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Spyglass Network Hardware - Nicole Hunter - 03-31-2015

[Image: 1b.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

I wish to inform you that the critical amount of resources for us to start assembling data processing hubs for the Spyglass Network has been accumulated. We are still waiting for a final batch from the Hogosha Alliance and Junker Marauders, but as I have been told it should happen anytime soon, so I have our technicians a green light. We believe that the Network will be ready for tests in three weeks from now.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

P.S. If two mortal enemies are unconsciously united in one goal which serves our interests, is it just an irony or sign of our cunning?

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 04-02-2015

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

I would like to announce that all the necessary steps in order to borrow a Jump Drive 4 and Hyperspace Survey Module Mk3 have been made. [] Furthermore, I also attached visual evidence of procuring Helium-3 from extorted Interspace vessels which was later given to the Junker Marauders as per our agreement. []

In Kepler with the assistance of Professor Scorpius, we intercepted two transports of the Hellfire Legion carrying fuel. The Professor demanded one of the transports to jettison their fuel but they foolishly refused which resulted in the destruction of both Hellfire vessels. We didn't have time to bring a transport in the area and collect the floating fuel since more Hellfire ships were rushing to the location so we destroyed the fuel and successfully fled. []

In Manchester I intercepted a BMM affiliated transport using the BMF| tag which carried base construction materials. The captain was interrogated and he revealed that he is involved with the Tower of London and Hochschild Gold Mining PLC bases and has a contract with Betchley Park. [] On the same system, I should also report the destruction of a Bowex) transport and of two security vessels which came to its assistance. [] Furthermore, I also intercepted a CR| vessel in Colorado system. The captain confirmed that he illegally traversed through Kusari in order to get to Planet Denver. He also informed me of an agreement between the Hellfire Legion and Colonial Republic. Apparently, HF wouldn't enter Coronado and in return CR will not patrol the Independent Worlds. Afterwards the captain made a small donation to the Lane Hackers before I allowed him go. []

Finally, there is one last thing to report. While traversing to Omicron Alpha I noticed a [UC] bomber intercepting a Freelancer who was bringing supplies to the Outcasts. I had heard some news that Unione Corse were intercepting cardamine convoys so I wished to see what would the UC do with me. Apparently, my suspicions were correct. My transport was tracked down and threatened by Unione Corse vessels. Even though I could make a run to Cali Base which was 9K away, I decided to ask the help of Klara Fabento, the leader of a Gallic Brigand group.

Quote:LH~Leiden.Traverser: What is this?
[UC]-Demolir.1: Hold, monsieur.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: You better have a good reason for this
[UC]-Demolir.1: That means, stop.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: I have little time to waste.
[UC]-Demolir.1: You know this word, oui?
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Tell me what you want
[UC]-Demolir.1: For you to stop.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Go ahead
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Why?
[UC]-Demolir.1: It's a thing we have. We make sure it doesn't go anywhere.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Are you aware of the relationship between the Unione Corse and the Lane Hackers?
[UC]-Demolir.1: I'm aware that there was a thing many ages ago.
[UC]-Demolir.1: You keep moving.
[UC]-Demolir.1: Stop.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: There still is, last time I checked
[UC]-Demolir.1: I'm not aware of a continuing business relationship.
[UC]-Demolir.1: Cordial neutrality, perhaps.
[UC]-Demolir.1: And you were just passing by, I'd have no issue.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Still, why you want to put this at stake?
LH~Leiden.Traverser: This cargo is afterall heading to Liberty, not Gallia.
[UC]-Demolir.1: But you're carrying Cardamine, and that's not a thing we permit out here.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Here? Define.
[UC]-Demolir.1: So I must ask in the interests of politeness that you drop the sniffer weed.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Define what you mean here.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Because as I said it is going to Liberty.
[UC]-Demolir.1: The Taus.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Well, I am just passing through the Taus in case you didn't notice
[UC]-Demolir.1: You're carrying it here, regardless of where you wish tot ake it.
[UC]-Demolir.1: And we don't permit that. So, again, I hope that's clear, but I must ask that you drop it.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: And I told you the destination is Liberty
LH~Leiden.Traverser: So what's with the Taus?
[UC]-Demolir.1: And I said, I don't care if you were taking it to Rheinland. You're carrying it here, and we don't allow that.
[UC]-Demolir.1: Please drop the cargo and depart in peace.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Since when?
LH~Leiden.Traverser: I was not informed of it
[UC]-Demolir.1: You are now.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Why you have never informed us?
LH~Leiden.Traverser: You see I already paid for this cargo
[UC]-Demolir.1: Many people already pay for it.
[UC]-Demolir.1: That's on them. You're given the chance to drop it and go.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: I think I should contact my friends at the Brigands
Bernard.Picard: Bonjour people.......
[UC]-Demolir.1: I think you need to stop moving.
Bernard.Picard: Is that a Lane Hacker?
[UC]-Demolir.1: With Cardamine, oui.
[UC]-Demolir.1: I am asking politely that he drop it.
Bernard.Picard: Leiden... I already saw that name somewhere....
Bernard.Picard: Back in New York.
[UC]-Demolir.1: Perhaps you can ask politely too?
Bernard.Picard: Oui Oui don't worry.
Bernard.Picard: So Monsieur the Lane Hacker, how about you give me that Cardamine, in exchange:
Bernard.Picard: I will give you one of the best Wine of Marseille.
Bernard.Picard: And eventually a Bordeaux, if you so desire.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Is this some kind of a joke? I heard you have even received a gift from the Lane Hackers recently, Bernard.
Bernard.Picard: *puts on a fake crown, imitating the king voice* What gift? You remember I denied it!
LD|Klara:Fabento: Bonjour!
[UC]-Demolir.1: Last request to drop the weed, monsieur.
Bernard.Picard: How dare to force a Corse to betray his Exiles friends, and pirate them the next minute.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Hello there
Bernard.Picard: Bonjour Madame.
LD|Klara:Fabento: Hey
LD|Klara:Fabento: What is going on here?
LH~Leiden.Traverser: So Klara I would like to ask for your help
LH~Leiden.Traverser: These individuals are overstepping our goodwill
Bernard.Picard: *royal voice* I have been waiting for sooooo long for a peasant like you to arrive.
[UC]-Demolir.1: We're stopping this shipment of sniffer trash.
LD|Klara:Fabento: Corse, well. I want ask you don't stop him.
Bernard.Picard: *royal tone* If you swear you're fealty to us, we will reward you with the half of the world.
LD|Klara:Fabento: We have some contract with them
[UC]-Demolir.1: I have no general problem with them, but this sniffer trash must be stopped.
Bernard.Picard: HonHon, and what kind of contact?
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Why do you care so much for Liberty?
Bernard.Picard: And for my part, I do have a problem with this particular man.
[UC]-Demolir.1: We care for the destruction of Cardamine. That's all you need to know.
Bernard.Picard: *royal tone* You dare to stand against us?
LD|Klara:Fabento: You shouldn't have problems I guess
LH~Leiden.Traverser: I think you confuse me with someone else Picard. I have never met you.
LD|Klara:Fabento: Bernand
Bernard.Picard: *royal tone* But one of your friends did.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: And what? He gave you a gift!
LD|Klara:Fabento: I hope no
[UC]-Demolir.1: Stop moving, monsieur.
Bernard.Picard: Suggesting the destruction of Exiles precious food? I don't call that a gift.
Bernard.Picard: You were trying to slow the supply of an Exiles squad and you dare to call it a gift? Grotesque!
LD|Klara:Fabento: Corse, I guess you don't need anything from Hackers
[UC]-Demolir.1: Last request, monsieur, before we vacate it from your hold by force.
LD|Klara:Fabento: Corse, stop it now!
Bernard.Picard: Captain of the Demolir, you got the last word I guess. I shall follow you *royal tone*
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Klara do you see how unreliable they are?
LD|Klara:Fabento: As I told, they are working for us
Bernard.Picard: And in what way?
Bernard.Picard: Are they giving the Cardamine money to us? *royal tone*
LD|Klara:Fabento: It's our bussines
[UC]-Demolir.1: Our business is to halt it. We seem to have an issue.
LD|Klara:Fabento: They are giving cardamine for us.

[UC]-Demolir.1: Our business is not the distribution of mutagenics.
Bernard.Picard: *royal tone* Weeeeeeeeee~ were supposed to be the one to provide the money for the revoution.
Bernard.Picard: *royal tone* So we could avoid that kind of situation we are having right now.
[UC]-Demolir.1: I'll need a passage fee.
Bernard.Picard: *tips his fake crown* Easy money? Sounds fair.
[UC]-Demolir.1: Four million.
Bernard.Picard: We just want to make sure he won't get away with the money, in order to fund his organisation.
LD|Klara:Fabento: They are working for us
LD|Klara:Fabento: Just remember
[UC]-Demolir.1: I'll pass that along.
Bernard.Picard: *tips his fake crown* You may pass, peasant.
[UC]-Demolir.1: I'm sure our Senat will find that most interesting.
[UC]-Demolir.1: Adieu, sniffer lover.


LH~Leiden.Traverser: I see. Well, it wasn't needed but thank you.
LD|Klara:Fabento: Next time be careful with them. *smile*
LD|Klara:Fabento: Use other ways
LH~Leiden.Traverser: Oh Klara, there won't be a next time believe me.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: There are bigger things in motion. This is simply the excuse that we need to make the Gallic Brigands our primary business partners in Gallia. Unione Corse proved themselves as unreliable.
LD|Klara:Fabento: They are working with lawfuls, so we don't believe them.
LH~Leiden.Traverser: They are not to be trusted. They shattered the arrangement that we had with them. Which means they may also do so with any arrangements that they have with you, at any moment.
LD|Klara:Fabento: We are frendly with them only for docking their bases.

I believe it would be in our best interest if within the week we organize a convoy to the Gallic Brigands in which we will have the opportunity to properly discuss the details of a new and prosperous relationship. []

Interrogation. - Trigger. - 04-06-2015

[Image: TriggerFormal_zpsc232a092.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

Today I encountered Interspace Renzu Liner in New Tokyo which was carrying <ITS> tag. Of course I was interested about this new faction, so I asked the ship take course to quiet part of the system for interrogation.
I will let the logs speak for them self.
  • Trigger: Greetings.
    <ITS>Monsun: Hello.
    Trigger: Set course to G7.
    Yoshida: Greetings.
    <ITS>Monsun: G-7? It not on your way.
    <ITS>Monsun: Why?
    Trigger: It's more peaceful place.
    <ITS>Monsun: Lets go.
    Trigger: Get your cruise engines up and running.
    <ITS>Monsun: Well, looks peaceful enough.
    Trigger: I have caught an Interspace liner, New Tokyo, G-7
    Yoshida: Do you require assistance?
    Trigger: Not needed, but you can join if you want.
    Trigger: Alright, it's nice and peaceful here.
    <ITS>Monsun: Yep.
    Trigger: I am going to ask you a couple questions.
    <ITS>Monsun: Ask away.
    Yoshida: On my way.
    Trigger: What is this <ITS>, sub division of Interspace?
    Yoshida: Are you on a bomber?
    Trigger: Yes, and I am also interrogating.
    <ITS>Monsun: No, no subdivision <ITS>=Independent Trading Ship.
    <ITS>Monsun: We are not employees of IC.
    Trigger: So you have your own faction?
    <ITS>Monsun: You might say so.
    Trigger: What is your position in this faction? Part of leadership?
    <ITS>Monsun: I am elected speaker.
    Yoshida: 40k away.
    Trigger: You make decisions or ?
    <ITS>Monsun: The faction is the crew of the <ITS>Monsun.
    Trigger: You have voting system of some sort?
    <ITS>Monsun: Yes.
    Trigger: Everybody has one vote?
    <ITS>Monsun: Yes.
    Trigger: What is the purpose of your faction?
    Yoshida: Answer the question, if you know what is good for you.
    Trigger: What are your short and long term plans?
    <ITS>Monsun: What is the meaning of purpose?
    <ITS>Monsun: We do not understand that word.
    Trigger: What your faction is doing here?
    <ITS>Monsun: Trading, its a trading ship.
    Trigger: You have any specific goals?
    <ITS>Monsun: Making money in Sirius, beer, bars, ...
    Trigger: Alright, I see you are carrying Interspace transponder, what is your reputation with them?
    <ITS>Monsun: it is very high, as you can see at my IFF.
    Trigger: I meant how close your faction is with them.
    Trigger: How much do you fly with them?
    <ITS>Monsun: Fly with them?
    <ITS>Monsun: Sometimes we meet one in space.
    Trigger: Co-operations and that sort of stuff?
    <ITS>Monsun: No, no cooperations.
    Trigger: So you don't have regular operations with them?
    Trigger: Okay.
    <ITS>Monsun: Not with the IC.
    <ITS>Monsun: We just have their ID.
    Trigger: What is your primary area of operations?
    <ITS>Monsun: By now, Liberty, Kusari, Taus.
    <ITS>Monsun: Sometimes Bretonia.
    Trigger: What kind of cargo you usually haul? High-risk cargo or more regular stuff?
    Trigger: By high-risk I mean ores.
    <ITS>Monsun: We have a kind of contract with T&T.
    <ITS>Monsun: No unlawful!
    <ITS>Monsun: Ore? If we can receive them.
    Trigger: So what are your most commonly hauled items?
    <ITS>Monsun: Helium, Helium-3, Premium Scrap, Niobium Ore, are always good runs.
    <ITS>Monsun: But hull panels and superconductors are necessary too.
    Trigger: That seems to be quite high-risk stuff mostly.
    Trigger: Alright, that's all.
    Trigger: Now I ask you for 5 million contribution towards The Lane Hackers.
    Trigger: Because you surely don't want to loose that cargo.
    <ITS>Monsun: Okay.
    <ITS>Monsun: To you or your friend?
    Trigger: To me please.
    You have received 5.000.000 credits from <ITS>Monsun.
    Trigger: Thank you.
    Trigger: Have a good day.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 05-01-2015

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

Green light has been given for Mission 39. The Jump Drive Mk IV has been borrowed for almost a month now from the operators of New Hope Freeport. The Bustard which will be used for the operation was borrowed from the AFC as well as the Corvo from which we conducted the coordinate scans. As a reward, AFC will keep four codenames of their choice and temporarily the Jump Drive as well. The Hyperspace Scanner Mk3 was borrowed by the Congress as part of another project. We now have the coordinates and the appointment with the target has been made.

Finally, field tests have been conducted in order to make sure all participants, especially the non-Lane Hacker ones, follow precisely their given instructions. I am confident that we will succeed where everyone else failed. I do not need to mention the magnitude of our achievement on the event that we are successful. Extra evidence is attached below. []

The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Nicole Hunter - 05-14-2015

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

For the time of indisposition of Professor Vladimir Scorpius Mr Goro Yoshida will become Professor In Spe. As you know Mr Yoshida was the mastermind behind Mission 37 aimed at exposing IND corruption and Mission 39 aimed at extortion and mania-interrogation of Mr Cody. There should be no doubt he is the right man for the job. Traditionally, Mr Yoshida will be given a specially designed private mission to complete before return of Mr Scorpius in order to cement his position.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Wolfgang Weisen - 05-15-2015

[Image: dcr9Wjn.png][Image: lDHjDNe.png]

Guten Tag.

Initiate Weisen is here to report you his latest activities. Oh, and to request promotion to the Interruptor rank.

The Reputation and Personality requirements were privately submitted. I have also submitted 55 pilots to the Interrogation who were captured during my activities. [1 | 2]

During my operations, I have mostly targetted Interspace Commerce transports. Three of them have been successfully extorted and the necessary proof is attached to this message. [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8] Additionally a Congress higher-up donated 5 millions to our cause. [1]

Finally, I have noticed that our tertiary pilots are conducting patrols inside the Barrier Rim in Coronado, but unlike other systems within our operational zone, the knowledge we have for this system is both incomplete and outdated because of the Colonials' arrival. So I dedicated time and resources in order to conduct a reconnaissance mission in Coronado system and present them as part of the Cautiousness requirement.

822 A.S. Coronado Survey

[Image: FyCxL8p.jpg]

Barrier Rim

Rougly 40% of the system is covered by the Barrier Rim. The Rim is a tiny part of the edge of the Barrier Ice Field occupying the western part of the system.

While in most cases it is considered a normal ice field, the Barrier Rim contains numerous small smoke clouds which interfere to some degree with the scanners of the ships. In addition, the field has low visibility which is improved when the ionized particles interact with each other and create temporary electrical storms. This makes the field excellent for hit and run tactics.

Two jump holes are located in the system which both of them are inside the Rim. The Cortez jump hole is located in C-5 Sector while the Baffin Jump Hole in A-5 Sector.

The Barrier Rim is a major passage for smugglers. A large portion of the supplies that the Lane Hackers receive and sell crosses that corridor. Additionally, it is a major cardamine smuggling route, secondary in significance only to the Galileo route.

For the reason stated above, Lane Hacker wings frequently patrol some sections of the Barrier Rim.

Barrier Gate Station

Currently located in B-5 Sector, it is the only installation inside the Barrier Rim. An asteroid base which is run by freelancers, however some organizations including the Lane Hackers maintain a sizable crew onboard. The base has no affiliation making it useful for unlawful organisations, including ours. Located right into the smuggling path, it has grown steadily and this makeshift base currently houses over 4,000 inhabitants.

The Lane Hackers onboard the station organize the smuggling route of the Baffin-Coronado corridor, provide escort to smuggling transports and sell Lane Hacker information and technology to other individuals and groups. They also offer lucrative bounty contracts.

Border World series and black market equipment are offered by the station's dealers. So far no faction in the region has tried to take over the base or establish a foothold on Barrier Gate.

Ancient Jump Gate

Currently located in B-7 Sector, inside the Barrier Rim, this ancient structure serves as a Jump Gate for the nomads as I witnessed some unidentified vessels carrying nomad technology which attempted to use it.

Infected activity in the southern part of the Barrier Rim is also extremely high making it extremely dangerous for any trespassers. However das Wilde do not regularly interrupt the smuggling route.

Fortune Hunter

Currently located in B-7 Sector, this wreck is right next to the Ancient Jump Gate. The exact cause of the pilot's death is not known however it appears that he died from extensive bleeding.


Currently located in A-3 Sector, this wreck carries outcast markings and appears to have suffered autopilot failure. There is a makeshift mini lab on the freighter and small quantities of cardamine and terraforming gases can be detected there.

Planet Salina

Currently located in F-6 Sector, this gas giant is primarily composed of hydrogen-helium. It has unusually large amounts of Nitrogen in the upper atmosphere which are attributed to its purple color. The planet is orbited by five large moons which are suspected that they have been once planets before being pulled into Salina's massive gravity well. The gas giant is also circled by an extensive planetary ring.

Diameter: 53,216 km
Mass: 9.89 x 10e24 kg
Terrain: N/A
Temperature: N/A
Escape Velocity: 15.42 km/sec


Located in G-6 Sector, this is the only colonized moon of Planet Salina. Trapped in Salina's gravity well, Pecos completes one cycle in 37 years. This frozen moon is primarily composed of rock and ice and maintains a thin atmosphere, yet breathable. The Independent Miners Guild settled this moon in 802 A.S. by establishing a small mining colony after finding significant amounts of Deuterium within its icy crust. After the Colonial Republic's defeat in 817 A.S. they moved most of their surviving population to Pecos which now has a population of over 175,000 people. However there are no means to sustain this population on this frozen moon so when Planet Yuma becomes more hospitable it is expected that the absolute majority of Pecos population will move there.

There are three docking rings on Planet Pecos. One leads to the IMG mining colony which currently employs 480 miners and the other two to the Colonial Republic's settlements. The Colonials named their settlement New Hope Colony and most of the population lives underground because of the harsh arctic climate.

After buying a few drinks to some miners on a local bar in the IMG mining colony, I was told that far away from the outposts, and near Pecos' major wastelands, some of their colleagues reportedly stumbled across alien artifacts and saw vast arches, half-buried in the ice.

Diameter: 6,723 km
Mass: 4.90 x 10e24 kg
Terrain: Frozen
Temperature: -64°C to 4°C
Escape Velocity: 7.27 km/sec


Currently located in F-7 Sector, this is a barren rock moon of Planet Salina with no atmosphere and deposits of various light metals.

It is a significant threat to unwary ships travelling nearby because of its heavy radiation and strong electromagnetic field. Ancient wreckage was found near one of the planetary poles.

Diameter: 24,216 km
Mass: 9.89 x 9e24 kg
Terrain: Barren
Temperature: N/A
Escape Velocity: 9.42 km/sec


Currently located in E-6 Sector, this is another moon of Planet Salina with a trace atmosphere of carbon dioxide and helium. The moon has an unusually high gravity well. Further scans suggest that at some point Tova had an oxygenated atmosphere but after a cataclysmic event, the moon lost most of its atmosphere.

Diameter: 4,076 km
Mass: 4.84 x 10e24 kg
Terrain: N/A
Temperature: N/A
Escape Velocity: 15.42 km/sec


Currently located in F-5 Sector, this moon of Planet Salina always faces the sun which results in extremely high surface temperatures. It maintains a thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide and argon. Its surface is mainly composed of iron and nickel.

Diameter: 3,837 km
Mass: 3.23 x 10e24 kg
Terrain: N/A
Temperature: N/A
Escape Velocity: 15.42 km/sec


Currently located in F-5 Sector, Oraibi is a terrestrial planet orbiting Planet Salina with a thin atmosphere composed of nitrogen and krypton. There are vast copper deposits on the surface which are unlikely left unexploited by the IMG because of the numerous layers of sodium oxide dust which is covering Oraibi's surface.

Diameter: 4,076 km
Mass: 4.84 x 10e24 kg
Terrain: N/A
Temperature: N/A
Escape Velocity: 15.42 km/sec

Planet Baja

Currently located in G-2 Sector, Planet Baja is a large, desert world with a trace atmosphere of krypton and xenon. The surface is frigid and contains deposits of several light metals.

Diameter: 6,720 km
Mass: 6.84 x 10e24 kg
Terrain: N/A
Temperature: N/A
Escape Velocity: 15.42 km/sec

Planet Yuma

Currently located in D-2 Sector, Planet Yuma is an ideal planet for colonization with vast seas and a wide equatorial band of humid tropical terrain.

It was discovered by Zoners at 640 A.S. but all colonization attempts have failed because of the aggresive native flora. The past years, the DSE survey ship named Armstrong was orbiting the planet with a team of scientists on the planet. Shortly after Armstrong's destruction, the Colonial Republic arrived and built a large shipyard on the planet's orbit and is currently trying to prepare the planet for colonization for the purpose of moving its population from Pecos. However this attempt might fail again, like the previous ones.

Diameter: 9,453 km
Mass: 4.72 x 10e24 kg
Terrain: N/A
Temperature: N/A
Escape Velocity: 15.42 km/sec

Sabah Shipyard

Currently located in D-2 Sector, Sabah Shipyard is able to service ships of any size. It is orbiting Planet Yuma and operated by the Colonial Republic. It is guarded by a Colonial Carrier.

Final Words

The system is still largely independent considering that IMG maintains minimal presence, the Colonials are still struggling to settle the planet and the significant presence of outlaws and infectees inside the Barrier Rim.

Due the war of survival between Gallia, Bretonia and Liberty, the Houses do not have the ability to maintain any form of control in Coronado in the foreseeable future.

It is in our direct economical interests for Coronado and particularly the Barrier Rim to remain unclaimed as it is one of the major gateways of accessing foreign black markets. Subsequently I think Lane Hackers should continue patrolling the Rim and maintaining the Barrier Gate's independence by any means necessary. The field provides the necessary cover for guerilla warfare and it is highly advisable to also use Liberty Rogues who also have a major interest there.

Interruptor Criteria - Adrian Malprave - 05-16-2015

[Image: 9a.png][Image: 2.png]

Hello there my beautiful people,

I wish to share with you the recent adventures of Adrian The Lane Hacker. His first intention after induction was to recover all remaining hidden stashes of equipment left by Richard Fitzgerald who died tragically in an airlock incident at Pueblo Station several days ago. The dead man should be happy that most of his equipment was recovered and served to ease the hardships of our lovely Mr Malprave in fielding a fully capable combat freighter.

Treasure: GalileoOntarioHumboldtMinnesotaAlberta

I must say that from the beginning Adrian was very eager to show his determination in fulfilling his new career path. On the way to Montezuma Base, even before the induction, he met a lone DSE transport at the Cortez Gate in California. The kind captain was very cultured and helpful. Not that much later in Magellan Adrian met a Kishiro transport captain who turned out to be a secret sympathizer and even provided him with some intelligence. A very good lad, indeed! Unfortunately, next attempts at finding volunteers for donations became much less successful. Our Adrian had to exterminate three Ageira transports, their gunboat escort and later not that intelligent Freelancer transport in California. Fortunately, during numerous chases in which BHG tried to kill our poor little friend, he managed to spot a BMM transport in Cortez. After loosing tail he approached it and kindly convinced using his charms to share some of his wealth.

Determination: DSE Scan Transfer • Kishiro Scan Transfer • BMM Scan Transfer
Extermination: Ageira TransportFreelancer GunboatAgeira TransportFreelancer TransportAgeira Transport

Adrian got to know the hardships of operating in New York as well - which certainly helped him to increase his cautiousness. His attempt to extort primary Ageira target was interrupted by a Bounty Hunter. At least Adrian managed to perform a full scan of the ship. Unfortunately, during gatescape maneuver his console suddenly powered down and ship was destroyed. Adrian got his lesson from the Liberty Navy as well, when his unarmored Bactrian fallen after long chase in the Badlands to two 5th very heavy fighters and a gunboat. He will certainly wish to teach these bullies a lesson in future. During one of the close passes near Norfolk he took scans of a peculiar LPI Grizzly equipped with a cloaking device. Unfortunately, his operations in New York were once again interrupted by bloodthirsty Bounty Hunters. This time much more cautious and much more wiser Adrian managed to shake of several pursuits which included brilliantly performed gatescape while under fire from a seasoned killer. This close encounter encouraged Adrian to mount an armor on his trusty Bactrian which proved to be a wise decision in the light of increased Bounty Hunter presence and interest in his person. Oh, our poor Adrian. What did he do to deserve such a fate?

Cautiousness: BHG ID Equipment • LPI ID Equipment
Reputation: Sheet
Relentlessness: Transfer
Education: Exams Sent
Aptitude: Test Undertaken

Without any regrets whatsoever,
Adrian Malprave

Kishiro Interrogation Log - Adrian Malprave - 05-16-2015

[Image: 9a.png][Image: 2.png]

Welcome my beloved Professors,

I humbly supply you the interrogation log from the encounter with Kishiro vessel Dokuritsu Shi in Magellan that happened several days ago including somewhat interesting details. The data received is available as the attachment to this report.

Adrian Malprave: Good morning.
Yoshi: Konnichiwa Lane Hacker. Attention crew, leave the bridge at once.
Adrian Malprave: Your communication array has been sending a lot of static to Magellan, dear lad. I wonder if this was just a malfunction due to lack of maintenance or...
Yoshi: Wonder not.
Adrian Malprave: I see.
Yoshi: The communication logging has been disabled, so no political difficulties about or conversation.
Adrian Malprave: Let us get down to business then. How my humble person can help you, my friend.
Yoshi: Let me adjust some commands here. Look in the data regarding to Hudson Nav logs.
Adrian Malprave: Let me see what juicy cookies you have in your bag.
Yoshi: We have something in common my friend. You see I was born in Texas, with Kusarian ancestry. And one thing I learned growing up on planet Huston, is that Xenos are no good folks.
Adrian Malprave: Indeed, they definitely lack hygiene.
Yoshi: I was helping some old Junker friends in Huston, people I grew up with. Odd as a Kusarian, I know but I managed to gather a lot of intel about a Xeno base in Hudson. Barrow, that's the name. You probably already see it in the data, regarding to patrol paths, their supply chain, and defence structures. I know that Hackers can make a lot better use of it than me.
Adrian Malprave: You might be right. I will certainly pass your news to our leadership.
Yoshi: And trust me, I despise corporations that mistreat their employees, so I do sympathise with your cause. I just can't make that in public, I hope you understand... I had some pleasant encounter with one you partners, Mr. Yoshida. I admired his tenacity to try to lure Xenos to a trap.
Adrian Malprave: You don't need to tell me that. But since you are a sympathizer, maybe you would be willing to reroute a modest sum of credits to me. To help us fight the injustice?
Yoshi: That goes without saying friend....
Adrian Malprave: Thank you. Your support is appreciated.
Yoshi: And if there is anything I can assist in your efforts fighting against Xenos, please send me a comm message.
Adrian Malprave: It's not my call, but I will certainly pass the message.
Yoshi: I operate a lot in Liberty space, so hopefully our paths will cross again.
Adrian Malprave: Have a safe journey.
Yoshi: Thank you for your time Hacker.
Adrian Malprave: The pleasure was mutual, I assure you.

Without any regrets whatsoever,
Adrian Malprave

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 05-26-2015

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

Esteemed colleagues,

When I initially designed Mission 39, I had to overcome the tremendous logistics with the strained funds I had in my disposal. Yet here I am three months afterwards being in the extremely pleasant position to announce that Mission 39 was a total success without spending a single credit.

With Mission 39 we achieved the impossible, the unthinkable. We made the biggest extortion in the history of Sirius; equipment worth more than 4 billions credits were taken from a death dealer who proudly refers to himself as a capitalist swine. More info about the mission and the loot can be found in the respective mission log. Here I would like to personally thank all the Lane Hackers who participated and made all this possible.

Anyway here is the report of my other activities the previous months. Probably my biggest report so far.

