded to fighter craft witch had arrived with reinforcements. Surprisingly I found out that Liberty Navy secondary fleet pilots having very poor training, I think that maybe Navy looses too many pilots to pay for training, as I hit one of their light bomber who flew straight lane to me with antimatter cannon. Soon we found out that we destroyed Liberty Navys whole Fort Bush squad and we moved to Rochester for restock. I have attached datapacket with guncam shots of the operation to this message.

Signed Trigger


RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Thargoid - 12-28-2013

Today I found an independent miner to interrogate in Ontario, I initially wanted to know why he was there, but we ended up forming a potential business agreement.

Quote:[28.12.2013 17:59:09] LH~Dr.Julius-No: Appears on long range to be a small ship
[28.12.2013 17:59:20] LH~Dr.Julius-No: Could be a scout or fighter

[28.12.2013 18:00:12] LH~Dr.Julius-No: Hold it Mr.
[28.12.2013 18:00:18] Vladimir.Scorpius.: Halt your vessel!
[28.12.2013 18:00:39] Vladimir.Scorpius.: You want to interogate?
[28.12.2013 18:00:51] Garry: Yes?
[28.12.2013 18:00:53] LH~Dr.Julius-No: // I thought it needed to be commercial target?
[28.12.2013 18:00:59] Vladimir.Scorpius.: Nope.

[28.12.2013 18:01:03] LH~Dr.Julius-No: OK
[28.12.2013 18:01:20] LH~Dr.Julius-No: I'd just like to ask you a few questions *charges weapons*
[28.12.2013 18:01:27] LH~Dr.Julius-No: State your business here
[28.12.2013 18:01:39] Garry: Flying throu
[28.12.2013 18:01:46] LH~Dr.Julius-No: For what purpose?
[28.12.2013 18:02:10] Garry: was in alberta, investigating platinum ore depots
[28.12.2013 18:02:14] LH~Dr.Julius-No: I see a lot of Ore types in that hold, what is the purpose of that?
[28.12.2013 18:02:31] LH~Dr.Julius-No: OK, are you an independed miner, or do you work for someone?
[28.12.2013 18:02:33] Garry: they are for analyses
[28.12.2013 18:02:39] LH~Dr.Julius-No: independent *
[28.12.2013 18:02:43] LH~Dr.Julius-No: so, you're a surveyor?
[28.12.2013 18:02:55] Garry: im independant. seeking ore and ore fields
[28.12.2013 18:03:29] LH~Dr.Julius-No: OK, small mining ship, what types of vessels do you fill mostly?
[28.12.2013 18:03:31] LH~Dr.Julius-No: DSE?
[28.12.2013 18:03:39] Garry: none yet
[28.12.2013 18:03:43] LH~Dr.Julius-No: Oh
[28.12.2013 18:03:45] Garry: im new to this
[28.12.2013 18:03:48] Death: Shlizhak was killed by =LSF=Vigil (Gun)
[28.12.2013 18:03:57] LH~Dr.Julius-No: Got it
[28.12.2013 18:04:10] Garry: but now i think i got most ore fields sorted i can start selling information
[28.12.2013 18:04:10] LH~Dr.Julius-No: So you've not worked for anyone yet?
[28.12.2013 18:04:20] Garry: nope i havent
[28.12.2013 18:04:21] LH~Dr.Julius-No: Selling it to whom?
[28.12.2013 18:04:40] Garry: anyone who may want to buy it. lawfull or unlawfull i dont care
[28.12.2013 18:05:03] LH~Dr.Julius-No: Ah, so you're just in it for the money *laughs*, understandable
[28.12.2013 18:05:11] Garry: indeed i am
[28.12.2013 18:05:27] Garry: im tired or all fractions and their "planns"
[28.12.2013 18:05:38] LH~Dr.Julius-No: Well, since you're in it for money
[28.12.2013 18:05:47] LH~Dr.Julius-No: How about you work for us sometime?
[28.12.2013 18:05:49] Garry: people must get buy with what they have and i know minerals
[28.12.2013 18:05:57] LH~Dr.Julius-No: Giving us information on the vessels you're filling
[28.12.2013 18:06:00] LH~Dr.Julius-No: We'll pay well
[28.12.2013 18:06:06] Garry: i dont see a problem with that for a price
[28.12.2013 18:06:12] LH~Dr.Julius-No: Excellent
[28.12.2013 18:06:16] LH~Dr.Julius-No: Good to hear
[28.12.2013 18:06:18] Garry: can get doubble the money *laughs*
[28.12.2013 18:06:30] LH~Dr.Julius-No: *laughs* A smart man!
[28.12.2013 18:06:42] LH~Dr.Julius-No: Well this has been pleasant
[28.12.2013 18:06:45] Garry: wait tho, how can we get in touch?
[28.12.2013 18:06:58] LH~Dr.Julius-No: A good chat, and I look forward to working with you in the near future
[28.12.2013 18:06:58] Vladimir.Scorpius.: Just remember our transponders.
[28.12.2013 18:07:07] LH~Dr.Julius-No: I'll remember your ships call sign
[28.12.2013 18:07:16] Garry: Will do mate's
[28.12.2013 18:07:23] LH~Dr.Julius-No: Thanks sir
[28.12.2013 18:07:34] LH~Dr.Julius-No: Have a safe journey!
[28.12.2013 18:07:37] Garry: same to you

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Thargoid - 12-31-2013

Happy to report more successful extortion attempts on our enemies.

First was yesterday, a DSE vessel found by chance at the Cortez jump gate in California as I was passing through, he was full of Platinum Ore.

[Image: screen223.jpg]

[Image: screen224.jpg]

Secondly, today, an Interspace 5K Stork hauling H-fuel, I found him while camping the Colorado jumpgate in NY.

[Image: screen169.jpg]

[Image: screen170.jpg]

[Image: screen171.jpg]

And finally, another DSE vessel found in Alberta at the well know Platinum mining field, there was an independent miner there with him, since we was not a DSE employee, merely working with them, I reduced his tax.

I threw in a little joke at the end to scare them a little, before flying to Fort McMurray for a well earned Cardamine Cigar.

[Image: screen173.jpg]

[Image: screen174.jpg]

[Image: screen175.jpg]

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Thargoid - 12-31-2013

I have transferred 5 Million SC to the Research & Development department.


[Image: screen177.jpg]

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Thargoid - 01-02-2014

Happy to report a successful delivery of Cardamine to Cochrane Depot.

I traded some Counterfeit Software with the Outcast on Planet Malta for some Cardamine, while on the way back, I stopped off at the Golden Dragon Casino to restock Cochrane Bar, a few fellow Hackers were commenting on the lack of choice in the Bar, so I decided to pick up some supplies.

The Hogosha were more than happy to give me a fine selection of well aged spirits and some fine Wine in return for some Cardamine. They even gave me a few fresh Lobsters and some Caviar to sweeten the deal.

A very successful smuggling operation indeed, I'm sure many of you will be delighted with our new selection of fine beverages at Cochrane.

Now, do any of you know how to cook a Lobster? I mean I'm fine hacking into my weapons arrays, reverse engineering the firmware, reading the assembly code, and rewritting it to make my guns 0.3% more efficient, but cooking? Yeah, right!...

[Image: screen187.jpg]

[Image: screen189.jpg]

[Image: screen190.jpg]