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Vladimir Scorpius new Provocateur - Nicole Hunter - 04-13-2014

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

I wish to announce that through his dedication, relentlessness and resourcefulness Vladimir Scorpius earned the title of Provocateur, the highest honorary title a Hacker can achieve and few did. Mr Scorpius is an example for us all. Congratulations!

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

Attack on Itasca Station - Nicole Hunter - 04-13-2014

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

For some time now we observed growing cooperation between Interspace Commerce, Ageira Technologies and Vagrant Raiders in the Kansas system. It appears we were right not to trust renewed Vagrant Raiders with their intentions. Not only they befriended Liberty Navy, but also started to work closely with our mortal enemies - Ageira Technologies and Interspace Commerce. We will no longer tolerate such insolence at the doorstep to Magellan.

According to our intelligence report Itasca Station, operated by the Interspace Commerce and supplied by Ageira Technologies is currently suffering from core malfunction which leaves it vulnerable. I am authorizing use of Retaliators to quickly strike and destroy the base. Avoid hostile actions against the Vagrant Raiders, however, if they try to interfere use of deadly force is allowed.

Good hunting,
Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Vladimir Scorpius - 04-19-2014
[Image: vJ2rNNa.png][Image: 3dSZFc6.png]

March 13.

Itasca Station, owned by the Interspace Commerce division was sieged by two of our own Retalators as well as two other Lane Hacker Stortas. This allowed us to destroy the station, with half hull integrity in less than an hour. Our strike force managed to stay unseen and we left no trace of our doing. This is one for the history!

March 15.

Recon flight in Bretonia. Nothing of importance to report, except for a hostile base, located deep in the fields.

March 17.

Started a regular interdiction routine in Badlands. I encountered a transport ship with Drill Bits. Captain ignored me and failed to respond, thus the ship deconstructed.

Later on, I intercepted Universal weasel, transporting human bodies to the Planet Miura. No life signs were read and after lengthy discussion, transport was allowed to pass.

Once we moved to Shikoku, and KNF Chimerea was spotted near Junyo and I engaged it. Moments later an Umibozu bomber showed up and our Professor joined the dogfight. I shot down the bomber, while professor put down Chimerea.

After Brokenclaw joined up, we proceeded back to Liberty, only to intercept Universal scamp for extortion. Captain failed to comply and was quickly disassembled.

Seconds later, Interspace hoodlum, smuggling Sorted Artifacts was spotted, but was too close to Battleship for us to destroy it.

We decided to allow Brokenclaw to perform Lockdown. He chose to New York system and I was assigned to Badlands. An independent merchant was intercepted and extorted for 100.000 credits. He paid eleven times more.
A ship affilated to Corsairs was spotted there, but no action taken due to call for reinforcements near Fort Bush.

An hour later, Universal Shipping vessel was intercepted and forced to pay 3.333.333 credits.

March 18.

Chose Manchester as traffic was common there in the last few days. It was great decision as I had ALG trashman pay me 333.333 credits, while BMM lackey was departed with 6.666.666 credits.

A bit later, DSE Titanic was intercepted but since no cargo was found, I extorted only 333.333 credits.
However, once the same ship was intercepted in Cortez, it was hauling Heat Sinks. Mania Interogation revealed that it was meant for DSE owned station with a name of Home Station. Transport failed to reveal the location of said base and was disposed of.

Hours later, it would appear that another Titanic was already deployed to continue supplying the station. Target headed to Coronado, even after my demands. I followed it through and with the vector of travel known, I stopped it halfway. A Zoner Cruiser showed up and captain's attitude revealed that this Cruiser was meant for defence of Home Station. After lenghty talks, I had to destroy the transport once again, for failing to reveal the location and as expected, the Zoner attempted to protect the corporate cad.
I proceeded to extend the distance between two ships until I was safe to cruise. Calculated vector showed no sight of station, thus I made a circle around the system while the Cruiser was on my tail. After a second circle, once I expanded search pattern, I found the base located behind Planet Baja. With vital information recored on the ship, I quickly turned back to Cortez system, but was intercepted by Colonial Gunboat, who would appear was working with Zoner. By extention, Colonial Republic is protecting Home Station too. Gunboat opened fired without any time wasted and I had to shoot back. Once in Cortez, I engaged the Gunboat without support of Zoner Cruiser, but once Colonial ship was cripple, ION storm hit the system and all ships were disable and drifted apart.

Weaponry tests.
Solaris weapons were tested in numerous battles and proved to be valuable asset. Due to high speed, the projectiles are easier to aim and increased fire rate gives a chance to hit stray missiles or mines, launched or dropped by foe. However, low damage output inhibits the possibility to damage opponent quickly and forces the dogfight to continue longer.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Freeroamer - 04-19-2014

[Image: BrokenclawInformal.png][Image: Technician.png]

Hello Professor,
I have completed the command requirement for my promotion.
Gregor_Eisenhorn Destroyed


RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Valrin - 04-24-2014
...Interruptor. Jimmy Bond.recognized...transmission.encrypted...

Greetings Professor and other Hackers. I am here to report several events that happened today.

The First of these was the finding of a Freelancer who ID themself as The.Reluctant.Strider. They were transporting cargo to the Red Hessians and were extorted for 1 million SC.
Freelancer extortion

The next was a USI vessel, they were of course interrogated and then extorted. At first a Navy officer foolishly tried to help the USI vessel but fell rather quickly.
Interrogation part 1
Interrogation part 2
Interrogation part 3
Interrogation part 4
Interrogation part 5
Interrogation part 6
Interrogation part 7
Interrogation part 8
Interrogation part 9
Interrogation part 10

Last of these was the Ageira, Alan Pace. After a few difficulties they were extorted for 1.2 million SC and a bottle of Liberty Ale...which was then me...
Alan Pace's payment

And thus ends my report of a rather eventful and successful day.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Vladimir Scorpius - 04-26-2014
[Image: vJ2rNNa.png][Image: 3dSZFc6.png]

April 19

I started things in Manchester and managed to intercept Planetform vessel, who departed with 2.000.000 SC.

April 20

Went to Manchester once again and interdicted a Hegemon. Pilot claimed he had no money, but they all say that. I blasted the ship to million pieces.

An exchange with Junker Marauders took place in Alberta and Platinum Ore, which was obtained from DSE) Hegemon, was handed over to a Pecheron.

I continued with my interest in Manchester system and had the pleasure, to extort 2.000.000 SC from Orbital Liner.

Later on, a Firefly with Diamonds showed up, and while I demanded for a little contribution, the captain wired 5.000.000 credits.

Minutes later BAF vessels showed up and I had to head back to Mactan, however, I was almost intercepted by Sarah Martinez. Rushing through Manchester to Cortez and then to Magellan, I managed to stay in front and later on, just as ION storm hit, I was drifted back and in range of disruption range. She did intercepted me, but I made quick work of that Light Fighter.

Right after that, I headed to Vespucci, to once again check the progress that Hellfire Legion is making in constructing Thastus Station. Still a small instalation, which we should be able to take down once circumstances stack in our favour.

Back in California, I once again ambushed Orbital Liner and departed it with 1.333.333 SC.
Intercepted same ship later on, to extort it for 2.222.222 credits.

Later on, we were spotted by Interspace Gunboat, which we destroyed without much trouble, however since it was my first flight with our Gunship, I did suffered major damage and later on, the gunship was wrecked by a Liberty Siege Cruiser.

April 21

During regular flight through Liberty systems, I spotted a Navy lapdog, doing absolutely nothing at Torronto Station. Using this opportunity, I launched a quick and effective attack, which he failed to respond to, and the ship was destroyed.

Once again, I extorted the same old Orbital Liner for 2.222.222 credits.

When launching my Waran, which had dust all over it, I got a notice that the Junker, whom I trader Platinum Ore, has sent me the payment of 7.500.000 credits.

While heading to Pennsylvania system, a Hellfire Border Worlds Transport jumped through the Jumphole. A batch of Robotic hardware was detected in cargo bay. Several Novas later, the transport was crippled and lost all weapons and equipment. Due to a stray beam of ION particles, I was unable to trail the ship back to Vespucci, to confirm intended destination.

Proceeded to Pannsylvania, only to encounter an AI vessel. Equipment and weapons were not part of known technology. Due to increased hostility after Assassins' assignments, I proceeded to engage this vessel and quickly destroy it.

While heading to New York system, I spotted a ship with passengers. I asked for a small contribution, but the transport wasn't able to comply and was disassembled.

Seconds later, a transport showed up, which I extorted and even had an interesting dialogue with captain. He wired 1.000.000 credits to me.

Brokenclaw managed to obtain a batch of Helium, which was delivered to Planet Miura with one of our covert ships, to yield huge profit.

Once Jimmy Bond started lockdown of the New York system, I managed to extort a Kishiro transport for 1.500.000 credits. An Bounty Hunter Orca had to pay up 1.000.000 SC to pass safely as well.

April 22

During covert smuggling for Red Hessian Army, I was spotted by LSF Grizzly, who made a grave mistake by disrupting my cruise engines near Manhattan. It was ripped apart by automated defences.

After parking our ship, I proceeded to head toward Rogue in distress. It was great pleasure to annihilate legionaire and humilate corporate lackey.

I also managed to extort 500.000 credits from a merchant near Riverside Station.


April 23

An annoying gun for hire, was blown to pieces when he dared to engage my Rapier in California.

Proceeded to Manchester with one of our Interceptors and intercepted BMM transport who failed to comply with my demands and met uneasy end. Reinforced Alloys was destroyed seconds later.

In Shikoku, I intercepted shipment of Black Market Munition, transported by Interspace vessel. Cargo was repossessed and sold to Morioka Station.

Another Interspace vessel was caught and extorted for 100.000 credits. However, after seeing it load up with Reinforced Alloys and Food Rations, I started following it to Ames. I was unable to locate station supplied by said ship. Later on, I intercepted it heading out of Kepler with cargo offloaded somwhere. Since captain refused to answer my question, I destoyed the ship.

The other station I managed to locate in Kepler belonged to Universal Shipping and was besieged by combined force of Rogues and Hackers. Navy Carrier was too late to the party but just in time for some fireworks.

Another one of USI security ships was put out of action.

April 24

A convoy led by Universal Bison was intercepted in Kepler and made a bad call to engage my ship. It ended horribly for it. I rushed towards Leiden to switch ships and intercept the Waran that was hired by said captain. It was no match for our Interdictor.

Once more, I found USI security personnel, eager to engage me. The routine continued and it was shot down quickly.


Teaming up with Jimmy Bond we set an ambush point one West Point - California lane. While he was interogating USI vessel, I treid extorting Kishiro vessel, who failed to comply.

April 25


I managed to intercept the same Universal vessel who engaged me day ago and I repossessed its cargo.

However, not all transports were as smart as those who know our capabilities and ended up being shot down.

A skirmish between me and two USI Very Heavy Fighters, one USI Super Heavy Fighter, one Orbital Bomber and one freelancer Border World Transport started behing Planet Erie. I was shocked by the force they have mustered and was ready to flee, but seeing there are no chances to escape, I proceeded to defend myself. They dropped like flies. One after another. Orbital bomber was dropping Nuclear mines for no reason, but my turrets were trailing her ship when she dropped a mine that was hit by my fire and forced explosion of her bomber. Last survivor was put out of action as well. The Border World Transpor was later on intercepted and extorted to cover repair bill.

Proceeding to Texas through NY, I intercepted a transport, who contributed 500.000 credits to our organisation.

USI became very elusive with their shipments lately, however I was able to find one of them transporting Gin and extorted 3.333.333 credits from it.

Zoner Whale shipping optronics was sighted in Colorado system and for ignorance destroyed in New York.

I was able to extort Orbital Liner once more. Captain wired 3.000.000 credits.

A Kishiro vessel's Helium-3 was repossessed near Colorado-Kepler Jump Gate.

My personal craft was assaulted by Orbital's Susan, when she refused to answer my question. She called for aid from Navy lapdog, but was taken down as was her personal hound put down too.

A vessel of Ageira Innovations were interdicted and Superconductors were destoyed by captain himself. However, once Orlov joined me, we encountered same ship again, but this time, captain refused to comply and met the consequences. I was then engaged by huge force, yet slipped past to Colorado safely.

Last but not least, the devil himself showed up in Ontario. He had a personal bodyguard - Kohaku Ueda. Our professor made sure that its presence in Ontario was short while I had the honor to force hoodlum's vessel to explode.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - gekerd - 05-15-2014
...Initiate.Nick Nack.recognized...transmission.encrypted...

Two days ago I got my ship set up broadcasting the correct IFF and ID and with the transponder set right I was ready to try and work my way up in the Lane Hackers. This I achieved first by doing missions for the Lane Hackers out of Mactan until I had enough money to have my IFF broadcast changed to the Lane Hackers Guard. Afterwards missions were done for the Rogues and Outcasts out of Montezuma base to improve my relation with them. As can be seen in my reputation sheet:
[Image: Rep_LH.png]
Here it is also possible to see the time I spent in space as a Lane Hacker.

Yesterday I flew my ship again to further improve the knowledge about our system of operation and when heading to Cochrane from Alberta I came across an Artificial Intelligence convoy. And I had a very strange chat, displayed in the next log:

[14.05.2014 21:53:42] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: ::Insufficient personal Formely::
[14.05.2014 21:53:50] [AI]Demolisher: ::Greetings::
[14.05.2014 21:53:57] LH~Nick.Nack: Greetings
[14.05.2014 21:54:17] LH~Nick.Nack: Artificial Inteligence eh
[14.05.2014 21:54:37] LH~Nick.Nack: What are you guys doing here in Ontario
[14.05.2014 21:54:49] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: *accessing shipdatabase [Nick.Nack]*
[14.05.2014 21:55:01] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: *Yes/No*
[14.05.2014 21:55:33] LH~Nick.Nack: Yes
[14.05.2014 21:56:05] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: *accessing briefing command*
[14.05.2014 21:56:09] LH~Nick.Nack: What's your destination?
[14.05.2014 21:57:45] [AI]Demolisher: :Tongueermission granted; Consensus accessing vessel "Nick.Nack" database::
[14.05.2014 21:58:25] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: :Big Grinestination is classified [Lane Hacker]::
[14.05.2014 21:58:36] LH~Nick.Nack: Not telling
[14.05.2014 21:58:41] LH~Nick.Nack: How so?
[14.05.2014 21:59:44] LH~Nick.Nack: Needed some updates to your processing cores?
[14.05.2014 22:00:17] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: ::[Denial]::
[14.05.2014 22:00:31] LH~Nick.Nack: So building some brothers?
[14.05.2014 22:00:33] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: *overwriting targeting system*
[14.05.2014 22:01:06] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: ::Beep Boop::
[14.05.2014 22:01:24] LH~Nick.Nack: Something going wrong with your system?
[14.05.2014 22:01:38] LH~Nick.Nack: I am quite good with computers need some help?
[14.05.2014 22:02:01] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: ::Bluedragon unit is corrupting my system::
[14.05.2014 22:02:44] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: *Nick.Nack database [Locking signature BlueDragon]::
[14.05.2014 22:03:39] LH~Nick.Nack: Not much I can do about that
[14.05.2014 22:03:55] LH~Nick.Nack: Good encryption software on artifical inteligence
[14.05.2014 22:04:42] LH~Nick.Nack: So is there a reason for you to go here
[14.05.2014 22:04:59] LH~Nick.Nack: what I hear about you it's mostly out in the omicrons and taus
[14.05.2014 22:05:06] LH~Nick.Nack: Not heard that much though
[14.05.2014 22:05:10] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: ::The Consensus is need for regular bio-neural processor technology::
[14.05.2014 22:05:23] LH~Nick.Nack: Burn out huh
[14.05.2014 22:06:06] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: *accessing shipsystems [nick.nack]::
[14.05.2014 22:06:15] LH~Nick.Nack: Please don't
[14.05.2014 22:06:21] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: *yes/no*
[14.05.2014 22:06:38] LH~Nick.Nack: *huriedly activating firewalls*
[14.05.2014 22:06:46] LH~Nick.Nack: Nope I like my ship
[14.05.2014 22:07:02] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: *firewall detected overwriting denied,
[14.05.2014 22:07:47] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: ::The Consensus is need to proceed::
[14.05.2014 22:07:55] LH~Nick.Nack: *trying to acces destination on the CataRacT*
[14.05.2014 22:08:29] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: *destination not accessiable*
[14.05.2014 22:08:30] LH~Nick.Nack: How about some support for people who are good with computers?
[14.05.2014 22:09:08] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: ::What does mean you are good with computers?::
[14.05.2014 22:09:16] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: ::Is this a personal feeling?::
[14.05.2014 22:09:24] LH~Nick.Nack: *uuuhm* Yeah.....sure
[14.05.2014 22:09:52] Vladimir.Scorpius: Any of you tried hacking my gunboat in Shikoku?
[14.05.2014 22:09:53] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: ::What are you demanding?::
[14.05.2014 22:10:13] LH~Nick.Nack: How about 2 Million each
[14.05.2014 22:10:22] LH~Nick.Nack: I Like computers after all
[14.05.2014 22:10:37] [AI]Demolisher: ::Invitation to initiate hack in System:Shikoku?"
[14.05.2014 22:10:53] LH~Nick.Nack: Thank you sir, you are free to go
[14.05.2014 22:11:28] LH~Nick.Nack: Well It's nice to see what computers can do
[14.05.2014 22:11:47] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: ::The Enigma unit hacked an LH unit in Shikoku once::
[14.05.2014 22:11:56] [AI]L|CaTaRacT|:: ::Called Freya::

As you can see halfway through Vladimir Scorpius showed up.

After this encounter I went to disable the lanes from Toronto Station towards the California jump gate. After a while a Deep Space Engineering Mastodon showed up.
[Image: IDSerenity.png]
[Image: Platinum_Serrenity.png]
I asked ransom for his life. At only 6 million it was a bargain. Realizing this the captain of the ship called .=SERENITY=., was apparently grateful for his life and send me 11 million instead, and they say god is dead.

Feeling bold after these encounters I headed out to the New York System to find out whether I could achieve the intelligence gathering mission. But upon nearing Planet Manhattan (Maybe not my best choice) I was spotted and not one:
[Image: LNS_Nothampton.png]
but two:
[Image: LNS_Longrange_Justice.png]
Heavily armored Battlecruisers showed up to deal with the lonely Lane Hacker Freighter. The Long Range Justice sported a strange armament of only missile launchers. This encounter sadly resulted in the destruction of my ship, but I could make Rochester base in my escape pod and from there got transportation back to Cochrane Depot. I will have to make another trip to finish my Intelligence gathering mission.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Foochow - 05-16-2014

A week ago, I was accepted into the ranks of Lane Hackers. It's been a week flying as a Hacker and I can't feel better. I think I learned a lot in this past week and I know I'll learn a lot more.

[Image: BOlfHEw.png]
Also on this upload above you can see my time spent as a Hacker.

I was flying around, doing assignments from the Montezuma base when I decided to check the near systems in order to hunt someone. I had some corporate lackeys entering my traps. Also, I managed to catch the same lackey in my trap two times in period of one day.

[Image: uyeD1lL.png]
First one was this, as you can see above. I tracked him since the New London, and I also got some intel from Mr. Scorpius on the route that lackey tends to use. So I headed for Cortez and I parked my ship few dozens clicks from the Manchester Jump Gate.

[Image: JyEuHxF.png]
This was the second time I caught him in Manchester.

[Image: ATHCBqx.png]
Today I got lucky with Interspace trash in Manchester on a trade lane for New London jump gate. I tracked his location while he was in Manchester, but I was too late as he already entered the New London system. So I decided to lay a trap and wait him on his way back. Which was successful.

[Image: lhP6erw.png]
Above you can see his cargo, which I destroyed on site since he was lying about the destination he was going to. It was obvious that he is supplying an Interspace base. I had to stop that.

I'll upload the log of his lies also...

[16.05.2014 15:46:52] LH~Rafael.Drake: Why hello there
[16.05.2014 15:46:58] LH~Rafael.Drake: Cut the engines..
[16.05.2014 15:47:26] LH~Rafael.Drake: How are you today you corporate lackey?
[16.05.2014 15:47:36] LH~Rafael.Drake: Where are you going to?
[16.05.2014 15:47:44] Capetan.Costis: supplying freeport in maggelan
[16.05.2014 15:47:49] Capetan.Costis: im fine thank you
[16.05.2014 15:47:50] Capetan.Costis: and you
[16.05.2014 15:48:13] LH~Rafael.Drake: Thats a lie sir
[16.05.2014 15:48:35] Capetan.Costis: no its not
[16.05.2014 15:48:43] LH~Rafael.Drake: How about you drop the whole cargo or you tell me the real location....
[16.05.2014 15:48:57] Capetan.Costis: well you know i lied sorry
[16.05.2014 15:49:09] LH~Rafael.Drake: Then speak...
[16.05.2014 15:49:13] LH~Rafael.Drake: You dont have much time
[16.05.2014 15:49:16] Capetan.Costis: its freeport 4 to name it exactly
[16.05.2014 15:49:29] Capetan.Costis: happy?
[16.05.2014 15:49:33] LH~Rafael.Drake: Nope
[16.05.2014 15:50:24] LH~Rafael.Drake: Drop the cargo... Or I'll send you to scrap metal
[16.05.2014 15:50:37] LH~Rafael.Drake: All of it, now!
[16.05.2014 15:51:05] LH~Rafael.Drake: You got five seconds...
[16.05.2014 15:51:13] Capetan.Costis: fine
[16.05.2014 15:51:25] LH~Rafael.Drake: Good lackey
[16.05.2014 15:51:32] LH~Rafael.Drake: Move on...

Thats all for now.

Current priorities - Nicole Hunter - 05-17-2014

[Image: 1b.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

After attack and successful destruction of Itasca Station in Kansas I have decided to take less forgiving stance towards The Vagrant Raiders and Seasons Station. I have sent two of our Equivocators to Kansas in order to gather firm intelligence on Raiders' cooperation with Ageira Technologies and Interspace Commerce. Mr Scorpius aboard Mactan Equivocator managed to obtain a strong evidence against the Vagrant Raiders showing their obvious corruption. However, while we were preparing to declare war on The Vagrant Raiders, they managed to bankrupt themselves and disperse. Junker Marauders' takeover of the Seasons Station gives us hope that corporate corruption will leave Kansas, so I have decided to withdraw our Equivocators from the region.

Meanwhile, however, Mr Scorpius located Poena Base right under our nose in Kepler. Further investigation showed that an independent Interspace contractor was hired to supply the base. When we addressed the base owners, surprisingly, we received an enigmatic answer from the Reavers Mercenary Company. This really picked our interest and I have sent our Equivocator to perform observation of the system. Once again, Mr Scorpius aboard Leiden Equivocator managed to confirm that Independent Neuralnet Division is involved in maintaince of the base. This ménage à trois between Interspace, IND and Reavers so close to Leiden Station cannot be tolerated.

From now on our priority is to interdict and confiscate or destroy any base supplies heading to Kepler. Furthermore, all Hackers are to closely monitor Poena Base status and vulnerability levels. The cancer has come to Kepler and must be eradicated at all costs.

Good hunting,
Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Foochow - 05-25-2014

Greetings... Today, I was up to visit Alberta since I heard it's swarming with Universal Shipping nowadays. On the way there, I bump'd on a transport under Gateway Affiliation. I intercepted him and he was very rude... Spoke to me two words and eventually complied.

Uploading the scan...

[Image: X67IiE1.png]

Here's a shot of the cargo scan of the Universal Shipping transport. I didnt manage to catch a shot of the Gateway's cargo, but It was full with processors too which I destroyed on sight when he dropped them....

[Image: Gbn1Tzk.png]

The Universal lackey was a really rude one. He said that he doesn't respond to threats? *laughing* I thought he gotta be kidding, but he wasn't! So I sent his rude lackey ass to scrap metal. Here's a guncam shot...

[Image: T3vOTce.png]

Uploading logs...

[25.05.2014 13:28:41] LH~Rafael.Drake: Engines! Now!
[25.05.2014 13:28:46] LH~Rafael.Drake: Cut them
[25.05.2014 13:29:23] GSV-Nevis: What you need pirate?
[25.05.2014 13:29:25] LH~Rafael.Drake: Where are you heading lackey?
[25.05.2014 13:29:50] LH~Rafael.Drake: So? Lackey? Where to with those processors?
[25.05.2014 13:30:21] LH~Rafael.Drake: I'm still waiting for an answer
[25.05.2014 13:31:26] GSV-Nevis: What exactly do you need?
[25.05.2014 13:31:30] LH~Rafael.Drake: Aight lackey... Drop the cargo...
[25.05.2014 13:31:44] LH~Rafael.Drake: I don't like you hauling Agiera cargo
[25.05.2014 13:32:03] LH~Rafael.Drake: Drop it!
[25.05.2014 13:32:36] LH~Rafael.Drake: Good boy...
[25.05.2014 13:32:39] LH~Rafael.Drake: Move on...

[25.05.2014 13:34:13] LH~Rafael.Drake: Engines off lackey!
[25.05.2014 13:34:21] [*USI*]Mombasa[T]: Talking to me?
[25.05.2014 13:34:39] LH~Rafael.Drake: No, I'm talking to space...
[25.05.2014 13:34:41] [*USI*]Mombasa[T]: I do not respond to threats.
[25.05.2014 13:34:45] LH~Rafael.Drake: Huh?
[25.05.2014 13:35:30] LH~Rafael.Drake: Drop the cargo
[25.05.2014 13:36:37] [*USI*]Mombasa[T]: how much you nwant
[25.05.2014 13:36:56] Traffic control alert: [*USI*]Mombasa[T] has requested to dock
[25.05.2014 13:36:57] Death: [*USI*]Mombasa[T] was put out of action by LH~Rafael.Drake (Gun).
[25.05.2014 13:38:04] LH~Rafael.Drake: *Initiating Transponder Hack Proceedure... * {Complete}
[25.05.2014 13:38:31] LH~Rafael.Drake: Next time... Be a good lackey and follow my orders... *starts laughing*
[25.05.2014 13:38:44] LH~Rafael.Drake: *Transponder Hack Terminated*