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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Alec Trevalyan - 01-25-2008 Alec Trevalyan recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

I topped my most recent visit to NY, reported above, with some harassment of the present Liberty forces. It was a fair pastime, but the time could, of course, have been used more productively or cleverly.



The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 01-25-2008
comm.ID.Refrigerator recognizedtransmission.encrypteduploading data

While the ion storm is passing, I'm assembling this record, to announce that:

After a successful series of smuggling runs and lane hacks, I've got an immense amount of money, that is about to be transferred to our flagship.
We've set up several Lane Hacks in California recently, seeing one [SA] vessel had been disassembled by a Liberty Rogue near Planet L.A., Le.Chiffre announced a contact and I naturally wasn't too far to assist:


[attachmentid=4203] terminated

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 01-26-2008

...Le Chiffre...recognized..transmission.encrypted. ...uploading data...

Last night while my route back to Mactan base for rest I spot corrupetd fluney of Agiera on my radars. On the spur of the moment I begun a pursuit which bring me to California. After jump I was a little bit supprised couse instead of one ship I noticed 3. He though he was lucky couse he met his fellows *laugh*. I didnt engage awaiting for their reaction but they were just staring at me. After a while I said that there is only one good solution of that situation for them: Donation. To be honest I wasnt suprised at all that they start firing just after but I think they were few minutes later.

[Image: kill1sm2.png]

[Image: kill3ow4.png]

Navy scum burned in his own flames at the end.

[Image: kill2tc8.png]

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - looter - 01-26-2008
comm.ID.Looter recognizedtransmission.encrypteduploading data

Okay, this is my third post since I've been booted, so I'll make it something special and tell you a story:

Today, I decided it's time to stop drinking in the bar and move on, to the next level. So I set up a course for Rochester, to make a few friends there and meet my requirements to advance. Dropping off some light arms at Montezuma along the way, I met this Awkward pilot - DJ_OZI. He was transmitting to me before, on a private channel, mainly asking stupid questions, such as asking if Le.Chiffre runs the Lane Hackers. When I ran into him as I was about to depart Montezuma, I was vey surprised. He claimed to have a hacker identification before, but see the record for yourself.

[onboard AC Scanner array record no. 00008963]
Ship: Scimitar
IFF: Corsairs
Rank: 45
ID: Civilian
Weapons: mostly Hacker origin

Le.Chiffre came by, too, and has witnessed that.
I have informed him about his Code Violations and offered to fix one - his fattness - by transferring the excess money to my bank account. He didn't react, instead made a poor statement like "I'm going to Mactan to buy the proper IDentification" and charged his engines. I took his shields down with my dromedary and poked a few holes in his hull for him to remember, but I didn't bother following him, since I had more important things to do, as mentioned above.

From today on, I'm starting to be a little suspicious about the Junkers. The deal went well, I can now get their best drinks [ooc]green rep[/ooc] but when I wanted to help them eradicating a pack of Xenos, noone showed at the waypoint. I rather hope there's something wrong in the Mission Comission systems. Didn't you forget some subroutine while tapping into the systems, my Hacker colleagues? terminated

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Hugo Drax - 01-26-2008
...comm.ID.Hugo.Drax recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Phew. That was a tense day. It all started with some exploring in Cortez... After finding Alcatraz Depot with the help of a Liberty Rogue, I managed to repair some superficial damage to my Dagger. In the bar I learnt of several new systems that have been explored... The bartender told me about the story of Black Bart, a Liberty Rogue who got lost in the Yukon system. He was apparently evading the Liberty Navy through these uncharted systems and got lost. What a tragic death... Dying alone in the darkness of space. I hope that fate doesn't befall me.

The bartender told me the coordinates of the Ontario jump hole. I set off right away, thinking that Black Bart's must have a good ship to survive a Liberty Navy pursuit.

When I reached Ontario, there was the emptyness. Apart from a small star, the system appeared to have nothing of much interest. I endeavoured to explore since Black Bart must have found another jump hole. Eventually I found the jump hole to Alberta, according to a small marker near the anomaly.
Alberta was quite similar to Ontario, albeit a bit more deserted. Again I continued to explore to find a way forward. Thanks to the advanced Hacker scanners on my Dagger, I managed to find a way to the Yukon system. I was close to my prize!

When my ship left the jump hole I was greeted with a strange sight. There was a big star in the center of the system and a giant pink planet! When I got close to this gas giant my scanners couldn't get any info about it. I guess these systems really haven't been charted...
I searched around the planet, assuming that Black Bart might have headed there to look for a station - his only chance of survival. Nothing. I headed back to the Alberta jump hole disappointed, until my scanners picked up something near the star. It appeared to be a metallic object so I zoomed off towards it.

Finally I had found the Black Bart! My scanners couldn't pick up any signals of life on board... I farewelled this ally and scanned his weapon systems. There were some high-powered Rogue Lasers and an unknown weapon. I tractored those in and headed back to Mactan.

