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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Roland Marquis - 09-08-2016

[Image: 2h2i2is.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Some activity to report.

First, some extortion targets. The first was an Orbital Spa and Cruise Shetland hauling Helium. Again, all I seem to run into is Helium. He parted with 3 million credits without too much convincing. In fact, he expressed desire to work with us, but I reminded him that we don't tolerate corporate lackeys and will only work with him if he truly sets himself free of his bourgeois overlords.

The second target was an ALG Tanker hauling Sirius' favourite commodity: Helium! The next one I run into will be vaporized post haste. I tire of these worthless cargo haulers. He parted with his credits as well.

The third target was far more interesting, this time a Corsair Pilgrim Liner hauling Artefacts. We couldn't let this trash go through without making a sizeable donation, so it was extorted for a total of 8 million credits, 4 for myself and 4 for Ms Frost.

And finally, the coup de grace, an Ageira ship was intercepted in the New York system hauling basic alloys to Detroit Munitions. Unfortunately not a high value cargo that would severely impact their operations, but every bit helps. It was relieved of its credits after a shortlived and futile attempt to escape which only resulted in unnecessary damage to that monstrously ugly ship.


Finally, some intrigue. An Order agent spilled some details about *he clears his throat* an LSF killer cyborg that used to be a Rogue underboss but now is suspected of being in Order captivity. This cyborg is a friend of the agent, and well, I'll just let you read the audio log. If there is any truth to this, this LSF creation must be hunted down and wiped out immediately.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Medrano - 09-09-2016

Fellow Hackers,

I would like to quickly report an other extortion, I was out in Shikoku at the Kelper jump gate when I ran into mister Alexander.Zavis, He had a load of plutonium on board and tought his life was worth more. I asked him for 1 million credits and he paid after we threated we would sell the remains of his ship to the Junkers if he didn't pay. Here is proof of his ship and paying me.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Miranda Frost - 09-09-2016
...Interruptor.Miranda Frost.recognized...encoding.transmission...

[Image: rRboiet.png][Image: k35EOCs.png]

Greetings, fellow intellectual superior colleagues.
I do need to apologize for my late report. I had to do some rather, interesting tasks. Like catching a Deep Space transport full of Xenobiotic Filters in Ontario. I could not let that pass and after a brief questioning about his cargo destination, made him pay a two million fine.
Anyway, while we were on a patrol the other day, mister Marquis and myself, we went in New York to lay a trap for a Ageira vessel the USI detected. Soon enough, the corporate drone landed right in it. But I am sure mister Marquis already mentioned that in his report.
After that successful extortion, I received a message over personal comms from our outcast allies, call sign NC-Frostmourne. We rushed to his location and we found him fighting what appeared to be a zoner ship. They both had extensive hull damage, though the outcast won the engagement.
Seconds later after the fight, a object appeared on our scanners. It was a corsair Pilgrim Liner, full with artifacts. He tried to escape us but we caught up with her. The captain was a woman.
After she told her crew to stop the vessel, I started to interrogate her about her location of departure and arrival. After some good placed words, she spitted out everything, I am sure if I were to continue, she would had told me the age she stop peeing her bed. Pretty sure it was recently.
We made her pay a large amount of credits because her presence was extremely offensive to both of us, and to the rogue and outcast pilots that were with us. She had no choice but to pay.
After that, me, mister Marquis a Ourcast fighter and a Rogue gunboat proceeded to decompose a liberty navy gunboat that was in the area. I gave him a change to pay us so he can live, but he turned the offer down. He regretted that decision short after, as we took his ship apart.
Mister Chang joined us soon after and I proceeded to commence a system lock down of California. We intercepted a freelancer transport full with platinum. After a brief interrogation I extorted four millions and let him go his way. But he must had alerted the navy as they started to gather near planet Los Angeles. I gave the order to evacuate the area just to be on the safe side.
You will find the attachments at the end of my report.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Yoshida - 09-10-2016

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

:: Available only to the Lane Hacker Professorship ::

My interception team has just arrived in Santa Verna. We will pick up fresh cardamine to use during the fight and conduct one last check on our weapon systems and flight controls. Then we will depart for the far side of Planet Carinea waiting to ambush the upcoming Oracle group.

I am accompanied by the following elite team of Lane Hackers, carefully chosen for this important and daring mission.
- Deceiver Nick Nack
- Interruptor Miranda Frost
- Interruptor Red Grant

Dear colleagues,

I am in the very pleasant position to announce the following promotions:
  • • Ms Red Grant to the rank of Interruptor.
    • Mr Medrano successfully completed his Initiation and is now an Interruptor as well.

The rest of my report will be uploaded once I have a stable connection again.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Nick Nack - 09-11-2016

[Image: Zr9yeio.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Greetings fellow Hackers , Nick Nack here reporting my latest activities.

Firstly , during one of our operations in California we got interrupted by fifth fleet, even though we got heavily outnumbered I still manage to destroy one lapdog.

Secondly , some extortions . I managed to intercept a DSE "Mastodon" by the name of DSE.Ottoman_Transport , he seemed to be rather friendly than unsympathetic towards me , he even paid more than I asked for.

Later on , I moved to California just in time to obstruct Nabuchadnezzar from his pathway to Bretonia. He also made a generous contribution to our cause.

Last but not least , it was OSC|Atlantis a heavily armored Renzu Luxury Liner. He did not want to be late to Curacao , so he agreed to pay me a million .

This is all for now.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Chang - 09-16-2016

[Image: QIs4eN5.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Greetings fellow Hackers!
today I am reporting on the meeting between our self's the Lane hacker's and Auxesia's attending was myself Chang. Medrano and I believe it was Mr Yoshida to vouch for the Lane hacker's. And Auxesia came to the meeting with a drone of Sapphire Raven being escorted by as follow's Bennett, the pilot's of both the Gunboat Redemption and intervention. That was everyone that attended the meeting on to the transfer. Also a uninvited Nomad decided to show it's head around the meeting point but was swiftly dealt with.
The item's was sent to Mr Yoshida ...uploading cargo camera log's Done.
So we ended up getting some nomad technology,some core pdw's.

After the transfer the Auxesia's left wishing us well and safe sky's. when they left our scanner range Mr Yoshida left the cargo in my hands so he could get the launch code's for the storage/R&D ship. I later returned the item's listed in the manifest to Mr Yoshida who now was flying the ship to give them to the R&D lab's.
And that's how this meeting went even though we are still awaiting the dossier's we was promised

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Niall Dunne - 09-17-2016

[Image: joLut7Y.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Dia dhuit, hackers eile.

Here goes my first report here. Coming up first on the list is a transfer of 28 Bounty Hunters Guild Pilots to the LH~Mactan.Interrogator. It was as easy as hunting small game back when I was a little girl. They don't fly their ships like a Bretonian would. The bloody hunters must not hunt Bretonians too often.

Anyways, onto the second place on the list. Medrano had went to Ontario and decided to stroll on the lanes for any traders. He found two there, and upon him demanding credits for their cargo space as required, they opened fire on him. He called out to me for help and I did so. I made it in time, and he was able to destroy one of the transports on him, having the other one remaining. Once I arrived, I scanned the hold and the ID of the transport. He was carrying a bunch of Platinum ingots, and it seems that once I showed up, he got scared. The transport paid out five million credits to Medrano, and then Medrano gave half of the demand price to me. Chang also arrived but not in time to assist against the transports. He had sent me one million as well for helping out. Mighty generous of him.

And last but not least on the list, I have set up the required ally state with the Mollys, Outcasts, Liberty Rogues, and Golden Chrysanthemums. It wasn't too hard to slide into my transponder with a little hacking. Luckily it's not my first time around.

That's all for today, Hackers. I'll be on my way, I have some cardamine to get to. Safe travels and good flights!

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Le.Gérant - 09-17-2016

[Image: CRk8fDf.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Greetings Lane Hackers. I do not think I have to present my name again.

Today was.. rather eventful and most of all, different. I have the tendency to make my reports excessively long but I will leave that to my political article so this article will be short, concise and to the point.

Today I would like to report on a Lockdown that I made happen with the help of Mr Chang and Ms Niall Dunne in the Colorado system.

Keep in mind, this is not the same Lockdown that you are used to see. Before joining the LH, I was first and foremost, a Politician. Not a fighter. As such, you could call today's lockdown of a more.. political nature.

I felt that today, I needed to do things differently for a few reasons. First of all, the very people we fight for simply does not trust us. We have to change that. Second, well, we were severely outgunned as per usual.

So today, we encounterd ourselves 4 good chaps. Two Ageira that we spent most of our time with and then an USI and a third Ageira that happened to come by after Chang and Niall had to retreat for a while.

Dossier-333. I have intel on Tesla and Mach but unfortunately not Ageira~Oppenheimer and [*USI*]Salt.Lake[E] as they weren't too friendly with me at that point as they had the upper hand.

We were able to lock the Colorado System down and keep the Ageira Hostage at Pueblo Station for a while however. They had Lane Hacker pilots in their hold but we were able to liberate those after a little bit of diplomacy. Niall Dunne should be making a report on all 11 liberated Hackers any time now.

They were all flying Heavily armored Bisons, so we didn't have a whole lot of leverage in the whole thing but I did make a few things happen.

As I mentionned earlier, I was first and foremost a Politician. My words are my weapons, not my guns and today in this Lockdown, I have accomplished just that.

I have planted a seed of doubt in their ranks, I have shown them that we were more than petty thieves or petty terrorists. That we weren't simply just another off-shoot of these stupid Xenos. I have convinced the more vocal of the Ageira that the Hacker cause just might be a good cause, a cause he thought was simply stealing from the innocent or murdering the commoner. But I showed him, I showed them that they were wrong.

In fact, Ageira~Tesla should be contacting me soon. We have things to talk about and differences to settle. Doubts to spread within Ageira and Liberty, dirty truths to publicize. Logs are available on demand but I feel like my work is finally starting to bear fruits.

Today was more than a simple lockdown for monetary gains, today, I made this lockdown happen for the advancement of our cause, of our ideals. Our cause is more than one of greed like those very Corporations that we fight against and today, I have let anyone who passed through Colorado know that we are out there, not against them, but for them. And that Ageira is the real enemy.

[17.09.2016 20:15:42] LH~Le.Gerant: The cause I believe in and my knowledge of all the dirty truth.
[17.09.2016 20:15:52] Ageira~Tesla: What truth?
[17.09.2016 20:16:07] LH~Le.Gerant: The truth that your closed eyes cannot see. The truth that Liberty has been hiding from you.
[17.09.2016 20:16:19] Ageira~Tesla: Enlighten me.
[17.09.2016 20:16:39] LH~Le.Gerant: It is not secure. Tell you what, reach out to me under a more secure channel at a later date and I will tell you.
[17.09.2016 20:16:57] LH~Le.Gerant: Or not, it is your choice.
[17.09.2016 20:16:58] Ageira~Tesla: Why don't you tell me now?
[17.09.2016 20:17:13] Ageira~Tesla: You are already marked for death.
[17.09.2016 20:17:19] LH~Le.Gerant: Because anything I say here will be silenced and will probably see Ageira's PR team jump right on it.
[17.09.2016 20:17:19] Ageira~Oppenheimer: Good day.
[17.09.2016 20:17:20] Ageira~Tesla: What could happen?
[17.09.2016 20:17:25] [*USI*]Salt.Lake[E]: Howdy boys
[17.09.2016 20:17:25] Ageira~Mach: Pace: Good evening
[17.09.2016 20:17:29] Ageira~Tesla: Hey there.
[17.09.2016 20:17:43] LH~Le.Gerant: Reach out to me, or not. It is your choice if you want to learn the truth or not.
[17.09.2016 20:17:58] [*USI*]Salt.Lake[E]: Interesting sight to see
[17.09.2016 20:17:58] Ageira~Tesla: Phone number or something?
[17.09.2016 20:18:10] LH~Le.Gerant: I know you are more resourceful than that, don't take me for a fool.
[17.09.2016 20:18:38] Ageira~Tesla: Well, you would be surprised how dumb I really am.
[17.09.2016 20:18:48] LH~Le.Gerant: I trust you are not as dumb as you say you are.
[17.09.2016 20:18:54] LH~Le.Gerant: The really dumb does not know that they are dumb
[17.09.2016 20:18:58] LH~Le.Gerant: That is proof enough that you are not.
[17.09.2016 20:19:15] Ageira~Tesla: Care to provide any contact informations?
[17.09.2016 20:19:26] Ageira~Tesla: Without that I'm pretty much lost.
[17.09.2016 20:19:49] LH~Le.Gerant: My name is Le Gerant, with that, you should be able to find a way.
[17.09.2016 20:19:50] Ageira~Tesla: I have no computer skills, besides driving a million tonn ship.
[17.09.2016 20:20:10] LH~Le.Gerant: If not, perhaps the truth is not one you care about enough to put the time in to learn.
[17.09.2016 20:20:38] Ageira~Tesla: Alright. I will ask for help how to make secure connections, I guess.
[17.09.2016 20:20:42] LH~Le.Gerant: This invitation extends to any of your buddies here present. We are at war with Ageira but not with the individual.
[17.09.2016 20:20:50] LH~Le.Gerant: Perhaps in the public's eye we are nothing more than petty thieves or terrorists
[17.09.2016 20:20:57] LH~Le.Gerant: But we know what we are and that is what matters.

This is my report for the day, I trust that today's Lockdown of a more political nature, will be used as leverage for the future of the Lane Hackers and the future of our cause and dreams.

I believe in the cause and I think it is high time we start making others also believe our cause. Past are our days of fighting in the shadow as nothing but petty thieves.

The Lane Hackers will get their second wind, I will make sure of it.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Niall Dunne - 09-17-2016

[Image: joLut7Y.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Dia dhuit, fellow Hackers.

Today was a little eventful. Me and Chang went to do some missions given to us by the Rogues in Montezuma for a bit until we decided that we would go out into Liberty and search for some Ageirans or other hostiles. In Colorado, Chang was able to catch two Ageiran transports by the name of Ageira~Tesla and Ageira~Mach sitting at Colorado, and I was able to get there to lock down the other lane while he handled the other one. Scanning the first one's hold and ID, I then scanned the other's hold and ID.It turned out that the Mach had some Lane Hacker pods on his ship, so with a little bit of talking, he turned them over to me.

Eventually Le Gérant showed up and took the lead in talking beside me, effectively making this a lockdown on Pueblo, and keeping the Ageirans still. Le Gérant was attempting to turn the Ageirans over to us. Hopefully that went well. Obviously his report goes more into detail with that. I will go onto the next event on the list.

Eventually I came into contact with three Liberty Navy fighters stopping a Junker for something.. I didn't get the chance to look into what, as I was outnumbered. I was with Chang at the time, who told me to scan them and get out of there, as I still had the Lane Hacker Pilots. So indeed I did scan them. After doing so, Chang had told me to leave, so I did as I was told. I hope he is alright.

Lastly, the fellow Hackers on my hold are alright. I have 23 more Bounty Hunter pilots for interrogation, and I am waiting on Mactan for further instruction.

Slán, fellow hackers.

Coordination and supervision - Nicole Hunter - 09-18-2016

[Image: 30.png]

Dear Lane Hackers,

Due to increased field activity of our operatives I will redirect a portion of my resources to coordination and supervision tasks. This does not mean that the project Transcendence lost its priority. Quite the contrary, because of its nature and delicacy I will not be at your disposal physically. Any field operations will be conducted by me remotely within Spyglass Network range. Also please get accustomed to my holographic representation.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter