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RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - G. Graves - 12-26-2016

[Image: 101a.png][Image: 3.png]

One of the most boring criteria completed. You can't imagine how mindnumbingly dull it was to sit on a gate for a bit more than an hour to get three transports with a light fighter, though at least a certain lady named Eliza Valdez kept me company during the time, though did not intercede in any way upon my request and you might check the energy readouts from her ship that have been recorded by my ship for that. Uh, speaking of which, she might be contacting the diplomatic channel with a rather peculiar request of a sexy pinup calendar with pictures of Queen Carina I of Bretonia, so just let me handle that, alright? Anyways, this is the first, some DSE Stork as the close second and some weirdo Cryer Mastodon as the last candidate for dunce of the day award. This should complete the Resourcefulness criterion.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Chang - 12-26-2016

[Image: 86b.png][Image: 3.png]

Hello Fellow Hackers to day I extorted three traders with only my light fighter with no external or internal help so without any delay in no order the trader's who lost their earnings Extortion one Extortion Two Extortion Three

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - G. Graves - 12-28-2016

[Image: 101b.png][Image: 3.png]

With the recent activity in Liberty, I believed it was a good time to get some work done. This is to inform the Professorship about my completion of the Infiltration criterion — and even before Mr. Huracan! I found the man who recently sent an open comm to everyone affiliated with the Outcasts, and, smelling my chance, I sold some slightly obsolete information about our favourite alien Enma Loyola to him. In other news, Miss Valdez still hasn't contacted me about the Queen Carina sexy pinup calendar, which makes me sad. I guess I'll go out and place that in some poor chap's briefcase.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Shiro - 01-06-2017

[Image: 25a.png][Image: 2.png]

Greetings ladies and gentleman,

Mis. Grubozaboyschikov has caught a rather interesting target, a DSE corporate lap dog, after I found out, I quickly rushed to her position since I have desired for long time to grab a hold of one. To avoid long stories I will make it quick.

While Mis. Grubozaboyschikov was interrogating that weasel, his fellow blind followers flying Gunboats came in attempt to rescue him, which utterly failed, we blew up ship DSE)C-25.Altair and then proceeded to retreat since we were outmatched and outnumbered. Freelancers present in area also engaged us. We managed to outmaneuver DSE gunboats, but LSF agent managed to catch Mis. Grubozaboyschikov while being assisted by 5th Navy fleet and two Freelancers that initially engaged us. Mis. Grubozaboyschikov's ship was destroyed by one of Freelancers, but I managed to beam her escape pod and successfully flee the scene.

Dr. Julius Gorner out.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Grubozaboyschikov - 01-17-2017

[Image: Grubozaboyshikov%20Informal.png][Image: Infiltrator.png]

What a pleasant several days it has been.
A few weeks... I suppose? I shall do my best to recount the most interesting events.

I had some good enjoyment pirating victims these past few days.

<File 1>
<File 2>
<File 3>
<File 4>

It was quite wonderful. They generously gave to The Lane Hacker cause... or was it fear and respect towards me? Who knows

Those that did not respect me, got punished swiftly.
<File 5>

Further on, I was continuing my piracy with Mr.Chang. We had been interogating a DSE) up until they brought heavy reinforcment. At this point, I took the transport as hostage, though the DSE did not understand how powerful I was. The transport died quickly, and I took off, while Mr. Julius Gorner also tried to flee. I managed to escape while he didn't, but I did not leave him to the ravens. Returning with my vindicator, I helped him escape while telling him what to do and coaching him to not give up. Once he ran away, I took it on myself to get away as well.
I was doing very well up until an =LSF= showed up, in which case I was in need of help. I called for Mr. Julius Gorner and he traveled towards me. I could have made it to Alcatraz in time too, but that Captain Kahl.... See for yourself!
In any case, my Vindicator is in the hangar on Alcatraz for major repairs after being scrapped up. The Tarsus Cannon has fallen off... so it will be a while. That order defector will pay.
<File 6>

