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Golden Chrysanthemum Gen'an Cell - Information - The Gen'an Chrysanthemums - 04-02-2019

Golden Chrysanthemum
Gen'an Cell

[Image: iHaHiX2.png]

ID: Golden Chrysanthemums
IFF: Golden Chrysanthemums
Tag: GC-


The Golden Chrysanthemum Gen'an (Fundamental Idea) Cell is a radical Golden Chrysanthemum faction that seeks to overthrow the current Kusari government and establish their own matriarchy.

The Gen'an Cell idolises Yuyu Matsuda, the author of GC in Bloom, to a point where she becomes an almost mythical figure. Her book is treated by the faction as the most sacred of texts and they see Matsuda's willingness to die, rather than suffer imprisonment as something to be emulated. This makes a Gen'an Chrysanthemum a volatile and unpredictable element which will use any means to achieve her goals, even at the cost of her own life. Suicide attacks are not uncommon.

The Gen'an Cell's military structure is orientated to fighting guerilla warfare and terrorism. While piracy and the smuggling of black market goods is an essential part of the cell's activities, it is primarily seen as a means to sustain themselves and support their war against the male dominated society of Kusari.

New Recruits

The Gen'an Chrysanthemums use cardamine dependency to ensure the loyalty of the Chrysanthemum sisters. All of the new recruits must become addicted to the substance in order to become full-fledged members. It is a security mechanism to weed out potential infiltrators sent by the government.

The Trials are watched over by one of the commanders, who tests the new recruit's devotion to the cause. The first trial is known as the 'severing', in which the new recruit is challenged to to cut the ties to her old life. This task is custom made to the individual after studying her background and is meant to take away the recruit's doubt of the necessity of their new path and increase her fanaticism. The assignment is also carefully selected to make sure that the individual won't be able to return to her former life. Only after this trial is completed to the commander's satisfaction, the recruit will be allowed to move to the second trial. The trial of 'rebirth' is the second part of the rites, where the recruit becomes addicted to cardamine through a ritual that has its roots in the ancient san san kudo ritual. This completes her initiation after which her training starts and she will be educated in the teachings of Yuyu Matsuda.


The Cardamine trade is the Gen'an Cell's main source of income. Buying the highly addictive substance from Malta and using their transports to ship it across Sirius, the Chrysanthemums sell it to anyone willing to pay for it. Contact with people on the black markets allowed them to buy weapons and ship these back to their sisters in Kusari. It was not long until the Gen'an Cell started having their own share in the arms trade. The third source of income is the piracy of vessels who are passing through Kusari and are unlucky enough to encounter the sisterhood.


初菊 Hatsugiku First Chrysanthemum / Matriarch
The leader of the Gen'an Cell and the main authoritive figure of the movement. The honorary title 'First Chrysanthemum' is carried by the Founder of the Gen'an Movement, Ishikawa Aya.

司令官 Shirei-kan Commander
Commander are responsible for the territories that are under Gen'an influence and its logistics. The commanders are the overseers of large scale incursions against hostile forces and the general security of Gen'an as a whole.

戦場咲 Senjōzaki Battlefield Blossom
Senjōzaki has a double meaning and means battlefield blossom, or Blooming on the Battlefield. It is a mid leadership rank in the Gen'an Cell. They are GC who have proven themselves and have advanced enough to be able to take up some the duties to manage the internal affairs like the training and study of new recruits. While the Matriarch and Commanders handle the concerns of the faction as a whole, the Senjōzaki mostly manage the affairs on squadron and individual level.

刀持ち Katanamochi Swordbearer
This rank is a minor leadership rank which is comparible to lieutenants. Gen'an Sisters who attained this rank and up have earned the right and duty to carry gold plated katanas. These blades are a sign of rank and signify the Sister's devotion to the cause. The sword itself represents how Amaterasu's light has protected them in their battles.

死に花 Shinibana Death Flower
Shinibana has a dual meaning, "a blooming cut flower" and "glorious death". Sisters who reach this level have taken part of many skirmishes and have a fierce reputation of being fearless combatants. Gen'an operatives of this rank are frequently assigned as squadron leaders or as assassins.

狩人 Karyūdo Hunter/Raider
Yūrei who have proven themselves in the field several times and survived may achieve this rank.

幽鬼 Yūrei Ghost
Newly initiated Gen'an Sisters are given the rank of yūrei, who are trained to be adept at infiltration, espionage and sabotage. Besides the implication that the yūrei are invisible to most government agencies, they are are given this rank as many new fanatical GC are willing to die to avenge their mistreatment by Kusari society.

見習い Minarai Apprentice
Minarai means learning by observation and refers to a new arrival seeking to join the Gen'an Sisterhood. These women can come from other GC cells or from outside the GC. They will be educated and tested before they are allowed to initiate into the Gen'an Cell.


- Destroy Kishiro Technologies and Samura Industries

- Overthrow the Kusari government

- Establish an authoritarian matriarchy in Kusari


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