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Vladimir Scorpius Professorship - Nicole Hunter - 02-09-2015

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Lane Hackers,

Nearly half year ago I have tasked Mr Vladimir Scorpius with a very dangerous mission aimed at providing us a complete reassessment of the Liberty Navy and Liberty Security Force threat levels through combat, interrogations, skirmishes and any other means possible. Month after month Mr Scorpius was harassing Liberty forces and risking his life to complete Mission 38. Through his dedication and resilience he proved that The Lane Hackers have few more more devoted defenders. As Provocateur and Professor-in-spe he showed exemplary mastery of our operational techniques and I am confident that he will guard interests of The Lane Hackers with ever-lasting vigilance as Associate Professor of Applied Ordnance.

Mr Scorpius, I wish to personally congratulate you your well deserved promotion.

With respect,
Nicole Hunter

Spyglass Network Architecture - Nicole Hunter - 02-14-2015

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Lane Hackers,

Every Lane Hacker knows the bitter history of our alliance with the Hellfire Legion, their betrayal and how we lost Fu Manchu, our Spyglass Battleship, during the Vespucci Exodus. Every Lane Hacker knows that before this catastrophe we managed to secure Spyglass sensor array blueprints and then reverse engineer them to work properly on our retrofitted L3GS-1 Interrogator gunship. Every Lane Hacker knows that the Spyglass scanner array requires a powerful data processing unit to perform massive iterative recalculations of the raw signal data which is impossible for small vessels. However, not every Lane Hacker knows that for some time now we have been designing a solution to this problem.

[Image: 34.png]

Spyglass Network Architecture is a three tier system based on the idea of distributed network of processing units that in the case of insufficient performance falls back on decentralized network of processing hubs. While a typical very heavy fighter can mount at least a rudimentary array of Spyglass antennas and sensors it cannot host a processing unit powerful enough to accommodate the raw signal and translate it into useful data in real time. The solution to this problem is to simply share the raw signal data with other processing units to make it possible.

Tier I
A wing of three or four small vessels can connect to each other directly creating a small distributed network of processing units. One of the ships with installed Spyglass scanner shares raw signal data with all its peers in the network and together they simultaneously compute and render the scanning results. A latency of this solution will be minimal.

Tier II
If a there are not enough vessels in range to create a fully autonomous distributed processing network, a Lane Hacker ship can connect directly to the closest processing hub. Mactan, Cochrane, Leiden and Airdire will compose a decentralized network capable of near instant compilation of compressed raw signal data and returning fully processed results to a lone Lane Hacker vessel in range. Latency of this solution will be negligible.

Tier III
Finally, if a lone Lane Hacker ship is not in range of any of our processing hubs it can still use a nearby lane network to reach it through Neural Net. This solution will be the most risky and erroneous due to typical security measures of the lane network, possibility of detection and finally limited bandwidth. However, maintaining low profile and performing only short scanning bursts should minimize those risk to acceptable levels.

We have already started working on new software for the Spyglass Network. In terms of hardware we do need to build four processing hubs on each of our stations, which will require amongst others a significant amount of bio-neural processors and superconductors. Professor Scorpius will coordinate acquisition of all necessary resources, while I will focus on the software part of this project.

I think I do not need to stress that this matter has now the highest priority.

Best regards,
Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 02-15-2015

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

This report is posted earlier than expected seeing that we convinced Flora to respond to our Diplomatic Comms.

Firstly I'd like to report the successful extortion or destruction of corporate flunkies. These belonged to Ageira~, DSE) and AusPost group. In the case of AusPost the transport was asked to provide the location of their base in the New York system and the captain refused. In the case of DSE) transports I extracted the intel that they maintain the regular contract with the Knight Industries. This is of course the purchase of Platinum Ore from one of their bases in Alberta. [] Finally I am pleased with the attidute of the DSE flunkies. They have learned how to behave and are generally more accepting than their accomplices from other corporations.

Moving on, I should mention that while I was refueling my Bactrian at Barrier, I met a peculiar person using the alias "Vaelin". An ex-Order agent, who commands an Osiris-class battleship. He is on a "noble" task to help the less fortunate people of Sirius. Attempted to see if he interested in furthering our agenda, but he wasn't interested. In the end the contact sent his regards to Ms Hunter. [] I have also met some [EFL] pirates in Kepler system. Calling themselves the "Erisian Liberation Front", they claimed to being former members of the Temporary Autonomous Zoners. Now they move from system to system while spreading their "revolution". I have informed that pirating without our permission in our turf is not allowed and demanded an apology. Eventually they apologized and then I contacted a [TAZ] vessel in order to receive more intel about them. [] You might be surprised that you have reading access to this transmission without the need to hack into anything. That is because me of the backdoor that Captain Smithy left in his Message reference log. This was arranged when I caught him red-handed in Okinawa. My plan of course is to instill more fear within the Interspace ranks. []

