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Patrol in Coronado - Trigger. - 07-25-2015

[Image: TriggerFormal_zpsc232a092.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]


Few days ago me and Yoshida conducted a patrol in Coronado.

We started the patrol from Barrier gate station and headed towards Planet Pecos. We only got about 5k away from Barrier gate station when our scanners picked up OSI transport. OSI transport decided to change it's course when they noticed us on scanners, so we lost track of it. After Mr. Yoshida demanded multiple times in system wide chat, he eventually agreed to meet us at Baffin jump hole. When he arrived at jump hole, we started asking questions from him. We quickly found out that he tried to avoid question about his original destination. It became obvious that he had something to hide when he escaped us to Baffin where he had the Zoner Destroyer as his protector. We had to pull back to Coronado because of this destroyer. [1]
We suspect that the transport was heading towards the Alien jump gate.

After that we continued our patrol towards Planet Yuma and Sabah shipyard. From there we headed to Planet Pecos. After reaching Planet Pecos we changed course to Alien jump gate. But our scanners picked up independent trading vessel at Cortez jump hole. It jumped through when we approached it. We followed it through, and demanded it to stop. Ships captain refused and started running towards Planet Curacao. We attacked the transport, but we were unable to take the transport down in our fighters before it was able to engage mooring protocol with planet.

After that we headed back to Coronado and checked the alien jump gate, as there was nothing abnormal, we headed back to Mactan.

I will attach log files to this message.

  • Yoshida: Hello Mr Trigger.
    Trigger: Greetings.
    Yoshida: Have you made a preliminary scanning of the area? Any findings?
    Trigger: Negative, I just reached Barrier gate.
    Trigger: I saw one ship pass me but I didn't have time to scan it.
    Trigger: Currently radar is clear.
    Yoshida: Roger that.
    Yoshida: Let's go to Pecos first.
    Yoshida: and then to Yuma.
    Yoshida: Setting point.
    Yoshida: Contact.
    OSI-Sovereign: Greetings.
    Yoshida: No sign of the OSI yet.
    Yoshida: Where did he go?
    Yoshida: OSI we lost sign of you.
    OSI-Sovereign: Yes I know, why?
    Yoshida: Where are you?
    OSI-Sovereign: why do you ask?
    Yoshida: So that we find you.
    OSI-Sovereign: Why do you want to do that?
    Yoshida: Are you going to continue these useless questions? Just tell me your location.
    OSI-Sovereign: Again why should I?
    Yoshida: That is classified. You shall see when we reach you.
    OSI-Sovereign: Then I must decline.
    Yoshida: Failure to comply with our directives within our Zone of Influence will result in bad consequences.
    Yoshida: As we follow your "rules" in your freeports, so should you follow our requests in our space.
    OSI-Sovereign: If you can't find me? I am going to visit relatives in the next system.
    Yoshida: You did not head for Baffin. Tell me your location.
    Yoshida: Could he be going to the Alien Jump Gate?
    OSI-Sovereign: I did not because you were loitering in the way.
    Yoshida: So you were avoiding us on purpose?
    Trigger: That would be really interesting.
    Yoshida: Set course for Baffin jump hole, I will head to the jump gate.
    OSI-Sovereign: Well I will take a coffeebreak and do some repairs, see you in a few hours I guess.
    Yoshida: This is not good.
    Trigger: Understood.
    OSI-Sovereign: Why not? Because you can't rob me and don't know where I am?
    Yoshida: So you are disrespectful too. We do not extort Zoners, including OSI.
    OSI-Sovereign: Do I have your word on that?
    Trigger: I have reached the jump hole.
    OSI-Sovereign: Yes or no?
    Yoshida: The Lane Hackers never lie.
    OSI-Sovereign: Good then meet me at the Baffin jump hole and you can scan me.
    Yoshida: Let me know if he is coming to you.
    Trigger: He is closing in.
    Trigger: 10k.
    Yoshida: Roger.
    Trigger: 5k now.
    Trigger: Greetings.
    OSI-Sovereign: Hello again.
    Trigger: Mr Yoshida will be here in second.
    OSI-Sovereign: Are done with your Inspection Trigger? I would like to continue.
    Yoshida: Sovereign we need to ask you a few questions first.
    OSI-Sovereign: Go on.
    Yoshida: You have been acting... erratically shall I say?
    OSI-Sovereign: Come on, I would like to go on so ask me please.
    Yoshida: You did not head to Baffin jump hole.
    Yoshida: And there are only 3 exits in this system.
    Yoshida: Baffin, Cortez and a nomad one.
    OSI-Sovereign: I already told you, so don't forget I was already out of your reach and came back freely, so ask relevant questions.
    Yoshida: We did not stop you in the beginning, so you had no reason to change your initial course.
    Yoshida: I think you were heading for the alien jump gate, didn't you?
    OSI-Sovereign: good, so I will be on my way, safe travels.
    Yoshida: I would not advise it.
    Yoshida: Running to Baffin won't make it easier.
    OSI-Sovereign: What?
    OSI-Sovereign: You just told me you weren't robbing me.
    OSI-Sovereign: I answered your question.
    Yoshida: You were being asked questions and you tried to avoid them when we reached a very interesting subject.
    OSI-Sovereign: I told you the answer 2 times already.
    Yoshida: Mr Trigger.
    Trigger: Yes?
    Yoshida: Didn't he fail to answer the questions?
    Trigger: He did fail.
    Yoshida: We are being attacked!
    Yoshida: By the Zoners.
    OSI-Sovereign: I told you I went the other way because I don't want to be robbed.
    OSI-Sovereign: You said you wouldn’t and I came back.
    Yoshida: Let's go Mr Trigger.
    Yoshida: We cannot hurt a Zoner destroyer.
    Yoshida: Sovereign, this is not over.
    OSI-Sovereign: What?
    Trigger: You will hear from us again.
    Transferatum: Ok let him.
    OSI-Sovereign: I told you the answer now 3 times.
    OSI-Sovereign: and complied with your orders.
    Yoshida: Until the Zoner destroyer came to your assistance?
    OSI-Sovereign: I don't know what you want.
    Yoshida: I hope you have recorded the conversation, Mr Trigger.
    Trigger: I have it saved.
    Yoshida: I also have a very nice picture of the Zoner destroyed that assaulted me.
    Yoshida: Let's continue our patrol.
    Yoshida: Do you know this planet we're heading to?
    Trigger: No.
    Yoshida: A habitable planet. If the sand storms ever ended.
    Trigger: Planet Baja?
    Yoshida: Yes.
    Yoshida: I will attach your detailed report to the Order as a message.
    Yoshida: We might have an infection among the OSI ranks.
    Trigger: True.
    Yoshida: Pecos, the only habitable moon.
    Yoshida: Rich resources of Deuterium mined by the IMG.
    Trigger: I wonder if we are allowed to dock on these bases.
    Yoshida: We are allowed on the IMG bases.
    Yoshida: Let's check the Alien Jump Gate.
    Yoshida: Drew hold on.
    Yoshida: Apparently he is not willing to respond to our hails.
    Yoshida: Open fire.
    Trigger: I am going in!
    Traffic control alert: Drew has requested to dock.
    Yoshida: Did you take pictures?
    Trigger: No, I didn't have time.
    Yoshida: Let's make one last check of the Jump Gate.
    Yoshida: Before we head back to Cortez.
    Trigger: We should send unmanned ship through it.
    Yoshida: Order said they did.
    Yoshida: Didn't make it back.
    Yoshida: Must have some very tight defences on the other end.
    Trigger: Did it have time to collect any sort of intel?
    Yoshida: Nope.
    Yoshida: Anyway let's finish our patrol.
    Yoshida: Heading back to Cortez.
    Yoshida: I am heading back to Mactan.
    Yoshida: Are you coming along?
    Trigger: Yes.
    Yoshida: One last waypoint for the day.
    Yoshida: Good work Mr Trigger.
    Trigger: Thank you.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 07-25-2015

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

Yoshida here.

Apparently hacking the Congress' flight schedule database was a good call. We carefully monitored the list for weeks and eventually decided to strike at the 20th of July when the Arbiter would be travelling alone on his liner from Thunder Bay Depot. I decided that the interception would happen near the Colorado jump hole in Ontario system as we were certain that he would use it but also because it was away from most law enforcement patrols.

With the help of Interruptor Kamal Khan we successfully intercepted the Arbiter's liner in the targetted area. After a brief discussion, the intimidated Arbiter agreed to be boarded by the nine armed LH operatives which my gunship was carrying. The Arbiter's crew was made up by robots which were destroyed and in overall the boarding team acted in a professional manner. Soon they had apprehended the Arbiter and all of them were successfully transferred back to the Vindicator. []

Audio log Wrote:LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Yoshida: Prepare for interception.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Got him.
LH~Cochrane.Interruptor: Khan: Junker vessel you are demanded to stop where you are
.:j:.Copacabana: *fumbling loud noises..* Wha the hell.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: The commanding officer shall come forward and speak to me.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: I am Goro Yoshida of the Lane Hackers.
.:j:.Copacabana: Yoshida? Oh. well in that case you got jim mckenna. you uh.. two alright?
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Hello Jim. How much crew do you have onboard?
.:j:.Copacabana: Dont like filling out insurance paperwork. the mental cost is too high I prefer robotic help.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: That makes things easier then.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: You shall open your docking bays of your ship.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: My men will come onboard and escort you on the Vindicator.
.:j:.Copacabana: Im procsessing that comment. You want to board. with a.... gunboat and a fighter.. against a liner with automated defences.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Unless you want us to force our way in, Jim.
.:j:.Copacabana: well i got several hash marks of how many gunboats and gallic fighters ive whiped out with this liner shes not a slouch.
.:j:.Copacabana: Is there a compelling reason i dont want to... conserve my freedom .
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: They were not Lane Hackers. And you are free to try.
.:j:.Copacabana: Oh the hack thing. Right.
LH~Cochrane.Interruptor: Khan: we won't be responsible for results
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: What I can offer you now is your future freedom.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: If your ship blows up, I don't think you'll have much to negotiate for.
.:j:.Copacabana: Im thinkin.
.:j:.Copacabana: I screwed my back up already. You look like a rammer to me.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: You should have encrypted your systems better, Jim. We were one step ahead, as usual.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Open your docking bays. 9 Hacker operatives are coming on Copacabana.
.:j:.Copacabana: Yeah i noticed. youll also notice im sending all the bots and my....nurse to thier alcoves to power down. bay is sticky wait .
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Hurry up.
.:j:.Copacabana: HEY i bought her used jease
.:j:.Copacabana: Guys i wouldent check that bathroom. trust me its a lost cause.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: *Voices are heard with armed men moving around the ship, most of them heading to the command center*
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: *Any robots they encounter are being destroyed on sight*
.:j:.Copacabana: Im just gunna sit here while they.. find the stairs.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Lane Hacker: Jim McKenna please follow up back to Vindicator.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: *Jim is being held at gunpoint*
.:j:.Copacabana: Alright signing off. *takes off handset and makes sure they see his hands*
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: The rest of the team guard the intersections while three of them are escorting the Arbiter back to the docking bay.*
.:j:.Copacabana: "of all the years id exspect this sort of thing to happen more often." at the bay escorted*
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: *Jim McKenna is successfully boarded on Vindicator. He is followed by the security personnel.*
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Extraction complete.
LH~Cochrane.Interruptor: Khan: Copy that
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Yoshida: Arbiter of the Congress. You have publicly stated your involvement with the secret organization known as the Oracles. Your devotion to this cult is not tolerated and poses a threat to the entire House of Liberty.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Yoshida: You have some rough days ahead of you. We shall extract any and all information that you know.
.:j:.Copacabana: So in a sence.. im being religiously persecuited? does that even happen anymore?
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: We are in war Jim.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Everything is possible. And on the table.
.:j:.Copacabana: Im.. My mind is utterly blown.
LH~Cochrane.Interruptor: Khan: I think we should escort him and his ship to base Mr.Yoshida, There are chances that other junkers may appear
.:j:.Copacabana: Im trying to.. fathom.. what you think I know so i guess im eager to get past all this?... oh wait am i gunna get waterboarded.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: No. We have the devices to make sure we don't need to torture you.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Mr Khan, Liberty Navy has been spotted on their way to our section.
.:j:.Copacabana: I do appreciate that. lets not get me exsploded.
LH~Cochrane.Interruptor: Khan: We should move then
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: They are coming from the north so we have to change our plans and move the Arbiter to Leiden and not Airdrie.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: As it was originally planned.
LH~Cochrane.Interruptor: Khan: Our small force won't be able to hold them off for much time
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: We cannot leave evidence behind however. Mr Khan proceed with the destruction of the Copacabana.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Activating main guns.
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Do you see this Jim? That was your ship!
.:j:.Copacabana: lower the reactor is.. lower..
[20.07.2015 12:14:48] Death: .:j:.Copacabana was put out of action by LH~Leiden.Vindicator (Gun).
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: Good work Mr Khan. Please escort me over to Galileo.
LH~Cochrane.Interruptor: Khan: No evidence left
LH~Leiden.Vindicator: We still need to make a run for it.

Unfortunately it was then that I picked up a signal about an approaching Navy patrol. Mr Khan and I opened fire and destroyed the Arbiter's liner in order to not fall on enemy hands, along with the remaining evidence. Then we took the jump hole and moved to Leiden Base instead of Airdrie Hideout which was originally planned. It is a matter of hours before the interrogation of the Arbiter will begin. []

Official Directive
Following the refusal of the Council's General to accept our reasonable terms after they attacked one of our operatives, all Council vessels within our Zones of Operation are considered as viable targets for extortion, humiliation, abduction and destruction! Of course they are still listed as low-priority targets compared to the regular corporate hoodlums.

Moving on, I would like to report the interception of a Liberty Navy Bison belonging the primary fleet. The transport's captain was Lieutenant James Greenhalgh, a very average and new Naval officer. He was carrying Med-Statis Bands produced in Cambridge and bound for Houston, as part of the alliance between Liberty and Bretonia. The interception happened one hour after I responded to Vice Admiral Baker's message so I decided to allow him to keep his cargo and transfer instead two million credits. He accepted my very reasonable demand and left with the promise to give my congratulations to his brave Vice Admiral. [] A few hours ago I intercepted in Shikoku system a BMM super-transport of the primary fleet, carrying Helium-3. The captain apparently was a fan of mine so he paid five million credits for my autograph. However, because of the lack of paper, I signed my autograph on the cardamine box which I always have one on my ship. Soon afterwards I heard that he had a terrible accident when he opened the box. 100% success. []

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Stefan Pomerov - 07-28-2015

[Image: PqHetEw.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Pomerov here.

This was a rather interesting evening. I'm sure all of you are aware of the rumors that there's a new bunch of corporate lackeys, flying under the Interspace Commerce banner. I am here to confirm those rumors.

Approximately half an hour ago, I was looking for any potential extortion targets on Liberty-Bretonia borders, and before I knew it, an Interspace transport ran right into my trap. Unfortunately, the target did not possess any kind of cargo, which was odd, but I saw an interrogation opportunity and I took it. Even though a person I spoke to was quite arrogant and impatient, he knew better than to disobey me. After I demanded him to move away from the lanes, which he did, the interrogation started. Also, before I forget, a Bretonia Police gunboat somehow managed to stumble upon us. However, considering that the corporate lapdog's ship does not possess offensive nor defensive capabilities, he was wise not to cry for help. Surprisingly, after barely exchanging a few words with us, the gunboat was off the radar and I was able to continue the interrogation.

Audio Log Wrote:LH~Stefan.Pomerov: Now, what do we have here. A corporate lapdog.
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Wonderful *frowns*
TTC|Richmond: Alan: And who are you?
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: Who I am shouldn't concern you.
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Oh really...
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: Tell you what - follow the instructions you are about to be given and no harm will be done.
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Right...
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: Are you going to cooperate? Or do I need to use my persuasion skills?
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Now, whoever you are, you're wasting my time
TTC|Richmond: Alan: What exactly do you want?
TTC|Richmond: Alan: *coughs*
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: First of all, I'm going to need you to start your cruise engines and move to sector 3D.
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: I will be right behind you so don't try anything funny.

TTC|Richmond: Alan: Alright...
TTC|Richmond: Alan: I am fairly confused at the moment...
TTC|Richmond: Alan: *sighs*
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: You are about to be interrogated. There is too much traffic around here.
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Interrogated? What?
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: Alright, that's enough.
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: I couldn't help but notice the prefix in your IFF transponder. What does it stand for?

TTC|Richmond: Commerce...
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: Going for the dumb card, I see. Are you sure you wanna go there?
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Go where?
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: You're walking a dangerous path. What does TTC stand for?
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Alright then.... it stands for Thunderbolt Trading Company, there happy?
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: Not quite. We're just getting started, but keep the answers coming and you'll be fine.
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Again, you're wasting my time...
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: Who stands behind your organization? Who's pulling the strings?
TTC|Richmond: Alan: That would be me. Alan Johnson, a CEO of Thunderbolt Trading Company.
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: So, this trading company of yours... I've never seen you around, is it new?
TTC|Richmond: Alan: New? Yes...
BPA)Wyatt.Earp: Greetings Gentlemen
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Officer, so nice to see you.
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: I see the backup has arrived.
BPA)Wyatt.Earp: you dont do criminal things here, or?
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: Nothing to see here officer, we're just having a little chit-chat.
TTC|Richmond: Alan: *coughs*
BPA)Wyatt.Earp: ok. Nice evening
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Are we finished or what?
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: Not quite yet. Impatience is a bad habit.
TTC|Richmond: Alan: As well as ones that slows others.
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Such as you.
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Now I really think I should get going.
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: The faster you answer the questions, instead of trying to throw me off, the sooner you'll be on your way.
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: What are your company's main areas of operations?

TTC|Richmond: Alan: A lord...
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Yes yes....
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Newark Station, Waterloo and Roppongi station...
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Which means Liberty, Bretonia and Kusari
TTC|Richmond: Alan: I guess you figured that...
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: Alright, good enough. And exactly what kind of cargo do you usually carry?
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Gold... drinks... fuel
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: What about your security division, presuming that it exists? I don't see any escort flying by your side.
TTC|Richmond: Alan: *coughs audibly* yes we do have security division, but.... no available pilots at the moment.
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Finished?
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: You should know better than to fly around Liberty without escort.
TTC|Richmond: Alan: Sure thing
TTC|Richmond: Alan: blah-blah
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: Watch it.
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: That arrogant attitude of yours won't get you very far.

TTC|Richmond: Alan: Now can we finish with this already?
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: What are your company's primary and secondary goals?
TTC|Richmond: Alan: To become wealthiest company in Sirius... and to make it's employees rich.
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: Should've known better than to ask that. *Sighs*
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: Alright, well, a deal is a deal. Feel free to remove yourself from my presence, I've got enough information.

TTC|Richmond: Alan: Finally
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: I'm sure you're smart enough not to run around telling everyone about our conversation.
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: We have eyes and ears everywhere, you'd be wise to remember that.

TTC|Richmond: Alan: Sure you do...
LH~Stefan.Pomerov: You are being watched.

To conclude the interrogation - Thunderbolt Trading Company is a new branch of Interspace Commerce led by a hoodlum named Alan Johnson. Allegedly, there is a security division among their ranks, but the escort pilots seem to be lacking in numbers. Main areas of operation are Liberty, Bretonia and Kusari. They transport gold, booze and fuel, but I'm certain that's not all of it.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Stefan Pomerov - 08-04-2015

[Image: PqHetEw.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Good day, associates.

Yesterday, Mister Yoshida and I noticed a sudden boost of activity in Manchester and decided to check it out. As we entered the system, the radars were clear until we stumbled across a Corsair battleship and a Corsair cruiser. Using warships for piracy says a lot about them. They tried to shoot us down, they failed. The warships were very lightly armored, but we still had no means of destroying them without a pack of bombers. However, after realizing they cannot touch us, they left.

After that, Mister Yoshida and I took over the lane and soon, a Shetland full of boron ran into us. The corporate flunky tried to negotiate with us, but soon, he realized he was better off with following our demands and Mister Yoshida extorted 2.5 million credits from him, which we split in half. Mister Yoshida relocated at Birmingham - Cortez lane, and after a while instructed me to move to his position. He found a Freelancer with trade lane parts in his cargo hold. After a minor interrogation, the Freelancer was instructed to drop the above mentioned items and didn't show any resistance. We took as much as we could and brought the parts to Mactan for reverse engineering.

After the event, we returned to our positions and resumed the operation. A shipment of helium arrived and was extorted without problems. Mister Yoshida concluded that the operation was successful, and we returned to Mactan.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 08-07-2015

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

Deceiver Grubozaboyschikov has been assigned a very important and delicate mission.

As she will work as a secret agent, she will not be available for the immediately future. Let us all send her our hopes for her safe and successful return.

Meeting with Hana Ken - Nicole Hunter - 08-11-2015
[Image: 1a.png][Image: 15.png]

Dear Hackers,

I am uploading long missed log from meeting with Hana Ken. As I have been told she's no longer with the Sisterhood and it remains to be seen whether new leaders share their sentiments.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

Surveillance log: Shikoku, "Infiltrator" Gunship, 10th July

Nicole Hunter: Konbanwa, Hana Ken-san.
Hana Ken: Kon'nichiwa Hunter-san. As is custom, I have brought a bottle of sake to offer, though I did not expect three people to arrive.
Nicole Hunter: I do not believe it should be a problem. Abiding the old tradition of exchanging gifts, we have also brought you a symbol of our friendship in the form of the purest Cardamine acquirable in Sirius.
Hana Ken: Domo arigato, Hunter-san. I have not tasted such product for a long time, it is a most appreciated gift.
Nicole Hunter: Hana Ken-san, please tell me, if it is not too intrusive question. How deep are you entrenched in the Kusarian mentsu culture? I do believe that it would be much better for us to leave the utter politeness behind for a moment and speak like two Libertonians. Do you believe it is possible?
Hana Ken: I am glad to be able to leave the face behind us. It is not a norm of ours within the Sisterhood, so it is refreshing to do so.
Nicole Hunter: I am happy to hear that. First of all I would like to ask you about your relations with Lady Red.
Hana Ken: We are friends to each other, despite our differences we recognise we both act for similar ends.
Nicole Hunter: It is part of our way to analyse the universe around us using various models. As majority of us, Lane Hackers, are ex-engineers or scientist, we do often assess things around us through numbers. While this might be cruel, these numbers do not look very good for you.
Hana Ken: Which numbers would you be referring to?
Nicole Hunter: I do believe that your chance of success without Lady Red beside you is much lower. Are you certain that joining forces is out of question?
Hana Ken: I have approached this point with Lady Red a number of times, she does not wish to join us. Whilst I continue to raise the issue, thus far her mind has not changed.
Nicole Hunter: What are her reasons for this? I do not think you are that different, though my perception is always a perspective of an outsider.
Hana Ken: We aren't that different, in terms of being Chrysanthemums. I am still unsure, but something holds her back. Perhaps time will tell on the issue.
Nicole Hunter: I see. I have spoken with other members of the Orange Treaty about your Sisterhood.
Hana Ken: Oh? What did they have to say on the matter?
Nicole Hunter: While in general there are positive sentiments towards your movement, there are concerns about its longevity.
Hana Ken: This is understandable, there have been many Sisterhoods in the past, they have struggled also.
Nicole Hunter: This brings me to an indiscreet question. What is your plan?
Hana Ken: Our plan is to firstly secure those assets which bring life to the current Chrysanthemums as a whole: certain routes in Kusari where materials may be 'acquired' and, most importantly, the Cardamine route through Kusari to Leiden. It is imperative to build strong foundations in these respects to let the rest of the Sisterhood bloom, thus my concern for these talks.
Nicole Hunter: There is not much to discuss here, Ken-san. We do consider Golden Chrysanthemums our allies and you may count on our support and help. Leiden is and will always be open port for you. Specifics can be discussed when the need arises. My question is different. I am not asking you about your modus operandi. I am curious about your plan to attract young Kusarian women.
Hana Ken: Ah, sodesuka... apologies. Our plan is twofold: firstly, we plan to engage in propaganda operations. Spreading the knowledge of the Empress to the Kusarian populace. Secondly, engaging in our terrorist actions against the hotspots of corruption within Kusari, and letting the effects of those speak out to those that raise arms alongside us.
Nicole Hunter: Indeed, this is the proper way. Finally, the last question. Do you wish to unite all the Chrystanthemums, and if so, how?
Hana Ken: I do wish to do so, and I plan to leverage to main factors in doing so. Firstly, using the Yume no Kusari to build the Sisterhoods strength so it is the dominant force within the Chrysanthemums and secondly, by earning the endorsement and allegiance of the 'Child Empress'. As her chosen, we would be in a position to unite the Chrysanthemum's around her.
Nicole Hunter: Very well. Are there any questions you wish to ask me?
Hana Ken: Indeed, there are couple. My first question is with regards to the 'Orange Treaty'. It is the first time I've come across this term or at least been told the term with reference to our situation. May you elaborate on what it is?
Nicole Hunter: It is a formalization of the Cardamine alliance between the Outcasts, Rogues and us. It was my intention to normalize the situation after the Outcast civil war and the rifts it left in liberty.
Hana Ken: Sodesuka, it was a wise move. Considering what I had heard about the civil war it must have been concerning to hear such conflict at the source of Cardamine production.
Nicole Hunter: We have large emergency stockpiles, but they would not last indefinably.
Hana Ken: Hai, Sodesuka. My second question then, if you would indulge me, what degree of influence do you have within Kusari? Is it as deep and powerful as it is in Liberty?
Nicole Hunter: Naturally, it is not. Our influence here is the function of our contacts and relations cultivated within our friends and allies in Kusari.
Hana Ken: converation *gently smiles*
Hana Ken: Domo arigato for indulging me in those questions. It seems there are disturbances detected. Given that I believe all the questions I wish to ask have been, I believe our business is done.
Nicole Hunter: Indeed, Hana Ken-san. I do believe it is enough for this evening.
Hana Ken: May the stars keep you Hunter-san.
Nicole Hunter: Sayonara.

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Yoshida - 12-03-2015

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

For authorized eyes only.

With the successful completion of the capture and interrogation of Arbiter McKenna we have uncovered lots of information about this so-called "Cult" or "Church". By employing blackmail, promises to return back, and excruciating neural pain, the Arbiter told us many important things. I believe that the subject's advanced age was another catalyst which helped things go so smooth. We used a standard brainscan device which determined whether the answers we were provided with were truthful or a product of imagination. Prior and after the interrogation, the device was checked that it worked properly. Finally, after I exited the interrogation room, my colleagues also performed another brain test this time to determine whether the Arbiter was brain washed, in order to fully verify the validity of the interrogation. Unsurprisingly I was informed that the test was negative. After a few more pleasure-neural shocks my colleagues threw the unconscious old man in a freighter which transported him to Ames Research Station. Ever since he was captured, the subject received sufficient quantities of RX-539 liquid which disabled his brain from saving his memories in any permanent manner and the liquid's effect lasts for as long as it is consumed. Subsequently, the subject has no memories after he launched from Thunder Bay Depot and until he woke up at Ames Research Station.

After a proper evaluation of all the information that we have gathered, Jim McKenna, as a member of a highly secretive organisation was naturally entitled only to extremely specific information when it came down to names or locations. After examining his personal computer, we conclude that the only short-term viable lead that we have in order to continue this search is to find and capture his direct superior, a man that goes by the alias of Hans Campbell. Naturally all those who used that name were verified to be simple civilians, however by cross-checking the neuralnet activity of the Arbiter with Los Angeles, we managed to find one suspect. Because of the suspect's impressive computer skills and ability to remain off the radar, we believe that there is a high probability that he is who we are looking for. Subsequently, I am requesting an assault team of operatives who will raid the apartment, capture the suspect, and extract any other meaningful information. The suspect is living in a rather poor District of Planet Los Angeles. I would suggest to use Class C identification cards in order to enter the planet and then arm the team via a nearby weapons cache that we maintain in that District.

Should this mission be authorized, a proper plan B will also be designed as well as an extraction plan. Naturally, time is of the essence.

Extraction Operation Authorization - Nicole Hunter - 12-13-2015

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

I hereby authorize extraction operation on Planet Los Angeles.

Good hunting and good luck,
Nicole Hunter

Project Transcendence and Indefinite Absence - Nicole Hunter - 12-13-2015

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Lane Hackers,

For the indefinite amount of time I will depart to focus on a secret project Transcendence. For the time of my absence Professor in-spe Goro Yoshida will fully take over all daily Lane Hacker routines.

Be sure I will be watching you all.

Nicole Hunter

RE: The Lane Hacker Internal Comms - Maria Freudenstein - 12-13-2015

[Image: fuaLRNw.png][Image: 1.png]

as part of my system exploration missions I have encountered a number of craft and have been able to secure 156 pilots for questioning. These pilots have now been successfully transferred to LH~Mactan.Interrogator , hopefully they will add to our knowledge store.

Maria Freudenstein