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RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Thargoid - 01-12-2014

To: Professor Hunter

Hi Professor, I've recently purchased a Waran, but I've been flying with some Rogues recently and tried out one of their Barghests, the Rogues are willing to sell me one so I am requesting permission to fly it.

I am also looking to purchase a cloak for this ship, and would like permission to use that too, either on my Waran or Barghest if it's approved.

Thank You, Regards

Dr. Julius No

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Freeroamer - 01-26-2014

Me and Dr.Julius No found a few unwanted ships today...

Ship one: LTS|T-01 Extorted
Ship two: Platinum|-Mr.Murphy Extorted
Ship three: Woep Extorted

Determination Completed

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Wulverine - 02-02-2014

Good day, fellow Hackers.

I have completed the Determination segment of the Initiatory Stage. Extortions as follows:



More aggressive stance towards DSE - Nicole Hunter - 02-23-2014

[Image: 1b.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

Recently Deep Space Engineering has launched several serious attacks on our operatives and hired a significant number of mercenaries to improve their security. We cannot stand idle and not respond to such actions. I have personally increased tracking priority of Deep Space Engineering vessels, extorted and destroyed several of them. From now on all Deep Space Engineering and Platinum Incorporated vessels are to be intercepted at the highest priority. Entire cargo is to be confiscated from transport vessels, while all combat vessels acting as security detail are to be hunted down and destroyed. Recently one of our Suppressors was attacked by Platinum bomber acting in collusion with Deep Space Engineering fighter and gunboat. Suppressor's pilot managed to destroy the Upholder-class bomber and lure the Condor-class gunboat into an ambush inside Badlands, where it was destroyed. Recently, I have personally taken one of our Suppressors and located a Deep Space Engineering gunboat and bomber near Beaumont Base in Texas. I managed to destroy the bomber, but a gunboat managed to hide within Junker's dock. In the light of recent hostility outbreak between DSE and ALG, it might be a good idea to inform the Congress about it.

DSE)Dauntless: Mastodon (extorted)
DSE)Dauntless: Mastodon (extorted)
DSE)M-26.Pershing: Condor (destroyed)
DSE)B-26.Marauder: Havoc (destroyed)
Platinum|-Plain.Palace: Bison (extorted)
Platinum|-Grumpy.Moose: Upholder (destroyed)

Good hunting,
Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Snak7 - 03-09-2014
[Image: Up5axh2.png][Image: Initiate.png]
During the first day I managed to intercept few comemrcial transports:
IMG Crane with Raw Carbonates
Geisha with Raw Carbonates, cargo taken. Junker helped with the sale.
Sake shipper extorted

My transporder and repsheet was hacked according to the guidelines.

I believe all criteria were fulfilled, thus, I am requesting for a promotion.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Vladimir Scorpius - 03-14-2014
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

Noteworthy moments during today:

DSE)Eureka failed to cooperate with cargo repossession, so it had to be destroyed. There was a wannabe hero, who made some effort to either protect DSE ship or to profit from the loot, but it was disposed of.

USI showed incoming Ageira ship, which was a Liberty Gunboat. I quickly flew to Mactan to launch with Vindicator and the offender was taught a lesson on lasers and particles.

On the way to Mactan, a Bison was extorted without much effort.

Later on, scanners showed energy signatures in Alberta, thus I checked it out only to find 2 DSE miners and 2 Zoner Whales. I trailed the big ships to get bigger contribution.

In Colorado, Interspace weasel was smuggling Black Market Munitions and failed to meet my demans, thus it met its demise.

A small time merchant was passing through Colorado with Neon and was very cooperative, thus I took only a bit of his profit.

In New York, Ageira) vessel was caught and its cargo of Light Arms was confiscated and destroyed.

An assault by 3 Outcast Gunships and 1 Rogue Scylla was underway nearby Norfolk and thus I and Professor joined up. The combined force managed to destroy one Liberty Dreadnought and minutes later, another.

After returning to Colorado, I intercepted Ageira IFFed but working for IMG shipper with Blood Diamonds. He made a bet and lost it, thus paid more. A man of his word.

I experienced how frail Bayonets are if flown without consideration and care. Two of these were lost during operations, however invaluable experience was gained.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Vladimir Scorpius - 03-15-2014
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

The day started with intercepting Ageira) vessel without any cargo, however, captain was quick to pay up for safe passage.

Moments later, transport with Silver Ore was intercepted. With fear that captain is diseased, I disposed of the ship quickly and linked up with nearby Junker, who was able to fence two batches of loot.

After heading to Manchester, I was "intercepted" by Bounty Hunter Orca, which failed to consider my suggestion to move on and was destroyed without much hassle. In same encounter, BAF Paladin was attacking me, so with a bit of help from Professor, we scrapped it.

After moving to California, we found friendlies in need of assistance and thus had to destroy Liberty Navy vessel.

After a while, myself and Brokenclaw repossessed considerable loot which was stored for Marauders or IMG.

In California, I interdicted IC| Mastadon and delivered Nanocapacitors back to Cochrane.

An exchange took place in Alberta with Junker Marauder. Payment hasn't went through as of yet.

When Professor was available, we tagged up in Colorado and had the chance to cripple hopeless Universal pilot.

We started huge scale lockdown of New York. OSC vessel, unaffilated merchant, Universal shipper were extorted, while one unaffilated trader, decided to not comply.

Meeting Capital ship resistance in New York, I launched our Gunship, Firstly we trapped Bounty Hunter Orca which annihilated. One of Dreadnaughts were destroyed as well.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Vladimir Scorpius - 04-03-2014
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

Professor, I had a very lengthy, interesting and enlightening dialogue with none other than president of Universal Shipping Incorporated - Michael Trenton. Perhaps I was wrong to be so rough to their corporation? Perhaps we can come to agreeable terms and concentrate on the bigger fishes?

