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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - G. Graves - 11-12-2016

[Image: berKaZ7.png]

I am usually not one to brag, but I believe this right here deserves special attention. While minding my own business in Coronado the other day, looking out for Initiate Golgov, we encountered a pesky Crayterian transport. Attempts at extortion failed and the transport proceeded to assault us, which of course, resulted in it running to Curacao and initiate emergency docking protocols. It threatened to call the Crayterian Military, and sure enough, it did. I rest my case. This should complete my Deadliness criterion.

I will continue to have an eye on our latest addition.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Wolfgang Weisen - 11-16-2016

[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]


I would like to report that we held a meeting with Battlegroup Auxesia a few days ago and we concluded these series of talks. They were exhausting but my overall estimation is that the finale was particularly positive.

We received the Core-produced weaponry but in the ensuing conversation a revelation from Mr Hunt was even more interesting. It proved what we originally learned from Arbiter McKenna's interrogation; the nomads and the Hellfire Legion used to and may still have a Non-Aggression Pact, and the Oracles were most likely the intermediaries. [1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 ]

We knew that the Hellfire Legion was able to commit the most heinous and abhorrent actions against their allies or even humanity itself but this action reaches levels of depravity that even our superior minds were not able to comprehend as possible.

Do you think sharing this intel with Grand Admiral Golanski will do anything? He has repeatedly failed to stand up to the modern challenges Liberty is facing. Perhaps the Professorship with its infinite wisdom has an answer to this question.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Golgov - 11-17-2016

[Image: nJeDf.png][Image: 1.png]

Greetings everyone,

If I did all the tasks of an Initiate as I've been ordered to, which is my assumption, then I've fulfilled the requirements to get promoted to Interruptor.
During the time as Initiate I've learnt a lot about Liberty and its underground. I feel experienced enough to serve the Lane Hackers as an Interruptor, and thus as an actual part of the faction. Next to completing Notoriety, Cautiousness and Determination criterions, I've gotten a few destroyed vessels here and there. I'll include visual evidence of them in this internal comm.

Cautiousness: Two vessels belonging to the corrupt Liberty Police Incorporated have been scanned.

Determination: Five commercial vessels have been extorted. One of them has been destroyed, his load of Gold has been brought to Cochrane Depot successfully.

Destroyed vessels: I've decided to skip confirmed destructions of small ships, instead I'm showing you evidence of an Interspace Commerce heavy transport heading to Pueblo, loaded with gold ore. After he started two escape attempts, I powered up my weapons. The other shows a smaller transport which has been taken out, after he refused to stop his ship.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Golgov - 11-19-2016

[Image: nJeDf.png][Image: 1.png]

A lot has happened this evening, dear Hackers.

Professor Provocateur Hunter invited me to an extortion session, which was very eventfull and successfull. We encountered a transport with the callsign Tacoma, in Shikoku system. He seems to have been doing jobs for the Lane Hackers in the past, and donated 1.000.000 Sirius Credits to our cause. We've also found a transport called Righteous Runner, which captain claimed to be a fan of the Lane Hackers. As we asked him to donate 500.000 Credits, he transfered an amount of 10.000.000 Credits to us. We gave him several propaganda sheets to share with his crew. A Deep Space Engineering Hegemon, which captain goes by the name Erick Kirk, has been destroyed after refusing to pay for working for DSE. The Hegemon was empty. A BMF escort vessel has been destroyed, as the transport moored with Planet Denver.

Master Assassin Prerequisites - Norman Bates - 11-22-2016

[Image: 76a.png][Image: 17.png]

For tutorial purposes and per direct professorship request I report here prerequisites of the Master Assassin proficiency level.

INTIMIDATION: I have successfully hacked my profile in Liberty Security Force network.

DEVIOUSNESS: Following are the logs containing assassinations augmented through the use of electronic warfare.

CLANDESTINITY: I have alone completed assignments 52, 53 and 59. I have contributed to completion of assignments 51, 55, 56 and 57.

MERCILESSNESS: Up until now I have filed over 35 regular assassination reports regarding almost 100 kills from which over half concerns primary targets. Relevant data can be found in the following resource.

SUPERIORITY: In the course of assignment 52 I have alone attacked a group of five hostile vessels and scored three subsequent kills before breaking off and returning to safety. During standard operations many times I have attacked wings of at least two hostile vessels and destroyed them alone, for example two Xeno Alliance fighters, two Xeno Alliance bombers or three Xeno Alliance fighters just to not mention incidents with weakened Liberty Navy.

SURVIVABILITY: Besides aforementioned situations during mission 52 four days later I have attacked a convoy and managed to destroy two vessels before being surrounded by approximately 6 cruiser class vessels and 4 additional drones. I managed to escape the pursuit and set course to Leiden Base.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Chang - 11-25-2016

[Image: 86b.png][Image: 2.png]

Chang here
I just attempted a mainia interrogation on a ship with the call sign Jimmy R I was interrupted by a battleship patrol and was forced to flee but here's what I got
I was forced to flee at this point
From what I can tell he dislikes the so called lawful corporate protecting flea bitten lap dog's from a account of false smuggling of cardamine and as he claimed he thought the navy was desperate to shoot something even a lawful freelancer.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Grubozaboyschikov - 11-26-2016

[Image: Grubozaboyshikov%20Formal.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Ladies and Gentlemen,
My dearest Hackers.

We have an opportunity here that is quite delicious.
It seems that the Liberty Government is so full of themselves that they would allow THIS to happen.

Yes, dears. Look at it with your own eyes. The Liberty Government thinks this will just blow over easily. But in their weakness, the Lane Hackers should strike!

Me reports are shown HERE. Take a look.

Not only is the Jump Gate down, but these fumes could be useful to maybe even the Gaian Guard.

Recognize though that this gate being down make a huge dent in Liberty Trade and may make our lives quite colorful. I will be writing a report shortly for a mission I have in mind for this.

Now is the time to strike!

P.S. Expect a message to the IND soon.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Chang - 11-26-2016

[Image: 86b.png][Image: 2.png]

So my enlighten fellows I think I have made an impression on a captain so much so he blurted out that I was his better.

Weekly Report #001 - Huracan - 12-03-2016

[Image: default.png][Image: 1.png]

Greetings, my fellow Hackers. Here is weekly report to highlight exciting and important events throughout my operations in Liberty.

After properly outfitting my Bactrain, I proceeded towards Ontario and managed to catch up with [*USI*]Edison[T] and captain of this Mastadon with full load of Copper Ore made futile mistake of trying to outrun me. I intercepted the corporate shill and with assist from Mr. Chang repossessed half of the cargo which was delivered to Buffalo Base for a generous compensation of fourteen million credits.

Next up, I encountered Freelancer Mammoth affiliated with Liberty Police. Vessel was hauling Bio-Neural Processors. After numerous failed attempts to halt the ship with reason, I proceeded to put holes through the hull until it exploded. I looted as much as I could and swiftly transported the cargo back to Cochrane Depot.

Deep Space Engineering was busy with repairing California-New York Jump Gates and I used this opportunity to extort them for as much I could reasonably get away with.

Bowex Shetland was caught in Kepler transporting Superconductors and separated from his paycheck.

Unknown freelancer had some Docking Ring Parts in his cargo hold which I attempted to peacefully appropriate without success. Ship was destroyed and 101 units of cargo tractored in. Docking Ring Parts were offloaded on Leiden.

Due to increased traffic from Rheinland, I positioned myself to intercept Deep Space Engineering Bison transporting Cheap Hull Plating and made arrangements yielding me a small fortune.

Back in Texas, arrogant captain hailing from Council with some Consumer Goods was forced to wire two million credits.

Freelancer who showed good manners and high awareness complied with my demands to berate Liberty Police in system-wide channel was bargained and later on sent a debt of two million credits for hauling Specialized Electronics.

In the same place during same ambush, an empty DSE) Mastadon passed through and was extorted for five hundred thousand credits.

And once again, in a highly successful ambush, previous transgressor refused to apologize and ended up without his ship. Cargo was looted and delivered to Ames Research Station.

Following the prevailing events I decided to position myself at Ontario Jump Hole where Synth Foods Mastadon with Bio-Neural Processors paid a hefty price for passage.

Unknown Kruger operative in Roc had a sample of Azurite Gas in his cargo hold. Attempts to confiscate it failed and fight broke out. I managed to loot the wreck and it seemed that the sample was intact.

A bizzare combination of affiliation and vessel was intercepted in New York system while importing Aluminium. Captain was reasonable and agreed to hand over cargo which was deposited on Rochester.

Untimely, my ambush at Colorado Jump Gates were interrupted by officer from Fifth Fleet. I believe it is a fresh cadet as he was quickly put down like a useless hound.

Ageira Kujira with Bio-Neural Processors was found in Colorado swiftly moving towards Pueblo Station's safety. It was put out of its misery before that happened and cargo returned to Cochrane.

After that, I decided to do some assignments in order to capture some Liberty Police Pilots for interrogation and other leisure activities on Cochrane.

Interspace Commerce Mastadon was encountered in Pennsylvania system while hunting DSE) ships. No cargo but captain was reasonable and transferred symbolic payment .

During commotion in New York system, I used the chaos to obtain as many intelligence on hostile ships as I could. Here's an archive of numerous scans performed.

Once carrying on with my regular operations in Colorado, DSE) Mastadon was extorted for three million credits. Then another one with Copper Ore was separated from ten millions. And the last one was interrogated with no worthwhile information obtained.

During same interrogation, Ageira~ vessel arrived with a Bounty Hunter on the side. Offered him three million credits for destruction of my ship. Bounty Hunter will most likely spend three million credits on drinking down his injuries after getting spaced.

Due to my previous success in combat situations I decided to draw away another officer from Fifth Fleet. After prolonged battle enemy suffered implosion.

Another chaotic engagement took place in the orbit of Planet Manhattan. I used the opportunity to get more scans. Archive with data inside. During the engagement, I focused down DSE) fighter.

I decided to lay a trap at Cortez Jump Gate and a Crayter Republic transport with pharmaceuticals was extorted. Later on, the same vessel came back with Cobalt Ore and was once again squeezed.

In a company of Lane Hacker Assassins, I assisted them in taking down a Bounty Hunter Bottlenose.

One more huge scale battle started near Manhattan. More scans performed although unfortunate turn of events led me to be prematurely ejected out of my Scimitar.

Deciding that my time is better spent on extorting corporate slithering snakes I coerced a GMG vessel to wire three million credits to keep his Helium-3 intact.

While navigating my way to Coronado, I intercepted Crayter Republic Atlas. Captain refused to transfer 500.000 credits. Was taught a lesson in Scimitar's efficiency and given last chance to comply. After ignoring the demand, Atlas was burned down.

During Aptitude test performed by Nicole Hunter we encountered hostiles. Bounty Hunters came in force and battle ensued. Scarlet Fox flying Sabre was gunned down after a while. Seeing that my accuracy is low I decided to intercept Bomber from Fifth Fleet and bomb it down before it can distract participants of the main battle.

The remained of activities regarding promotion criteria has been uploaded directly.

I bid you all enriching weekend,

Extraction of Battlegroup Harmony - Nicole Hunter - 12-03-2016

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Extraction of Battlegroup Harmony - Operation Report

Extraction operation of Battlegroup Harmony has been successful. Our wing of fighters piloted by Mr Gustav Graves, Mr Medrano and Mr Nick Nack joined separatist forces in New Hampshire. Mr Graves and Mr Medrano took perimeter positions while Mr Nick Nack accompanied separatists convoy. As expected Liberty Navy sent a small squadron of fighters and bombers to intercept fleeing separatists battleships, however, hostile forces were destroyed without own losses not counting destruction of crippled secondary battleship. Special congratulations go to Mr Nick Nack for his combat performance.