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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Niall Dunne - 09-18-2016

[Image: joLut7Y.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Dia dhuit, fellow Hackers.

Caught ourselves some Ageirans today, we did. And a freelancer assisting the Bounty Hunters.

Me, Medrano, Nick Hack, and Chang were able to lock the ships in before they could use the lanes to escape. It was just Alan Pace at first, but eventually the rest showed their faces. I scanned all their holds and IDs, revealing some nice Docking Ring Parts for us. We made an attempt to get the Docking Ring Parts without bloodshed, but the Ageiran wouldn't give it up. We had also tried to enlighten them, but it seems it was of little to no avail. We had to destroy both transports and Medrano was able to retrieve all the Docking Ring Parts. It was a shame it ended in blood. Once the transports were downed, Nick Hack ordered us to return to Cochrane and ignore the Bounty Freelancer, which we did. Lastly, I had a fine amount of baddies to give to the Cochrane Interrogator today. 26 Bounty Hunter Pilots, two Liberty Navy Pilots, two Liberty Police Pirates, and three Xeno Pilots.

With that, I'll leave you others to your duties. Call me if anything else comes up. Slán, fellow hackers.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Le.Gérant - 09-19-2016

[Image: CRk8fDf.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Greetings to all my good friends.

I am of a good mood today. It would seem that my actions are finally bearing fruits. I have noticed that certain pilots are starting to be less distrustful of us. Their eyes and ears slowly starting to open. This report is for one such case. This man knew he was worthless and that we were superior, I made him admit it with his very own words. Yet, our cause is right and just and even the worthless may learn. I do not know if anything will truly come out of it but this man seemed to be a good candidate to start spreading our word. Joining us directly ot simply sharing our just cause to the rest of Liberty. Our work is slow and take time but it is an important one.

Nothing that is worth it, is easy my friends. Our life's work is a hard one but this is precisely why it is worth it.

Here is the footage of the man in question. His ship was still pristine new but he insisted on giving me the generous donation of every last credits he had in his bank account to help to our cause.

Dossier XA Dossier XB Dossier XC .

Additionally, the following log should do just fine as Mania-Interrogation.

This is how we add to our ranks and shake Liberty up. Make them understand that they are worthless. Nothing but pawns. Worthless little Libertonian puppet trash. Then, we make them understand that there is a door open to them. An opportunity for them to no longer be called as such. To no longer be called trash. To take their hands into their own lives.

I feel today was another victory for the Lane Hackers, our words are starting to get to them. Keep working hard mes frères. We will get them.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Chang - 09-19-2016

[Image: QIs4eN5.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Greetings fellow Hackers!
I have a extensive batch of Guncam footage of the ship known by the call sign A/)Cincinnati a overlord class battle ship
...uploading.guncam.footage...done... this ship was found in Cortez in sector 3D. I wisely stayed out of their weapons range as I felt that a lonely lane hacker would of been a pristine and easy kill. When I found this vermin their shields had already failed according to my data mining software I was unable to find out why I think they might of ran into trouble before arriving in Cortez Lane hacker's do what you will with this information.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Niall Dunne - 09-20-2016

[Image: joLut7Y.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Dia dhuit, fellow Hackers.

Here's a simpler report for today. Another Ageiran ship has been caught carrying Magnetic Superconductors. I scanned their hold and ID. Me and Chang asked for the Conductors, and the pilot refused. That's another gone...Apparently a Police Officer stumbled across us before we blew up the transport and put in his two cents in the matter. I got his hold and ID as well. We had to fight him along with the transport. The transport went down first, I was able to pop through its hull. The Officer destroyed the rest of the superconductors after it blew up. I picked up about 443 of the superconductors before he destroyed them and they're sitting on my hold in the case that anyone needs them before I sell them off. I also have two Corsair Pilots and a VIP that I was able to pick from the transport that were live, should any of our interrogators want a little "treat".

Slán, fellow hackers.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Niall Dunne - 09-22-2016

[Image: joLut7Y.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Dia Dhuit.

Today I and Mr. Chang have had the pleasure of meeting Professor-Provocateur Nicole Hunter on the field. She is a fine individual. We have accomplished many things today working together. First off, I was able to organize a minor blockade in Colorado and successfully extort a transport from the Primary Branch of Interspace Commerce. Before then, Miss Hunter was able to make a transport by the name of Flex-Express to pay a tribute of four million S.C. to the Lane Hackers. The IC ship's cargo consisted of Gold Ore, very useful to us. With Mr. Chang on the Bullmastiff, he received all the Gold Ore and secured it on Cochrane Depot.

Later on, Miss Hunter captured another transport carrying Sorted Artifacts. She made the transport drop the cargo and leave. I picked up some of said cargo and left to sell it to Rochester Base. I sold the Sorted Artifacts, then returned to Colorado as Miss Hunter had run into yet another transport, this one belonging to Bretonia Mining & Metals. I haven't seen one of these Shetlands in a long bloody time, since the last time I lived in Bretonia. Heh, more about that later. This one was carrying a fine load of 5,000 Gold Ore. Here's their ID. Once I got there, the captain of the transport decided calling Miss Hunter an idiot was a good idea, and got taxed 6 million S.C. instead of 4.5 million S.C. He paid up, and Miss Hunter let them leave without sacrificing their cargo. She shared one-third of the pay with me and I believe with Mr. Chang as well.

That ends my train of events for today, everyone. I'll take my rest on Cochrane Depot for the night.


RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Le.Gérant - 09-22-2016

[Image: CRk8fDf.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Greetings Hackers. I may have found certain intel worth keeping or perhaps not at all. At any rate, I will be keeping this in my Dossiers just in case.

I came across a Freelancer mining Helium in the Helium fields of Pennsylvania and with a bit of.. violent interrogation and strong arming, I have been able to get information out of him. It seems that Ageira is asking independent traders to work for them and to bring Helium to the Philadelphia station. Reasons are not known and I am not led to believe that the man I was interrogating was lying to me. Ageira is still using underhanded tactics, making others do their dirty work and risk their lives instead of their own. Pathetic. Here are the footage and the logs:

Dossier Interrogation

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Niall Dunne - 09-24-2016

[Image: joLut7Y.png][Image: Initiate.png]

Dia Dhuit.

Mornin, fellows. Minor report here on an extortion. There was a Universal Shipping Industries ship in Alberta that I pinned down. She was empty with only one unit of Food Rations, so I just asked for 500,000 SC. I got their ID Scan as well. The ship attempted to fake paying me and fled, which didn't go so well. Since he tried to flee from the Lane Hackers, I discombobulated his hull a little bit, and bumped that price up to 2,000,000 SC. It's just a small donation to our cause, why can't these bloody corporate people understand...?

End result, he gave me the 2,000,000, and he got to keep his life that day. Next time, he should think about sticking still...


RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Yoshida - 09-26-2016

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

:: Available only to the Lane Hacker Professorship ::

Operation Relentlessness has failed. Our team successfully intercepted Isabelle Engler while she was moving to Santa Verna. However, contrary to National Council's reports, the hybrid wasn't alone and instead was escorted by three elite fighters. These fighters engaged my team while I successfully slipped through and tried to take down the heavily armored vessel myself without additional firepower. Initially it attempted to engage its jump drives but after a series of successful disruptions I forced it to prevent such attempts. However that was enough. The hybrid's ship somehow had enough fuel to maintain enough speed and successfully make it to Santa Verna. This is when I found out why, as a National Council transport briefly decloaked in front of my scanners. The transport was equipped with a cloaking device, its unique short-range radiowave emissions were heard during the entire engagement. My team also failed to defeat all the Oracle fighters even though they managed to buy me enough time, so under the cover of a cloaking device, I tractored their pods before safely escaping into Omicron Beta.

Due to the mission's failure, we have lost the element of surprise and the chance to capture a living hybrid. The Oracles now know we are after them and we were behind the attacks on their agents in Liberty. This was our biggest lead and the Cult is expected to further reinforce their defences thus making any new progress highly unlikely. However we also learned that betrayal came from within National Council's ranks which lured us into a trap that barely allowed us to escape with our lives. It is certain that the leak within NC's leadership came from Enma Loyola an infectee which the Professorship successfully demanded to step down. This by no means ensures that the National Council is clean and I would urge caution when we deal with them for any matters revolving around the alien threat.

Dear colleagues,

I am in the very pleasant position to announce the following promotions:
  • • Mr Nick Nack to the rank of Infiltrator.
    • Ms Niall Dunne to the rank of Interruptor.

Furthermore, I have some more things to report during my latest activities. I was venturing in Kusari when a [KSP] officer named Tanaka started stalking me. Feeling confident for my abilities, I voluntarily let him intercept my ship in Honshu. He then tried to interrogate me but quickly the roles reversed and he was interrogated about his family and in which side his allegiance truly belonged. I even presented him my superior skills when a passing transport voluntarily donated credits even though I did not force any extortion -- all of this taking place right in front of the police officer. In the end, despite being fully aware that he was in the presense of one of the most wanted men in Sirius, he escorted me back to Liberty which was where I was heading to in the first place. That didn't go exactly according to his plans however. I ambushed his ship near Deshima and successfully destroyed the little, unworthy man. []

Back in California, an extremely rare target showed up in our scanners. Official Kruger transport was doing business in Liberty. Of course we jumped into the opportunity as the target had no idea of our tactics and indeed it easily fell in our trap. It was carrying premium scrap and it was cooperative. I told the captain of KMS-Aalen to relay a message to their leadership which was about reminding them that the Lane Hackers own this place around. He then left the area after sending me 4 500 000 SC which was shared among my colleagues. About a week later, in the same location I intercepted an Ageira~ transport fully loaded with gold ore. A very good hunt. A FL-ER ship arrved and claimed that he was escorting the Ageira transport and a few moments later he engaged my heavy bomber preventing me from delivering justice to the corporate flunky. I didn't leave it there of course. A few hours later, I intercepted another FL-ER transport which I persuaded to hand over 45 000 000 SC as compensation for my losses. Even though this settled the matter, I have not received an apology from this unremarkable Private Kirk or have been convinced by the FL-ER that such practices won't be repeated. Subsequently all operatives are instructed to continue the harassing all FL-ER assets within our territory. []

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Max.Zorin - 09-28-2016

[Image: cMBiSrL.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Greetings, fellow Hackers.

Upon completion of the Notoriety criterion, I received new instructions from Mr. Weisen. Immediately after, I launched from Mactan on a recon mission, and soon I was intercepted by a lone Hellfire Legion Very Heavy Fighter. After a futile attempt of coercing the pilot, hostilities transpired. I laid out a veritable carpet of mines before literally running him over. Soon thereafter the Archer-class Siege Cruiser [HF]-HFC-Excalibur and its commanding officer, Sahega, attempted to lure me into a crudely devised trap, pitting me against one of their presumably elite pilots. I decided to abscond with the scans intact.

I later ventured into Bretonia to pursue the Awareness criterion, and I came across a solitary BAF| ensign. After threats of violence, I can conclude that he was not knowledgeable of Armed Forces intelligence regarding neither Gallia nor the recent surge in alien activity per se. Instead the ensign told me a personal experience of his encounter with allusive mediums known as 'Oracles'. Unfortunately our parley was interrupted by a Bretonian Carrier before I could further pick the ensign's brain.

This concludes my report. Good evening.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - G. Graves - 10-01-2016

[Image: 1RHpkE1.png]

Dear colleagues,

I would like to prefix this message by thanking the Lane Hackers for providing me the means of throwing off the shackles of my former life and dedicate myself to a wholly a truly worthy cause in service of the people under the boot heels of corporate interests everywhere.

In accordance with the tasks delegated to me, I began the day by accumulating a small sum of money to spend on further upgrading my vessel with necessary components. Over the course of this endeavour, I made sure to collect trophies which I subsequently handed over to be toyed with on Cochrane Depot on Ontario. Proceeding back to Texas to map the different safe heavens in and around Libert, I happened upon a convoy consisting of three Uruz transports and one escort vessel. The convoy, which consisted of Unioners, was headed for Ontario and I decided to follow them for the time being to gather scans and relevant trivia, whereof I sadly received none of notice. More about this can be read in the attached data. I soon decided to leave and head back to California, yet fate had decided that I should spend some more time on Cochrane as scanners showed a Bounty Hunter signature in the distance. Fair enough, I thought, as it gave me time to evaluate the scans and tend to my reputation afterwards. I shall be sure to attach the necessary data as well and get my hands on some ill-begotten corporate money soon.

Forwarded Data:
Criterion Advancements: