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RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Nick Nack - 01-02-2015

Good day Hackers,
I know that I've passed Reputation, Cautiousness,Determination criteria , but I don't want to call myself an Interruptor until I finish optional criteria as well.
So today I went into New Hampshire system hoping that I'll "save" some floating pilots, and my predictions were true, in less than 10 minutes I managed to get 25 Navy pilots and I brought them safe at Cochrane and now I'm waiting someone to arrange the prisoners transfer.
And In my incursion in New Hampshire , I found a new installation near Battleship Westphalia .
Data 1
Data 2
If I'm right is a Republican base.

That is all for now ~Nick Nack out!

LPI Extortion - Nicholas Bower - 01-04-2015

[Image: 105a.png][Image: 18.png]

Dear Professor,

The deal was completed.

At your service,
Nicholas Bower


Surveillance log: New York, Badlands, Leiden Retaliator, 4th January

Nicole Hunter: Good morning, officer.
LPI Officer: Morning Hacker. Heard you all have been doing some spying.
Nicole Hunter: I have a proposal for you.
LPI Officer: What is this proposal?
Nicole Hunter: The one that usually stays off the books - the one which you corrupted cops love the most.
LPI Officer: I get your drift. Proceed.
Nicole Hunter: We will leave your transports going to that Abomination of yours near Fort Bush alone today.
LPI Officer: And in return?
Nicole Hunter: In return for an accidental re-routing of some funds intended to cover its construction to a previously unchecked external contractor.
LPI Officer: And how much funds are we talking about?
Nicole Hunter: I believe 25 000 000 SC is a sum you would be willing to pay a sub-contractor to significantly help your endeavour.
LPI Officer: Let me counter that proposal. I'll see that some funds are transferred but you will immediately leave New York and not harass any shipping in this system.
Nicole Hunter: We will operate in New York but we will ignore your transports nor conduct any operations against your base.
LPI Officer: Very well Hacker.
Nicole Hunter: A subcontractor of ours will approach you.
LPI Officer: Very well. A LPI ship will soon approach Rochester.
Nicole Hunter: No need. He will find you.


Surveillance log: New York, Fort Bush, Nicholas Bower's Kestrel, 4th January

Nicholas Bower: Good evening, officer. I was told that LPI offers contracts for goods deliveries to this fine base. I was told that I could hope for a good 25 million worth delivery contract.
LPI Officer: So your the "subcontractor".
Nicholas Bower: I am a freelancer working mostly in Independent Worlds. I do work for myself but take occasional jobs from many parties.
LPI Officer: I see. Are you ready for the transfer. For your construction contract.
Nicholas Bower: I am. It a pleasure, officer.
LPI Officer: I'm sure.
Nicholas Bower: If you ever need anything, please, do not hesitate to contact me.
LPI Officer: I will consider it.

Report - Vladimir Scorpius - 01-09-2015

[Image: vJ2rNNa.png][Image: 3dSZFc6.png]

I have to report increased activity by the Hellfire Legion. However, the hypocritical revolutioners have little to offer in terms of challenge.

On the side note, I made mildly successful extortion operation. Not all corporate flunkies have been recorded to depart with their possession, but here are some more interesting ones.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 01-11-2015

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

Gentlemen this is a report of my latest activities.

In my first operation we started with Mr Trigger at Texas. There, we came upon a Universal transport and a [Star] faction Zoner Whale. After some convincing, both of them donated the standard 2,500,000 SC. However the I kept further contact with the [Star] vessel.

You have received 2.500.000 credits from [Star]-Martin.Miles
You have received 2.500.000 credits from Micheal.Oconner

Mr Martin revealed to me at a later date that they supply with Pennsylvanian Helium the Reapers of Sirius down in the Omegas. Our current discussion can be found here.
Before we were interfered by nomad activity in the New York system, a DSE flunky was also extorted. According to him, he carried base-related materials for Falster Station in Omega-3 but I hardly believe he was supplying a rival mining faction. His cargo was dropped and confiscated. []

The next days I traded cardamine, software and Blood Diamonds between Liberty, Omicron Alpha and the Omegas. Everything went as expected. []

A few days later Mr Nick Nack's Scimitar and mine conducted an operation in Colorado. Three small freelancer transports were extorted near the NY Gate. [] Half an hour later an Orbital Spa and Cruise stork was tracked down. It refused to comply with our moderate demand thinking that the Liberty Navy and some random vigilantes would save it. Unfortunately they didn't realize that they never had a real option. I focused on taking out the disturbing vigilantes while Mr Nick Nack was teaching the Orbital transport what real holidays mean for the Hackers. The Stork barely managed to survive because the Interruptor had to go while I destroyed one of the two vigilantes with the other one fleeing away. Obviously I easily managed to flee from the three 5th ships. [] A day afterwards I intercepted an Ageira~ Bison in Shikoku carrying Gate-Lane Parts. It was commanded by Anthony Hall, the Director of Jump Gate and Trade Lane Network Department. Unfortunately within a few minutes another Bison and an escort joined him - and due to lack of assistance - I successfuly fled. []

Yesterday, while traversing near Freeport 4, I noticed an [HF] ship landing there. [] In New York system, a DSE) Mastodon was heading to the Doe Industries base carrying base maintainance materials. The low-paid captain, as he admitted about himself, was stripped from his possessions. [] Later on, in Shikoku, an [ALG] transport was extorted for 2.5 million credits. It was carrying materials for the Junker base in Texas system. [] Back in Pennsylvania, a *USI* transport was tracked down. It carried Hull Segments. It was so terrified that much that it didn't say a single word only trying to thrust to the closest base. Of course I didn't disturb his distress and destroyed the transport right before it reached the base. Creating foul hopes is my favourite dish, I admit. [] During that time I'd also like to report the extortion of a BMM Percheron, two Freelanced-IFF trasports, a rude IMG Hegemon and the explosion of a bomber escort.

Finally, I should also mention that before my leave I hadn't reported the extortion of IC|Lawrence and the destruction of two DSE flunkies in Alberta. []

Report - Vladimir Scorpius - 01-15-2015

[Image: vJ2rNNa.png][Image: 3dSZFc6.png]

During the past week I have been roaming Liberty and had a lot of encounter that are worth mentioning.

In New York system, a Liberty Navy Guardian and I started a skirmish that ended rather poorly for the cocky officer.

Later on, a Hellfire Bayonet showed up and instantly tried fleeing towards Colorado. Seeing the enemy in panic for his safety, I abused it and engaged in short fight that was swiftly ended.

When I was focusing on targeting corporate wallets, I encountered a Hegemon transporting Counterfeit Software. It had Kusari Naval Forces IFF but otherwise was a Freelancer. Pilot decided to open fire on me and I retaliated by destroying his Cheetah thruster and giving opportunity to get caught red handed or successfully distribute our product.

Colorado Gates are known for their dense traffic. Therefore, ambushing transports are very rewarding. This GMG vessel complied with my demand and wired four million credits. The DSE) flunky however was supplying their base and according to our usual protocol, was departed with all of the cargo. The Bounty Hunter Orca kept following me and thus was destroyed. His colleague was late for the fireworks but left crippled.

Causing enough of chaos in Liberty, I moved to Manchester where we were faced with numerous opposition, starting with a Bounty Hunter Sabre who decided to become an obstacle that had to be nuked together with officer who decided to go down with a bang.

At the usual spot of my operations, I have encountered a vessel that failed to comply with my demands and received a lot of back up. Captain was forced out of his ship after being blasted to pieces. Being at complete disadvantage, I still managed to evade three hostile ships.

Moving out of hot zone, I proceeded towards Shikoku, where I received a mediocre contribution.

There is nothing easier and more pleasant than being presented a golden opportunity to destroy isolated ship. Navy is known to send crafts without any backup. Good example is this Gunboat which was quickly downed.

During my trip to Malta, I was intercepted by a optimistic Gallic Junker Sunbeam. It was no threat and I safely arrived to nearest Freeport. However, when the next opportunity presented due to Mr. Yoshida intercepting same pilot and trying to interrogate, I made the same demand of passage toll. The idiot was broke and failed to meet my demands. It met it's end. Blaze hunter decided to engage me there as well but quickly was shot at and limped back to lick its wounds.

On the limping, licking and overall incompetence that our opponents have to offer, this one takes the cake. A lone Liberty Siege Cruiser decided to engage me at Fort Bush. I managed to hack defence protocols of nearby stations and focus fire on the Cruiser. With Mr. Yoshida present, Liberty Navy forces soon closed in on us and I had to provide some cover fire for our lone Broadsword. After lengthy battle, the cruiser was finally crippled and destroyed. Mr. Yoshida was focused by three [LN] ships but masterfully escaped. I wanted to secure his escape and acted as a scapegoat. They took the bait, broke off from his pursuit and focused on me. On the way there, two of hostiles broke off and intercepted a craft belonging to Rheinland Military. Alan Jones followed me through the Gate with hopes to finish me off. Sadly, he was too optimistic when I decided to show what Hackers are capable off by pulling an explosive finish.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Nick Nack - 01-17-2015

[Image: NickNackFormal.png]

Good day Professor ,
Today I managed to mania-interrogate [*USI*]Charleston[P]. Here are my logs.
[17.01.2015 09:33:32] LH~Nick.Nack: First question what is your name?
[17.01.2015 09:33:56] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: Tam: Tam Nyund president of USI
[17.01.2015 09:34:03] LH~Nick.Nack: very well
[17.01.2015 09:34:13] LH~Nick.Nack: Second question where do you bring that?
[17.01.2015 09:34:39] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: Tam: taking it to our base in penn for our core upgrade
[17.01.2015 09:34:58] LH~Nick.Nack: What is the Core upgrade progress status?
[17.01.2015 09:35:27] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: this is the last load before the upgrade
[17.01.2015 09:35:38] LH~Nick.Nack: And what Core will be after this?
[17.01.2015 09:35:48] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: it will be core 2
[17.01.2015 09:35:56] LH~Nick.Nack: Base name?
[17.01.2015 09:36:22] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: elmenton storage and imports
[17.01.2015 09:36:56] LH~Nick.Nack: What do you know about Airdronack Station?LPI base near Bush?
[17.01.2015 09:37:48] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: I know it's there that's about it USI hasn't had any business with that base yet
[17.01.2015 09:38:00] LH~Nick.Nack: Do you know who suplly it?
[17.01.2015 09:38:11] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: nope
[17.01.2015 09:38:26] LH~Nick.Nack: Okay...
[17.01.2015 09:38:52] LH~Nick.Nack: NOw I want to know what planes have USI for future
[17.01.2015 09:39:05] LH~Nick.Nack: plans*
[17.01.2015 09:39:08] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: we are still deciding that
[17.01.2015 09:39:21] LH~Nick.Nack: Deciding between?
[17.01.2015 09:39:44] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: at this time we really have nothing planned for the future yet
[17.01.2015 09:40:23] LH~Nick.Nack: Very many empoyees fo [*USI*] have?
[17.01.2015 09:41:10] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: right now we only have 6 or 7 we have lost contatc with a lot of our employees their locations are unknown at this time
[17.01.2015 09:41:28] LH~Nick.Nack: Unkown?Are they missing or what?
[17.01.2015 09:41:47] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: we haven't heard from some of them in months
[17.01.2015 09:42:12] LH~Nick.Nack: What was their mission?
[17.01.2015 09:42:31] LH~Nick.Nack: I mean they can't just disapear
[17.01.2015 09:43:07] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: they had gone looking for more trade routes and we lost all contact with them
[17.01.2015 09:43:24] LH~Nick.Nack: That is strange..and who is second in command?
[17.01.2015 09:44:10] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: right now we don't have one they got called away on business and haven't returned
[17.01.2015 09:44:39] LH~Nick.Nack: Alright
[17.01.2015 09:44:48] LH~Nick.Nack: And i guess USI is hiring
[17.01.2015 09:44:59] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: yes we are
[17.01.2015 09:45:16] LH~Nick.Nack: Dont mind me ...but how much do you pay your employees?
[17.01.2015 09:46:29] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: trainees don't get paid except for their profits from their runs. once you make employee then you get paid a percentage
[17.01.2015 09:47:35] LH~Nick.Nack: Very well, 1 more question what corporations usually dock on Airdronack?
[17.01.2015 09:48:29] [*USI*]Charleston[P]: i believe it's open to all lawfuls but like i have said we haven't visited the station yet
[17.01.2015 09:48:53] LH~Nick.Nack: Very well , you can go now
And I got some visuals for you as well.
Data 1
Data 2
That's all for now ~Nick Nack out

Internal Report - Vladimir Scorpius - 01-17-2015

[Image: vJ2rNNa.png][Image: 3dSZFc6.png]

While harrassing New York, I was "intercepted" by two Liberty Police Guardians. Pilots thought they have a chance, however soon they were proven otherwise. The first hostile was shot down while the next one suffered implosion. I managed to capture great video footage.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Sun Liang-tan - 01-28-2015

[Image: sALJgNm.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Fellow Hackers, I have been heavily occupied improving my skills in the combat simulator at Mactan. The transition from a bloated, corporate desktop lackey to a true Lane Hacker is not easy, but increased doses of Cardamine has helped me improve beyond what I previously thought possible. I feel invigorated, unstoppable... And that nearly got me killed, as I'll explain later.

On January 9th I launched from Cochrane Depot to rendezvous with Mr. Scorpius. There was some light Xeno activity in Colorado, a Mr. Hank.Jones was harrasing traders. He didn't show hostility towards me, so I asked him to leave and he kindly did. A wise decision on his part as Mr. Scorpius was arriving and the Xeno would have been both outnumbered and outclassed.

We left Colorado shortly after to go look for a Platinum miner in Alberta. When we found the USI-Triton, the ship was hit by a sudden Ion Storm, but eventually the captain was extorted.

Immediately after the extortion, we set up ambush in California to catch an IC trade vessel, the [BP-I]-Stargazer#, carrying Optronic Arrays and interesting equipment. As he was interrogated and extorted by myself, Mr. Scorpius took care of the BMM miner Tim_Jan.

Mr. Scorpius' suspicions should prove to be right, and moments later we were assaulted by a Liberty Navy Dreadnought. I had not wholly understood the urgency of the situation when I was interrogating the IC scum, a mistake I won't make again. Feeling over-confident, we continued the extortion of SFMC|Starswine while dodging incoming fire from the Capital Ship, when a Freelancer with a cargo hold full of Torpedos and Missiles arrived and forced us to disengage. My ship was heavily damaged, but fortunately today's extortions covered the repair bills - several times over.

That is more or less all I have to report, except for one extortion of the DSE)Antei on my way to Mactan last night.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Nick Nack - 02-01-2015

[Image: NickNackFormal.png]

Good day Hackers!
I'm here to report my lastest activities.
First off al I was roaming around Cortez gate in California when I've met a Council "L'Ana" who was carrying Beryllium to Taxas, he agreed to pay my tax, after I moved to Rochester to pick up Basic Alloys which was delivered to our Blood Dragons allies, on my way back I picked up some Cardamine from Ainu Depot.
And what do you think I found in Kepler? an "Oasis" with Freelancer papers and Navy Guard IFF full with artifacts , however he was "smart" enough to shoot me instead of paying, but I showed him how things works.
The artifacts was picked up by one of our covert ships and deilvered to Manhattan while I kept going to Cochrane, I reached Cochrane Depot safe where I sold the Cardamine.
I've also sent 5.000.000 SC to R&D.
This is all for now ~Nick Nack out~

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 02-06-2015

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

My dear colleagues, this is a report on my latest activities.

Firstly I would like to report the appearance of several new Interspace sub-groups. The Knight Industries, the Rosenkov and the GLS. Juicy targets all of them. The Knights after a couple of extortions seem to use more escorts on their convoys which means we need numbers as well in order to match them in equal terms. In the GLS encounter, the Junker Marauders proved their usefulness and efficiency once again as they arrived in the scene, tractored the cargo and I personally made 16 million credits. [] Furthermore, an [ALG] transport was extorted while carrying toxic waste from Detroit Munitions and a Universal transport carrying Jump Gate Parts. In the latter case, the transport was destroyed on sight and the cargo was retrieved by one of our transports and safely transported to Leiden for further examination. [] Finally, a Samura transport was intercepted. The captain provided me with some intel but I expect more about it in the future. And I just know the way to apply pressure on him... []

Quote:Samura|-Kitadake: If I were to tell you some juicy tidbits, perhaps I could be let go without hassle, hai?
LH~Corporate.Misfortune: Yes. Information is my trade, Samura.
LH~Corporate.Misfortune: But if they are as useful as this lamp deal you wanted to strike before
LH~Corporate.Misfortune: I am going to shoot you without asking you anything
Samura|-Kitadake: I've been hearing that the Gallics have been moving some parts down to Kusari lately, though no one is entirely sure why
Samura|-Kitadake: Rumors from Hokkaido have long said Samura was close to building our own gates though...
Samura|-Kitadake: I have wondered if they are connected?
LH~Corporate.Misfortune: I thought the Jump gate project in Hokkaido was finished
Samura|-Kitadake: The bartender on Sapporo contends that was just Phase 1. I haven't shipped enough that way to know for sure though
Samura|-Kitadake: It would certainly look good to have Kusari built gates in Kusari though
LH~Corporate.Misfortune: That's an interesting story.
LH~Corporate.Misfortune: It could get you away from this unfortunate situation
LH~Corporate.Misfortune: But the problem is that it may merely be a fabrication
LH~Corporate.Misfortune: Is there an actual way to follow on this rumor of yours?
Samura|-Kitadake: Hmmm, I suppose that is true, perhaps I could combine it with a small pile of boron and move along safely?
Samura|-Kitadake: I suppose you could investigate the activity in Hokkaido and Rishiri yourself, but it's pretty far away
LH~Corporate.Misfortune: Or you could find out more for me and send me the intel via the neural net.
LH~Corporate.Misfortune: And if that doesn't happen. I promise you that the next Samura| transports will be destroyed on sight after being explained, that Kitadake caused offense.
Samura|-Kitadake: That could work, hai, perhaps we could also find some mutual business interests...
LH~Corporate.Misfortune: Excellent then
LH~Corporate.Misfortune: I am waiting for what you will uncover over the neural net
Samura|-Kitadake: I will see what I can find out
Samura|-Kitadake: Perhaps I should head off and do that, yes?
LH~Corporate.Misfortune: You do remember what is at stake here, yes?
Samura|-Kitadake: Hai, corporate frowns on getting our fellow transports exploded
LH~Corporate.Misfortune: They wouldn't get away with some Boron. You could have in this situation, but they won't.

Moving on, I have started conducting operations in the Honshu - Okinawa corridor against IC| with several successes so far. The Interspace owns at least one base in Okinawa and they seem to have completely moved their operations there from Liberty. It started with the mania-interrogation of IC|Buffalo and his public humiliation after he remarkably failed to destroy the cargo that he was carrying and then with the mania-interrogation of the Interspace CEO, Merkana Shirou. Twice. In both cases the CEO refused to cooperate and was annihilated as a result of it. The IC| has recently started to use escorts, and thus I'd like to request more operatives to come to the hideout in order to provide assistance. []

Quote:LH~Mactan.Suppressor: Ah there you are.
IC|Mercana.Shirou: There I am? Have you been expecting me? *smiles*
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: Hmm. Cut your engines.
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: Or I will cut them. In a more permanent manner.
IC|Mercana.Shirou: Well then, what might you be doing in Honshu pilot?
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: This is not a proper question. Pilots first exhange their names, yes?
IC|Mercana.Shirou: I am Mr. Mercana Mishi Shirou, CEO of Interspace Commerce, and who might you be? *nods*
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: I am Mr Yoshida, of the Lane Hackers.
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: Do you know me?
IC|Mercana.Shirou: Nice to meet you Mr Yoshida, what brings you to Honshu today?
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: Well, to be honest. You brought me to Honshu.
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: Would you mind answering my question as well?
IC|Mercana.Shirou: Well do ellaborate then Hacker.
IC|Mercana.Shirou: Do I know you? No.
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: Ahh to bad. My reputation must have diminished the years that I was away.
IC|Mercana.Shirou: Well then, lets get down to business shall we? I've a few meetings to attend to if you could be so kind *smiles*
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: Have you heard the reports from Buffalo the previous days?
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: I think your meetings have to wait for now. Larger things are at stake at the moment.
IC|Mercana.Shirou: Buffalo?
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: IC|Buffalo. Captain Elias.
IC|Mercana.Shirou: Hmm I have many pilots that I employ sir, let me check my database... ahh yes Mr. Elias.
IC|Mercana.Shirou: What about him?
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: He suffered miserably at my hands. A few days ago. In this very system.
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: If you hadn't neglected reading his reports, you'd not have asked me why I am here.
IC|Mercana.Shirou: Ahh you're the pilot then.
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: Do you wish to suffer the same fate, Mr Shirou?
IC|Mercana.Shirou: What are you getting at Hacker?
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: I need some intel. And if I am not going to get that intel, you will share Elias' fate.
IC|Mercana.Shirou: Hmm, and what kind if "intel" do you need sir?
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: I would like to know all your assets in Okinawa system. You are apparently very busy in that system.
IC|Mercana.Shirou: Hmm, whats it to you?
IC|Mercana.Shirou: You know that is Gas Miners Guild sovereign space correct? *grins*
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: I tried to explain to Mr Elias that he cannot bargain in his dire situation that he was in but he couldn't realize it.
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: He always asked for things in return. Apparently this is a corporate trait, since you also have that attidute.
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: So let me make this very clear. I am the one making the questions here!
IC|Mercana.Shirou: *looks stern* Get to the point, whats it to you?
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: Again. I have no need to answer that question. But you should.
IC|Mercana.Shirou: *Yawns boredly* I reiterate, what do you need with this intel?
IC|Mercana.Shirou: It must serve some sort of gain to you, would you use it to further harass my employees?
IC|Mercana.Shirou: I'm not stupid Mr. Yoshida
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: Interspace Commerce is one of our top targets. You already know that.
IC|Mercana.Shirou: You're dealing with a stone cold businessman, you think a desk job would make a man soft but money only made me grow colder.
IC|Mercana.Shirou: And you are of course ours as well *smiles*
IC|Mercana.Shirou: *lights a cigar, inhailing sharply*
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: Ah. So you are a cold businessman? When you will be ready to reply, tell me to stop.
IC|Mercana.Shirou: How about this, you turn tail and run now.
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: Powering up weapons

(his ship starts to crack under fire - an ion storm hits)

LH~Mactan.Suppressor: I am not sure how we ended up in Okinawa. Probably some ion storm, yes?
IC|Mercana.Shirou: Well then, you heard my warning, shoo!
LH~Mactan.Suppressor: Where were we?
IC|Mercana.Shirou: Right here baby *drops cigar* Prepare to die!

Death: IC|Mercana.Shirou was put out of action by LH~Mactan.Suppressor (Gun).

But it wasn't only Interspace Commerce that was extensively targetted but also the *USI*. I hijacked a Universal transport in Kepler before the so-called authorities could make it, and a few days afterwards the President of Universal Shipping fell to my trap. He was mania-interrogated along with the help of Mr Liang-tan and eventually succumbed to my request. So we headed back to New York system where he made a system-wide announcement about the IND. []

The [IND]Heart.of.Stock was very active in Texas lately, carrying cardamine, of course. The first time I encountered him, he was nullified and his cargo stolen, the next time he destroyed the cargo before I arrived in the scene. However, he didn't receive any more mercy than the previous time. []

The next days I conducted some operations on my Light Fighter. Sometimes I was assisted by Initiate Grubozaboyschikov. Not many juicy things to report here, except the DSE) platinum extortion and that I let the Initiate conduct the discussions. [] Furthermore, I'd also like to report the destruction of police, naval and bounty hunter vessels that tried to obstruct my operations. Specifically a LPI Grizzly, a Blaze) Manta and a LN Guardian. []

Finally, I'd like to report that the [Star] zoner faction, have been supplying me a lot as of late. I have already purchased two light cloaks from them and I had been granted access to a secret base they maintain in Bering. Its name is New Hope Freeport. They are certainly much more useful than OSI or other Zoner groups. [] Furthermore, I made some deliveries to Grafenau Station, the recently-constructed Unioner base in Hamburg base. I also met a smuggling group named Kokuren Construction & Supply which was also helping the Unioners. Obviously they were excempted from my cargo interdiction operation. [] Yesterday I also had the pleasure of meeting a member of a new group within the Golden Chrysanthemums while she was extorting a *USI* transport carrying Kyushu Rice in Shikoku. After we destroyed the incompetent Universal captain, I had a friendly chatter with the Chrysanthemum and lots of promise about closer ties in the future. []

That would be all for now. Now I have to go and triple-check the satellite arrays for tomorrow's broadcast.