At Mactan the engineers couldn't tell me much about the strange weapon. They said that it was called the CERBERUS (the name was engraved into the barrel of the gun). They then thanked me for the weapon and sent it off to the R&D Department.

Enough exploring for me today. I'm heading to the bar. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 01-26-2008
...Sr. Director Moriarty recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Technician Le Chiffre:

So far our attempts to penetrate the Southern Alliance's security networks have been fraught with difficulties. To fulfill your final criteria for promotion, you are instructed to reconnoiter the Battleship Petersburg in the Virginia System and provide a visually documented report on your findings. You are no doubt aware of a jump hole to Virginia from the Texas system. The Virginia side of this jump hole is guarded by the Petersburg. You are encouraged to use the jump hole from California to Virginia (located behind the New York jump gate).
No other intel on the Virgina system is required at this time. Focus on providing visual documentation of the Battleship Petersburg's defensive systems. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 01-26-2008 data..

Hacking the lanes in New York today I got met by a strange military group.
One gunboat, one Raven Claw fighter and one Defender.

They started to shoot on me, but after a short while the Gunboat left for unknown reasons. Beeing attacked by a Defender fighter felt really strange and I thought that the pilot was out of his mind. (Possibly drunk)

I tried to ask him for the purpose of his actions but the only answer were his blazing guns. I decided to engage his ship and it evaporated after two hits. It looks like the pilot survived anyway:

[Image: gamma6th.jpg]

The Raven Claw kept shooting on me and I was forced to destroy him as well:

[Image: schwr.jpg]

I proceeded to the Colorado jump gate where I met the trader shadowdog. His ship was destroyed yesterday after he refused to donate and blew up an LH ship in cold blood. Today it was no different, he kept running and shooting without any effort to communicate.

[Image: shadow-2.jpg]

I accidentaly run into two CCG traders and one of then donated to our cause. The second one was being followed by a large LSF/BHG group. One of the group broke off and tried to engage me.

His Hammerhead was however quickly destroyed.

[Image: fhtun.jpg]

After this kill a BHG Battleship came to range, so I decided to retreat and repair my fighter at Rochester. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 01-26-2008
...Sr. Director Moriarty recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

Rank insignia are available from the second post in this channel. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 01-26-2008

...Le Chiffre...recognized..transmission.encrypted. ...uploading data...

Just after I read the guideline for my mission I was sure that I wont be welcome there. And as I said just after jump I was greeted by wing of VHFs. After tough fight I headed to my mission traget but this time I decided to avoid every hostile ship. When was close enough to the battleship I take only 1 shot unnoticed and second after the hell has begun. 2 nearby wings concentrated their fire on me. God bless the Slipstream and his manoeuvrability. I took few more and with heavy damange had to get out of there. Here are gathered visual documentations of the Battleship Petersburg's defensive systems (Hope they are clear enought for recognize all systems):

[Image: 64ddf7e8b53f52ebbdb5de5cb6c974b991e256bd.jpg]

[Image: 3013bbddb9bdd534b5a05da625f2ea0e5db09cc5.jpg]

[Image: 95d5b4d94b5cdff55515762e01bc8031c34f868c.jpg]

[Image: b9da1ec434e74a05beb6f44e4f1defc2e516c19b.jpg]

[Image: fa96ed8cba5754aff31d1054ab6e30f94accb8dc.jpg]

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - LH~Highwayman - 01-27-2008 data...

Highwayman reporting...

I felt I was falling behind on helping fund the Lane Hackers, so I decided to go out and make some credits. Le Chiffre and I met up in the New York system. We waited for a while, and only managed to find one transport. We demanded three million from the guy, which he didn't pay. He claimed to have paid his dues and that he was our friendly. He looked cherry red on my HUD. So we killed him. Surprisingly, he came right back down the trade lane around five minutes later! ... He was empty and obviously suicidal, so after much of his annoyances we told him to get lost. Nearly had to kill him to get him to leave us alone. Sheesh.

Anyway, shortly after that, an ICO Bretonian Gunboat and another ship came down the trade lane. Le Chiffre killed the other ship before I could get a scan, and we started on the gunboat. While we were tearing him a structurally superfluous new behind, all the lights went out and the guns died. We disabled it? Maybe. Shortly after... It vanished into thing air! I saw it with my own eyes!

[Image: killik2.png]

The other ship we killed decided to ask where we were, so being a good sport I told him. I pretty much knew what he was planning. Bring the biggest ships they can find to try to kill us. So, when we saw them on scanners we took off and eventually jumped to Texas.

We met up with Yorkshire at Beaumont and headed to California. Interestingly enough, these guys had the idea that if they continued to follow us we would fight them. I had to remind our guys that we're not a military force. So... We all ran back to Mactan. terminated...