I had the pleasure of flying with Mr. Chang on a piracy mission too. You can see here that we have found the spot in Kansas where there is a mine field and active miners around. We got ore from the hegemon which sells for a nice price at Kyoto. 20 million for the load.
<File 7>

What is more rewarding is our event with the IND. I had stalked him and caught him in Cambridge. His tactics of escaping did not work until the end when he lost my range in the asteroid field. He taunted me at the battleship there, but I still gave him a beating. Mr.Chang arrived to distract fire as well, and together we humiliated the IND's efforts. An OSC ship even came to help but in the end both fled to the docking ports. Nothing can stop The Lane Hackers!
<File 8>

Today, I had the pleasure of pirating 4 DSE at once. With little effort as well. I believe I have found their weakness.
It is time to give them pain and suffering.
<File 9>

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Yoshida - 01-18-2017

[Image: aYeyeyU.png][Image: oAsa1LZ.png]

Dear colleagues,

The following changes in our diplomatic relations with other sizeable organizations and factions of Sirius are taking immediate effect. Please make yourselves knowledgeable.
  • Relations with the Independent Miners Guild are upgraded once again to 'Cordial' following the successful negotiations and agreements.
  • Relations with the Red Hessians are downgraded to 'Cordial' following the lack of payment for services rendered to former Professor Provocateur Scorpius and the extremism exhibited by the current leadership, undoubtedly influenced by the communists and Bundschuh.
  • Relations with The Order are severely downgraded to 'Neutral' following their reluctance to root out the alien and Hellfire Legion conspiracy, their recent endeavors with the Liberty Navy, lack of interest in supporting us following the defection of one of their Osiris-class dreadnoughts in the Liberty Navy as well as their apathy even in responding in our communications.
  • Relations with the Unioners are severely upgraded to 'Friendly' following the successful negotiations and may lead up to an alliance if they accept this rare offer.

That would be all for now.

Report #003 - Huracan - 02-04-2017

[Image: QQE3PGp.png][Image: 8SEJXbP.png]

It has been a while since my last report.

Back in December, I have managed to "recruit" DSE) captain that delivered Counterfeit Software to Planet Houston.

While mentoring Mr. Chang and Mr. Graves in Califronia system, we encountered a corporate lackey with some premium cargo. Our Interruptors have extorted the target. Next up, we intercepted a MND Gunboat snooping around Liberty. Pilot refused to answer our questions and was terminated without inflicting much damage. Mr. Graves have shown excellent skills in flight maneuvers and theoretic knowledge about Liberty whereas Mr. Chang had some improvement to achieve before completing the aptitude tests.

Another DSE) ship was extorted for minor amount of credits.

During Christmas rush, I have set up to intercept a bunch of transports. GMG vessel was hauling helium and split the profits with me. Kishiro ship with pearls departed with his income. BMM Shetland paid the price for presents while insignificant Liberty lapdog was terminated afterwards. Some freelancer was reasonable and shared paycheck. Ageira~ flunky lost all his presents. Another Kishiro train was generous. While IC| hoodlum has tried tricking me and was destroyed along all the presents. Gateway captain has been kind enough to gift me some credits. Same can be said about [IND] weasel. Uncooperative DSE captain lost half of his presents. Afterwards, I hit a jackpot. Three transports including Kruger|, Kishiro and another Kruger have all paid up. Stalked down DSE) ship once more but this time captain offered excessive amount of credits that I just could not say no to. The next captain had nothing valuable except a few sharp words for public to hear.

However, not all DSE captains are reasonable or smart enough to know their place. They feel safe with their security ship as a sidekick, but once the piñata is broken they seem to burst out with precious ore!

Although, DSE) seems to be inconsistent with their decisions which makes extorting them all the more exciting.

Some Ageira flunky has been coerced into delivering Counterfeit Software onto Manhattan for me.

Piñata all over again. It is so hilarious!

Small time BMM shipper has been extorted and reminded about Lane Hackers.

Have you seen Bounty Hunters in transports? I have! They blow up just like regular ships though.

Recently, another Ageira~ hoodlum has lost his Super Alloys. Nova-spanking for the evil!

And lastly, Interspace weasel was rushing to his dentist appointment. He's grinding his teeth over small extortion, no doubt.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Chang - 02-05-2017

[Image: 86b.png][Image: 3.png]

Right as you well know a task force of the National Council led a siege on the Crayterian installation in orbit of Yuma we was sworn into this fight for anti ship duties our strike wing consisted of myself I was the squad leader I was commanding both Interruptor Maria Freudenstein and Interruptor Julius Gorner. when we arrived was hailed by the siege team and agreed on a attack plan of that the National Council siege force was going to be under our watchful eyes while stating that if the IMG got involved they wouldn't be combat targets for my strike wing unless provoked. I decided it would be best to stay with the main attack force and keep hostile bombers and gunboats at bay as we was all piloting fighter craft.

when we approached Yuma there was little resistance one gun boat and a cruiser the fighter craft of my wing added our fire power into the mix assisting to take down both of these threats Mr. Gorner proved his worth to me by landing many mini razor hits on the unshielded hull causing it to implode from damage sustained from all sides this first engagement went flawlessly well no casualties sustained on the combing force of the National Council or my wing of lane hackers. we was then alerted to a large mass of hostile capital class ships by the siege group I known at the time if we didn't slow them down the losses would of been running high so I mustered every fighter and bomber class ship that was willing to follow my suicidal orders we was backed up by our enlighten allies some of the main siege force came to assist us.

When we arrived at Pecos sight was terrifying many of the ships stationed there was moving to counter attack it was what I would call a small fleet there was around five cruisers a few gunboats and a small amount of battleship class ships with fighter escort. when I saw this fleet I instantly ordered everyone that was able to focus on the battleships. I was also reading IMG battle cruisers was in the area as well but I told both Interruptor Maria Freudenstein and Interruptor Julius Gorner not to engage the IMG ships unless we had no other choice.

This was the engagement that we was destroyed in my orders was clear slow down their advance while crippling whatever ships we could so we set course for the middle of the fight out gunned and out numbered but not out matched we was hitting home with our shots up until Interruptor Julius Gorner had his ship vaporised right in front of me by what appeared to be light mortars I am glad he was flying lane hacker technology otherwise we would of lost him. one wing man down I realised nether of us was getting clear of this onslaught as I was trapped in the middle of the crossfire evading while still trying to land hits on the gunboats then I saw my life flash between my eyes as anti capital ship weaponry ripped my vindicator apart. while I was floating there in my escape pod I watched Interruptor Maria Freudenstein suffered the same fate.
The siege force atomised the modular station they was attacking and the IMG decided to leave us on the barrier gate station In the end there was no direct conflict between the lane hackers and the IMG we left them alone and they left us alone.

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Maria Freudenstein - 02-05-2017

[Image: fuaLRNw.png][Image: 2.png]

whilst on normal intelligence gathering I have encountered a high level of Military vessels, including some I am unfamiliar with, around an apparently new spacial rift in Texas.

Whilst I know we rate initiative and while my demeanor suggest I traverse and explore, I though it prudent to ask more experienced operatives as to whether they wish me to fulfill this course of action or not.

Maria Freudenstein

RE: The Lane Hackers | Internal Comms - Wolfgang Weisen - 02-05-2017

[Image: CygGpT5.png][Image: gvXcwug.png]

Greetings gentlemen,

I would like to report that the Volgograd Ordinance generously provided by Arbiter Wildbill has been safely deposited on Cochrane's Adjustor for safekeeping, research and reverse-engineering. [ 1 | 2 ]

While we barely have any expectations that the communists possess any sort of technology which we would be interested in, our R&D department is mostly interested in the philosophy behind those arnaments and the science fields used for their creation.