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The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - James nantze - 01-27-2008
...RobinHood.recognized..transmission.encrypted. ...uploading data...

Greetings. WHen in Manchester I was accosted by a certian BAF vessal, and imediatly began mania interogation:

She had some obvious interogation training herself, as she almost trapped me when I inquired as to why she had joined the military:

All in all it was a succesful day except for an unfotionate runin with a destroyer tagged as 'RACS'. He agreed to spare my life if I gave hum such information a Lane Hacker could get, so I sent him a slue of old and outdated files from our database, carefully encripting them so he would never find where they came from.

Hack over......encription complete..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - knight2 - 01-27-2008 data..

Today I stopped an ALG trader at the Colorado JG in New York he donated credits to our cause when two LSF bombers arrived. Soon they were joined by a third one.

I managed to destroy one of the bombers:

[Image: rak.jpg]

The second bomber was taking heavy damage when an LSF fighter arrived. Even though it was 2 bombers and 1 fighter against me I was able to deal critical damage so that the bomber was forced to flee:

[Image: blckth.jpg]

As you can see his IFF transponder seems to be broken.

My fight with the fighter and bomber continued and the fighter was slowly going down. He was left with 20 nanobots while I still had 34 when my Sabre came into contact with a nuclear mine and the hull gave away.

The Liberty Rogues picked up my escape pod and I'm currently recovering at Buffalo. terminated..

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Moriarty - 01-28-2008
...Sr. Director Moriarty recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

We shall bleed these corporate whoremongers until they are dried out husks!
Ernst Stavro Blofeld and myself encountered "shadowdog" today in Magellan. You may remember this selfish boy attempting to travel our lanes and refusing to pay his dues. Well now the fool is in a Talarca Light Cruiser, which proved as easy to destroy as his transport. We dispatched him once in Magellan, and minutes later we eliminated him again in California after he attacked us while we were engaged in vaporizing another Trader who refused to pay.
Moments afterwards, our hacks into Liberty's satellite tracking system revealed that several Universal Shipping patsies using the tag [KOF] were heading towards Bretonia. We easily interdicted the convoy of 2 Transports and one Manta. These too refused to donate to The Lane Hackers, and were all vaporized. I am pleased to report that the head of the [KOF], Chakotay, was on board the lead transport. I pitied the fool, and jettisoned his escape pod outside Freeport 4 after retrieving it. As I cruised away, his weak transmissions promised "bounties" on both Ernst and I. I can only hope. That will cost them even more than just paying our tax would!
While Ernst was finishing off the inept [KOF] fighter, another trader appeared on our scanners and I intercepted him. He too refused payment, but since he had no cargo, I merely reduced his hull integrity to 1% and left him adrift in the asteroid field to contemplate his greed. His plaintive requests for assistance almost made me go back and obliterate the sniveling weasel. I hope he enjoyed the repair bill.
[Image: th_frlncr-20080127-194924.png] terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - baboeska - 01-28-2008 data.....

Status report for Ned Kelly.

Total Pilots transferred for Interrogation:
14 Civ, 12 Police, 38 BH

Codename weapons recovered: 1

Intel gathering: Successful, noted Mercs and Bounty Huntersw outside Manhattan.
Results follow.

Intel Database

Callsign Tag ID Shipclass Date
Lawbar - BH Hammerhead VHF 28/01/08
[PRF]Python [PRF] BH Manta VHF 28/01/08
[\JG/]Roadrunner [\JG/] Merc Eagle VHF 28/01/08
Patrol_gamma_6* - Civillian Kadesh LF 28/01/08

Reputation management successful;
Green with LHG, LH, LR, Mollies, Junkers, Outcasts, GC

Current ship: Dagger

Combat status: Ready

Post #1

........end hack

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 01-29-2008

...Le Chiffre...recognized..transmission.encrypted. ...uploading data...

Yesterday while I was looting around NY Alec joined up with me. We successfully pirated few traders ships but it didnt take long before we draw someone's attention. Apperently what wasn't suprising at all a bounty hunter appeared. He welcomed us with a gunboat so after short fight I ordered to withdraw. We regrouped near Norfolk but suddenly recived information from Ernst that he have the same bounty hunter on his back right now. When we reached his possition it was just a matter of time to take him down:
[Image: 303a0b782a2cfb95b605a58ab85b379193d43c95.jpg]
After fight we all regrouped and set up the trap between Texas and Norfolk. Awaiting for incoming traders we caught something a little bit different: 1 =LSF= Cruiser, 1 BH Gunboat and 2 =LSF= VHFs. We focused on one of the VHFs first. Unfortunately from the beggining they all concetrated fire on Alec a we had to save his escape pod. So it became 2 on 4. Using all our skills and ships abilities we have been very close to take down one of the VHFs but when he saw his fate he ran. Almost sill with non-damange on our ships enageged 2nd VHF. After a while the Ion Storm brake and we weren't able to finish what we started, they knew that they were lucky this time. VHF was our for sure, Gunboat probably aswell.

The same day but few hours later I set the trap in California alone and soon catched first trader. He was very talkactive what at the begging didnt make me surprised to much but after a while when I spot on my radars =LSF= and [SA] scum I knew what for it was all about. Furious I destroyed that corrupted trader firstly and then engaged [SA]:
[Image: 5d7a4cf7e7f7e165f792c211bd548a188b9b01ed.jpg]
Second later 2 Interspace Commerce flunkies arrived and joined the fight. It was pretty tough and tiring. After I drained =LSF= shield and his hull was taking heavy damange he started pathetic "mine spam" and for my bad I was tired too much to stay focused enough all the time to avoid mines and I flew into 2 of them *sigh*. That was end of that day.

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - baboeska - 01-29-2008
.comm.ID.Ned.Kelly recognized .transmission.encrypted..uploading data..

Further pilots interred for mania-interrogation.
See screenshot.

Completed successful piracy of Armoured Transport with allied members.

Completed training.

Status report complete.

......end hack.

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Le Chiffre - 01-31-2008

...Le Chiffre...recognized..transmission.encrypted. ...uploading data...

After the Ion Storm I end up in middle of New York. Automatically threaten by =LSF= ships I was forced to move back to California and then Magellan. There I met friendly Outcast in a bomber and propose him revenege on those LSF "bravehearts". We teamed and headed to New York. Before we reached it we bumped into [SA] ship and while after first =LSF= arrived. After we took down [SA] ship another =LSF= show up and the BH Battleship with him. Unfortunately my record system went down during the fight and this is what I got from Alec's records:
[Image: kill1nl2.png]

[Image: kill2ty7.png]

2nd =LSF= vessel has evaporeted aswell. But the Battleship turned out too tough.

Logging out. terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Hugo Drax - 02-01-2008 data...

Battle damage has grounded my Dromedary for some time. The inability to fly out of Mactan is pretty annoying, but I have gotten time to relax here. The stories you hear in the bar are amazing!

It all started with an Outcast flying around Magellan. "Discordant_Melodies" was destroying the BHG in his Lane Hacker Gunship. Now that is a well-built ship! I flew out to greet him and offer my assistance, but he didn't need any. He offered to take me to Arranmore to hand in pilots. I hear the Mollys love to recieve Bounty Hunters... Don't know what they do with them.
We flew out to Arranmore through the jumphole network in Bretonnia. We encountered no resistance on the way to Dublin. We encountered a trader who appeared to be asleep or something in his Transport ship. A silly move I must say, but we left him at the Hood and continued to Arranmore. The minefield was no hassle thanks to my new shield that Looter gave me.

After some chat to our Molly friends, the Outcast and I left Arranmore to head back to Magellan. His advanced scanners picked up two contacts in Leeds. We set off to the jumphole to investigate this new presence. It turned out to be a single Challenger Bomber, piloted by a Bretonnian military officer. Discordant engaged the bomber and I flew evasively against the numerous Cavalier patrols that eventually drifted into the fight. The Challenger pilot realised that he couldn't destroy one of us, so he flew around defensively.

He must have called backup, as a few minutes later a Bretonnian Destroyer came in from New London. Discordant was holding his own against both targets and a swarm of lesser craft. I was not so lucky. My Dromedary was crippled by a Destroyer missile and I limped back towards Mactan. The two Bretonnians focused their fire on the gunship but couldn't destroy him.

My poor freighter was practically drifting back to Mactan, when I heard great news from Discordant. He had destroyed both the Challenger and the Destroyer! That Lane Hacker Gunship really is a great craft, good firepower and great agility. He thanked me for my assistance and promised assistance to us Hackers in future. We have a powerful new ally! terminated...

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Alec Trevalyan - 02-02-2008 Alec Trevalyan recognized...transmission.encrypted...uploading data...

During my last sortie in NY with Le Chiffre we encountered a gunboat. Le Chiffre's ship was destroyed but I managed to stay intact until a Rogue destroyer came to aid. My ship survived but I am afraid I suffered a number of physical injuries. I am on a deuterium freighter en route to Malta where I will be recovering.

I expect to be fit for duty in a number of weeks. I trust you can do without me until then.

//I might pop in now and then, but I will most likely not be flying for at least a few days. Blame real life.//

The Lane Hacker Internal Comm Channel - Virus - 02-02-2008 data...

Just apologizing for my absences. I've been busy. Mostly thinking. I know I missed a couple of shifts, but I can't help it. I was on a roll. I'll be back runnin' our game soon. terminated...

// Been trading more than anything else lately. I'll be back on my LH characters way more when I'm done.