At the beginning of the previous month I intercepted a Cryer| transport in Shikoku system. The doctor paid 2 million credits while I also made clear to her our strong conviction in the extermination of her cancerous company. [] On a similar fashion, a Gateway| liner was encountered in Manchester carrying a cloaking device. The Bretonian flunky made a small donation. [] In the same system a Kishiro| transport carrying a full load of ore was also extorted. [] The next day with the help of Mr Scorpius we intercepted a Bowex) convoy carrying Military Vehicles supposedly for New London, though I expect their final destination would be Planet Leeds. They were terrorized before making a significant contribution to the Professor. [] Of all things I also encountered a XA- Stork near Cochrane which was about to collapse on its own. The Xeno was immensely humilitiated before being interrogated. In the end he gave half of his cargo which was classified as Premium Scrap though I expect it was "premium" only in name. I let him keep the rest since the Xenos are a wonderful meatshield and distraction of the law enforcement. The cargo was then sold to the Junker Marauders. [] Finally, I have evidence of IND operating in Dublin system in the form of purchasing Gold Ore from the official branch of BMM. []

Back in Shikoku, I intercepted an official USI transport heading back to Liberty. The captain helped me in my efforts to bait the 5th in entering Shikoku so instead of dropping all of its cargo, a modest monetary compensation was demanded. [] Additionally, an Order| vessel came shortly afterwards inside a Blood Dragon vessel. Apparently the Order has a close alliance with the Blood Dragons as I also witnessed Order dreadnoughts being granted mooring access to Kyoto by the Shogun himself. That intel was also confirmed by one of my informants in Rheinland. [] A PFI) flunky was also intercepted in Cortez system. As it didn't carry any cargo, the captain provided me with moderate value intel instead. [] Finally, I encountered a SPS) medium transport entering Liberty with cardamine. By following the Operations Manual, I successfully escorted the smuggler to Planet Houston while pirating two transports on the way there. []

A few weeks ago I encountered a small modular station above Padua Base named Devils Island. I contacted the PLR and was informed that they are building this modular station in order to serve as a place to store liberated goods or deposit contraband. In addition its excellent location in the edges of Liberty made me decide to support them with base construction supplies since the Lane Hackers are also going to use that station. [] In other news, there is a freelancer company tagged as FL-ER which apparently expertizes on escort services and supplying modular station. They also have a supply contract in Poena and according to them they are "neutral" to the Lane Hackers. [] Around the same time I also met the [M] leader, Blodwyn O'Driscoll and we discussed various issues. [] Furthermore, near the now-inactive war zone I also obtained evidence of Kishiro and T&T breaking the embargo on Rheinland and Liberty. [] Finally, I intercepted an official USI Barge moving to Philadelphia, inside Pennsylvania system. Shortly afterwards Interruptor Gruvozavoyschikov arrived and the foolish USI members decided to not meet my demands. Eventually a USI escort and a Freelancer were obliterated before the Barge went down in a massive explosion. []

Three weeks ago I scored more extortions, again with the official branches of Bowex and Gateway. The war effort probably forced the Bretonian corporate bosses to not even assign escorts on their convoys or properly armor their ships while moving supplies through Liberty. Subsequently they made my extortions considerably easier. [] Jumping from California system I met a transport using the [SU] tag and carrying unlicensed munitions. In the following conversation the smuggler mentioned that he is part of the new Slavers Union. So I instructed him to contact the Lane Hackers if he wishes to claim the status that the former organization enjoyed with us. [] I would also like to announce that our latest Counterfeit Software - Cardamine Lane Hacker convoy in Gallia under Gallic Brigand escort, was a total success. The Unione Corse miserably failed to intercept Mr Trigger while we brought EFE back to Leiden. In addition the relations between the LH and LD are very good and thus we are now receiving all Gallic equipment from them, successfully replacing our former arrangement with the Unione Corse. [] So now Unione Corse convoys in Liberty became a juicy target. On top of that, I had also promised them a warm welcome when they enter Liberty and with the help of Ms Grubozaboyschikov we delivered it. The [UC] captain made a generous donation of 8 million credits while we also obtained evidence of the Unione Corse carrying Gallic drugs inside Liberty. The evidence when then given to the Junker Congress for the purpose of being leaked into the public and the law enforcement. []

Nox is a serious competitor to cardamine in the drug business, so I request that we apply the same restrictions to its trafficking as we already do with the artifacts and stabiline.

Two weeks ago, an Order| vessel tried to stop my transport in Inverness, because I was carrying 1 unit of cardamine! Needless to say that I am very disappointed with the aforementioned organisation. [] Back in Cortez I intercepted a USI transport commanded by no less than USI President again. The corporate slave master was interrogated before he was allowed to leave with his account balance significantly smaller. [] In addition a CR| convoy soon came and they were also extorted despite the lack of reinforcements. [] The next day aas I was fleeing from naval patrols, I found a BMF transport on the same spot. Apparently they're building more things over at Fortidutine so the captain was ordered to drop his cargo of Bio-neural Arrays. He foolishly refused and was destroyed without even putting up a fight. Before he died he revealed to me that another BMF transport was heading to that direction so I then headed to Manchester and caught it on its way from Magellan system. The same procedure and outcome happened in this case too. [] James Green, the captain of Counterfeit Coin is a friendly smuggler who sold us nomad materials and he is interested for further business with the Lane Hackers. Finally, a LPI- Bison carrying Robotic Hardware was intercepted in California. The officer was subjected into reverse-interrogation and the results were magnificent. He actually paid more than he was asked for! []

The last week, I caught the CEO of Swellendam Inc. while moving Premium Scrap to his installation. Two thousand units were extorted from his vessel while I let him keep the rest and all that with a 5th vessel on the scene unable to do anything or even intercept me after the extortion. Then a T&T was contacted to get the scrap from my transport. [] In New London another BMF| had an unfortunate accident. He decided to attack me on his own thinking that he is close to the base and get away. But I efficiently used my ship's powercore despite letting him damage to my ship. Before he reached Kensington he had already been blown up. [] In Kusari I accidentally met Smithy, the notorious IC captain. Impassively he boarded his escape pod while my bomber quickly blew up his ship. The remaining 3000 units of premium scrap were retrieved by a [HA] ship that I called. For the purpose of creating stronger relations with them, I didn't ask for a share. [] Back in Liberty, we decided to do some clean-up. Small pirate gangs had recently moved in and that was bad for business. With the help of Professor Hunter we intercepted a Pirate Reapers gang and since they were not interested for even a discussion we destroyed them. [] The next day another TBH transport was extorted in northern Texas and 40% of its artifact cargo was safely transported by Smithy to Planet Manhattan. []

I should also report that Interruptor Grubozaboyschikov was found using Advanced Cargo Scanner in an earlier joint operation with her. I would like to propose all Lane Hacker operatives to use Advanced Deep Scanner unless they request and receive special permission to use another one. Maximum detection range is crucial to both detect our targets, those who hunt us and also to avoid docking at lawful stations with law enforcement in range. In addition, I propose that Infiltrators or higher ranked Hackers to be allowed to use one of our most advanced technologies, the Spyglass Scanner. Furthermore, I talked with Flora of the Watchers, now named as Gaian Guard and informed me that she met Blodwyn O'Driscoll and she visited Londonderry and saw the destruction of Planet Cork. However Flora wasn't really interested to blame the Corsairs for this destruction. Clearly, the environmental issues is not the top priority of her group which disappointed me greatly and jeopardized any chances of further cooperation. Hopefully that Gaian group would eventually fall and a new one, more concerned with nature, will rise once again. This incriminating intel has already been handed over to a Planetform transport who before that he was forced to give me the Order pilots that it was carrying and some credits. The agents are now in Leiden's Interrogation. []

A few days ago I encountered a VWA convoy in southern Liberty along with Liberty Navy of the primary fleet. Once we jumped in Hamburg system the Liberty Navy didn't follow. Four VWA ships were present. Two transports carrying engine components and two escorts, one of them being the Oberst of the Vereinigte Widerstandsarmee, Erich Klugmann. The first thing was for the VWAs to ask their leader if they should demand the unit of cardamine in my cargo hold and Klugmann reluctantly refused. I was then told that the Liberty Navy was escorting them through the entire way and I expect they were probably responsible for providing the VWA with their cargo which they need for their war against Rheinland's authorities. Of course Liberty Navy didn't do it out of its good heart. I am certain VWA gave them diamonds in return or any other commodities that they have in abundance. Anyway, soon afterwards the VWA convoy moved on while only Klugmann stayed back. Our conversation offered me further insights. His group are also enemies with our friends, the Unioners and Liberty Rogues so the only friendly base that they have in northern Rheinland/Independent Worlds is Freeport 2. Furthermore, they are going to intercept LH cardamine convoys heading to Liberty. When I informed him about the protection agreement that we have with the Red Hessian Army he said he needs to discuss it first with the Partei if anything is going to change. Additionally I was informed that the VWA does not deal with Blood Diamonds as that would spread the Red Hessian ideology and not theirs. So it is not in their best interest to do that. Apparently the relationship they share with the Red Hessians is a fragile one and kept only for the advantages that it produces. Because of all this, I believe VWA has absolutely no usefulness, significance or worth to the Lane Hackers while instead their convoys are easy targets for our operators. []

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Grubozaboyschikov - 06-03-2015

[Image: Grubozaboyshikov%20Informal.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Good evening fellow hackers,

Here is my report on the lock-down held in Shikoku:

I was grouped with Ms.Hunter and Mr.Wolfgang on this mission. Due to lack of numbers we were first positioned in Pennsylvania. The flow of traffic though was heavier up on the galactic north of Liberty and I decided to hold down Shikoku. Kepler was another option but because of Galileo being a route to by-pass us, I decided against it.
I had Ms.Hunter hold down the Gate to Kepler in Shikoku and Mr. Wolfgang hold down the gate to Shikoku in Galileo. I was positioned in the center of Shikoku. The gate to New Tokyo and the Jump Hole to Oita were not viable places to lock as we could predict beforehand where to move if someone traveled in Oita and with a boarder station next to the gate it would just be bothersome.
We nabbed two traders during the operation. One was taken by Nicole and the other by myself. I would say the operation proved to be a success that it is possible to hold down Shikoku with just three pilots.

The following is a set of images for a DSE) extortion.

The following is a set of images for an IND extortion.

Proof of donation sent: