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The Blood Dragons - Takeda Clan - The Blood Dragons - 04-02-2019

[Image: 5NNvBDy.png]

Takeda Clan
Clan Daimyo: Kenji Takeda

Takeda clan was founded in 825 by the known Dragon Kenji Takeda he established a reputation in Blood Dragons, he was one of the descendants of tears of Izanagi, Takeda clan more focusing establishing connections outside of Kusari. one of Alliance of Takeda clan are Nakai clan one of the most famous clans in Kusari. In the quest establishing relations, Takeda clan do numerous job in order to make Shogun pleased they want to make own History. Numerous fights with Samura make us closer to them. More we fight more we know about them. We have set up our operating base in our system Okinawa hopefully we will track more of Samura a.


  • Defeat Samura Corporation and they allies
  • Establish a connection with factions out of Kusari.