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Stealth Protocol - Nicole Hunter - 12-06-2016

[Image: 1a.png][Image: 7.png]

Dear Hackers,

By the professorship decision as of today we are introducing stealth operations protocol into our operations. Please familiarize yourself with new briefings section.

Kind regards,
Nicole Hunter

Weekly Report #002 - Huracan - 12-11-2016

[Image: 111a.png][Image: 2.png]

My operations started with some hostile targets being targeted at repaired California Jump Gates. One of the Navy ships was destroyed while the other cloaked and fled the scene.

I managed to ambush a Freelancer Serenity with full load of awful Liberty Ale and coerced the captain to wire two million credits.

My plan was to intercept and sack Ageira transport, however the corporate weasel used other means to enter California from Cortez. I did not give up and caught up with the flunky at Riverside station, forcing to proceed with emergency mooring.

Back in New York, I surprised the same shill by ambushing and trapping him with half load of Copper Ore. I tried to extort the precious cargo but the captain tried tricking me and paid in full by losing his ship, his cargo and his pride. The cargo was worth a lot back at Buffalo Station.

During Lockdown operation I commanded, I encountered an opportunity to fulfill Mission #31, Phase 2. During the whole time, we succeeded in multiple extortion attempts and termination orders. Mr. Chang was positioned at Ontario Jump Hole and sacked Gateway| ship with Gravity Field Stabilizers for round million credits Afterwards, a Freelancer passed the same area and was departed from his earnings. Nicole Hunter was positioned at Kepler Jump Gates hunted down a smuggler ship that was not involved with our products and obtained small token of respect. Liberty Navy sent a lone Gunboat which we all dealt with haste and without significant damages incurred. The same Gateway vessel was intercepted by me. Since it already paid the price and was completely empty I decided to simply order captain to insult LPI on system wide channel. After a lot of attempts to coerce the captain to comply, I had no choice but to be uncooperative with his please in return. Lastly, wing of mixed 5th ships arrived to engage us but we quickly scared them away and crippled a Navy Gunboat. Sadly, the damage was too great and it imploded.

During the following days, I did some more ambushes and managed to catch DSE ship hauling Pharmaceuticals. After a interrogative information extraction, I manipulated the captain to speak against Liberty Government on system-wide channel. I have to add that this is not the first time this captain is talkative.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Chang - 12-15-2016

[Image: 86a.png][Image: 2.png]

Evening My fellow hackers
Tonight I was assisting Mr Grave's in his lockdown we was backed up by Mr. Huracan And Ms Nicole Hunter I believe that Gustav Graves will report on this later. During this lockdown I saw my chance to interrogate a DSE cockaloum during this interrogation I discovered that they was using a modular base as a copper ore storage plant this base is located in D/3.
That concludes this interrogation
But from Nichols audio log's the DSE captain stated that he was there under the authorization of the Hellfire Legion talk about betrayal first they weaken liberty next they work with terrorists.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - G. Graves - 12-15-2016

[Image: berKaZ7.png]

Good evening colleagues.

Returning froma a quaint but rather successful lockdown operation, we can honestly say that there have been some spoils made that make this worth mentioning here. With Professor Provocateur Hunter, Mr. Huracan and Mr. Chang, we first locked down the traffic towards Bretonia in Cortez, Magellan and California. Firstly, Miss Hunter happened upon a hapless chap in Cortez and promptly put forth a sizable argument in favour of parting him from his money. The next target was a BMM transport in Manchester who was rather easy to persuade. Reading activity in Alberta, we also extorted a miner bringing Platinum to God knows where. Afterwards, we turned towards Kansas, where a sizable DSE presence has been noticed in the recent time. I believe Mr. Huracan will be able to tell you more about this, because I myself have been busy following Mr. Yoshida's instructions in finding an OSI transport to separate it from some of its profits.

While not the cleanest operation in history, I am positive that the fact that we extorted four henchmen of the corporate degenerotocracy while sustaining no losses warranted it being called a success.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Grubozaboyschikov - 12-16-2016

[Image: Grubozaboyshikov%20Informal.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Greetings Professorship,

I would like to request to use of 4 Liberty Rogue "Sammael" Laser Cannons mounted on my newly acquired Vindicator.
Even though they are not our own technology, I have found them to work well in my hands against practice targets while doing some 'shopping'.

Please allow me access to these weapons and I will be one step closer to completing my 'Deadliness' task.

You may ask me: "But Grubozaboyschikov, why would you like to use inferior Rogue technology and not our own superior weaponry?"
There are several reasons for this:
First, it is linked to my personal abilities as a pilot towards the targets I will be shooting. The targets will be small and maneuvering fast. If I would be against a small Police patrol pilot to take out, I need the burst of many rounds over our large damage output over a few shots.
Second, I have been using Rogue technology till the moment on a usual basis: The Bacterian and the Pirate Transport. I am quite familiar with how the technology operates and even though we have a compatibility issue of -10%, I am able to counter this small loss with my experience.
Third, is surprise. You wouldn't expect a hacker with such technology and this may become an advantage. In battle, as I learned, it is the element of surprise and new technology that is more likely to win.

In conclusion, I am targeting small craft with these weapons and they have proved to be ideal for this purpose.