Quote:Michael: Mr. Scorpius.
Scorpius: We have Universal Menace to deliver, don't we?
Michael: Hmph.
Scorpius: Is that the voice of a concerned CEO I hear?!
Michael: Should I be concerned?
Scorpius: Yes, yes indeed.
Michael: Are you looking for blood?
Scorpius: We have evidence of you transporting HFuel.
Michael: And?
Scorpius: Considering the embargo is in place
Michael: I didn't get it from Kusari. Never entered.
Scorpius: I bet a certain party in Kusari might be interested in it. Sure. Sure.
Michael: No reason for me to lie.
Scorpius: I mean, our USI hack is all wrong. Logging you in New Tokyo and Honshu, right?
Michael: Nope. Doesn't matter. You're going to say whatever you want to say to whoever you want.
Scorpius: So. Let's discuss business. I will not rest till I see your corporation be put into bottomless abyss. Unless.. The stated sum will be transfered to Lane Hackers.Or, you can indulge me with information I want.
Scorpius: And I might reconsider the deal
Michael: Although, I don't understand your fixation of my company; I do understand you like money. So, I have a cargo full of H-Fuel. Despite what you think, I didn't get it from Kusari. I'm willing to dump it all.
Scorpius: You should reconsider your tone But I will repeat myself. I value knowledge over profit.
Michael: Knowledge? ... Okay...
Scorpius: If you can give it to me, I might just call all this off and leave your corporation in relative peace. Where have you aquired this Fuel from, if not from Kusari.
Michael: Where? Ames Research Station in Kepler.
Scorpius: Are they storing it there?
Michael: Technically, we store Liberty's H-Fuel reserves on Emlenton Storage & Exports, but we like to keep it topped off. That's why I decided to personally pick up a shipment from Ames.
Scorpius: So, how did the HFuel ended up in Ames in the first place?
Michael: C'mon, I don't know that. They're zoners.
Scorpius: So you assume that it is still from Kusari. And they broke embargo for you?
Michael: Sure. Maybe some Kishiro dropped it off there. Maybe the GMG themselves dropped it off. I don't know. I guess you'll have to speak with the merchant there.
Scorpius: So, Micheal. Can I call you that?
Michael: Michael is what people who don't try to kill my employees call me.
Scorpius: I never try to kill honest persons. Except for Ageira lackeys. But that is just revenge. Your corporation, on the other hand is just business.
Michael: I can tell you right now that's not true. Business. Which Business?
Scorpius: Pleasant one.
Michael: The business of knowledge?
Scorpius: That too.
Michael: The business of terrorism?
Scorpius: Tell me more about your station in Pennsylvania. I'd like to hear all there is about it
Michael: I think since I have talked to you so far that there should be an end in sight. What happens after I tell you about our station there?
Scorpius: I will let you go. I am a man of my word. I think.
Michael: Okay. What would you like to know about Emlenton?
Scorpius: What is it for?
Michael: Well, we keep some of Liberty's fuel reserves in stock on there. We also import Helium from the local miners. We really helped the citizens of Penn. there.
Scorpius: How so?
Michael: Anyways, it's long-term goals are to seek fuel Independence from Kusari.
Scorpius: Why not use Bretonian MOX?
Michael: MOX? Didn't you say you use to be in Ageira?
Scorpius: Hey, shut up.
Michael: The engines that run on MOX are highly unstable and when those vessels get damaged, they make a big boom.
Scorpius: Exactly...
Michael: I could run -this- ship on MOX.
Brokenclaw: Why dont we use that to our advantage?
Scorpius: It would make our eyes... Eye in my case, happy.
Michael: But that would risk my pods not making it. 3M on Emlenton is working on another "type" of H-Fuel Apparently it uses the same process as the factories of Planet Erie. Or, at least that's the idea.
Scorpius: Let's say this will cover the possible profits. Now this got my attention. Is Ageira aware of your research?
Michael: I'm sure they've read the academic journals centered around it. But, no. We haven't included them.
Scorpius: Would this breakthrough damage Ageira in anyway?
Michael: We have some people from Cambridge Research Station though. Would it damage them? I don't know... They would certainly dislike the idea that they didn't make it.
Scorpius: Would their reputation as superior company on technology advancement be lowered?
Michael: I doubt that.. The project team is a diverse team from all over Sirius. It's just a relatively small team with our subisidiary company.
Scorpius: How would this Fuel affect Liberty's economy and daily life of civilians?
Michael: According to the project leader, it'll stir up a new industry in Penn. Universal vessels will be retrofitted first before other organizations.
Scorpius: Would this lower the cost of fuel in general?
Michael: That's the idea.
Scorpius: And would that make HFuel redudant?
Michael: For us at least, yes.
Michael: It would take at least a decade to retrofit the new fusion engines on the rest of Liberty.
Scorpius: What are the prerequisites of making this fuel?
Michael: Prerequisites? I'm not an engineer, Mr. Scorpius.
Scorpius: I mean, what materials are needed to make it.
Michael: Oh.
Scorpius: Helium-3?
Michael: That's easy. It only requires Helium. And we have plenty of it.
Scorpius: Then this would mean Pennsylvania a new gold site.
Michael: In a way, yes.
Scorpius: And boom the economy in a major way
Michael: This technology wouldn't be licensed to other Houses though. At least not for another 20 years.
Scorpius: Just like Ageira? And their Lane and Gates? You would keep it in house to rake as much profit as you can? Before opening it to public.
Michael: You're comparing two mutually exclusive things right now.
Scorpius: How so?
Michael: It's not about profit. It's about supporting Liberty's economy and her citizens.
Scorpius: Economy is based on profits.
Michael: Do you know why the Xenos exist today?
Scorpius: Certainly. Because LPI fails their duties. Or does not care.
Michael: Mostly, it's because of Ageira and DSE.
Scorpius: Sure. Blaming other parties. That is typical
Michael: My company certainly had nothing to do with it.
Scorpius: Look. Let's cut this short. We will want a prototype of this engine
Michael: We don't have one.
Scorpius: When you do have one, we will want it.
Michael: It's still in its developmental stages. Then I'll keep it in mind.
Scorpius: I am sure we can come to a beneficial agreement.
Michael: But a lot could happen between now and then.
Scorpius: Then let's hope nothing happens. For example, a sabotage by Ageira to keep them on top and to ruin your image. They are capable of such evil And you do well to remember that.
Michael: Believe me, I do. I typically don't trust Ageira or DSE.
Scorpius: Who do you trust then?
Michael: There are some organizations that we do.
Scorpius: Because a person without trusted friends, is all alone and on his own. Name few.
Michael: Most organizations are just Business acquaintances. Okay... Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing and Hyperspace Institute are two.
Scorpius: Is that all?
Michael: You really want me to sit here and tell you who we like and don't like?
Scorpius: Do you like us?
Michael: The Hackers? No, I don't.
Scorpius: Exactly.
Michael: Are you surprised by that?
Scorpius: Figures that much. No brainer after all. Alright, how about you dump 70 units of fuel. And I will be done with you
Michael: Fine.
Scorpius: I'd say stay safe. But I don't mean it

Quote:Michael: You always manage to find me.
Scorpius: Ach it is you again.
Michael: What is it now?
Scorpius: Where is the cargo heading? Hamilton Station I bet.
Michael: You should gamble more often.
Scorpius: Indeed. You know that I can't let this happen. It's damn Ageira's station
Michael: Why's that? Oh, right.
Scorpius: You forgot, right?
Michael: No, I haven't forgot.
Scorpius: This makes nice profit, does it not, eh?
Michael: I just didn't think it would matter, considering the cargo.
Scorpius: Such high value alloys are to be considered.
Michael: Makes a nice profit? Not really, no. But, yes. They are high-valued.
Scorpius: You have no guns equipped
Michael: Good observation.
Scorpius: And yet you are carrying loot that was dropped by quite armed ship. How is that?
Michael: Which are you referring to?
Scorpius: Nova Torpedoes.
Michael: Oh, those? Yea, I just carry them along with me incase I need to jettison them.
Scorpius: Yeah. I think the time is just about right.
Michael: I didn't realize you wanted to search me ship. Time is right for what, exactly?
Scorpius: To jettison that amunition
Michael: You want my amunition?
Scorpius: Not only the amunition! I would really appreciate a contribution as well.
Michael: Here I am thinking that you wanted a protoype fusion engine.
Scorpius: That too. I want many things. And I usaully get them all. So how about you jettison the amunition and fork me over a million
Michael: Ever heard of that ancient chinese curse? "May you find what you want in life."
Scorpius: I found. I lost an eye, I gained clearity. My vision halved, but my sight has expanded.
Michael: I believe we already offered to fix that for you.
Scorpius: And untill I give my best to rip apart this corporate empire Liberty has built, I have no time to rest.
Michael: Sounds exhausting. Such a waste... I have no use for these Nova Torpedos. But, I don't like the idea of you using these exact ones.
Scorpius: Then you better give me what I wanted. Because I might start using my own. And I believe nobody would want that.
Michael: Could we just destroy them? Well, that one help anyone. I'm quite fond of this ship. And using your torpedos on this would pretty much mess up any hope for you getting those prototypes.
Scorpius: Is that so? So I am left to use Antimatter then
Michael: Uh, yea. Yea, I believe so.
Scorpius: I can work with that too.
Michael: *Laughs* As you can see, I'm no threat in this current situation.
Scorpius: Certainly. I am well aware of that.
Michael: Obviously, I'm going to jettison these Novas. However, could you just destroy them?
Scorpius: No.
Michael: No? Just "No"?
Scorpius: Yes. I'd ask if there's any problem, but I already know the answer.
Michael: Hmph... Actually, I did a scan of my own.
Scorpius: You did, didn't you. I bet you checked my ammo supply
Michael: I don't believe you can actually fit these things in there. These scans are pretty handy, aren't they.
Scorpius: But then again, that is none of your damn business, now is it?
Michael: Depends on your definition.
Scorpius: True.
Michael: Okay, they're jettisoned.
Scorpius: Fireworks. Enjoy. Hey!
Michael: Seriously?
Scorpius: You still owe me a million.
Michael: You knocked my engine. It still amazes me that you find us to be the enemy.
Scorpius: Are you telling that the shields didn't protect it from the blast?
Michael: Oh, they did. Quite well in fact. But, the engines did start up.
Scorpius: I don't see you as an enemy. Prey, more likely. Oh. An idea.
Michael: A prey? Seriously?
Scorpius: I should totally dress up as a pirate for Halloween.
Michael: What?
Scorpius: That would make one of a kind costume.
Michael: O...kay...
Scorpius: I'd cover my eye, get some kind of bird, from Gaia probably, and pretend to be a pirate! Though let's hope I will not be needing a wooden leg, as those movies from Sol era portrays .
Michael: If you truly had clarity, then you would concentrate more of your time on Ageira.
Scorpius: Oh, but we are. You are both, buying and selling from and to Ageira stations
Michael: This whole "stopping Universal pilots" thingy is a lil' in the wrong direction.
Scorpius: Tell me how should I view that?
Michael: You should view that as just its face value.
Scorpius: Alrighty. What value is that?
Michael: My company has to act as if we are aligned with Ageira and DSE. We're actually not.
Scorpius: How so?
Michael: All of these shipments that you witness of us transfering cargo to and from Ageira bases... Well, that's just part of the facade. Both Ageira and DSE don't give a rats butt about the citizens of Liberty. They've proven that time and time again.Remember reading about the Dallas Incident?
Michael: That was all planned by Ageira, DSE, and LPI.
Scorpius: No way No fricking way. They wouldn't...
Michael: Oh yea. And guess which company almost dissolved? Us.
Scorpius: How so?
Michael: Took us half a century to get out of that IC debt.
Scorpius: You are telling me that 3 corporations of Liberty. Intentionally caused major accident. But why would they do that?
Michael: That was the problem that our President had at the time. He couldn't find the evidence to support his allegations. He actually ended being assassinated. My theory?
Scorpius: Any suspects?
Michael: They wanted to turn the citizens of Texas into slaves for a new industry led by LPI and DSE.
Scorpius: But they did not succeed. Or did they?
Michael: Succeed? I'd say so. But, not without people questioning them. Everyone knows LPI is sour. And we support some activists groups to hinder DSE and Ageira.
Scorpius: Like, us? No. Then who?
Michael: Who?
Scorpius: Who.
Michael: Just some freelancers.
Scorpius: Because they can hinder megacorporations?
Michael: And other citizens of Liberty who were affected by their actions. All I'm trying to say is that your sword is pointed in the wrong direction here, Mr. Scorpius.
Scorpius: Dagger. Dagger. Then the question must be raised. How can our organisations be beneficial to each other in order to impair DSE and Ageira in their expansion?
Michael: Well what's happening right now isn't. Why don't you come up with some -good- ideas and we'll compare notes.
Michael: This whole "vigilante" mindset won't get anyone far.
Scorpius: That will have to go directly to Professor. And she might have other views on this..
Michael: Professor?
Michael: Who is the professor?
Scorpius: That's what we believe in. Not worth to explain to you
Michael: Fair enough.
Scorpius: Not really want to either.
Michael: Then you "speak" with your professor, and uh lemme know.
Scorpius: I shall.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Vladimir Scorpius - 04-10-2014
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]


During the last few weeks I was heavilly occupied with attempts to improve relationships with Junkers and IMG, however, it would appear that these business partners are not able to reach sufficient potential to actually be of benefit to us.

Nonetheless, Junker Marauders were ready to fence our repossesed most of the times we called upon them, however, it has proven to be a time waste as it would be more beneficial to do it ourselves.

In the mean time, IMG has proven to be quicker on their feet, however, lack the number of possible operatives to go under the law to be beneficial to us. However, they did buy a data server for us as well as ordered a data wiping program, to hide all traces in case Gallic forces occupy Java Station.

I tried striking a mojor deal with USI and Michael Trenton, but found both, the tone of their employees as well as ignorance from Trenton himself insulting. They will receive no benefit and I will be treating their corporate assets expendable like Ageira's.

Some insignificant and easy engagements were carried out throughout the week and resulted in a pair of USI Gunboats beeing annihilated [1] [2] while even humilating stray Navy lapdog. Anotehr USI flunky tried reasoning with me and ended up in pieces. In addtion, some wannabe heroes from Navy task forces became a fine example of badly coordinated attack [1] [2].

Minor extortion were performed but not worth mentioning.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Vladimir Scorpius - 04-12-2014
[Image: VladimirScorpiusInformal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

Professor, LPI station is heavily weakened. Some of the local criminals are trying to disassemble it, and thus I will be joining in.

Report on April 11 and 12 is as follows:

GMG vessel was spotted in New York system and was questioned about Blood Dragons. Failing to respond and attempting to flee, the vessel was quickly disgronificated.

Moments later, a Zoner vessel carrying optronics was being extorted, however Liberty Navy Battleship made things harder. Nonetheless, Zoner was not out of my reach and I had to perform molecular disolution on his Whale.

While heading to Shikoku, I intercepted a small time merchant, who contributed 100.000 SC to Lane Hackers.

Minutes later, I encounter Xeno in a Waran. Having great advantage over him, I proceeded to discombobulate his hull.

An Interspace flunky, hiden under Freelancer IFF, was a good sport and bargained his way to fork over 5.000.000 credits.

Another Whale, this time operated by freelancer, was uncooperative in Ontario system, and was the Ship was celullary seperated. Reclaimed Vanadium was highly valuable at Junkers' Depot.

Hoodlum, belonging to Ageira Technologies was interdicted in Colorado-Ontario system. Since it destroyed the Copper Ore carried, we made sure to destroy all of his equipment and let it cripple away, so that Interspace wouldn't issue insurance.

Once again, a branch of highly incapable legoinaires engaged me, but not even a gunboat protected their leader from rapid decompression.

Later on, I participated in spontanous siege on LPI installation in Pennsylvania system. We agreed to ignore all of our hostilities to bring it down cooperatively. Once the Liberty retalation squad arrived, I fled the scene to observe the innevitable fall of the station without putting myself at risk. When I launched our Waran, I managed to dish out major damage against Liberty Navy Battleship, which was destroyed near to Erie.

A group of Xenos was spotted in Pennsylvania later on. Needing to test the new weaponry, I engaged one to quickly dispose of it. The other was destroyed while in temporary no-shoot-after-this pact with Renee Thorpe - gun for hire, who is working for Liberrty.

Dulzians proved to be horrible choice for dogfights. However, they are excellent for financial ruination of uncooperative transports while using Very Heavy Fighters.