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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Miranda Frost - 08-25-2016
...Initiate.Miranda Frost.recognized...encoding.transmission...

[Image: eaLXZHj.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Greetings, initiate Miranda Frost reporting in.
Yesterday I went on a scouting mission in Alaska to find more about this LSF - Liberty Navy conflict. Upon my arrival, I found several LSF capital ships and a small attack craft in the system. The debris around the ships showed evidence of a fight that took place there probably just hours before I arrived in the system. They did not showed any signs of hostility, so I took some scans of the ships present there. You can find the relevant data in the Attachments at the end of my report.
Later today we proceeded to lock down California system. Mister Chang was in charge of the said lock down, and Sirius Rogues joined our operation. I've managed to get some Liberty Ale from a Orbital Spa and Cruiser Liner that was heading towards planet Curacao. The Sirius Rogues assisted us in this endeavour. The captain was holding a Liberty Rogue pilot in his cargo so our rogue wing man demanded to be released to him. The captain was kind enough to give us some Liberty Ale that he was hauling in order to settle our thirst.
My scanner picked up a fairly big diamond in his safe so I demanded that as well. I couldn't just restrain myself when I noticed the beautiful jewel.
A Liberty Navy patrol ruined our stay. It was formed of a Liberty Siege Cruiser and a fighter, to that, a Bounty Hunter showed up to assist them. We made heist and cleared the system as soon as we could.
I've also handed over some prisoners for questioning, 15 Xeno Pilots and 10 Liberty Police lapdogs. I managed to save 3 of our own pilots too.
Drinks are on me by the way, I got 41 crates of that Liberty Ale.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Chang - 08-25-2016

[Image: QIs4eN5.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Greetings fellow Hackers!
today I have ended a hunt that has went on for all too long I was tracking DSE lapdog's for the last few day's till today that is when I thought I waited long enough I decided to chase this foul excuse of a corporate worker flying DSE IFF'S.
I had to chase him quite far using a support wing ship my own was awaiting repair's after a run in with a bounty hunter but your not wanting to hear about that so down to the "gift".
when I got to him his hold was bear so I went for half a million credit's but he insisted in giving me a million so I hardly could say no to the money
I hope this inspires you lot as much as it did to me but it's not as nice as seeing them burn

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Le.Gérant - 08-25-2016

[Image: CRk8fDf.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Le Gérant again, I have a lot to report today yet again, I like to make my reports count.

I'll start with the least interesting to the most interesting.

First of all, I was able to successfully capture a few pilots to hand over to one of our interrogator at Cochrane, I hope they'll spit out some handy informations. Got myself a few bounty hunters but the Xenos were especially active that day. 1-1.

Here we have my current repuations with the different factions we're allied with. As you can see, I try to make the Lane Hackers proud, after doing a bit of dirty work for them. our Molly and Golden Chrysanthemum allies look favorably to me and that is without saying, so does the Outcasts and Liberty Rogues. I hope to work more with these fine chaps. 1-1.

Now we're getting to the fun part, I was able to get myself intel on 3 different vessels. Two belonging to the 5th and one belonging to Liberty Navy. One of them is a real treat.

We'll start with the two 5th, unfortunately I didn't have the time to dig up a whole lot on them as they were already weapons hot on all of us.

Here we have Mr. Carl Harrisford of the 5th flying a Guardian VHF and packing quite a lot of heat. 2-1, 2-2.

Next we have Mr Jean Valor who actually got embarassingly shot down soon after I took this intel on him *laugh* However, this one interestingly enough had a Cloaking Device mounted on his ship. 3-1, 3-2.

Alright, now on to the best part, the Liberty Navy Intel I got. I was able to extract some very valuable intel out of him, I can't believe how bad I had him playing into my hand. I knew they weren't the smartest bunch but this hits a whole new level, I can't believe how naive he was.

I will be attaching the footage here: X-1

As you can see, there is everything in there, cargo hold, payload, equipment, etc. You will understand once I post the transcript on why I was able to get all this intel rather easily without a single risk to my life.

But wait, there's more. With the ample time I was able to buy myself, I was able to successfully hack into the records of the vessel and get even more intel out of the vessel and its crew.

Commissioned roughly 4 years from now: "I'd like to inform you that of 1700 hours, the [LN]-LNF-Miami was put into service. She is primarily an anti-fighter/bomber ship, with both engines and maneuverability thrusters tweaked to their full potential."

Originally belonged to a certain Captain Jack Malrone. Now the vessel belongs to Commander Helen Den and her second in command Lieutenant Commander Michael Dale: "This is Lieutenant Commander Michael Dale, second in command on the Miami. First of all, Commander Helen Den is in the med bay. Before today's patrol, we had an accident in the hangar bay. The commander is under medical investigation. Doctors didn't allow her to come on deck so I took temporary command of the ship."

Ontop of it all, I was also able to get some valuable informations out of their prisoner route. It would appear that prisoners are first brought to the Zoner Base, Bethlehem Station in Pennsylvania before being sent in a Prisoner Liner for transit to LPI Sugarland in Texas. This information could prove useful if we ever have to ambush their Prisoner convoy for any reason.

With that all said and done, here's the transcript on why all this was made possible: Z-1

How easily manipulated he was, I pulled at his hearstrings a bit and he totally believed all of my bleeding heart story! Ah! Can you believe that? Does he even know what we're capable of? Did he really think he could stay there and have a chat with me to try and make me renounce on my life as a Lane Hacker without me hacking into all of his systems and digging up just about everything I can on them and their vessels? I don't think it will work again but I still can't believe how naive the [LN] could be *laugh*.

That's my report for the day. I trust this should cover every assignments I had plus some more like the Personality assignment. I was also told that Intelligence of significant value would be rewarded for 5 million credits though it is not for me to say if my intel was of significant value enough or not.

I was also told that if I could do every Initiate assignments without losing my ship a single time that I would also be given a bonus *smirk*, I trust you remember.

Le Gérant out to get some coffee.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Mrs. Glass - 08-26-2016
...Initiate.Mrs. Glass.recognized...encoding.transmission...

[Image: 6CafXZx.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Mrs. Glass here, this is my first report and i hopefully do everything well.

So i started my day at Cochrane today and at the nearby Trade Lane. The first thirty minutes was very silent but after that a Gateway transport came by from their primary fleet. While he try to talk out himself from the situation but except that he is very cooperative and thanks to that we are richer now. I need to admit here that i let him talk a little too much but that not happen again.

Of course i made guncams and here are they:


ID and Armor



I need to mention here that i'm really surprised that he did not try to break out and run to the nearby station, after all his ship is not just well armored but also well armed. But maybe he just don't want to risk his life for some little credit.

Now if you have no question then i'm out to get some freshie cardamine and some good wine.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Miranda Frost - 08-27-2016
...Initiate.Miranda Frost.recognized...encoding.transmission...

[Image: aPaZIY9.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Greetings, my fellow enlightened companions. I wanted to submit my report about my final task. Hacking my ship transponder and getting my connections with the Lane Hackers allies.
I will submit proof of my ship's equipment, transponder, ID and my cargo hold contains.
I believe this should be proof enough I can be trusted in the inner circle of the Lane Hackers. The objectives were not easy to complete considering how ... "popular" I am in Liberty.
That is all for now, you will find evidence in the attachments at the end of this message.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Yoshida - 08-27-2016

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

Dear colleagues,

I am in the very pleasant position to announce the following promotions:

• Mr Nick Nack is being promoted to Deceiver rank.
• Mr Chang successfully completed his initiation and joins the Interruptor ranks.
• Mr Marquis who distinguished himself by providing us with some wonderful pictures of burning Ageira ships, he is also one of our new Interruptors.
• Mr Le.Gérant who distinguished himself and is promoted for being the only Initiate after a long time to not lose a single ship during his missions.
• Ms Miranda Frost is the newest Interruptor, a woman who demonstrated very early her skills in leadership and ouwitting her corporate targets.

With the release of LHX7-F4S "Vindicator" Very Heavy Fighter, the following chart is now active and in full and immediate effect. Please make yourselves familiar with it.

[Image: TV0L7Sa.png]

In addition, I have a report to submit which accounts of a number of events going all the way back to the previous summer. So let's begin.

The misguided called Pirate Reapers decided it was a good idea to smuggle in our turf. So I intercepted the transport, took all his cargo of Nanocapacitors which then called for a transport to move the liberated cargo to Cochrane Depot to be used by worthy men and women. Some time later I had an interesting meeting with a TAZ ship in California. Those weirdos are rather harmless and insignificant, they are to be left alone. []

Moving on, our negotiations with the latest Brigand group were successful. These steady and constant diplomatic successes with the various Brigand groups are very profitable for our organization. Interruptor Red Grant once again proved his worth.

Next month I moved to New Tokyo when I received intel that an IND flunky was about to enter the system. So I tracked him down and I successfully intercepted the cancerous little man. He immediately started squeezing and saying incomprohensible things, so I started firing Nova torpedoes on his ship. Most of the torpedoes hit him, each one taking a portion of his ship. In the end, when we reached New Tokyo's orbit, he was finally left alone with a critically damaged hull and no thruster since his Farmer Alliance sellswords arrived to help him. What a pity. While I was heading back, in Shikoku, I also encountered the AFC President carrying significant quantities of Nox. Not too long afterwards an official GMG transport arrived which was successfully extorted by myself and XTF Tachyon. []

I received reports of an Interspace Commerce transport heading to Bretonia with fuel so I decided to intercept him behind the front lines, in Tau-31 system. The captain of IC|Denver actually proved to be very cooperative so I didn't have him drop his entire cargo, only a portion of it. Then our friendly smuggler, Mr Handlowiec came by and tractored in the floating cargo. In Shikoku I intercepted an official Core transport carrying base construction materials. The captain identified herself as Nova Hawken. In the beginning I attempted to sway her allegiance to the Core with my superior vocabulary and legendary persuasion. However it proved only partially successful as she was extremely loyal, however she accepted some cardamine as a gift. She was also extorted for more than 2 million credits. Back in Bretonia, I intercepted IC|Richmond in the lane to Planet New London. I was soon assisted by LH~Mactan.Interruptor. Together we mania-interrogated the pilot who in the beginning attempted to tell us he is the CEO of Interspace Commerce, Alan Johnson. After we laughed at his face he told us the entire leadership of the newly-restructured IC|. He was then allowed to go after suffering a series of explosions all over his luxurious ship. I am not sure he even made it to Planet New London. What's interesting is that the Interspace Commerce Vice President, the second most powerful man in Sirius, is Jason Kelly, the former boss of OSI. We knew those OSI weasels were just hiding their corporate cartel behind the Zoner flag, but with the latest "promotion" of their CEO, our patience is at an end. From this point on, OSI is to be treated as every other corporate target. []

The extortion successes in Shikoku continued with T&T boss and one of his recruits being robbed by myself and Ms Freudenstein. As always, the T&T boss put on his mask and he played the victim. But his act did not fool us and the payment was shortly afterwards sent to the Interruptor. Later on, I was training Mr Sun Liang-tan on the 'Fishing' technique and he was wonderfully successful. He pretended to be a client who wanted a full cargo hold of the expensive Junyo Fire Pearls while I was waiting between Deshima and Junyo. The heavily armored Republican was intercepted and paid the money. A few moments later he was told that he was scammed and that there was no client who was going to purchase his pearls. I can't imagine what the Rheinlander did afterwards. Hopefully he commited suicide by crashing in Junyo's atmosphere and sparing us of his faulty and inferior DNA. []

In Texas I encountered a Pitbull belonging to the Red Hessian Army. I asked it to halt for a few moments. In the ensuing conversation the captain revealed to be Brigadegeneral Paul Stein. And that was an excellent opportunity to sway the hotheaded RHA leader to our side and inform him of the multiple VWA infractions. In turn he also revealed to me some interesting points. I think you will find the conversation we two had equally interesting. []

The next victim of our new "Fishing" technique was none other than OSI itself. Interruptor Liang-tan lured a transport by asking the captain to bring enough Kyushu Rice for a wedding held in Pueblo (!) enough to feed the entire station. What a moron would believe that weddings are held onboard an ultra-high security facility or a wedding would require such massive quantities of rice. Yet the trick worked and I hit the OSI transport as he was heading to Pueblo. The captain was even less intelligent than we initially thought since he actually told us that he is supplying Ageira with that rice! He quickly dropped all his rice and sent his "Pueblo client" a message infoming him of what happened. Mr Liang-tan had the pleasure of replying to the message and generating even more fun. As for the cargo, we needed it in order to replenish Leiden's stockpiles considering the heavy influx of Kusarian visitors that our station receives. So I contacted Congressman McArthur who moved the cargo to Leiden for a modest fee. He was so pleased from our deal that he sent me a follow-up message afterwards. A few hours later an OSC- transport was extorted as well. All the latest events with the Bundschuh are well-documented. Here I would only wish to archive the successful interception of a VWA transport which participated in the effort to economically and politically exploit the humanitarian crisis in Planet Nuremberg. It was allowed to continue its original route after giving us 5 million credits. []

It was requested to provide my first encounter with the Battlegroup Auxesia's only noteworthy members. It was a random encounter in Omega-3 system. This is where I learned the name of the Core defector, Ms Raven. Her battlecruiser was in Bretonian-controlled space. Most likely they had already acquired permission from Her Majesty's Corrupt Government. I also met Joshua Hunt there. He was leading the Aegis Initiate back then, before it merged with Auxesia, and he told about Ms Raven. I also provided him with secret information about Geoff Enfield of the BDM and he rewarded me with the astonishing amount of 50 million credits. That is the reason why Mr Hunt was in our VIP list, until recently. A few days later in California I pulled another great stunt by evading four hostiles and hitting a transport under their nose, Sombra Hookier, for 5 million credits. Eventually the hostiles found me and I lured them to Montezuma where I had laid a trap. In the ensuing fight the Bounty Hunters were annihilated, I claimed one of the kills. A week later I intercepted a transport belonging to Detroit Munitions, in Manchester system. In the ensuing discussion, I quickly realized that the DM captain was not particularly fond of Ageira. So I used it in my advantage and persuaded him to secretly work for us, for the right reward. I demanded 5 million credits, which would be reimburshed to him by his company afterwards and in return he would send me information about Ageira. ID scans, anything. And for his assistance he'd anonymously receive his 5 millions back, in a private account. It was a win/win scenario for both of us. He never sent me a message so I assume he got scared in the end. It matters not, I still made more money than I would have originally asked for. []

Last April, I was operating in California with Mr Largo and Ms Grubozaboyschikov. I intercepted a ship belonging to DSEA which I eventually destroyed after it proved to be uncooperative. Another transport was destroyed by the Deceiver as well. We were about to abandon and destroy the cargo but fortunately we managed to contact the Congress which, even though it took them some time to respond, they arrived and safely repossessed the cargo. That day was particularly productive. A few days later, I intercepted an OSI transport in Colorado filled with Gold Ore. I took a portion of the corporate flunky's cargo which I used it as the payment for the ALG. Finally I also met near Poena the would-be defectors from the Core. They seeked our help to secure their comms, which I did after they paid for my services. []

A month later I received intel of a Colonial transport heading to Liberty with unusual cargo. My sources were correct as I successfully managed to intercept the Atlas-class vessel and started questioning him. He quickly admitted everything I wanted him to say but reinforcements raced across southern Liberty in order to save the transport. My teammate however was able to successfully destroy both the 5th and another CR| pilot who came to the transport's rescue. Then the Colonial smuggler did the unthinkable; he engaged me in single combat. As a result his ship was destroyed and about a thousand Rheinlanders perished as a result of it. The remaining were tractored in my cargo hold. Upon arriving in Dawson, all the captured Rheinlanders were questioned, some Bundschuh-affiliated refugees who possessed meaningful intel were separated and moved to Leiden's interrogator. Simultaneously I contacted the Colonials since all these men, women and children heavily strained our logistics capacities and in case CR had some sense and wanted to somehow salvage the situation. However they rejected my offer as they unsurprisingly wanted to play it tough and instead used their IMG buddies to clean up their mess. That didn't work. Instead we spoke to BDM and secured an important hardware purchase in return of the refugees and all the CR intel. They also received a small intel gift from Mr Marquis. The negotiations were primarily conducted by Mr Weisen however I am not pleased with his overall performance. []

As traffic continued to increase between the Liberty - Rheinland border, I focused my efforts there on the unsuspected transports. In Hamburg I intercepted an Interspace Commerce liner carrying their volturous delegates. I Intimidated the captain and his cancerous passengers, before letting them go after paying a hefty amount of credits. Furthermore, about two months we intercepted an official Gateway transport between California and Cortez. Not too long afterwards Hellfire Legion showed up in huge numbers trying to save their corporate masters however they came too late. The Gateway transport was destroyed and then I made sure Infiltrator Trigger and Initiate Lefabrve got to safety before I successfully escaped from the misguided LN defectors. Finally, few weeks ago my men destroyed an Ageira transport, close to Pueblo. I came in, tractored their freshly-constructed Docking Ring parts and handed them to the R&D in Mactan which will be responsible for unlocking the white boxes which protect Ageira's product. []

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Red Grant - 08-27-2016

[Image: zgEL9r6.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Initiate Grant reporting,

As last time, we rolled out again today. It started with me and Miss Glass in the field. I was performing 'maintenance' on the tradelane between the New York Jumpgate and Planet Mojave in California, while she was holed up in New York, if I recall correctly. However, I was soon discovered by a 5th fleet fighter. I managed to persuade him that he wouldnt want to go through the headache of assaulting me, and he left.

Subsequently, I headed to Ontario, and linked up with Miss Glass and Miss Frost. Our original plan was to lock down California, but then mister Nack came with a better idea. We went to lockdown Shikoku. One part split off and headed towards California. I dont exactly know what went down there, but im guessing they will state this in their own reports.

At any case, mr Nack and I managed to liberate 8 million credits from a smuggling freelancer in Colorado, which I then split between the group, and I managed to liberate 5 million credits from a Luxury Liner later on. All pictures I have taken (the one from the smuggler and him transfering the credits seems to never have gone through) are included below, aswell as a blackbox log. In Shikoku, I was under the company of a few Hogoshans, just incase you notice their lines.


Thats all for now.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Chang - 08-29-2016

[Image: QIs4eN5.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Greetings fellow Hackers!

I'm here to report the hopefully successful lockdown that took place in California a few day's ago.

Our forces :

Miranda Frost - disposed at Cortez gate she was flying a vindicator
Me disposed at - Magellan Gate I was flying a vindicator
goro yosihda- disposed at New York Jump gate yosihda was flying the ship called LH~Cochrane. Interdictor

a ore miner Callsign Lone wolf was targeted by yosihda and Miranda Frost when they caught him they rapidly him they managed to extort him in the end for the sum of 5 million credit's by Miranda Frost and goro yosihda after he tried to avoid Ms frost. after that we was forced to flee because of a pilot of the main branch of bounty hunter's turned up with the fifth fleet not too far behind.
sorry for the delay most of my data got scrambled after getting ambushed outside mactan base by a lot of fifth fleet ship's and the bounty hunter I was forced to let the base defence's drive them off as my ship was in showing me that I was in the redline losing power to weapon's and life support.
here are Mr goro yosihda's gun camera shot's camera log's

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Red Grant - 08-29-2016

[Image: JEgil23.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Initiate Grant reporting,

After waiting a few hours, and seeing nothing interesting, finally a chicken crossed the street, where I spoke to it and made a small profit off of it!

[CAMERA SHOT #13515]

Thats all for now.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Chang - 08-31-2016

[Image: QIs4eN5.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Greetings fellow Hackers!

I'm here to report the successful recon mission so as I would do I launched from Cochrane and decided to see if I could find the hideout I was told about before I finished my time as a Initiate so I decided to go exploring to find a transport to extort when I stumbled across a base I have never seen nor heard of before a place called platinum.incorporateddo with this want you feel best. just as a little extra information it was found at 3D in the Alberta system