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RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Mr. Hinx - 06-05-2015

[Image: P0rp5Bm.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Good evening to you all, my respects.

I'm sending you my report of a lock-down held in Colorado and Shikoku.

Firstly, all started in Colorado, Mr. Yoshida was conducting a extortion on a transport belonging to Crayter Republic at New York jump gate in Colorado. Mr. Yoshida has notified my about the situation and I flied to his location as quickly as possible. I made it just in time. Mr. Yoshida was accompanied by a Rogue named Michael Bukowitz. As I arrived, a Faze mercenary named Scarlet Fox was also present along with an independent pirate named Kevin Arenson who was marked as a hostile one. After we successfully extorted the Crayter Transport, Faze miss proceeding in engaging Mr. Yoshida. Unfortunately both Mr. Yoshida and Micheal Bukowitz were in a bomber class vessels so they couldn't go versus a Sabre, neither was my unarmored Bactrian helping the situation. We jumped to the New York system in order to evade her until we get reinforcements. Scarlet managed to catch up to me and I didn't stand much chance versus her. Luckily, Mr. Yoshida was around to tractor me in while we cloaked away. After regrouping and getting myself a new second hand Bactrian, we proceeded to Kepler/Galileo in order to make a lock-down.

I was grouped with Mr. Graves, who was also in the command of this operation. Mr. Graves and I were located near the Galileo, trying to lure that Faze mercenary away from Mr. Weisen and Mr. Bukowitz while they were conducting an extortion on a GMG vessel. We were successful and the Mrs. Fox followed us to Shikoku. We kept our distance just so she can see us on scanners, flying away nearly 300k from the Galileo wormhole, when Mr. Weisen signaled us that he completed the extortion we shook off Mrs. Fox and continued with our blockade towards the New Tokyo.

We ran into a Kishiro transport who was highly supporting the cause of Lane Hacker. His donation of 15 million credits to my account for a new armor proves that. In the same time, another Kishiro transport was resisting an extortion two systems away where Mr. Weison and Mr. Bukowitz intercepted him. Luckily sharp minded Mr. Graves contacted the generous Kishiro who seemed to be a supervisor who ordered him not to resist anymore or he could be harmed.

The operation was finished with a lock-down in Shikoku. Mr. Graves was on Kepler Gate and I was located on Galileo gate. The two traders, we were waiting for were somewhere stationed in Shikoku as it seems they caught our signals and refused to traverse further. So, Mr. Graves advised me to jump for Galileo and make them go towards Kepler gate. Mr. Graves was nearly right, one of them jumped to Galileo where I waited. He was carrying some Niobium Ore in his hold so I asked for 2.5 millions. The trader was nice enough to reward me and instead he gave me 3 million credits.

I would definitely tell that this operation ended in a great success. I'll be attaching the logs and guncam shots now.

Crayter Republic Transport:
Kishiro Transport:
Independent Miners Guild Transport:

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Wolfgang Weisen - 06-06-2015

[Image: dcr9Wjn.png][Image: QQuZOOj.png]

Guten Tag.

I would like to submit the report of my latest accomplishments within the Lane Hackers. And request advancement to Deceiver rank.

As an Interruptor now I had access to some of the shared Pirate Transports... which gave me the needed firepower against these corporate goons. My first victim was a BMF transport in Cortez system. During our conversation I was informed that the BMF had already been extorted by some gangsters called the Pirate Reapers. [1 | 2] A day later, an Interspace captain was quite uncooperative during out previous encounters so he was subjected into mania-interrogation techniques. [1 | 2 | 3]

The next day, I paid a visit in the exotic system of Humboldt where I found a DSE Hegemon mining for an Interspace transport. Both vessels were extorted for a moderate sum. [1 | 2 | 3 | 4] As I was instructed, I collected a sample of cardamine, alien artifacts, blood diamonds and blue jillies and then I met Mr Davies, the Administrator of Poena and handed the samples over to him. [1]

A few days ago I was flying my transport in Texas. I had already 2,500 units of Silver Ore in my cargo hold from an unfortunate transport I met in Kansas system. In Texas I contacted a Congresswoman to come and pick my cargo. She eventually came on the far side of Planet Houston where she also shared a very interesting story. A story which explains the unknown origin of the Junkers. According to her, the Junkers originally came from Gallia. At some point they were sent to Sirius by the Gallic King for the purpose of spying the Sirian Houses. And some of them decided to cut their ties with Gallia and stay in Sirius. What gives her even bigger credibility is the fact that she is not just a Congresswoman but also a former Gallic Junker. [1 | 2] Afterwards I moved southern where I accidentally discovered a modular base named Hudson Depot with Freelancer IFF which seemed unmaintained even though considerable construction had taken place. So I used my transport's turrets to speed up the deconstruction process. A LR- comedian also "assisted" me with its destruction. [1 | 2 | 3] Mr Graves and I encounter an ALG transport and an official IMG in Shikoku. The IMG| decided to defend his friend, but it didn't end well for neither of them. Both transports were destroyed and 6,000 units of Niobium Ore were safely transported to Blackport 66. [1]

Today I commanded two other Hackers and one Rogue named Micheal.Bukowitz as part of my promotion criteria. Me and the Rogue headed for Kepler system while Mr Hinx and Mr Graves covered the Galileo route, essentially blocking the entire Liberty - Kusari traffic. [1] In Kepler I destroyed a freighter carrying Optronic Chips and sold the cargo at Ames while Micheal killed another unwilling trader. [1] Then a supplier of Poena came on Kusari State Police papers and was left unharmed. [1] At the same time a Faze sellsword on a superior combat vessel found the Galileo team which had previous received orders to run for the purpose of buying us time to extort more incoming transports. The plan worked and a GMG| transport arrived. He was extorted for $2,000,000. [1 | 2] At the same time the Galileo team successfully evaded the mercenary without any losses. Once my operation was completed, Mr Graves commanded. He and Mr Hinx stayed in Shikoku system while me and Micheal went to California system. We successfully kept ourselves away from law enforcement while we pirated a Kishiro| transport carrying Cobalt Ore for five million credits. [1 | 2] Then a FL-ER transport came carrying Pearls from Planet Junyo which willingly donated 3,500,000 credits to the Lane Hackers. [1 | 2]

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Perseus.Friend - 06-06-2015

[Image: Perseus%20Friend%20Formal.png][Image: Initiate.png]


While on a Cardamine distribution run to the Rogue Destroyer in New York, I encountered a Xeno convoy at the Colorado > New York jump hole. Their lack of skill allowed me to add three pilots to our assetts for interrogation. I also had various run ins with Bounty Hunters, providing 8 more of them for our resources. These were all handed off to Cochraine.Interrogator as documented below.

Prisoner Transfer

I am working on outfitting my ship to be more than minimally effective, and hope to have myself ready for testing soon.

Initiate Friend, out!

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 06-08-2015

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

At 11:48am of the 6th of June 822 A.S. I received an encrypted emergency transmission from one of our operatives in Pueblo Station about the launch of a scientific vessel of Ageira with security clearance that allowed it to not even submit its flight schedule. I quickly took command of the Equivocator and managed to locate the vessel in Texas system. The Bison class Ageira~Galileo was accompanied by a DSE service vessel named DSE)Tech-08 and soon afterwards both of them proceeded into Bering and then to the Jump Gate leading to Hamburg system. As full analysis of what was said has not been completed, I'm only going to present their conversation which was hacked from the low-level security channel that the two vessels used for their in-communication.

[Image: jLoTFG2.png]

It was then made apparent that the same work would happen to the Hamburg Jump Gate in Hudson system. So I proceeded with full haste at Dawson Base where I quickly refilled with Heavy Cloak Batteries after sending the Rogues a priority signal to be ready in advance. Mr Hinx was also contacted and thus took control of one of our undercover transports at Alcatraz and proceeded with a load of Heavy Cloak Batteries at Hudson system in case I required another emergency refill. Unlike the Gate in Bering this one had some serious issues. Leiden R&D is still analyzing the collected data and conversation so I am in no position to provide any furter details at this current moment.

[Image: INuerzZ.png]

More developments are likely going to come up soon.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Perseus.Friend - 06-09-2015

[Image: Perseus%20Friend%20Formal.png][Image: Initiate.png]

During a routine follow up on Mr. Yoshida's operations in Hudson, which unfortunately turned up empty, I ended up running Sidearms from Pacifica to Mactan. Since I was in the vicinity of home, I sent a message ahead to meet with Mactan's Interrogator, and turn over my current round up of Intel assets.

Transfer Record, 8220608

My apologies to the Interrogator, I would have been faster except that I had the opportunity to procure the three Liberty Police pilots in route.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Wolfgang Weisen - 06-10-2015

[Image: dcr9Wjn.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Guten Tag.

I am sending you this transmission from Freeport 6 while the transport still receives extensive repairs. The General of the Council along with one of his minions attacked me in Roussillon system but thankfully I made it to the freeport so that I can send you this important transmission. We have been betrayed!

But let's take things from the beginning.

Herr Yoshida has shared with me his initial logs which I am also going to present in this report. Apparently the Provocateur intercepted an empty Council transport in Colorado system. Even though the Council opened fire in the beginning, the captain was quickly intimidated to cease fire. During the conversation the captain told him many things about the Council and about the location of the new home of the Council, Roussillon system. Eventually, the captain named Imrahil Amroth invited us to their system. In return the Provocateur escorted the transport in Liberty and even stopped an Outcast from extorting the Gallic revolutionist. Herr Amroth paid for Mr. Yoshida's services of course.

[1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21]

However, the most important sentence of the entire chatlog was undoubtedly the following:
Imrahil Amroth Wrote:[23.05.2015 14:11:59] [C]-CLT-Aquitaine: 2/3 E on the navmap, as I said from Scarborough Station straight north

Even though Herr Yoshida didn't expect to find anything worthwhile he visited the location. To his astoundment he found a jump hole at exactly the location he was told. After he jumped he encountered a mine field but he was already warned by the Gallic so he had brought with him sensitive equipment which allowed him to discover the way out. In total Herr Yoshida made three surveys, and he has still explored only a small part of the entire system. His efforts were mainly hindered by the lack of a base of operations, so he had to return to Newcastle for refueling very often. It should be noted that a Kusari Battleship flying the old Imperial colors can also be found in the mining field's entrance. [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8]

Nevertheless, during one survey he met a Council transport finding its way out of a much more complicated mining field which was surrounding another jump hole. The captain was very friendly, helpful and informative. Here is their brief discussion.

Communications log Wrote:Mr.Yoshida:- Oh, hello there.
[C] hello
Mr.Yoshida:- I was trying to find a way inside this mining field, but alas this ship has no significant survey equipment on it.
Mr.Yoshida:- I think I'll follow the pattern you just showed me
[C] Go to this base and straight to hole
Mr.Yoshida:- Where are you going by the way?
[C] Toulouse
Mr.Yoshida:- That is the planet?
[C] It is safety for these people
Mr.Yoshida:- Oh I see. Thanks for letting me know.
[C] safe journey
Mr.Yoshida:- I think I'll stick around these sectors a bit longer. Thank you Captain.
Mr.Yoshida:- First time the Lane Hackers hear about Toulouse. Looks like a terraformed planet.
[C] no problem
2015-05-27 08:51:31 SMT Traffic control alert: [C] has requested to dock
[C] no idea of origins just getting people away from the mad King
Mr.Yoshida:- So you're a blockade runner?
[C] More a liberator of people

Furthermore, the Provocateur also contacted FynnMcScrap, a leading figure of the T&T lackeys. Fynn revealed to him that there is also a jump hole leading to Baffin system, however we have not discovered its location yet. He also said that they are very secretive about this system, which was of course obvious since not even the Lane Hackers knew about it. [1 | 2]

Eventually, because of the difficulties in the survey pf the system and the lack of more interactions with the Council members who invited us in the first place, Mr Yoshida moved to more important tasks while he instructed me to continue what he had left unfinished. Inside Roussillon I also encountered a GMG transport named arijuk, which was however unresponsive. And that led me to today's encounter...

Initially it was a small Council fighter but then he called his master, a Council general according to him. I won't further comment on the conversation, as it speaks for itself. I am only attaching the evidence of the Council assault on the transport. [1 | 2 | 3]

In thirty hours I expect to leave this damn place and finally reach Barrier Gate.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Wolfgang Weisen - 06-17-2015

[Image: dcr9Wjn.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Guten Tag.

I have made several deliveries the past week. Mostly software, cardamine and diamonds. Made some good money too.

Anyway I'd like to report that the meeting with the Sisterhood of Dreams went very well. Except of course by some odd and suspicious interruptions from the Grand Admiral of the Order and the Kempeitai and of course Mr Hinx's failed efforts to hit on a Sister.

Quote:LH~Mr.Hinx: What do you Sisters do to have fun nowadays?
LH~Leiden.Interceptor: Oh you're actually right!
LH~Mr.Hinx: I believe that's the transponder tag.
LH~Leiden.Interceptor: Guten Tag Ritsuko
LH~Leiden.Interceptor: I am Wolfgang Weisen, a top economic analyst.
LH~Mr.Hinx: Mr Hinx here.
~*~Kurahashi.Ritsuko: Wow, I'm a just student... and drop university
LH~Mr.Hinx: Also an expert in breaching through all sorts of technical protections.
LH~Leiden.Interceptor: I am not much into hacking.
LH~Mr.Hinx: I described myself, Mr Weisen is more into economy
~*~Kurahashi.Ritsuko: Hm, so you guys are not like rogues, you so different
LH~Mr.Hinx: So, what did you study, miss?
LH~Leiden.Interceptor: We are experts in our fields, sister Ritsuko.
LH~Mr.Hinx: Indeed, -we- are different. A lot actually.
LH~Mr.Hinx: They use the ruthless and savage ways.
LH~Leiden.Interceptor: Cardamine even furthers our mental capabilities.
~*~Kurahashi.Ritsuko: Logistic mainly and all things need to it, math mainly
LH~Mr.Hinx: We're strike with extreme accuracy.
LH~Mr.Hinx: We *coughs* Dammit, this cold...
LH~Mr.Hinx: I should sniff more often. It kills every bacteria and virus in me
~*~Kurahashi.Ritsuko: My dad is a big guy from samura, so I was forced to study it
LH~Mr.Hinx: Ah, I see...
LH~Mr.Hinx: A lackey for the "big" corporations...
LH~Mr.Hinx: Well, that's sad.
~*~Kurahashi.Ritsuko: I don't like it as well and that's why I'm here
LH~Mr.Hinx: Miss Hunter, sorry for interrupting.
~*~Kurahashi.Ritsuko: Do you like Kusari?
LH~Mr.Hinx: Scanner has picked up the Order Admiral in Shikoku... Orders?
~*~Kurahashi.Ritsuko: I've never been in Liberty.
LH~Mr.Hinx: I quite like the Kusari... women are great here
LH~Mr.Hinx: *He chuckles for a bit* They're my greatest weakness, I'm afraid...
~*~Kurahashi.Ritsuko: *confusion*
LH~Leiden.Interceptor: I received my orders. Intercept.
~*~Kurahashi.Ritsuko: So you guys love orange dreem?
LH~Mr.Hinx: Be right back, miss.

Anyway after the meeting in Shikoku, I headed to Humboldt where I had an easy day as I extorted two DSE ships. [1 | 2] Interestingly enough, the flunkies warned me that the Junkers would be notified of my extortion and they were actually correct as you already know. While delivering cardamine to Gallia I also made contact with a Gallic Brigand group. The pilot escorted me all the way to Maine and everything went as planned. [1] The name of their leader is Mathieu Mormel who holds the title of Grand Master.

During my last run to Rheinland I had a very bad experience with the Bundschuh. One of their cell leaders, Erich Klugmann, chased my transport in Rheinland accusing me of carrying cardamine which wasn't true of course. He was so ineffective that he only managed to intercept me outside of Freital Base, despite the area being under Hessian control. Then he told me that the Lane Hackers are forbidden from entering Rheinland again which indicated his hidden ultra-aggresive nature and his need to have more and new enemies. Surprisingly enough this is when Golanski arrived out of the blue again and initially didn't participate in the exchange. Once the self-important Bundschuh and his lackey finally left the Hessian territory, Golanski vowed to defuse the situation by calming the Bundschuh war-beast while he acknowledged how important and efficient the Lane Hackers have been to the Order. [1 | 2 | 3]

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Red.Grant - 06-19-2015

[Image: u2oAJq9.png][Image: DequRCW.png]

Helow felow hackes i encounterd this freightor during a rcon flight in the Pennsylvania system i proceeeede to halt and ask for a small donation to the hackers wich was agreed to and the freightor was sen on its way
here is the visual Proof

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Red.Grant - 06-19-2015

[Image: u2oAJq9.png][Image: DequRCW.png]

I was flying a routine patrol when I received a Priority 1 transmission From Mr. Yoshida requesting assistance in the California System. The details were not very clear so I proceed with all haste to that system.
When I arrived on scene as it were, he was talking to a very large transport (compared to our size) carrying a Gateway ID and lots of Platinum Ore, so I called him what he was and demanded 6,000,000 SC which he surrendered.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Perseus.Friend - 06-20-2015

[Image: Perseus%20Friend%20Formal.png][Image: Initiate.png]


I made another deposit of Intelligence Assets today. My thanks to the Cochrane Interrogator for a prompt response.

822/06/20 Transfer

I have been picking these random bits from the stream as I perform smuggling operations, but this will be my last batch for a while as it is my intention to focus on my promotion requirements.

Initiate Friend, out!