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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Max.Zorin - 10-01-2016

[Image: 8vJa4yI.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Good evening. I would like to submit my second kill for the 'Deadliness' criterion. While Mr. Chang and Mr. Graves were interrogating another Navy puppet, I engaged Ms. Anna Brown in a duel. The target relied almost exclusively on torpedos and missiles, suffice it to say that was her undoing. After extorting an intoxicated Rheinland corporate buffoon, I had my Sabre scrapped by an alien in The Badlands. Fortunately the Rogues at Buffalo Base were nearby and able to retrieve my escape pod immediately.

Signing off.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - G. Graves - 10-02-2016

[Image: lENVUkK.png]

Good day, dear colleagues,

It's been a rather busy day, both for us and the lesser minds out there. Figuring there were a lot of individuals with way too heavy pockets out there, I started from Mactan and headed for Colorado, where I encountered a Universal Bison class transport. Given that it was too heavily armed for my ship to make any sort of advance on it, yet I still managed to put forth some good arguments in favour of this particular captain parting with some of his money. Shortly afterwards, I was contacted by Deceiver Weisen and subsequently tasked with setting up camp somewhere for transport interdiction, and I decided for a place between the lane from New York jump gate and Mojave in California, figuring it would be the perfect place to pull out the desired targets. Sure enough, not one, but two Rheinland transports, both Republican and Daumann in designation crossed our paths soon enough, but the arrival of a Bounty Hunter disrupted the process of shaking them down for funds.

Deceiver Weisen soon afterwards tended to more important matters and I returned to the previous spot, where I interrupted a Bowex Royal Cruise Liner, which saw fit to graciously donate to the struggle for Liberty. Again dodging Navy, Hunters and Hellfire Legion, I returned to Alcatraz to restock and head to Pennsylvania, where I interrupted a rather peculiar specimwoman of the Libertonian Police. The poor woman evidently was not the brightest light between the stars, and readily handed over an adequate sum of credits to me upon extended persuation in return for gratuitous information about the origin of artifacts. It is truly sad to see that some people apparently have no time browsing readily available information on the neural net to find what they need, yet I shan't complain about some of the easiest credits I ever made.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Max.Zorin - 10-02-2016

[Image: WrF1tmN.png][Image: Interruptor.png]

Greetings all. As Chang, aided by Le Gérant and Ms. Dunne, was performing a lockdown of California, I attempted a lockdown of Shikoku alongside Mr. Yoshida and Nick Nack. The plan was effective, yet flawed. The concept was to stop all passage to and from Kusari proper, while ignoring Deshima Station and Fuchu Prison.

[Image: vc2S5mZ.jpg]

Mr. Yoshida positioned his ship at #1, while I surveyed the lane at #2 and Nick Nack was standing by in the Saiun Cloud at #3 within striking range of the lanes and scanning range of the Kyushu jumphole. Our rendezvous-point was the Keiun Cloud - Morioka Base and the Galileo jumphole. We soon caught our first trader, but he responded to demands with simple-minded insults and procrastinated until a [KNF]-officer arrived. Nick Nack and Mr. Yoshida put the trader out of his misery while I was locked in a duel with the officer. When a Bounty Hunter gunboat and another [KNF]-officer arrived, we dispersed - I however was unable to disengage and ultimately did terminate the Naval officer, before having my own ship disabled. Mr. Yoshida had already docked at The Golden Dragon Casino, and my pod was quickly located and retrieved.

Conclusion: While less effective, a lockdown of the lower part of Shikoku is much safer. The Keiun Cloud provides a blanket of security and an effective escape route out of Kusari jurisdiction, and there is simply too much space to traverse from the New Tokyo jumphole. Although the lockdown failed, I at least scored the final kill to prove my 'Deadliness'.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - G. Graves - 10-02-2016

[Image: lENVUkK.png]

Good afternoon,

Another day, another set of children crying because their toys got stolen slash broken. To complete the last initiate task, I took up camp in California and soon enough pulled out two Liberty Transports bearing the designation of the loathed DSE. Seeing as there may be no mercy for those associating with evil corporate busy bodies, I then proceeded to persuade them that it would be in everyone's best interest for them to relinquish their entire cargo sans crew. Any loss for DSE is ultimately a step in the right direction, after all.

Curiously enough, I found another ship on my way to Alberta, which was a Pirate Train hauling Cobalt Ore. Upon inquiry, the captain revealed that his cargo was headed for Planet Denver, which was a really dumb thing to do, given that we cannot simply have kids play into the hands of Liberty's corrupt government and its corporate puppet masters. Attempts to persuade the captain to see the error of his ways failed and he ultimately ended up trying to escape with a cloaking device, upon which Mr. Medrano, the pilot of the Aggressor and myself destroyed the transport, securing as much of the cargo as possible to be brought to Buffalo in New York. The profit was divided between us three. Returning to Alberta, I ran into another transport, this time bearing the identification of Universal Shipping. This one, sadly, did not carry any cargo, and thus released after it payed the imposed fee.

This should be all for today.

Forwarded Data:

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - G. Graves - 10-02-2016

[Image: 1RHpkE1.png]


As a quasi-addendum to the previous message, I hereby submit the visual evidence of the last extortion, thus proving my Determination. Speaking of which: I took the time to take a look at Ageira's security systems to find an opening to retrieve my personnel file. To be honest, I expected it to be a lot harder than it actually was, though I guess there is nothing that can compare to a Cardamine-enhanced mind. The file has been submitted to the Professorship for review.

Forwarded Data:

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Yoshida - 10-03-2016

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: GrsS6Am.png]

Dear colleagues,

I am in the very pleasant position to announce the following promotions:
  • • Mr Le Gérant is promoted to Deceiver rank. In addition, he is being granted the title of Ambassador.
    • Mr Graves successfully completed his Initiation and is now an Interruptor.

Furthermore, a fully renovated office taffed with four Lane Hacker assistants are provided to Le Gérant in order to be fully equipped for his work as the official Ambassador of the Lane Hackers. He is also granted a special direct communication line with the Professorship.

All hacking protocols of Radio Free Liberty, our old press outlet is also under his responsibility.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - G. Graves - 10-07-2016

[Image: BORiOrq.png]


This is a short notice regarding the Order vessel Amenhotep. It appears to now actively collaborate with the Libertonian Navy. It has now quite often been observed that the vessel Amenhotep and several 5th fleet vessels were registered in close proximity to each other by the Spyglass Network Scanner, though this in and of itself did not necessitate collaboration. In the light of the attached data, it does paint a clearer picture, though. Given that the vessel is still actively squaking the Order IFF, it stands to reason that there are still ties left to the Overwatch, and I would put forth the recommendation to contact them for an explanation on this.

The circumstances of this rather unfortunate happenstance were rather simple. The Unioners seemed interested in staging an 'incursion mission', as they put it, and me and Mr. Medrano decided to stick with them to provide data on ships that they would be facing. About ten minutes after the first hostilities were exchanged, the Amenhotep uncloaked near Houston, spouting nonsense of defending Texas and and supporting the Navy. Now, sadly, my Vidicator sustained heavy damage while I gathered visual evidence, though I believe that that which I have is incriminating enough.

Forwarded Data:

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - G. Graves - 11-04-2016

[Image: berKaZ7.png]

Good evening, colleagues.

It has been a while since I last had something of note to say, but I believe I can make up for it with this. Not only was I able to acquire a considerable amount of credits by basically providing nothing to a certain zoner, I also submitted my fair share to the LH R&D for the Contribution criterion. Who said sharing isn't caring, right?

In regards to more recent things: There was an incident today in which I managed to secure my first murder for the Deadliness criterion. Really basic stuff, if I'm honest. There was barely any challenge coming from this one, although the equipment he sported should have been able to at least put up a modicum of resistane to be ultimately overcome by superior wit and technology. It was with this bit of disappointment that I happened upon something more interesting in the sense that it provided some entertainment. I have to admit, from what I gathered, his mental interior equipment wasn't all too riveting, but it was a good first practice in the art of mania interrogation.

Furthermore, I would hereby state my intent to soon lead a lockdown operation, preferably in Manchester. That would be all.

Forwarded Data:

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Chang - 11-05-2016

[Image: kXGW3GA.png][Image: Interruptor.png]
Good evening, colleagues.

It has been a while since I last had something of note to say, but I believe I can make up for it with this. Today I preformed a lockdown with ms niall dunne, ms Nicole hunter, nick nack, Medreno and myself. We managed to intercept a vessel flagging up as Ageria we managed to liberate it's cargo 3000 metric units of Cobal Ore which was picked up by Medreno and safely handed over to the rogues at buffalo base. This was achieved by me sending one ship to the Cortez gate. We was primed to hit two gateway shipping transport's but it turned out to be a trap I misread what was happening so I wasn't ready nor able to react to the bounty hunter reaction force this left most of our pilots stranded in space. I ordered those that could to leave to try to minimize our losses I ordered everyone that could to withdraw.
a quick summary of what my tactical mistakes was and what I should of done with the threat of being ambushed by so called lawfuls.

I would of recorded some evidence but my gun camera was damaged by a stray asteroid.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Golgov - 11-11-2016

Evening fellow Lane Hackers,

Initiate Golgov here to report recent activities. I have focused on completing the tasks of an Initiate. Although I didn't finish all of it yet, but I wanted to let you know I didn't get shot down by Bounty Hunters or the Liberty Bribe Department Incorporated.

Reputation: Several missions have been completed for the Lane Hackers, Outcasts, Liberty Rogues, Golden Chrysanthemums in Shikoku and Mollys in Dublin. In order to buy myself some ammo, I even transported a load of Counterfeit Software to Arranmore in Dublin.

Education: I have passed the examination in the Mactan Network completely. This task has already been marked as completed.

Relentlessness: Twenty-five pilots, mostly Bounty Hunters, have successfully been transfered into the Leiden Interrogator. This task has already been marked as completed too.

Notoriety: Ageira Technologies' database has successfully been infiltrated and my dossier is retrieved.

Navigation: All Liberty Rogue and Lane Hackers installations within Liberty and its border have been added to my navigation map.