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RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Perseus.Friend - 06-20-2015

[Image: Perseus%20Friend%20Formal.png][Image: Initiate.png]


Red Grant and I have had a productive day today. We performed an Intelligence Gathering operation which is required for our promotion criteria. With advanced scanning equipment, we scanned the two large dark matter clouds in Texas. We encountered some junkers mining and a Xeno named Pit Viper multiple times in Pequena Negra. Inside that cloud, we also located a large and heavily defended modular station named Oyster Creek. Due to the base's active hostility, we did not linger in the area.

Oyster Creek coordinates
Pyster Creek data

Later on, we transferred our operations to Pennsylvania, where a fellow named Cole_Rainn was convinced to offer 300,000 CR to the Lane Hacker cause. The payment was made to Initiate Grant.


Initiate Friend, out!

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Perseus.Friend - 06-20-2015

[Image: Perseus%20Friend%20Formal.png][Image: Initiate.png]


Red Grant and I were in Pennsylvania again today, raising funds from the miners. A gentleman named Konrad.Heinrich contributed 120,000 CR to the Hacker cause. He was very polite about it, saying that we were much easier to deal with than the pirates that he had encountered elsewhere. I responded by quoting William of Wykeham, "Manners maketh Man."

About an hour later, we encountered USCSS-Nosferatu. His contribution was only 100,000 CR, but he was equally willing.

Mr Grant ran afoul an individual flying under the callsign of Epicurus. Apparently, he believes in the strong, silent image, as he engaged Mr Grant immediately upon entering range, and I heard nothing of it in spite of recieving directions to the dogfight loud and clear.

Additionally, something needs to be done about Tetrahydrocanabinol. He called for assistance, then attempted to keep me talking until a warship under the innocent title of, "TheHelper" suddenly appeared on my scanners. Diligence kept me from harm, but the person needs to be seen to. My scanners show encrypted communications between them, indicating an alliance of some sort.

Initiate Friend, out!

Spyglass Network Online - Nicole Hunter - 06-23-2015

[Image: 1b.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

After a short period of instability our Spyglass Network is back online. Spyglass Network Scanners are stable and can be acquired from our bases.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

A Date with Missiles - Nicole Hunter - 06-27-2015

A Date with Missiles

A dozen or two missile launches later, the trap Nicole set finally showed itself working. First the mine launcher and a countermeasure dropper on the Camara stopped working, then one of the turrets fell off and, finally, engine array plasma torches choked and coughed several times, switching off. Few more missile launches later, Camara finally stopped. Surprisingly, the vessel hull still held together nicely, showing nothing but dents and scratches. Nicole could only wonder what is the hull plating made of, but not like it really mattered now. With gunnery and all three engines inactive, the Camara could be easily towed away. Several minutes after Camara was disabled an Interloper gunship arrived at the scene and dropped a boarding party. Five Lane Hacker Assassins jumped out of its dock and started process of boarding the ship. Once they cut through the hull they thrown plasma shock grenades and swiftly disappeared inside. Several hours later John started to regain consciousness. First thing he felt was a smell of flowers. Then he started to see colors - multiple different colors. It took a while for him to process the image - a green clearing full of flowers everywhere around him - and a faint voice...

- Are you awake?
- Ever seen plasma grenades exploding? They are full of colors and sounds. I think I even heard a violin.

Surprisingly, young man flexed lazily and turned to another side. He did not look hurt or scared, most possibly not yet catching up with the situation. A distant voice became more clear as it appeared to belong to a women in a black evening dress standing next to John. She had a holo-tablet in her hand that showed multiple readings. She turned to John and a light deflected by a beautiful diamond collie blinded him for a second.

- Your pulse is rising, your blood pressure is stable. You will feel better in a moment.
- Hell no. In a moment I will feel like I almost missed a date and then arrived in a torn and burnt clothes.

He sighed, trying to find a more comfortable position. Yet another slightly weird thing followed, his pulse did not stop at 60 or 70, nor at 120, jumping to somewhere around 200-ish. It looked like there was something wrong with young man's vitals as the pulse jumped to 240, with stun grenade explosion after-effects starting to swiftly disappear on holo-tablet readings, before returning to 200-ish few minutes later.

- This is not exactly fair, you know, or was I expected to dress up properly prior to the fight?

The women tapped her holo-tablet several times. John's torn space suit was instantly replaced by a black smoking.

- I promised you a date, John. Lane Hackers do not break their promises. Though the circumstances might not be the ones you expected.
- Just wondering, this is not some kind of illusion, is it? Looks way too pretty, you know.

- Would you prefer something less pretty?

She tapped her tablet again and suddenly the sunny clearing disappeared replaced by a grim interrogation cell with a steel table, straps and a lamp.

- I don't think so.

The dark room then faded away and John's found himself sitting in front of Nicole at the table in one of the most famous restaurants on Manhattan, The Golden Alley. A number of patrons were sitting around the restaurant and a slight jazz-like performance was heard from the stage.

- That's slightly disappointing. Could at least have used your ties to get us on some real resort planet. So you are planning to feed me imaginary food, too? I doubt I am to be objecting too much, though, right? This is still better than no date.
- John, you are really bad at this. You should always start a first date from a compliment not yammer. For instance you should compliment how brilliantly obvious yet irresistible was the trap I set for you. Wine maybe?

He starred at the offered wine suspiciously, even sniffed it secretly, checking how real it was and then starred at Nicole again.

- A compliment... Well, you have eyes and most probably a necklace, though I am not entirely sure. So this is how you do dates?
- Cabernet Sauvignon 816', not really the finest quality. The good thing about a direct hypno-tainment band interface is that when it comes to taste it modulates inflicted experience to resemble the one stored in your memory. So if I you remember a taste of one from 810' crops, it will taste like that one from your memories.

Nicole took a bottle and poured wine to her glass.

- So I can imagine literally anything? That's nice. Though I am wondering what I will be drinking for real.

Young man chuckled, finding it slightly amusing, and picked up the glass. Looks like he was not exactly familiar with hypno-tainment bands.

- For real you will not be drinking anything. Though in strict mode simulation the multi-injector on the chair on which you are lying can put any substance from the available array in your bloodstream. Right now we are trying to stabilize your pulse. I don't want you to die yet and we still did not figure out what is making your pulse so high.
- Right, what? Why don't you stop messing with the heart-rate-whatsoever, please? I might be ruining the mood a bit, but what are you trying to do, again?

He shrugged and sipped the wine. This simple action resulted in another short spike of heart rate.

- Tastes like... Hell, I am not even sure what does it taste like.
- What I am trying to do? I am having a conversation with you. Let me ask you a question...


- Why did you even come?

She sipped from the glass of wine. She took the tablet afterwards and withdrew all administered substances.

- Because, why not? I mean, what would you even do, kill me? I did not have anything better planned and I ran after every skirt, so...
- Do you know what is your mistake?

John's heart rate spiked again and once more stabilized at 200. Somehow, it did not affect the young man too much, other than him looking slightly blushed. It almost driven Nicole unsure about what vital range are normal for her guest.

- Impress me. Being born?
- Overconfidence. For years you have been defying every possible authority, whether it was Liberty Rogue warlord or Liberty Navy admiral. While being mostly harmless you earned yourself a reputation of almost impossible to kill nuisance. People should be aware that it's as fake as illusion of safety Mr Cody enjoyed for years. In other words you earned yourself a fate to be an example.
- Of all the examples, you picked up... err... How do I say that. What do you expect the possible effect for viewers to be?

He put on a curious face and decided to eat a napkin for experiment, just for the fun of taking a knife and fork to cut it properly.

- It's classic message of power. On Rogue level of sophistication it is just a simple "do not mess with us". For more intelligent individuals it is a reminder that should we choose to nobody is safe from us no matter what technique or precautions he takes.
- Do you know...

He gulped, swallowing a napkin piece and going silent for few seconds to check the effects.

- ...what is your mistake?
- Please entertain me.

She sipped wine once more and put it away listening carefully.

- Your napkins taste all the same with your wine. That's clearly a mistake. But not the only one.

He grinned and ate up what was left of the illusion of paper.

- You grew to like and overrate me. The power demonstrations are done on something worth demonstrating said power on. For most of the less intelligent individuals I am but a minor annoyance. Most intelligent are simply ignoring the fact of my existence. I do not even possess a valuable equipment to become a robbery of the week. So what do you think the viewers reaction will be, if anyone will even bother to check?
- They will know that women are vengeful. Regardless, the target audience of this show will definitely appreciate the outcome. I do like you, John, but I killed people I liked before. And I haven't decided yet whether death or humiliation will make a better effect. What do you think?
- No idea, really. I honestly think neither will work, but do impress me with your plan. Might as well tell me who is that audience?
- Oh, you are so silly, John. Of course the audience are the Lane Hackers. How you could miss that?
- So, wait a moment. You caught me to please no one but the Lane Hackers themselves?
- Indeed, and to remind certain individuals to think twice before they move to back-stab me. But still you have not answered my question. What will work better, your death or utter humiliation? Or maybe there is a different solution? Impress me with your intellect, John.


Young man starred at her, still looking a bit surprised, then he sighed and expressed disappointment.

- Honestly, I expected more of you. Just to prevent your men from backstabbing you? If that is a show for Lane Hackers why would I even care?
- Your brave attempts at showing how you don't care whether you will live or not neither convince nor impress me. You also fail to understand that I am not here to entertain you, but it is rather the other way round. And I just satisfied my vanity by gloating over your capture and triumphing over you. If you cannot say anything interesting it is time for you to go to sleep...
- Look, you just said, you have "your men, potentially backstabbing you" kind of a problem. I am clearly not here to lecture you, lovely, but how do you think filming that pretty show solves it? And what are my reasons to help you make me an example?

He starred at Nicole around again, not looking as scared as he possibly should.

- Besides, do you think I never was at this kind of situation before?

It seemed like he calmed down after hearing Nicole's threats.

- What can I say John? You have mistaken the sky with its reflection on a lake surface. It already happened. I do not need your cooperation. Nobody will see the logs from this interrogation. It's over.
- Have your fun then, lovely? We'll continue our talk after you start to feel yourself entertained enough?

He crossed his hands, waiting for whatever was to happen next. Either there was something more to it, or he had no self-preservation instinct at all. Nicole laughed gently, took her tablet and prepared a doping dose to be injected.

- Maybe. But not today. Goodbye John.
- Oh, can I have some imaginary food or maybe nice music while you are at it?

Nicole tapped her tablet and suddenly disappeared without a word after her hypno-tainment band was disconnected. While sedatives were building up in his bloodstream John was feeling more and more dizzy. The sedatives had to build up a triple dose before finally knocking him down despite his enhancements. When he had woken up over 16 hours later he was sitting in his cockpit. Camara scanners reported location near a lane somewhere in New York system. A CNN drone was flying outside a cockpit glass. The first thing young man did was taping something on the console and making the armor plates move and cover the cockpit glass and all of the portholes. Next he checked the cargo bay and scanned his own ship to assess if everything that should be there was on its place and what should not be there wasn't. Upon inspection John found a closed envelope. When he opened it he found a note with a communication frequency and five words. The note slowly changed color and then finally burned in a reaction with oxygen. John quickly copied the memorized frequency.

Five words were: Want to work for me?

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Wolfgang Weisen - 07-02-2015

[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]


I would like to report that the research operation on the alien structure in Coronado system has been concluded. We are still analyzing the data, however considering our extremely limited knowledge on the technology behind jump gates, we do not expect to come up with more meaningful information as most of our results lead to thousands of different scenarios.

The mission started when Mr Graves and I met the Order operatives outside the jump hole in Cortez system. They had already scouted the immediate area around Coronado so we quickly proceeded to the structure. Fortunately everything went well except a temporary contact of a Colonial vessel which however did not bother us further. That and one of their operatives, Nicholas Rogers. I would normally have removed his unnecessary comments from my report but he was so interruptive that I believe you should know. He is apparently mentally ill and aside of his disturbance and insults, he went as far as to launch a Starkiller Torpedo to the structure while we were examining it. We believe that this didn't cause any problems whatsover.

Anyway from the research data that we uncovered during the operation, our scientific consultant reached the following results:
  1. The power output of the alien structure is currently many times larger than that of an Ageira jump gate. Which means that attempts to destroy it may create Hudson Gate scenarios, but many times more powerful.
  2. Most of the structure's energy is concentrated on its uppermost point.
  3. While the Ageira jump gates are completely different from the Gallic ones, The alien structure bends time and space in a very similar manner as the Ageira ones. We have yet to explain why Liberty in the 1st and 2nd century after its foundation developed jumping technology and science in a similar way as the alien civilization and not as the Gallic one, for example.
  4. The structure can control the build-up of the singularity of the event horizon which allows it to be connected to countless places simply by controlling that build-up. Considering its immense power output mentioned in point 1, it can bend space much more and thus is able to send those who use it at a much further location that human jump gates can. Our scientific consultant also believes that if the structure reaches a certain level of power output, it can be denonated which would create a collosal explosion.
Unfortunately we could not determine the date of the structure since we couldn't identify any of the materials that it is made of. We baited the Order operative into telling us how old the structure was by lying to them about its age, but apparently they don't know as well. However, the Order told us about other things both during the operation and after, upon further inquiry.
  1. Even the largest of nomad vessels are able to use these "jump gates".
  2. According to the Order, this structure leads to a heavily fortified location, which explains why the drones that they sent through, never made it back.
  3. The star system that this structure currently leads to is Tau-117.
  4. According to the Order, the organisation does not know about any other Daam K'Vosh objects or structures without our zone of operations.

Quote:LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Hail.
Order|CV-Seeker: We see you.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Mr Rogers? A pleasure.
Order|CV-Seeker: Let us proceed, planet's far too close to stay here for too long.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: I am Mr Weisen of the Lane Hackers.
LH~Gustav.Graves: Hello there.
Order|CV-Seeker: One odd pirate, bounty hunter and occasional freelancer roam the neighbourhood. Nothing we cant handle just in case.
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Ehh. Kon'nichiwa..
Order|CV-Seeker: Aoi Kunieda, my wingman... and Rogers, for extra security.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Very well. Let's set course for the structure.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: I am escorted by Mr Graves.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: There's nothing much to tell about me.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Keep it straight to the point.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: During the survey the structure was active.
Order|CV-Seeker: Orders are: terminate anything that emerges from other end of the gate.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Hopefully it can be activated again or else...
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Hai. Roger that.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: I am in no combat vehicle. Mr Graves is my security.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Received, preparing for attack.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Oh yes, it is active.
Order|CV-Seeker: Those were build to last.
LH~Gustav.Graves: Weisen, meanwhile I am rerouting this Bayonet sensors at your disposal.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Systems online, ready to engage.
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Scanners clear for now.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: So I am going to deploy the gravitional buoys. They will measure all the things.

Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Incoming.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Come to daddy you son of
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: And we are done.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: I will let Mr Smirnoff, talk to you now
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Who?
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: A drink is talking to us?
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: He is our scientific consultant.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: He is onboard this vessel.
Order|CV-Seeker: Very well.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: No really, we're not that drunk to talk with a bottle
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Spare us, Rogers.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Smirnoff , Coalition vodka
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Valkyrie, could we please stop having this disturbance? Thank you.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Look Mr Bottle
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Come on what's your real name?
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Shut up, Rogers.
Order|CV-Seeker: Rogers is... special. Still... Rogers, Smirnoff is not a vodka this time.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Go ahead
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: This is my alias. That is my name that everyone knows me.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: I'll make an exception for your vodka nickname
Order|CV-Seeker: Understandable, we do go by callsigns as well.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: So I am getting the data as we speak.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Get it, good job.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: These bastards keep coming at us
Order|CV-Seeker: Keep killing them.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Stay focused on the guns

- Drones start streaming the data -

LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: From a first glance the power output of this structure is many times larger than of a normal Jump Gate.
Order|CV-Seeker: Meanwhile, we were observing this gate ever since this system was charted.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Of course is bigger, they need bigger ships to go through it.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: So if something happened to it... Imagine Hudson Jump Gate... ten times.
Order|CV-Seeker: More stable.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: So I highly advise the Order to not do something harmful to the structure.
Order|CV-Seeker: In fact, it does stand here for more than a thousand years.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Unless we uncover the technology behind it, of course.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: We're experts man.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: We have seen this gate model
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: Seeker what data do you have about these gates? How old are they?
Order|CV-Seeker: Smirnoff. To even make a dent into it, you need weapons of mass destruction... on massive scale.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: It's model N1G-5 nomad prototype hypergate
Order|CV-Seeker: Rogers, you dont even know what you are talking about.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Say I am expert at it.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: *sighs* I think it is time for Mr Rogers to go.
Order|CV-Seeker: It has been abandoned, as everything Daam K'Vosh made in Sirius sector.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: I specifically asked for professionals, not comedians.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: You're really funny
Order|CV-Seeker: What became of creators of this gate is unknown to us. There are no signs that could relate to forceful removal of DK from this sector.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: Deploying robots. They will analyze the date of the structure based on its material.

Order|CV-Seeker: For all intents and purposes, it was put here for a reason old forgotten.
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: As what Wolfgang-san said, Rogers. Either focus on gunning, or you may be dismissed.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: You will be dismissed pal
Order|CV-Seeker: It is standard issue jumpgate to be entirely honest...
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Kunieda use more firepower on these ships!!
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Ah! Perfect! Materials cannot be recognized...
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: They're after you !
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Meaning that we cannot estimate the exact date. But based on the corrosion of the structure, they are at least millions of years old. Do you agree, Valkyrie?
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Nevermind that, destroyed.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: More incoming!
Order|CV-Seeker: Millions... it is debatable. At very least it was here when humanity still fought in the Sol war.
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Return to your post.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: More guns to their tails!
Order|CV-Seeker: It is made of materials not available to humankind, invulnerable even to capital power of our biggest ships.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Yeaaaa take it

LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: This is where I pick up the highest concentration of anti-gravity rays.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Deploying more robots.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Hmm...
Order|CV-Seeker: Do not make yourself hopes with penetrating its hull.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: They do not penetrate. They analyze.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: You need a special drill for that.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Look that was the last assault
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: We can take a break now
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: No more hostiles
Order|CV-Seeker: More are coming, keep them off us.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Crap
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: That is quite interesting, Valkyrie.
Order|CV-Seeker: Continue...
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: I didn't expect to see such results but this structure bends time and space in very similar manner as our Jump Gates.
Order|CV-Seeker: Simplest solutions may be the best even in DM's case.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Gallia uses different technology for all we know.
Order|CV-Seeker: I dont know anything about Gallia, but mayhaps they reached same technology by other means?
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Yet Liberty advanced a technology which is very similar to the Daam K'vosh.
Order|CV-Seeker: There is one goal and many ways to achieve it.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: I obviously cannot estimate how many different ways there are. But finding the same way... we either think the same way with the alien civilization or... I don't know.
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Have you tired yourself out, Rogers-san?
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: I don't get tired so fast
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: You seem so.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Those useless bugs can't do crap
Order|CV-Seeker: For all we know, we only scratched the entry level of DK technological achievements. We do not know where are the limits.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: No way bro
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: I am not tired
Order|CV-Seeker: It may be way most fit for purpose given.
Order|CV-Seeker: Perhaps most stable, it needs no maintenance.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Seeker what kind of vessels can use this gate? All sizes?
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: 4 X sizes.
Order|CV-Seeker: Battleship class can jump through.
Order|CV-Seeker: It depends on state of gate itself.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: It can end up bad if gate is unstable
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Have you tried to jump on your own?
Order|CV-Seeker: Any probe sent through was destroyed almost instantly.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Contact.
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Intercepting
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Yea more hostiles, we take care of them.
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Follow me Rogers.
Order|CV-Seeker: Do not attack human ships unless I order so.
Order|CV-Seeker: Be careful.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Of course
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: So you have not attempted to jump?
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Hmph. Lost track of it.
Order|CV-Seeker: That means... other side is fortified with static defenses.
Order|CV-Seeker: Environmental hazard is out of option, since occasionally ships do jump to our way.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: While conducting the survey we witnessed unknown ships using it. We were cloaked, and watched from distance.
Order|CV-Seeker: Nomads, no doubt.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: I think we will uncover more data if we use the gate. Considering that probes were destroyed...
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: No. Human ships.
Order|CV-Seeker: Das Wilde Wesen, The Wild. Aoi Iseijin, Division 9...
Order|CV-Seeker: Infested forces.
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: We were unable to find the ship, as we lost track of it.
Order|CV-Seeker: Mayhaps it was blimp on scanners.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: What do you think you're doing Rogers and sending torpedoes to the structure?
Order|CV-Seeker: And in fact it's on other end of this system.
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Perhaps.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Your mind is playing .
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Anyway, resume previous post, Rogers.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: I didn't send anything through.
Order|CV-Seeker: We are right next him... Rogers fired nothing towards the gate.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: Valkyrie, he is endagering the entire operation.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: I have the picture...
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: You aren't that smart
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Beware of wilde
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: *sighs*
Order|CV-Seeker: We did attempt damaging this object with capital ship grade arms. To no result.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Now don't fool around
Order|CV-Seeker: Rogers, shut it.
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Rogers, I need you here for a moment.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: He seems so smart no way to talk with such people.
Order|CV-Seeker: I will talk to Lane Hackers... you are providing security.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Fine
Order|CV-Seeker: Sometimes insane are the best pilots.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: Valkyrie, shall we attempt a jump?
Order|CV-Seeker: We have general idea where it leads, but as I said it is certain suicide to approach it from this direction.
Order|CV-Seeker: It is fortified on the exit.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Tell him to jump first
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: We will not linger.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: And I believe I have adequate security to make it... right?
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Keep focused on trade lanes this gate is beyond your knowledge hacker
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Oi... Rogers.
Order|CV-Seeker: As I said, you will be fired upon the first second.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: Very well.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Man, just don't jump. Exactly, it's trap, as always.
[EG]BS51-Backgammon[CV]: (system wide) Starsznayder: so... you are going to "intercept" us in our solar system?
Order|CV-Seeker: Reports from my people... Colonial battleship is about.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Keep calm , you've been already intercepted and scanned.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: I am about to check one final thing.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: I need 2 more minutes, Valkyrie.

- Going very close to the structure's singularity point -

LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Analyzing...
Order|CV-Seeker: Very well, we will hold this place down.
Order|CV-Seeker: We would be glad to send scouts through yet... if automatic drones are destroyed instantly...
Order|CV-Seeker: There are always other ways.
Order|CV-Seeker: Flashy big gate is their most defended point.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: Might I suggest to send Rogers first?
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: Will help me with that headache.
Order|CV-Seeker: It is directed towards Tau cluster, based on our knowledge.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: How about you send in your butt first?
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: I can cut it with my knife and send it in
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: I thought you said that you know where it leads, Valkyrie.
Order|CV-Seeker: Tau cluster.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: 60% complete
Order|CV-Seeker: It is likely we know already where it leads, we just had no way of sending ship through safely to confirm.
Order|CV-Seeker: To a jumpgate there must be always a pair... at least as far our human gates are concerned.
Order|CV-Seeker: Good job at diverting the colonial battleship, Kunieda.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: It was a good idea
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Hai.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: I can now bother looking at the sparkles.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Okay the results of the Schwarzschild formula are here!
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Let's see. Interesting...
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: It's made of ginger bread?
Order|CV-Seeker: Formula?
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Resuming my previous post.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Resuming attack formation
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Scanning area
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Area clear, I got nothing
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Yes a physics formula to calculate hyperspace bridges.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Normal physics do not apply in such cases.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: So apparently this structure can control.. the build-up of the singularity of the event horizon...
Order|CV-Seeker: I am not quantum physics scientist... I know the established facts and practicals about these objects.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Ya man, simply put, gate leads to hell.
Order|CV-Seeker: Are you saying, cause interplanetary apocalypse?
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Our gates come with a prefixed number of the energy of the singularity from the factory.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: This one doesn't...
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: It can colapse all our gates.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: I am saying that this Gate can lead to different places if "tuned" differently.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Different dimensions too?
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Or... it can be "tuned" to build up massive energy in order to blow up and destroy... everything around it?
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Yea, look at these holes and antennas
Order|CV-Seeker: You are about as such expert in faster than light travel like me in cooking... hint, I am terrible at it, Mr. Rogers.
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: So it can be a teleportation portal, or a weapon of mass destruction, Wolfgang-san?
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: That's still a hypothesis however. We will analyze the data more diligently when we get back to Mactan.
Order|CV-Seeker: Back to your discovery, Smirnoff. Even human gates can be redirected, to some degree.
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Make sure you go straight to your hideout, we don't want Navy to get their hands on this stuff.
Order|CV-Seeker: I would like to bring the Pennsylvannia gate in New York itself.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: Smirnoff please. And yes Kunieda you are right.
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Ahh. Hai, I apologize.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: But that requires a whole load of new Gate parts and re-calculations. This Gate is seemingly not under such limitations.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Smirnoff: If only we knew how to "tune" her...
Order|CV-Seeker: If you ask me, we should disable them given a chance.
Order|CV-Seeker: In as less explosive measure to the neighbourhood as possible.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: Are you sure you want to proceed without fully knowing the technology behind it?
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: Better not reveal the devil.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: Playing with things we don't know is not advisable...
Order|CV-Seeker: There are people with greater knowledge at it than me, no doubt.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: Anyway, the tests have been made. We should not linger around here anymore.
Order|CV-Seeker: Minds in The Order that could find a solution.
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: Collecting used equipment.

LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: Done. I don't suppose we can be escorted back to Liberty?
Order|Nicholas.Rogers: You're scared, hacker?
Order|CV-Seeker: State the system
Order|Aoi;Kunieda: Hush, Rogers.
Order|CV-Seeker: Magellan?
LH~Wolfgang.Weisen: Wolfgang: Ja.

Once the research was over, the Order vessels volunteered to escort us all the way back to Mactan Base because of the sensitive data that my vessel possessed. Fortunately there was no incident on the return.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Perseus.Friend - 07-07-2015

[Image: Perseus%20Friend%20Formal.png][Image: Initiate.png]


On 822/06/30, I successfully extorted 800,000 CR from <DSLE>Automatic.Drone-2 with the assistance of Mr Yoshida. I feel compelled to point out that DSLE was flying under DSE paperwork in spite of the non-standard tag. It also seemed to be some sort of AI in control of the ship. In any case, sensors did not pick up any life readings.

Later on, BMF|Anti refused to comply with our requests, and the ship was lost with all hands as she tried to run. Just as the ship was failing, their gunners got one lucky salvo on my ship, as can be seen from the cameras. I caught several Charons with a light fighter. I limped back into station with my suit sealed and sparks shooting from most of my consoles, but I got the Scimitar back to base.

I would have reported in earlier, but the medicos had me in sickbay undergoing radiation poisoning treatment.

Initiate Friend, out!

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 07-09-2015

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

Good day.

Firstly, I'd like to report a number of extortions. In Cortez system, a Colonial ship was carrying FloraGro and mentioned that they had quite a few dealings with the Order... Anyway, he eventually left to continue to his miserable settlement but with 1.5 millions less. [] A transport belonging to the primary branch of Kishiro and Gas Miners' Guild were extorted in Shikoku system. Interestingly enough Kishiro has dealings with the semi-Junkers of Tinkers' Haven. Apparently even for Kusarians idealism is just a nuisance when it comes to corporate profits. [] I also met a GC transport belonging to the Sisters of Light bringing H-fuel to Leiden. I asked her about the Sisterhood of Dreams in which she told me that they are more violent than their group. []

Unofficial Directive
Any Operatives who intercept Colonial transports carrying FloraGro or any other terraforming commodities shall demand the entire cargo to be confiscated. Any setbacks on the terraforming project of Planet Yuma means that the nature there will have more time to reclaim its lost territory.

Back in Bretonia, I encountered an empty transport belonging to the 5th. As expected he immediately ordered his minions namely the Bretonian Armed Forces to assist him in which they did. So the transport managed to get away but at the expense of two BAF| fighters which were single-handedly destroyed by my bomber. [] In southern Liberty I established contact with the a new Unioner group. They seem promising and they mentioned that they'd contact us. [] Furthermore, the joint smuggling operation with the Silvereye Dragons was a total success. We transported VIPs from the Golden Dragon Casino up to Freeport 11 and then took Iridium on the way back. Fortunately we weren't harassed by the Core vessels in Omicron Delta. To summarize, this run was significant as it provided some rare commodities to our technicians in Leiden and it also gave birth to a new agreement with the Hogosha. []

A few days later I had a second encounter with the new Unioner faction, in Texas this time. The transport was moving enslaved workforce from Liberty and their captain briefly told me about their current dealings. My coercion skills were good enough to learn that one of the first factions that they contacted were the Corsairs. He also reassured me that they are going to contact us... something which has not been done yet. [] The fabled ragged warriors of the Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army have made several desperate incursions into Magellan system the past few weeks. In both engagements we cleansed them from this world and made a service to humanity. [] I should also mention that the upstart civilian named SirLagsalot handed over to me the power cell and the nomad ammunition. They are now in Leiden's Interrogation. For his service, Professor Hunter prepared a very special date for him. [] Furthermore, I intercepted a second time the 5th transport, this time carrying Furs for Planet Houston. The captain attempted to run which failed and when he realized that noone could save him in time, he wired two and a half milions to one of my bank accounts. [] In Shikoku I also extorted a Borderworld Exports transport carrying Gold Ore. The captain on his heavily armored battletransport flirted with the idea of running to Deshima but was eventually dissuaded and paid up. []

The past two weeks we have witnessed a rise in the activity of Liberty Navy's primary trade fleet. It is certainly attributed to the latest technological advancements. Of course we couldn't let this chance slip away so we hit them hard despite our numerical disadvantage and the heavy escort that their transports enjoyed. We were so successful that their Vice Admiral had to intervene in the end. Of course I couldn't let this chance go away, so I personally taunted the master naval puppet. [] Anyway, a new branch of DSE has started doing business in Kansas and Humboldt systems. They lied to us about the location of their storage depot so we found it in the hard way. Unfortunately for them this impudence has so far costed them a transport and extortions accounting to a total of 12,800,000 SC. [] Finally I made contact with a new Gallic Brigand group, the Golden Skull. As part of my effort to establish more informants within the GRN ranks, I am in need of three items and thus I hired the Skulls to find those for me. This mission also serves as a challenge for them in order to examine their efficiency. []

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 07-14-2015

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

Yoshida here.

I heard that a Gallic fleet had infiltrated behind the lines and entered Magellan system and a combined Rogue-Outcast force was preparing to fight them. As I was in need of an escape pod of a Valor battleship, I also joined the fight on a bomber. With the guidance of the Outcasts, the Rogues performed some relatively good maneuvers and launched their attack on the Gallics from Wendell Ice Field.

The battle was fierce but we had the numbers on our side since some random LN and BAF ships attacked the Gallics too. Of course the naval flunkies shared the same fate with their Gallic counterparts, we didn't make exceptions on our targets. I managed to retrieve a total of 5 escape pods from the Valors' wreckage. The one which was in the best condition is now being safely kept in Mactan's storages while the rest were given to the R&D for evaluation and the pilots containing inside to the Interrogation. []

I also heard that the Gaian Guard is not in very bad terms with the Colonials. That is disappointing considering that the Colonial terraforming project on Planet Yuma. I will see if I can exploit that and assign the Gaians a new mission in Coronado, with our blessings of course. []

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Kamal Khan - 07-17-2015
...Initiate.Kamal Khan.recognized...transmission.encrypted...

[Image: r0bX4oa.png][Image: Initiate.png]

My first days as a Lane hacker were great, I tried to complete every task I was given without the fear of consequences, Fighting for the betterment of our motherland gives a separate feeling which nothing else dose, Here is the list and evidence of my tasks with short notes.


1) The first information in about a Liberty Navy Carrier, It chased me pretty alone through New York and then California I managed to lost him in Ice field.My ship wasn't strong enough to fight him back

2) Second is about a Hellfire Legion Sabre, It interrupted us during a extortion, I was told to make a run, A Lane Hacker friend managed to destroy him




1) First target was a GMG| transport it was hauling Helium-3 to Liberty, As it's cargo was pretty valuable, We taxed it 7.5 million.

2) Second target was a Kishiro| transport it had some sunbucks coffee in it's hold , It denied to pay taxes so it faced the consequences, We shared it's cargo.

3) Third target was a freelancer named Arnoid.Red, It was hauling whisky so it got taxed half million credits.

4) Fourth one was a friendly junker, I with all my respect just asked him for a donation to our cause as much as he can, He said he don't have problem with donating, His donation surprised me as he donated 100 million credits.

5) Helium trading is for those who wanna make quick cash with less investment, Traders hauling helium are pretty often seen, Today I stopped 2 , One was GMG and other was a freelancer, I taxed them and they had a safe flight.



This task was a bit tricky as the number of Liberty lawfulls are a lot more then us but as told I managed to capture 25 pilots and secure their relocation to the interrogation vessels


RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Stefan Pomerov - 07-25-2015

[Image: PqHetEw.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Dear Hackers, as I mentioned in my direct message to you, it took me a couple of days to complete my promotion criteria, so I will be putting everything in one report.

On my first patrol, Mister Yoshida and I intercepted a small GMG convoy hauling Helium. After a failed attempt to escape by one of the transports, the miners cooperated and met our demands, despite the fact that the convoy was being escorted by a gunship.


I have also managed to capture a bunch of prisoners while taking a few jobs at Montezuma, which were transferred to Mactan Interrogator.


On my most recent patrol, I ran across an Universal transport in Kepler. It tried to make a run for it, but I managed to intercept it at the Kepler gate in Colorado. After Mister Yoshida and Ms Feudenstein arrived, a second Universal transport appeared. Ms Feudenstein and I were instructed to deal with them. Needless to say, a shipment of Holosculptures was sabotaged but considering that the corporate scum cooperated, they were allowed to be on their way.