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RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Sun Liang-tan - 09-08-2014

At approximately 17:25 SMT I launched my Sabre to gather more intel on the UTC| branch of Interspace Commerce as they were joining up for a convoy in California.

When I passed 'Battleship Yukon' I did a close-up scan of the heavily armored Bison-class transport, the 'UTC|-Raiden.Clark'. I proceeded to the Cortez gate where the freelancer from the other day, '[FL-ER]Lt.Nunes', quickly followed. He went on to ask me several questions, mostly centered around Interspace Commerce and our relationship to them, while I performed in-depth scans of his Camara-class freighter and cargo. Seems this one is prone to alcohol too.

After collecting the scans the Freelancer attacked. I fired a few salvos back, jumped on the lanes to the Ontario Jumpgate, and performed the 'Lanescape' within the first five seconds of the engagement. I was long gone before he even realized that there never was a fight to begin with.

At 17:50 I returned to 'Cochrane Depot' with the collected intel and met 'Texas.Red' outside the station. To our surprise the Freelancer had carried on his pursuit to Ontario, and sent a system-wide message directed at the Rogue offering 6 million SC for my termination.

  • The [FL-ER] group of Freelancers is either registered on a bounty board, or they are - more likely - contracted by a specific group, probably the UTC| branch of Interspace Commerce.

  • The [FL-ER] group is either paid very well, considering the 6 million credits they offered Texas.Red, or they have a particular dislike for Lane Hackers.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Rak - 09-10-2014

[Image: RakInformal.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

'Ey, gents.

Due to a few personal projects, I haven't been near a secure console to transmit my progress so far, so please excuse the lengthy report. So far I have chosen my Bullmastiff to be my primary vessel for my operations in the borderworlds, allowing me to utilize its full combat capabilities without much worry about patrols, since you can spot them a few systems away and most of them are too lazy to come after a lone target anyway. I've set up shop in Kepler for now, hopefully the Zoners won't mind.


While I was in the area, I went to check out a certain Modular Base, which was advertised in an open transmission some time ago.

I went to the coordinates specified and, as expected, there it was. The docking bays were restricted, but I reconsidered launching a few shots at it as further scans showed that the base was heavily fortified, mainly by anti-capital ship weapon platforms.


The traffic flow in Kepler proves to be heavy and varied, but as of this point, it seems that the general activity of our own corporate lackies is very low in the area. I did encounter a surprising amount of GMG affiliated vessels hauling a very wide variety of cargo and one of them stuck out, a ship called Gas-X and its owner.

The full log of the encounter can be found below:
Quite the rollercoaster that was. I did happen to grab a few guncam shots of the Xeno Waran Bomber as well as the LSF Agent and the Zoner involved in the encounter.


This was the third time I saw Hogosha out to Kepler this week. The encounter was a calm one, until this happened, but in the end they settled their differences, I am sure of that.

The encounter log can be found below:


I was surprised to have this individual approach me via private coms for a meeting, but it turned out to be a short and rather pleasurable encounter. I suggest we keep a close eye on this group for cargo fencing purposes. Also, the Xeno the individual was referring to was not the same in the GMG report. The hostile ship in question is named "Trans-Trade" and is a Xeno bomber, which was disabled by me and a collaborating freelancer at some point. Don't have the guncam shots on that one though.

Full encounter log:
[spoiler=T&T Group]
[08.09.2014 07:10:31] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Hail there, Hacker... I would like to talk
[08.09.2014 07:11:09] LH~Rak: You rang?
[08.09.2014 07:11:22] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Yep
[08.09.2014 07:11:42] LH~Rak: Well then, talk.
[08.09.2014 07:12:01] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: I have no strife with Hackers, but I wanted to ask something
[08.09.2014 07:12:12] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Ill donnate for your time if you wish
[08.09.2014 07:12:26] LH~Rak: You would be a foolish man if you did, considering you fly someone's colors.
[08.09.2014 07:12:35] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Fact is : Here in Kepler a relief Liner frim Friends got destroyed not long ago
[08.09.2014 07:12:35] LH~Rak: Groups are quite easy to target, as you probably already know.
[08.09.2014 07:12:52] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Jup. We know
[08.09.2014 07:13:00] LH~Rak: Good. And yes, I am well aware of that.
[08.09.2014 07:13:15] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Xenos are getting active lately.... but there is something disturbing us
[08.09.2014 07:13:26] LH~Rak: Incidentally, the ship involved was scrapped by my transport not too long ago.
[08.09.2014 07:13:54] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: As the Xeno agressor destroyed the ship he claimed that he atacked us because we ... i repetat :
[08.09.2014 07:14:04] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: we did not help the boys in Bering ?
[08.09.2014 07:14:20] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Whats going on in Bering ? Ins next to us, so we are worried
[08.09.2014 07:14:50] LH~Rak: That is a little bit out of context for me to comment on, freelancer.
[08.09.2014 07:14:55] LH~Rak: What else did he say?
[08.09.2014 07:15:32] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Hm... ok. He was angry about the Relief Liner... probably because he was ferrying refugees to Kusari
[08.09.2014 07:15:54] LH~Rak: Well, that would sort of make sense. Xenos are no friends of the Kusarians.
[08.09.2014 07:15:55] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: But then : BAM ! You dont help the boys in Bering : Torpedo underway
[08.09.2014 07:16:05] LH~Rak: Or anyone else for that matter, come to think about it.
[08.09.2014 07:16:30] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Hackers tend to be well informed... so I pinged you as I saw you on long range scanners
[08.09.2014 07:16:54] LH~Rak: Refresh my memory here for a bit, if you may. The relief organization is an inter-house group, am I correct?
[08.09.2014 07:17:04] A player who was killed in a PvP fight is not allowed to re-engage using any of his/her characters within 2 hours.
[08.09.2014 07:17:04] Characters of a player who was killed in a PvP fight must not return into the same system for 2 hours. Check the server rules on the forums for the exceptions to this.
[08.09.2014 07:17:05] LH~Rak: As in, you deal with refugees from all sides.
[08.09.2014 07:17:08] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Nice to know thatt the terrorist payed, thank you
[08.09.2014 07:17:22] LH~Rak: Or rather, you do not take sides, when it comes to politics?
[08.09.2014 07:17:52] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Hm... well, Xeno point of view... we take home side. Our side. Liberty only cares for taxes, and taxes are cheap
[08.09.2014 07:18:03] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: But we are traders, no fighters
[08.09.2014 07:18:06] LH~Rak: That is not what I meant.
[08.09.2014 07:18:23] LH~Rak: Is the relief organization bound to a specific house, or do they deal with humanitarian missions in general.
[08.09.2014 07:18:36] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: in general... all over sirius
[08.09.2014 07:18:47] LH~Rak: Right, I was simply confirming my information.
[08.09.2014 07:18:55] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: probably that, hm.
[08.09.2014 07:19:03] LH~Rak: My guess would be that it has something to do with the Rheinland-Liberty war.
[08.09.2014 07:19:39] LH~Rak: Perhaps that you were not providing your assistance on the battlefield or perhaps you have been standing idle during one of the
[08.09.2014 07:19:44] LH~Rak: recent raids or something.
[08.09.2014 07:19:48] LH~Rak: Would that make sense?
[08.09.2014 07:19:54] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Oh, we like it... nice to have an embargo bnear. That we carry no Drugs or artefacts does not mean we do no running. Jes, makee
[08.09.2014 07:20:01] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: makes sense
[08.09.2014 07:20:29] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Well. Let me thank you for your time. Want some Scrap or a bonus ?
[08.09.2014 07:20:32] LH~Rak: As far as Xenos go, they tend to hate the military of Liberty, sure. But they still would not want Liberty to lose the war.
[08.09.2014 07:20:58] LH~Rak: Hmmm, a more monitary contribution to the Lane Hackers would be much more preferable.
[08.09.2014 07:20:59] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: Well... I trust Xenos as far as I can throw a Dreadnought
[08.09.2014 07:21:05] T&T/.Tinkers.Pride: ok, will do
[08.09.2014 07:21:30] You have received 5.000.000 credits from T&T/.Tinkers.Pride
[08.09.2014 07:21:35] LH~Rak: Good man.
[08.09.2014 07:21:54] LH~Rak: And now, if you will excuse me, I have my morning coffee to grog myself on.
[08.09.2014 07:22:03] 2014-09-08 07:22:02 SMT Traffic control alert: LH~Rak has requested to dock


This one's a short report. While I was flying around with our own Irina Sedova, we came across a freelancer hauling some high-grade raw materials.
After some of the usual extortion was done, the individual contacted me in private with this. I think we should look more into this. Whoever those people are, the one's who got their liner wrecked in Kepler, they are tied with T&T and are quite active.


This one's good. I managed to catch a ship named EXP|Shipment.01 on its way to Colorado. The odd thing was the cargo though. Usually modular bases in Liberty can be easily supplied from goods sold on Manhattan and the stations in New York, but this fellow seemed to be quite fond to import the goods in a manner that would require the least interaction with the lawful forces in New York. My guess would be an unlicensed base.

In the end, I could not pry anything out of the fool, who was acting smart around me. I did, however, made sure that they went to Liberty empty-handed.


The new group called UTC have now been branded as primary targets after the Colorado Incident. The group operates in a manner strikingly similar to the Convoy from a few years back, though even if their escort was a lone bomber, they still had enough time to organize a quick-reaction squad consisting of the local lawful forces.

It was all a blur, but I did get some scans:

UTC|-Garen.Oparo - No armor.
UTC|-Black.Water - Has advanced scanning equipment.

8. DSE Extortion in New York.

This is just a mandatory log for what happened in New York, under the command of Scorpius.


RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Irina Sedova - 09-13-2014

[Image: Rcxsqew.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

It's been a while. Today, something occurred that needs your attention. As I was doing a salvage mission with Rak in Kepler, two [EIC] vessels appeared from the Colorado gate. They were noted on long range scanners, however, neither Rak or I had any idea who they were. I took the scans of [EIC]-Revenge.Is.Blood and [EIC]-Revenge.Is.Death.

One of them went through the lane, but I managed to disrupt it and stop the other one from leaving so soon. I attempted to interrogate the Hunter, however, with zero success, considering that the target immediately opened fire on me. After a minute or two, the other one came back and I had to get out of there.

Summary: Those two are highly armored targets. They seem incapable of participating in conversations and prefer shooting instead. They tend to ignore people who don't stay in their way, as they ignored me before I stopped one of them. When in close vicinity, using caution is highly recommended. A better look should be taken at the group's agenda and their movements.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Vladimir Scorpius - 09-17-2014
[Image: vJ2rNNa.png][Image: 3dSZFc6.png]

After all this time, finally a notable interdiction took place.

I have managed to intercept an IND vessel smuggling bunch of Cardamine. After a small chat he jettisoned 3500 units which were picked up by Junekr Marauders.

After that, I discussed things with a Zoner who contributed 5.000.000 credits to our organisation.

Infiltrator in our own ranks - Nicole Hunter - 09-19-2014

[Image: 1b.png][Image: 7.png]

Lane Hackers,

It appears that Ageira vile snitch managed infiltrate our ranks. Not only he managed to sell Mr Rak's whereabouts to the corrupt LPI weasel - but also he was collecting sensitive data on our operations ever since we decided to let him complete his initiation procedures. We certainly underestimated trickery of Ageira spies but it happened for the last time. New security protocols are in force now. Every sign of disloyalty should be reported directly to the Professorship. All Hackers must remain vigilant in the face of hostile infiltrators and provocateurs. To serve as an example Mr Rak has been punished for allowing himself to be tricked out by one of them - his Manipulation achievement has been nullified. I hope this will motivate you to keep your eyes and ears open. There will be no mercy for traitors. All records of Mr Brokenclaw's existence have been erased and the alias will never be used again.

That is all.

Stay vigilant,
Nicole Hunter

Project Eviscerator shut down - Nicole Hunter - 09-22-2014

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Lane Hackers,

Many years ago Professor Phate and Professor Moriarty initiated a certain project which sparked a lot of dreadful rumors, some of which maybe reached you. Project Eviscerator, as we call it now, is a gigantic cryogenic prison where most of our captured enemies are stored after we have completed their mania-interrogation and mental-conditioning, for example using cardamine induced trance controlled by hypnotainment bands or good old fashioned neural pain-amplifiers. This is where all your captured enemies landed. I can assure you that after our re-education program is completed an average guest's free will is completely broken, while his personality reduced to a microscopic remnant of itself.

[Image: 37.png]

However, after the last batch of prisoners we have delivered to Malta the other year and changes of our operational priorities Airdire Eviscerator ceased to serve its purpose. For this reason we decided to shut down the project and redistribute its resources to different channels. Airdrie Eviscerator has been moved to Freeport 14 where it awaits to be dissembled. We expect that we will manage to retrieve resources of cumulative worth of 3 000 000 000 SC.

Best regards,
Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Rak - 09-23-2014

[Image: RakNostalgic.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Ey', gents.

A small update on the current state of things with our relations with the growing Hogosha activity. A new group has popped up, but their activity has inspired many unafiliated individuals to leave their nests.

One such individual is named "Tamashi.No.Karitori" and is in possession of a Corsair heavy gunboat.

The only relevant information about the guy is found here.

Anyway, you will be surprised to hear that this individual, especially with his ship of choice, operates in Liberty- Texas system in particular. I was having some chill time with a junker marauder at the time and this guy just decided to attack him.

The individual was disposed of, but the Hogosha still remains a very questionable group and should be kept a close eye on.

Especially within the borders of Liberty.


RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Irina Sedova - 09-25-2014

[Image: Rcxsqew.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Dear Hackers, a very successful evening is behind us. First of all, Mister Scorpius, Mactan Retaliator and I came across a Liberty Siege Cruiser. It didn't take long before it was blown to dust by Mactan Retaliator. After the event, we have successfully managed to retreat into Badlands. Professor Hunter instructed me to move to Pennsylvania, and needless to say, it was a wise decision. After a couple of moments, a Deep Space Engineering Mastadon jumped from New York, hauling Liberty Ale. I proceeded to extort the transport, but a police Avenger thought it would be a good idea to disrupt my operation. When the Mactan Retaliator arrived, the police dog noticed the changed odds and decided to pay a road roll for the transport.

Shortly after, we moved towards Colorado gate, where we encountered two DSE transports, hauling lots of rare cargo. Needless to say, they have been successfully extorted, right in front of the Navy's nose. I moved to Kepler gate in Colorado, and it wasn't long before another DSE transport appeared, hauling reinforced alloy. I decided to be generous and extort it for a very small amount.

While heading towards Texas gate, we encountered a T&T transport. After a short conversation with the transport pilot, another DSE transport stumbled upon us, hauling some very valuable cargo. Even though we tried to warn the DSE lapdog, he thought he had a chance against the two of us. Anyone could already guess - the transport was destroyed and a Junker arrived to pick up the cargo. He provided a small contribution in exchange for the cargo, and I moved to Buffalo. I almost forgot, one more thing. While we were dealing with the DSE transport hauling Diamonds, a T&T pilot felt generous and contributed to our cause. They seem like good people and should be treated as such.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Rak - 09-26-2014

[Image: RakNostalgic.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Ey', gents.

Recently I've been spending more time in Shikoku due to the increased mercenary presence in Liberty, coupled with my usual ship of choice.

Today I took my Bactrian out for a spin, but- sadly- it was during the late part of the cycle, when I could not sleep. As such, there wasn't a whole lot of traffic around, until this fellow stumbled upon me.

At first, I had no idea who he was, because he was missing a few valuable parts from his ship- such as his identification module. The problem was that he was hauling both gate and lane parts and was on his way to New Tokyo.

Interaction Log #145 - PART I Wrote:[26.09.2014 00:44:05] LH~Rak.: Well now, what do we have here?
[26.09.2014 00:44:18] LH~Rak.: That's an actual question, Ostwind.
[26.09.2014 00:44:20] LH~Rak.: The hell are you?
[26.09.2014 00:44:26] LH~Rak.: You seem to be missing something.
[26.09.2014 00:44:38] LH~Rak.: Also, if I have to disrupt you again, I will tear your face off.
[26.09.2014 00:44:44] LH~Rak.: I am dead serious.
[26.09.2014 00:44:47] Ostwind: what!"?7
[26.09.2014 00:45:02] LH~Rak.: Exactly.
[26.09.2014 00:45:07] LH~Rak.: That's the question.
[26.09.2014 00:45:35] LH~Rak.: How about you stop and answer the question, before I remove your engines.
[26.09.2014 00:46:01] Ostwind: what do you whant?
[26.09.2014 00:46:07] LH~Rak.: A number of things.
[26.09.2014 00:46:07] Ostwind: i got lane part
[26.09.2014 00:46:13] LH~Rak.: I see that.
[26.09.2014 00:46:23] LH~Rak.: Do tell, do you work for Ageira or something?
[26.09.2014 00:46:28] LH~Rak.: Since you are hauling gate parts and all.
[26.09.2014 00:46:44] Ostwind: No i m on my self
[26.09.2014 00:46:49] LH~Rak.: That's strange.
[26.09.2014 00:46:54] LH~Rak.: You seem to lack freelancer papers.
[26.09.2014 00:47:12] LH~Rak.: I do have this feeling that you are in fact working for Ageira.
[26.09.2014 00:47:41] LH~Rak.: Lane hackers do not really like Ageira, no.

He was very hard to talk to at first. Then he dropped this on me:

Interaction Log #145 PART II Wrote:[26.09.2014 00:48:09] Ostwind: im going in bretonia right now
[26.09.2014 00:48:13] LH~Rak.: If you were indeed an Ageira dog, your cargo would have had your cargo floating in space by now.
[26.09.2014 00:48:20] LH~Rak.: You are sort of far away from Bretonia, you know.
[26.09.2014 00:48:44] Ostwind: I had my cargo on pueblo station
[26.09.2014 00:49:05] LH~Rak.: And do you know that the cargo you have is not in fact sold in Bretonia?
[26.09.2014 00:49:11] LH~Rak.: Or rather sold off at.
[26.09.2014 00:49:36] Ostwind: you can follow me or i can take another route
[26.09.2014 00:49:53] LH~Rak.: Well, we have a problem here.
[26.09.2014 00:50:03] LH~Rak.: I am still not fully convinced that you do not belong to Ageira.
[26.09.2014 00:50:11] LH~Rak.: What with your choice of ship and cargo and all.
[26.09.2014 00:50:20] LH~Rak.: How about you convince me?
[26.09.2014 00:50:42] LH~Rak.: You know, before your cargo ends up floating in space.
[26.09.2014 00:50:44] Death: chipper was put out of action by a hostile vessel.
[26.09.2014 00:50:56] Ostwind: I got the larger profict by biyng it at 5000 on pueblo and selling it
[26.09.2014 00:51:16] Ostwind: at 13000
[26.09.2014 00:51:17] LH~Rak.: So you have docking access to Pueblo station?
[26.09.2014 00:51:23] Ostwind: on planet hambourg
[26.09.2014 00:51:29] LH~Rak.: Now I think you are an Ageira employee even more.
[26.09.2014 00:51:34] LH~Rak.: You are sort of doing it wrong.
[26.09.2014 00:51:57] LH~Rak.: Wait, since when are we talking about Rheinland now?

I mean, you can sort of see how confusing this was. Still, the fellow actually talked back, instead trying to run towards the nearest station. So he couldn't have been an Ageira employee, so I decided to question him a little bit more. After a few more tries, I decided to save the guy from becoming their lapdog.

Interaction Log #145 PART III Wrote:[26.09.2014 00:53:11] LH~Rak.: You know, I do beleive you are an Ageira employee trying to make fun of me.
[26.09.2014 00:53:15] LH~Rak.: And now you will drop your cargo.
[26.09.2014 00:53:21] LH~Rak.: Unless you can prove me wrong.
[26.09.2014 00:54:23] Ostwind: i don't know how i can convince you that i m telling the true
[26.09.2014 00:54:23] LH~Rak.: The clock is ticking. I suggest you do one or the other soon, you Ageira dog.
[26.09.2014 00:54:41] LH~Rak.: Well, do you work for Ageira or not?
[26.09.2014 00:54:58] Ostwind: No i don't!!!
[26.09.2014 00:55:13] LH~Rak.: Good. Now come back to the previous lane ring with me. We are going to get you more fitting cargo.

It took some time, but I showed him that running cargo around for Ageira and Interspace was less fun than taking it from them instead.

Interaction Log #145 PART III Wrote:[26.09.2014 00:56:05] LH~Rak.: Good, now drop the cargo you have
[26.09.2014 00:56:22] Ostwind: wait
[26.09.2014 00:56:24] LH~Rak.: We will replace it with something more suitable.
[26.09.2014 00:57:26] Ostwind: i want only money i can gave you at a price that you and i can earn money
[26.09.2014 00:57:37] LH~Rak.: No, we will simply get you better argo than this.
[26.09.2014 00:57:41] LH~Rak.: Just watch and learn.
[26.09.2014 00:58:16] Ostwind: *how to drop*?
[26.09.2014 00:58:33] LH~Rak.: Open your cargo, select the goods and click the drop button.
[26.09.2014 00:58:59] LH~Rak.: Hmmm, let's see.
[26.09.2014 00:59:00] Ostwind: dropped
[26.09.2014 00:59:05] LH~Rak.: Oxygen. Nope. That's not good.
[26.09.2014 00:59:16] LH~Rak.: Let's wait for the next transport.
[26.09.2014 00:59:51] LH~Rak.: Oh look.
[26.09.2014 01:00:00] LH~Rak.: Synth paste.
[26.09.2014 01:00:27] LH~Rak.: This sells back on Ames depot in Kepler.
[26.09.2014 01:00:39] LH~Rak.: You will get more money than for the gate parts.
[26.09.2014 01:01:03] Ostwind: i can't grab it!
[26.09.2014 01:01:17] LH~Rak.: Yes, that was what I was talking about.
[26.09.2014 01:01:24] LH~Rak.: You seem to be lacking an ID module.
[26.09.2014 01:01:33] LH~Rak.: Go to the nearest base and grab a Freelancer one.
[26.09.2014 01:01:40] LH~Rak.: It will enable your tractor beam.
[26.09.2014 01:01:45] LH~Rak.: Once you do, come back.
[26.09.2014 01:01:53] LH~Rak.: We have around 20 million worth of cargo floating around here already.
[26.09.2014 01:02:03] Ostwind: ok
[26.09.2014 01:02:13] LH~Rak.: Oh yeah, get some better guns, will ya?
[26.09.2014 01:02:21] LH~Rak.: Killing these things by myself is tedious.
[26.09.2014 01:02:28] LH~Rak.: Charons will do.
[26.09.2014 01:05:37] LH~Rak.: Welcome back.
[26.09.2014 01:05:47] LH~Rak.: Right then, you will find that Paste sells back in Kepler on Ames.
[26.09.2014 01:05:57] LH~Rak.: Got some Xenosomething Fillers, those go to New Tokyo.
[26.09.2014 01:06:14] LH~Rak.: Every single shipment of these should earn you around seven million credits
[26.09.2014 01:07:35] Death: Volar_Doharis suffered a self-inflicted catastrophic decompression.
[26.09.2014 01:15:16] LH~Rak.: Yo, welcome to the scrapyard.
[26.09.2014 01:15:22] LH~Rak.: How's the profit?
[26.09.2014 01:15:55] LH~Rak.: What you are doing now- is called Fencing.
[26.09.2014 01:16:05] LH~Rak.: Selling stolen cargo.
[26.09.2014 01:16:22] Ostwind: you whant somthing in exchange?
[26.09.2014 01:16:26] LH~Rak.: Since you can dock on lawful bases, unlike me. And unlike you, I can shoot down these transports.
[26.09.2014 01:16:40] LH~Rak.: Well, feel free to throw me a mil or two every once and a while.
[26.09.2014 01:16:43] LH~Rak.: Now go on, go sell.
[26.09.2014 01:17:13] LH~Rak.: Those Xenosomething fillers were sold off somewhere in New Tokyo.
[26.09.2014 01:26:53] LH~Rak.: Yo.
[26.09.2014 01:27:09] LH~Rak.: Remember to drop all of the useless things, when you tractor all of the things up.
[26.09.2014 01:27:16] LH~Rak.: Oxigen and water are usually not worth it.
[26.09.2014 01:27:21] Ostwind: how i can gave you money?
[26.09.2014 01:27:27] LH~Rak.: So are pilots- you don't want to get into trouble for those.
[26.09.2014 01:27:36] LH~Rak.: I'll show you in a sec, let's see what these fellos have...
[26.09.2014 01:27:42] LH~Rak.: Oh, food.
[26.09.2014 01:27:48] LH~Rak.: This can be taken to Ames.
[26.09.2014 01:28:38] LH~Rak.: So, how's the profit looking?
[26.09.2014 01:28:46] LH~Rak.: Better than running gate parts for some liberty company, huh?
[26.09.2014 01:28:58] Ostwind: much better!
[26.09.2014 01:29:26] Ostwind: I want money whithout covering my hand in blood
[26.09.2014 01:29:35] LH~Rak.: Well, not really blood.
[26.09.2014 01:29:43] LH~Rak.: I mean all of the ships have escape pods and all.
[26.09.2014 01:29:49] LH~Rak.: Not like anyone's hurt *Shrugs*
[26.09.2014 01:30:02] LH~Rak.: We just are...hmmm...reposessing cargo.
[26.09.2014 01:30:14] LH~Rak.: Who cares who delivers it to those stations? Corp transports or you?
[26.09.2014 01:30:19] LH~Rak.: They get their cargo, after all.
[26.09.2014 01:30:52] LH~Rak.: That and I am doing all of the shooting after all.
[26.09.2014 01:31:04] Ostwind: there are vips?
[26.09.2014 01:31:14] LH~Rak.: Ho ho!
[26.09.2014 01:31:16] Dude: Heyy
[26.09.2014 01:31:17] LH~Rak.: There's good man.
[26.09.2014 01:31:33] LH~Rak.: Cardi for Liberty. Gotta love that.
[26.09.2014 01:31:46] Dude: All they can take
[26.09.2014 01:32:35] LH~Rak.: At some point we will need to relocate.
[26.09.2014 01:32:41] LH~Rak.: Otherwise the palce is a bit too....scrappy.
[26.09.2014 01:32:46] LH~Rak.: Too much useless stuff floating around.
[26.09.2014 01:32:50] Ostwind: i gave you money
[26.09.2014 01:32:56] Ostwind: this is my last run
[26.09.2014 01:33:01] LH~Rak.: Right.
[26.09.2014 01:33:15] LH~Rak.: Well, if you want to work with the Hackers again at some point, you know my name.
[26.09.2014 01:33:45] Ostwind: Ok this is funny and proficuous
[26.09.2014 01:33:51] LH~Rak.: I know right?
[26.09.2014 01:33:56] Ostwind: ahahahah!
[26.09.2014 01:34:08] LH~Rak.: Welcome to the world of the unlawfuls.
[26.09.2014 01:34:13] LH~Rak.: This is how things are with us.
[26.09.2014 01:34:29] LH~Rak.: Cheers!

In total, one fellow saved, 15 million credits made.
All of the relevant guncam images can be found on our servers HERE.


RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Irina Sedova - 09-28-2014

[Image: Rcxsqew.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Such an eventful evening. We started out with a lockdown operation in California which was commanded by me. The traffic was surprisingly low at the time, but we still managed to complete a couple of extortions. Mister Scorpius had successfully extorted a freelancer for one million credits, while I managed to persuade another freelancer into giving out a symbolic contribution to our cause. After that, the operation was moved to New York, as the traffic in that system was a bit higher. Didn't take long for one of the LSF lapdogs to show up. Naturally, I proceeded to stop the agent, but instead of following my demands, he thought it would be a good idea to open fire on me. Needless to say, the LSF agent was disposed of without much trouble.

As I blew up the LSF bomber, a distress call was received by mister Scorpius, requesting immediate assistance at California gate. I arrived there only to see a complete mess - an Outcast destroyer flying in a convoy with a Junker and an Orbital Spa & Cruise vessel, but I didn't pay much attention to it and moved out to help Scorpius, who was engaged by a police Sutinga. Mister Scorpius managed to get away from it, and I was a big enough distraction to turn the cop on me. After a not so long fight, the cop was dealt with. Then, I realized there was a Navy Siege Cruiser on my back. It didn't take long for it to start falling apart. Mister Scorpius also successfully extorted an Interspace transport carrying gold ore. The Interspace lackey thought it would be a good move to put a bounty on Scorpius - but quickly changed his mind after professor Hunter had a few words with him. She provided me with the following logs.

Flight Logs Wrote:LH~Nicole.Hunter..: I will scare him, but not extort again.
Freedoms.Transport: I don't like being extorted, thus the bounty. So if you wanna make some credits go kill that scum.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: You snitched us out.
Freedoms.Transport: Bugger
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: And set a bounty.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: How we should punish you?
Freedoms.Transport SYSTEM: Erm, forget what I just said. No money for killing the LH!
Freedoms.Transport: C'mon, cut a guy some slack?
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Now say that you apologize. You were chewing synthetic marijuana and there were no Hackers at all - It was just your imagination.
Freedoms.Transport SYSTEM: I am deeply sorry for what I just said, it was likely the synthetic Marijuana that I was chewing.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: There were no Hackers at all.
Freedoms.Transport SYSTEM: I would also like to say that there were absolutley no hackers and it was all just my imagination.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Very well, now you see, you corrected your mistake and learned from it.
Freedoms.Transport: So, that means I can go?
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Now a word of wisdom.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: If we see that you do it again, next time you will not get out so luckly. Most likely, we will take your entire cargo.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: So better don't try our patience. Do you understand?
Freedoms.Transport: *gulps* Got it, I promise to never do that again.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Very well.

While heading back, we encountered a Gaian gunboat near the Kansas jump hole. I immediately proceeded to interrogate it - and after a semi-successful interrogation, the Gaian even decided to contribute to the Hackers. Details of the conversation can be seen in a flight log that I'm currently uploading.

Flight Logs Wrote:LH~Irina.Sedova: Exactly something I wanted to see.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: You will be interrogated by Ms Sedova.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: I see, you just wanted some backup to make sure my destruction - right?
LH~Irina.Sedova: You got it wrong. Cooperate, and your ship won't be destroyed.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: If your truthfullness and cooperation will please us you will be let out alive.
LH~Mactan.Vindicator: I will be the muscle here only.
LH~Irina.Sedova: Let's start with you cutting your engines to zero.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: jes 3 of you? do I really look that "dangerous"? I believe I must feel honored
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Full stop of your engines, NOW!
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Very well.
LH~Irina.Sedova: Alright, we can begin now.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Ms Sedova, the target is yours to interrogate.
LH~Irina.Sedova: First of all, I'm interested to hear what is a Gaian gunboat doing here?
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: Seniorita, actually I was just heading home from a stop by at the Freeport in Bering
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: that's about all of my reason to trespass your space
LH~Irina.Sedova: I was wondering, what kind of relations does your group have with Gallics?
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: Seniorita, you maybe heard of "The Watchers" as I was told they do have some business with the Gauls getting on
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: but I am just an "ordinary Gaian"
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: so I really can't tell you that much about
LH~Irina.Sedova: Care to explain to me their business? I am more than certain you know something.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: well, as the Gauls have their hands over Edinburgh, where one of our more important bases is at, and of course Planet Gaia itself it seems to be unpreventable to get along with the Gauls somehow
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: and the elders of the Gaians might even dream of getting, some support from the Gauls when seeding Gaia
LH~Irina.Sedova: Hmm. Is it just a non-hostility treaty, or something more? Are they working together against Bretonia?
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: Seniorita, look, I'm really pretty new to the Gaians Flightwing, until a couple of days I was a simple worker
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: then an aunt of mine died in a battle with the BAF and she thought it might to be a good idea to hand me over her ship
LH~Irina.Sedova: Even better. It's the working class that usually spreads rumors.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: as I already had passed flightschool I just hoped in and took a ride - that's actually how I came here - so I don't really know a lot about the "bigger things" going on in the Gaians "government"
LH~Irina.Sedova: Alright. You said you are returning from Bering, correct?
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: Yes Seniorita, that's true
LH~Irina.Sedova: What precisely have you been doing there?
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: I found some old starmaps on the navcomputer, which lead me over humboldt to kansas and finally got me here
LH~Irina.Sedova: That still doesn't answer my question - What were you doing in Bering? I'm more than certain you didn't go there just to explore the place.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: well, when I was a kid one of my aunts married a Zoner with whom she move to Bering.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: And in time, I lost a family member after the other I thought it was a good idea, now that I've a ship, to see her again before see dies as well
LH~Irina.Sedova: What's the situation in Bering? Is it crowded, or desolate as usual?
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: When I visited the Freeport it was sort of quiet, not too busy, besides that I spend almost all of the time being there with my aunt and her family.
RNS-Charless: Charless Sezur:Bonjour!
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Just a warning.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: If you do betray your location to a GRN fleet...
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: We will dispose of you with the first sight of their ships on long range.
LH~Mactan.Vindicator: Should I keep the shields almost down just in case?
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: No need.
LH~Irina.Sedova: Anything unusual you have encountered on your way back?
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: No Seniorita, absoluteley nothing happened at all, till I dared to cross your path
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: I resupplied in Puerto Rico, did some repairs that were necessary after I'd passed a radiation area, and that was all
LH~Irina.Sedova: I wasn't hoping for such ignorance when I started interrogating you.
LH~Irina.Sedova: Are you sure you don't know anything?
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: If you're no use to us we may simply dispose of you.
LH~Irina.Sedova: Indeed, professor.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: Excuse me Seniorita, why you think I'd dare to ignore you?
LH~Irina.Sedova: Are you going to share some valuable intel, or will you continue to waste my time?
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: If you need info about GRN movements I pretty much can't help you this time.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: as I've told you I'm not having a ship on my own for a long time, but if you'd let me go I'd promise to keep my ears open and let you know if I can gather some info you might be interested in
LH~Irina.Sedova: Do you understand your position here? Why do I get an impression that you're lying?
LH~Irina.Sedova: You stand no chance against the three of us.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Just give us anything. Anything valuable.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: Mayxbe because you are a veteran Seniorita and already have been betrayed so many times that you even can't think of someone being honest.
LH~Irina.Sedova: So I would strongly suggest you start being useful.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: I will play a good cop for a second.
LH~Irina.Sedova: Be my guest.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: I actually believe you.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: However, there might be something you just heard. A rumor you did not pay much attention to, but it might be important to us.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Anything related to Gaians and Gallic Royal Navy, even remotely.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: Hmm, let me think of it for a minute Seniorita - maybe I will really be able to remember something I didn't pay attention to
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Please, try harder to search in your memory. I really want to let you go.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: Good cop role finished. Target is all yours, Ms Sedova.
LH~Irina.Sedova: Thank you.
LH~Irina.Sedova: Alright, we'll give you some time to think over.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: There's maybe one thing that could be of your interest.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: When I was at Holmfirth someone at the bar mentioned that there are plans being developed to enhance the relations between the Gauls and us,
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell:and therefore corsair trains will be needed - but that's honestly all I can say about it
LH~Irina.Sedova: See? It wasn't that hard.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: I assume it's about delivering goods to Gallia that they are in need of but can't get access to bythemselfs
LH~Irina.Sedova: I'm already starting to like you.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: You must be a very honorable and tough veteran Seniorita, so I will have trust in you and your decision
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: not that I'd be in the position to question it anyways
LH~Irina.Sedova: Oh well, I'm thinking about letting you go.
LH~Nicole.Hunter..: I think we can release this Gaian fool.
LH~Irina.Sedova: Si, you're free to go. Thank you for your cooperation.
LH~Irina.Sedova: If we meet again one day, make sure you have more information for me.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: To show my appreciation, was there maybe something else that I could do for you, maybe some certain goods I might have access to?
LH~Irina.Sedova: Now that you mentioned it - Would you be interested in giving out a symbolic contribution to our cause?
LH~Irina.Sedova: It's optional, but will be appreciated and remembered.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: Of course, it will be my pleasure to support your cause
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: Whom shall I contribute it to?
LH~Irina.Sedova: It doesn't matter. It will be used for the same purpose, regardless of where you transfer credits to.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: Would it be ok with you if I'd tribute to Seniorita Hunter, as she was the one that made me stay I'd consider this fair
LH~Irina.Sedova: Go for it.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: As I've to realize she isn't present anymore, then I will pay my tribute to you Seniorita Sedova
LH~Irina.Sedova: Very well. Thank you. You are free to go now.
[G]_Maxime.Coldwell: I hope this will ensure that further encounters will be less stressfull, at least for me
LH~Irina.Sedova: It will.