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RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Rak - 09-29-2014

[Image: RakNostalgic.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Ey', gents.

Today was a rather eventful day for me as well. It started off early in the morning, when I launched the transport from Ames, only to be greeted by an LSF operative.

After a brief discussion, the LSF in question demanded that I remove my presence from the system, but seeing though as they were flying a fighter- I obviously refused, after which a small fight broke out.

After a hour of pondering around, I met yet another person, who really wanted me to remove myself from the system. I removed him instead.

After that, I proceeded to Shikoku, where I was tested for the third time for my Command criteria. Once again, however, the overall display of my command skills were questionable at best, but it was good enough to pass it.

Right. I also dug up a certain encounter from a while ago. I was waiting for something more interesting to happen to fulfill that particular criteria, but there you go. [1] [2] [3]


RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Dr Julius Gorner - 10-01-2014
...[Dr. Julius Gorner].recognized...transmission.encrypted...

Greetings fellow Hackers, hope you are doing well. Here are data files that provide evidence my successfully performed extortions.

Data one.
Well this one was quite confident at first, but he realized that he just can't escape from a Hacker and obviously can't destroy one. He realized it and decided that donating to Lane Hacker cause is less painful and more profitable.
Data two.
Well this one knew that its not a good idea to mess with Lane Hackers so he decided to donate to our cause. Although he claimed that he is "poor", I had my doubts but I decided to trust him.
Data three.
Well nothing much to say about this one, even in presence of a navy lapdog flying carrier, he gave a very generous contribution.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - HashBandicoot - 11-20-2014

Salutations comrades.

I have been monitoring activity in the Colorado system. It seems the Zoners are moving Gate/Lane Parts through the system. Neural net transmission log follows.

[20.11.2014 13:57:50] Daerune: -sigh- "You've got to be kidding me."
[20.11.2014 13:57:58] LH~Karl.Stromberg: Hold it Zoner, cut your engines.
[20.11.2014 13:58:14] Daerune: "yea yea.."
[20.11.2014 13:58:47] LH~Karl.Stromberg: Your Lane parts are of great interest to the Lane Hackers.
[20.11.2014 13:59:11] Daerune: "Fantastic, then I am sure you can pay me twelve million for them, yea?"
[20.11.2014 14:00:02] LH~Karl.Stromberg: I shan't be purchasing them from you, and you are carrying more than I can haul away.
[20.11.2014 14:00:13] Daerune: "Right..."
[20.11.2014 14:00:23] LH~Karl.Stromberg: Where were you taking them?
[20.11.2014 14:00:38] Daerune: "does that matter?"
[20.11.2014 14:01:06] LH~Karl.Stromberg: It matters if you don't want your hull festooned with tachyons.
[20.11.2014 14:01:40] Daerune: "Just going down to the nice people in the Omega.s."
[20.11.2014 14:02:32] LH~Karl.Stromberg: Well here's the deal.
[20.11.2014 14:03:31] LH~Karl.Stromberg: You will eject 35 units for my own personal perusal.
[20.11.2014 14:03:41] Daerune: "You cant even hold that much."
[20.11.2014 14:04:41] Daerune: "At most you can carry 8 in that ltitle thing of yours."
[20.11.2014 14:05:27] LH~Karl.Stromberg: A miscalculation on my part, I'm somewhat distracted by these troublesome Xenos hoodlums.
[20.11.2014 14:05:35] Daerune: "Yea... just get over here."
[20.11.2014 14:05:41] Daerune: "Well transfer over then make our way out."
[20.11.2014 14:05:52] LH~Karl.Stromberg: 8 will be ejected, you will then be escorted to a nearby base where we will take possession of the rest.
[20.11.2014 14:06:01] LH~Karl.Stromberg: You will be moderately compensated.
[20.11.2014 14:06:09] Daerune: "That so?"
[20.11.2014 14:06:19] Daerune: "And what 'base' will this be."
[20.11.2014 14:06:28] LH~Karl.Stromberg: Would you prefer an alternative?
[20.11.2014 14:06:43] Daerune: "Probably."
[20.11.2014 14:07:18] LH~Karl.Stromberg: The alternative would be a flurry of energy fire, followed by your exposure to the cold of space.
[20.11.2014 14:07:41] Daerune: "Well, your more welcome to try, after a few scans of your ship, I can see that it isn't he top of the line."
[20.11.2014 14:08:14] Daerune: "Not to mention, you lack a Cruise disruptor.;"
[20.11.2014 14:08:33] Daerune: "So how about you.... take the 8 parts, and I continue on, or I continue on regardless."
[20.11.2014 14:08:43] LH~Karl.Stromberg: I am but a harbinger of a much more severe reprisal.
[20.11.2014 14:08:56] Daerune: "I am shaking in my boots.... really I am."
[20.11.2014 14:09:26] Daerune: "So take them or we are off."
[20.11.2014 14:09:31] Daerune: "Your choice."
[20.11.2014 14:09:36] LH~Karl.Stromberg: Hilarious. Your sarcasm belies your lack of wit.
[20.11.2014 14:09:48] Daerune: "Right."
[20.11.2014 14:09:55] Daerune: "Well, enjoy your little escipade."

With my current equipment I was unable to pose a significant threat to the Daerune. Whilst the Daerune lowered its shields jettisoned the Gate/Lane Parts that I could haul away I was able to upload a software patch into the remaining parts in the Daerune's hold. From this I have learned that they were procured at Pueblo Station, and soon we will know where in the Omega systems they are destined. The parts in my charge have been conducted to Cochrane Depot for analysis by our technicians.

I will continue to monitor Zoner interactions with those capitalist cretins at Pueblo.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 12-30-2014

This transmission is encrypted for everyone else Nicole.
In my very first field operation after so many years I came up with a most intriguing info about you. However, I value our long friendship so I come first to you, seeking your opinion.
But don't take that as a weakness and do not try to find me.

To: Goro Yoshida, The Lane Hackers - Nicole Hunter - 12-30-2014

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Mr Yoshida,

I see you are as vigilant as always. A mere thought that you would hesitate to share with me any intriguing intelligence you learned is an insult to our long lasting friendship. Please, do not offend our friendship.

Warm regards,
Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 12-30-2014

[Image: 2RueBG5.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

We have both spent immense amounts of time and money on learning more about the alien life forms. Today I had the opportunity to be contacted by one of them. One of the things it revealed -- or better say -- whispered to me when I tried to leave was this:

[Image: jj8QOip.jpg]

You already know that I am your ally and that is not going to change. My sole request is to know the lyrics of this song.

To: Goro Yoshida, The Lane Hackers - Nicole Hunter - 12-30-2014

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Mr Yoshida,

You are gravely mistaken. It is not a mere song, but a whole symphony orchestrated for years. However, instead of lyrics you should be asking about its colors. It starts with a quiet orange preludium which then slowly advances towards loud indigo crescendo followed by a short blue intermezzo.

Complete your assignment in Kusari and you will get full access to this piece of art.

Warm regards,
Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 12-31-2014

You never cease to amaze me Nicole. Yet the question about what the alien really meant with its message remains. I know you're trying to dismiss it but I'm sure you have your own explanation.

Now, if you excuse me, I have an assignment to complete.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Nick Nack - 01-01-2015

Good day,
I'm here to report that today I managed to finish my Determination test.
There you go:
Evidence 1
I've met this one near Colorado jump hole in New York, he told us that he is killing Xenos to gain a better reputation towards Outcasts so he can become a cardamine smuggle. However he made a good donation.

Evidence 2
I was around California jump hole when this USI jumped unfortunately he was carrying only Oxigen, but he still made a donation.

Evidene 3
I met this folk , in Alberta's platinum field , he told me that he is "poor" and he cannot donate more that 1.000.000 SC , but however I managed to get 1.500.000 SC.

I almost forgot , I was dealing with a passanger liner that had IMG IFF and both Liberty Navy and Liberty Security Force papers , and a big blue jelly decloaked around us, he didn't engaged me or the liner. Also he start talking in a strange language and I didn't understand at all what he said.
[01.01.2015 07:03:28] K'Hara|Tianhou: *** 'ours' ~watch/view~ ***
[01.01.2015 07:04:01] K'Hara|Tianhou: *** 'yours' ~escaping/fleeing~ ***
[01.01.2015 07:04:44] K'Hara|Tianhou: *** 'Ours' ~Watch/examine~ .. 'Interupt-not' [Patience] ***
[01.01.2015 07:07:10] K'Hara|Tianhou: *** 'ours' ~disallow/refuse~ 'yours-escape' [!] ***
[01.01.2015 07:07:50] K'Hara|Tianhou: *** [Laughter] 'Yours' ~end/ended~ [joy[ ***
[01.01.2015 07:08:23] K'Hara|Tianhou: *** 'yours' ~victory/defiance~ [joy] ***
[01.01.2015 07:08:45] K'Hara|Tianhou: *** 'Ours' ~watch/examine~ .. 'Learn-husk' -ways- [!] ***
Also I got some scans for you as well:

Until next time, ~Nick Nack out!

Nomad Encounters Policy - Nicole Hunter - 01-02-2015
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

We have recently noticed an increased Nomad activity within Liberty. This activity has a tendency to be highly spontaneous and uncoordinated, while the encounters range from hostile through indifferent to even moderately friendly. Several days ago I have encountered a non-aggressive morph in Badlands. The same entity attacked our two Bactrians in Cortez just two days later completely unprovoked. The same morph was spotted in Alberta by Airdrie Interceptor, while just two days ago during Mr Nick Nack's operation two different morphs showed hostile attitude at Pennsylvania Gate near Badlands in New York. I have been told that Mr Yoshida along with Mr Trigger have encountered a Nomad battleship accompanied by several smaller specimen in New York, while Mr Nick Nack has reported another sighting of a Nomad Cruiser. Yesterday, during our harassment of the new LPI base at Fort Bush another morph has helped us during combat, while today with the help of Mr Trigger and Mr Scorpius I have put an end to a Nomad cruiser stalking me for past couple days in Badlands.

Let me use this opportunity to stress out how important is that you all strictly follow our operational protocol during encounters with the Nomads and their infected Wilde slaves.

Any contact with Nomads and Wilde is to be avoided. Avoid combat if possible and prioritize escape. All encounters with alien lifeforms should be forwarded to the Professorship without any exceptions. Failure to do so will result in your swift termination as a traitorous alien spy that you must be, spineless punk.

Remember that even those cute little Nomad morphs are not pets! They are potentially dangerous creatures. If you do not have enough wits to mania interrogate them until they overload their Mindshare with cognitive dissonance, rob them of their Liquid Cardamine or make someone else to do the mankind service and kill them, leave on the assumption that otherwise you will end up as their puppet.

I attach several surveillance logs showing proper security measures to be taken during encounters with alien lifeforms as well as possible scenarios of proper responses to their presence. As you probably know Nomads communicate with us by altering our brainwaves in a way that induce more or less faint images or concepts. Therefore, for obvious reasons the surveilance shows only what is happening in my cockpit. Use this knowledge and expect regular alien infestation scans.

That is all,
Nicole Hunter

Surveillance log: New York, Badlands, The Superbomber, 15th August

Visual evidence of "Nomad Extortion"

Nicole Hunter enables internal recording and inhales a dose of Cardamine. Then she activates an analog barrier which disengages most systems except lifer support and engines.
Nicole Hunter: What news do you bring?
Nicole Hunter enables self-destruction mechanism and resets its timer once it reaches several seconds.
Nicole Hunter: We weaken the Liberty Navy for our own interests not yours.
Nicole Hunter: Mr Scorpius, please maintain 5 click distance.
Vladimir Scorpius: Yes, Professor.
Nicole Hunter: If my bio-scan will turn out to be uncertain you have the right to terminate me. So what brings a specimen of K'Hara to me?
Nicole Hunter shakes and starts to breath very deeply to regain control. She then targets the Nomad cruiser, locks on it and unleashes its entire Supernova potential.
Nicole Hunter: Stop now! Stop! Stop!
Nicole Hunter looks like it required a great determination for her to say anything before she calms down.
Nicole Hunter: We have a stalemate here. A balance of power.
Nicole Hunter: It is your existence will cease here if you try to invade my mind again. You cannot be certain whether your minion will manage to destroy me on time without your support.
Nicole Hunter: A balance of power and risk on both sides. A situation your kind rarely sees.
Nicole Hunter: Now, what news do you bring? Was it Miss Corino who sent you after me? Or you are just an expression of the Hive's curiosity about this weapon?
Nicole Hunter: Indeed, it is a technology level you have never achieved. Another argument for your limitations.
Nicole Hunter: Its source lies in Omega-5. Ronneburg, it is the name of it. This I can tell you.
Nicole Hunter: Now you need to pay the price for this information. My scanners detected a Cardamine of the highest purity. I think it would be proper for you to give them me. As an apology for intruding my mind and as a payment for the information.
Nicole Hunter quickly opens an encrypted channel to an Order operative within the System.
Nicole Hunter: Good evening. Are you looking maybe for a quite large blue jelly?
Prim Claark: Alright, I am free.
Nicole Hunter: Do you have more operatives available for a gunboat class ship?
Prim Claark: I'm only available agent in this region but I can try and gather more people, Hacker.
Nicole Hunter: Lost it. The gunboat cloaked and cruised away.
Prim Claark: Last known location?
Nicole Hunter: Sector D7.
Prim Claark: Alright, entering Badlands.

Surveillance log: New York, Badlands, Nicole Hunter's Rapier, 25th December

Nicole Hunter: Reveal yourself.
Nicole Hunter: You surely have access to the Hive's knowledge about myself.
Nicole Hunter: So you are a juvenile form. What is your purpose?
Nicole Hunter: You should know that my knowledge about your kind is above standard.
Nicole Hunter: And I know very well that this "peaceful nature" is only a temporary trait.
Nicole Hunter: Perform following thought process. There is Entity A, B and C. Entity A and B have an alliance. Entity A is aggressive, while B is lenient. B meets C and knows B is allied with A. C is wise. What C's stance towards B supposed to be considering it's wise?
Nicole Hunter: Please elaborate. Why neutrality is the best long term strategy.
Nicole Hunter: Good argument.Indeed trying to get as much information from you would make me better prepared for what is to come at some point. This approach makes sense for you as well. Though I must say that it would be in both yours and mine best interest to feed each other with misinformation.
Nicole Hunter: Cannot argue with that. However, flaws are the motor of our evolution. In constant struggle we are forged.
Nicole Hunter: As far as I know your kind did not evolve at all for centuries. You remained exactly as you were created. Accumulated experience though your "species" for a lack of better word stayed the same.
Nicole Hunter: Really? Wasn't the war that broke away over two decades ago a best example of a scenario when a change should be in order? Perfection of replication is at the same time a curse of stagnancy.

Surveillance log: New York, Badlands, Mactan Retaliator, 1st January

Visual evidence of Nomad Cruiser destruction

Nicole Hunter: You may reveal yourself now.
Nicole Hunter: You are certainly an adult specimen. Though you are far smaller than the Harbinger.
Nicole Hunter: Do not try to subdue me.

Nicole Hunter instructs her crew to initiate highest security protocol and inhales another dose of Cardamine.
Nicole Hunter: I do have a different view on what enlightenment is.
Nicole Hunter: I do understand that you're linked with the juvenile specimen of your kind I encountered several days ago.
Nicole Hunter: I believe I am capable of comprehending you regardless.
Nicole Hunter: Two standard solar days ago a kin of yours attacked me and our initiate near Pennsylvania Gate in this system.
Nicole Hunter: Three standard solar days ago another of your kin attacked two of our Bactrians in Cortez unprovoked, when they were trying to avoid any contact and withdraw.
Nicole Hunter: So you insist that our purpose is to entertain you or die?
Nicole Hunter: As far as I've been told they were conducting operations completely unrelated to your presence and decided to withdraw on your first sight. What is your rationale for this hostility?
Nicole Hunter: Similarly to your juvenile form pilot of Airdire Interceptor lacks our greater understanding.
Nicole Hunter: I hope you understand the concept of equality. I lack the same with regard to pilot of Airdire Interceptor as you towards being you called Enki.
Nicole Hunter: The problem is that you are in no power to do so. You can guarantee lack of aggression neither of your "lesser forms" nor the "greater ones". Am I mistaken?
Nicole Hunter: Indeed - we do understand the potential of Cardamine. This does not mean we intend to become your slaves or that we appreciate what some of our dear Maltese allies have done in the past.
Nicole Hunter: Are you capable of speaking on behalf of entire of your Hive?

Nicole Hunter quickly contacts Leiden Retaliator on secure channel.
Trigger: Should I approach you under cloak?
Nicole Hunter: Yes, and uncloak near me.
Trigger: Alright, going under cloak.
Nicole Hunter: Your general stance towards our species and your previous deeds do not suggest it would be in our best interest to stay indifferent. Answer yourself a question. Our long term goals are not convergent. More so, we view you as a grave threat which indeed you are. You do not ally with someone who planned to annihilate you in the past and is not doing it now only because of temporary weakness.
Nicole Hunter: I have heard it so many times. The specimen Enki was also indifferent in the past but suddenly decided to change his stance. We have learned enough about you to know who you are and what you do and what you are capable of. For the time being your infiltrators amongst the government and military forces are the biggest threat. You are weakened and as long as you stay in the deep Omicrons we will be indifferent to you.
Nicole Hunter: We will be even indifferent to you here in Liberty. As long as you do what we have done with regard to you - avoid us. To send you this message - to avoid us - we will destroy this corporal "husk" as you call it.
Nicole Hunter: Be on your way "Spirit". Open fire.

Vladimir Scorpius: Totally logical.
Trigger: Roger that, I am going in.