Thank you.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Grubozaboyschikov - 12-17-2016

[Image: Grubozaboyshikov%20Informal.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Greetings Lane Hackers,

I would like to ask a small favor from any of you.
During my long absence, I have become quite rusty when it comes to combat.
Due to my assignment of Deadliness, I would like to ask if anyone is interested in helping me improve on my combat skills or even better to be my wingman.
If you will be my wingman, it will be even better efficient as you will also be doing your assignment for Deadliness.

If anyone is interested, you know where to find me.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Shiro - 12-20-2016
...Interruptor.Julius Gorner.recognized...encoding.transmission...

Greetings ladies and gentleman.

I inform you that I am no longer "missing" and that I am returning to my duties, which include performing various experiments on my loyal test subjects, as well as acquiring new ones, those corporate thugs would do well I certainly believe! Time to go hunting! *laughs*

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Grubozaboyschikov - 12-21-2016

[Image: Grubozaboyshikov%20Informal.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Greetings Lane Hackers,

I would like to announce my completion of "Infiltration" and "Deadliness" .
In this report, I will also be giving a report on "Creativity".


Targets Taken Down: 6 (5 fighters + 1 Gunboat)
> DSE)F-3.Demon
> DSE)M-41.Bulldog (Gunboat)
> 5th|Harvey.Brown
> DSE)F-14.Tomcat
> DSE)F-117.Nighthawk
> DSE)M-41.Bulldog (VHF)
<Data Upload>

Note: If my wingmen that I had for the final 3 claims wishes to have their claim in these, they may do so.


I have done two different variations of this task: My way, and a more... clear direct way.
I understand there may be some 'disputes' on how I had originally planned to complete this task, though I always come prepared.
Even now... if these two shall fail... I have a third that is pending completion.

>1st Variation
>Relevant Additional Information:

Laws of Liberty - Gross indecency in a public place.
This includes, but is not limited to, committing a massively inconsiderate act affecting those around you, such as being nude or semi-nude, participating or instigating an act of a sexual nature with or without consent and displaying sexually explicit material in the public domain.

>2nd Variation
>Relevant Data Sent
>Relevant Additional Information:

<Message from A/) Concerning AFC and Artifact Smuggling>- Linked to Show their interest in the Subject.

Laws of Liberty - Contraband possession and restricted commodities.
It is illegal to have any amount of these goods on your person at any time:
... • Artifacts (incl. Sorted Artifacts and Xeno Relics)


See: Mission 50: Sabotage Jumpgate Repairs

As a summary of the current situation, I am about to leave with the cargo of gases to the Gaians for study. You have my communications to see here.

Phase 3 is therefor currently still to be completed to do with research of stolen cargo and gases.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Grubozaboyschikov - 12-21-2016

[Image: Grubozaboyshikov%20Informal.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Greetings Lane Hackers,

I am additionally announcing the completion of "Contribution".
This is my final task to do for promotion.


To make the rest of the credits, I had first needed to complete some missions in order to get sufficient cash. At the end I accumulated 3 million credits and had a total also of 61 Bounty Hunter Pilots and 16 Liberty Navy Pilots. I decided to take these low-lives to Malta and purchased some more slaves off of the Rogues. With the full capacity of slaves and prisoners cramped in the ship and secured, I traveled to Malta and sold all of them to the markets. Purchasing cardamine, I went back to sell it at Airdie Hideout.

<Relevant Data>

There are two other things I would like to add to the report.
Firstly, while traveling to Malta I entered Omicron Tau and was interested to see a familiar sight. A blue cloud with lightning... similar to what I have seen in Liberty with the residue of the EMP bomb. I wonder if these two chemicals on both clouds are connected or even the same. I will add that to the research on Phase 3.

Secondly, I would like to request to be able to access two "Liberty Rogue "Belial" Laser Cannon" and one "Rogue "Tartarus" Pulse Cannon" to be added to my Vindicator.
I was quite pleased by the results of the Sammaels and I wish to increase my damage output on the Hull. To chose to get two Belials just purely for efficiency purposes rather than two more Sammaels. To compensate for sheild disruption, the Tartarus looks to be the answer for me and I believe I am able to use it properly. As an additional bonus, this gun I have heard can be used also against larger ships such as a gunboat.

I am aware that I will loose my CD option on the ship, but I am willing to test out this setup. May I please do so?

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Yoshida - 12-22-2016

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: oAsa1LZ.png]

Dear colleagues,

Effective immediately:
  • • Ms Grubozaboyschikov is promoted to Infiltrator rank. While I cannot fathom or share her latest preference in Rogue 'technology', all her outstanding requests are granted.
    • Mr El Huracan is promoted to Deceiver rank. Your rally through the ranks is quite impressive as well as your dedication in destroying the corporate establishment. Congratulations.
    • Mr Gustav Graves is promoted to Deceiver rank. I believe there is no need to repeat the excellent performance exhibited by this man or my conviction that he has not yet fully unleashed his true potential.
    • Mr Chang successfully completed all his remaining criteria and is promoted to Deceiver rank. You have progressively improved in all fields, a true inspiration for every aspiring young member.
    • Dr Julius Gorner has returned to active duty and reinstated as one of the faction's Interruptors.

Furthermore, the political situation in Malta is declining rapidly. Until further notice, all Lane Hackers are to keep a low profile and avoid getting involved into something which we cannot control of effectively influence.

That would be all. I hope everyone takes advantage of the upcoming holidays and recharge their batteries as 824 A.S. is expected to be even more volatile and violent.