Finally, regarding the incident with the Watcher Pitbull. Flora was caught entering California with a full load of alien artifacts. At the same time she is conducting on behalf of her cell negotiations with the Lane Hackers and one of the things she requested was the allowance to enter California and conduct operations in there. Therefore her actions mock the negotiations that she conducts. However, for the sake of the ongoing negotiations I was lenient to her affront, so with the assistance of Mr Scorpius we peacefully took her cargo for safekeeping. []

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Grubozaboyschikov - 02-24-2015

[Image: Grubozaboyshikov%20Informal.png]
• Reputation: [Submitting]
• Aptitude: [Requesting Test]
• Cautiousness: [Submitting Report]
• Determination:

USI transport:
2 million | Cargo Confirmation | ID | Comms 1 | Comms 2

DSE) transport:

Demand | Extortion

Ageria transport:

Halt | Demand | Demand | Distroyed Cargo | Comms: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

and one more Ageria transport with cargo stolen from him:

Elimination | Cargo Sold

Here are some low-life extractions and evaporation:

My first one: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Transport trying to escape.
Scan of another low-life | and 10 million taken from him.
Transport eliminated after being very VERY rude.
This guy had his buddy run but we made him pay up. | Both of them left with a little less in their wallet.

• Relentlessness (optional): [3] + [4] + [11] + [7]
= 25
• Personality (optional): [Currently hacking]

Additional report:

To demonstrate my hacking abilities to insult and embarrassed others, I am submitted the following report of my skills at harassing a DSE)'s reputation that wont co-operate.

[1] [2] [3] SHEILD.HACKING [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15][16] [17] [18] [19]

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 02-26-2015

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

Another short report of mine.

Texas has recently become not only a hub of cardamine trafficking but also of alien artifacts. I intercepted one more Watcher transport which despite my warning to the former one, it also carried artifacts. The transport's crew was unresponsive so I made quick use of it. A Junker Marauder soon afterwards came and we shared the loot. A few days later I intercepted a TBH convoy as well. I advised the Brotherhood to use the Unioners as a link for their artifact trade and along with the help of a Liberty Rogue that I called for backup we extorted them for a total of 13 million credits. []

In the same system I intercepted IC|Riga recently filled with Premium Scrap. Captain Elias for one more time was humiliated, tortured and eventually had his ship destroyed. Prisoners were also liberated from LH operatives. In both cases the Junker Marauders proved again their efficiency with quickly moving the cargo. Furthermore, I also met a smuggler and potential business partner Randy Rattlesnake. []

These weeks I also travelled quite a lot, as I was refreshing my contacts. I contacted a Unione Corse transport to renew our business partnership but the captain took offense easily and was disrespectful. Hopefully he at least had the decency to relay my message to his bosses. In Hamburg I also met the puppet master of Rheinland Intelligence, Volker Koch. He seemed interested in more extensive cooperation and assured me that IND will be appropriately punished. Finally, according to the Congress, they are protecting the DSE miners in Humboldt. That claim made my day, really. I already stationed a ship nearby and with the help of Mr Scorpius we will make some corporate lapdogs cry. The Congress has been disrespectful and uncooperative. This will also be a lesson for them. []

Back in Rheinland I accidentally met the VWA, the main Bundschuh organization. Apparently they had lied about their purpose in Liberty when they were encountered in Texas. According to the newest explanation, they came to Liberty in order to pick up a transport. Furthermore their leader barely knew anything about us and classified the Lane Hackers as "cautious neutral". They were also suspicious towards the cardamine that I was carrying. Despite that, I was granted temporary docking rights at Bruchsal Base. In the Taus I also met a peculiar female Reaper pilot. I had to make extensive search in our databases to find more about this organization and our past dealings. Apparently they are on disarray. Finally in Texas I met former Mollys who came to Liberty in order to make money, a group named "Y". The message they sent to the Professorship was after I warned them that they are on our turf now. And they should appease us. Useful meatshield. []

Spyglass Network Resources - Nicole Hunter - 02-27-2015

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Lane Hackers,

In ancient times wise people were able to predict future events by carefully observing fluctuations in market supply and demand of certain goods. For instance, in medieval times sudden increase of prices of iron, horses and jewels were often herald of war, as iron and horses were required for armaments, while diamonds and rubies were perceived as a best way to liquidate assets. A wise King observing those signs could learn in time that his neighbor was preparing to attack him. This skill became perfected by corporations such as IND and Interspace, allowing them to invest in growing markets before others to ripe the biggest reward, as well as intelligence agencies such as LSF, allowing them to seek out and eradicate enemies of the state foolish enough to arm in their neighbor grocery shop. The lesson learned from this is simple. Each time you buy something you let others know what you are going to do. Unless...

Unless you do it properly. We have collected preliminary list of necessary resources to build the Spyglass Network. However, in order to not betray what we are planning to accomplish even before our allies and closest business partners, the required wares must be obtained partially from various unrelated parties - so nobody will be able to collect all the pieces of the puzzle.

Mr Yoshida, you have recently renewed contact with the BDM operatives. I believe that Quantum Multiplexors assembled in New Berlin and Nanocapacitors produced in Hamburg are of high Rheinland quality and will suffice for our project. Mr Yoshida, please use your influence to persuade Rheinlanders to present us with 3000 metric units of each.

Professor Scorpius, for a long time you have been maintaining close ties to the Junker Marauders. It is now high time to use them to obtain Optical Chips, Optronics and Lasers. Mr Scorpius, please make sure that Junkers provide us with 4500 metric units of each these goods.

As for Superconductors and Bio-Neural Processors I will see if this new group of pirates can be of any use. As you perfectly know both of these are produced almost exclusively by Ageira Technologies. We need to tread very carefully here to not betray our intentions and this is why we must use a proxy.

Best regards,
Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Grubozaboyschikov - 03-02-2015

[Image: Grubozaboyshikov%20Seductive.png]


I went out to collect some donations from the lovely Liberty public and corporations. Some transports were eager to hand over donations and others not so much. As you can see... I might have hacked one a little -too- much.

...opening files...loading...10...15...50...90...complete...
...verifying...complete...retrieving data...

1 - IMG| Convoy in Cortez on their way to Liberty.

I spotted a lone guy on the lanes and demanded a million for safe passage... more of them came and I took off, seeing their number. They then looked for me and instead of shooting they willingly donated.

<Additional Donation>
<Black Box Comms_1>
<Black Box Comms_2>
<Black Box Comms_3>
<Black Box Comms_4>
<Black Box Comms_5>
<Black Box Comms_6>

2 - Independent Commercial Trader RyanM in California

This guy... I don't know I might have hacked his transmission abilities and ship because he stayed silent and then jumped to the planet and committed suicide... While I watched.


3 - Independent Commercial Trader Dinkleberry in Pennsylvania

Caught the bugger outside the base. He was smart enough not to run away and willingly handed over 1/2 a million.

<Black Box Comms_1>
<Black Box Comms_3>

...files enabled...

And last but not least... I figured out a new way to camouflage with the terrain and wait for prey. <See me?>

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 03-23-2015

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: vGsou4l.png]

I would like to announce that Mission 39 is currently being developed with the assistance of Professor Scorpius. Participation in this special mission is of paramount importance; by succeeding, we will achieve the impossible, the unthinkable. The mission is divided into three phases.
  1. Is about procuring the special ship and equipment needed for the mission.
  2. Involves the computer and field simulations in order to maximize our chances of success.
  3. Is the actual operation.

The Knights were ranked high on my target list lately. They always carry juicy cargo and are for the most part incompetent. As you can see in the pictures, they already fear my name. Their cockalorum "president" is certainly trembling in his sleep while thinking about us. []

But that is not all. Interspace CEO Mercana Sirou had another unfortunate accident in Okinawa. Similarly, a cocky Interspace captain in Cambridge decided to lose his ship and cargo as he was unwilling to simply jettison his Cobalt Ore. So my torpedoes opened his hull and liberated the cargo instead. Soon afterwards the Marauders came and retrieved it. [] In the same location I also intercepted Lawrence Preston, the Chief Legal Counsel of the Independent Neuralnet Division. And guess where his food supplies were going to; Planet Harris. Apparently, leaving an interceptor in Cambridge seemed a very good calculation on my part. []

While finishing our operation in Okinawa with Mr Trigger, we were intercepted by the Guildmistress of GMG. She was easily swayed from my words and we parted in good terms. A few days later I sent her my reply by intercepting a GMG convoy in Colorado. One GMG| transport paid, the other transport destroyed along with the escort and a LSF puppet who arrived to help them. Certainly the Guildmistress has heard the news by now and she is certainly not pleased... [] Furthermore, I intercepted a DSE) transport heading to Alberta with base maintainance supplies. The insignificant cargo was jettisoned and destroyed on spot. But that is not all. I visited Humboldt system to verify the hilarious Congress claim that they are protecting the DSE miners there. Guess what happened. A DSE light miner and Gunboat were molecularly disintegrated outside Saltese after running there from the other field in Humboldt. And all that with a Congress ship silently watching for the most part. Oh the joy! []

I also made contact with the Sirius Postal Service which claimed that they are willing to conduct illegal business. The rest of the communication can be viewed in our Diplomatic Channel. [] Another OSC liner was also hijacked. I forced the captain to inform the passengers about me and our cause. Then the captain paid some cash to guarantee the safety of his crew. [] At the same spot in Colorado, a Bowex) ship was also intercepted. Apparently he was heading Planet Pittsburgh but the ship's cargo wasn't insured so I instead forced him to pay in cash. [] Finally, while operating in Okinawa, I encountered another Interspace transport. I let him go in order to intercept the incoming Knight but of course it wasn't over. He was intercepted a few minutes later in Honshu by Mr Trigger who was coming to my location. What a terrifying thought! Being relieved that a Hacker left you alone only to be intercepted by another one a few lanes later! []

I would like to report the destruction of a Liberty Navy gunboat from the primary fleet with the valuable help of some randoms that came to my location in NY system. Unfortunately, as you can see, our position was soon overrun as more Libertonian reinforcements came. [] Furthermore, a few hours ago my bomber atomically disintegrated a Chimera of the primary brunch of the Kusari Intelligence. I don't believe the pilot survived the colossal explosion. []

The Junker Congress and Crimson Cross do not cease to disappoint me. I was contacted in a secure line by Armchair Traveller that he secured Premium Scrap from the remains of an Interspace ship. When I arrived on the scene, JunkerTown had arrived only a few seconds earlier and had tractored almost all of the valuable cargo. Apparently the Arbiter was called by the Cross despite the fact that the Rogues had the overall command of the operation. I mostly stayed out of the heated conversation since the Junker wanted to keep the IC cargo. Eventually the conversation ended with the Rogues cruise disrupting the Arbiter from leaving. Things would have turned even worse if an ion storm didn’t hit Armchair allowing JunkerTown to run to safety. []

In New York system and with the help of Ms Grubozaboyschikov, I caught a peculiar convoy heading to Texas which was composed of a Unione Corse transport, a Kusari Exiles transport and an Exile escort. There was a lengthy conversation with them in which I obtained some juicy intel. In the end, and after the extortion of an official Ageira vessel, I humiliated them even further by forcing the escort to pay 250,000 credits, and the transport to make a formal apology about the actions of his Emperor as well as pay 2,750,000 credits. Finally, the conduct of the unharmed Corse transport was rude and disappointing to say the least. [] That day I also caught a BHG| transport illegally traversing in Kyushu. [] Last but not least, I intercepted a Samura| transport in Colorado. I informed the captain that Samura|-Kitadake did not fulfill the end of its agreement so I was enforcing Total War Policy on Samura| as per our agreement. The captain was not pleased to hear this but complied and jettisoned her cargo. []

Finally, I travelled to Gallia with software as we were in need of some EFE (Energy Field Equipment). There I met a new and rising Gallic Brigand faction called Les Damnés. Considering my disatisfaction with the Unione Corse I decided to try them out. Afterall, the former official body of the Gallic Brigands was a reliable business partner of ours with which we also shared some common friends. Anyway Christine Armand, their leader, told me that they are currently operating only in Gallic Core Worlds, they are interested in procuring our software products, and they are still taking small stepw at a time regarding their expansion and dealings with Sirian groups. After we finished our meeting in Picardy, she informed me about their slave center in Lyonnais which offers quite a lot for my software. On my way there I was intercepted by two GRP| vessels, one of them being the Police Director. However I skillfully evaded them and reached a Brigand installation in Burgundy system. The police followed me there and soon afterwards a HdR member as well as Christine came and took care of the police. Half an hour later, I hired the Maquis to escort me to Pelussin and Christina tagged along. After I finished with the software delivery, I went to Planet Malta and picked cardamine which under Gallic Brigand escort was sold to Boulogne Base. Hopefully this delivery will show them how valuable the cardamine business is and they will soon initiate it on their own. From Boulogne I picked EFE and with the help of the Brigand escort I safely exited Gallia. []

Goro Yoshida Provocateur - Nicole Hunter - 03-26-2015

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

I wish to officially congratulate Mr Goro Yoshida achieving the title of Provocateur. As you may know this honorary title is given only to the most experienced and dedicated Hackers in our ranks who have proven to be extremely resourceful and skilled operatives. The trials which have to be completed in order to earn the tile of Provocateur are secret, however, you should not doubt that it is exceptionally hard to pass them.

Treat Mr Yoshida with respect he rightfully deserves.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

Grubozaboyshikov's Congratulations - Nicole Hunter - 03-28-2015

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

I wish to officially congratulate Ms Grubozaboyshikov completion of Mission 37. It is a shame that it took her over a month to finally submit the report, but nonetheless her performance was exceptional. Never in the history of The Lane Hackers an Initiate had shown such skills and made such an incredible blow to our mortal enemy, Independent Neuralnet Division. I am more than sure that Ms Grubozaboyshikov, under guidance of individuals such as Mr Yoshida, will become one of our greatest.

To show our appreciation the completion of Mission 37 has been counted towards both Reliability and Resourcefulness criteria. Once again, congratulations, Ms Grubozaboyshikov.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter