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[Comments open] - BDM Agency Withdrawal from conflict. - BDM - 04-06-2019

[ BPR ]
Channel 1 - Federal Broadcast

Statement - Agency Withdrawal

[REDACTED] - Today at 24:20, Federal News Station broadcast.

[Image: Yv1sGa6.png]
Sigma-21, occupation under Rheinland Military forces.

As a count down timer has overridden the channel broadcast for the past 30 seconds to prepare for an announcement that was advertised on both state and independent channels within Rheinland. The hand soon reaches the highest point on the count down clock.

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

The camera is pointed towards Enfield. He is sat behind a desk that was quickly placed on a clear, almost clinical, filing set that obscures any hints of his location to the public. He has some papers in front of him and soon nods back to some of the crew behind the camera.

Citizens of the Federal Republic, I ask you to heed my message with clarity and thought as we're in a state of war. The day I saw the attack on Fulda by the GMG, I was shocked, angry and needed an absolute result to bring vengeance for this attack. The tensions that were made that day created an accumulation of rage that I felt the agency could justify and help against these new found aggressors... But In my mind, deep down within my rational thought that kept me on restrained, I hoped that war would have never come. I was extensively vocal about such a thing too.

Yet this aggression was not restrained by the Military Fleet commanders and fuelled by the corporate gains that a mass-rearmament would bring to their profits; Regardless the cost that a replacement ship expended one or move lives. All this to fuel an expansion to encompass the Sigma-systems in an aggressive effort never seen before in Rheinlands history, Yet the commanders forget about the lives of those back home as they send most of the fleet designated to protect our homespace to find new ones to claim while they're ignorant of those they left behind to suffer the terror they wilfully ignore. The conquest into Kusarian territory was not one that was needed and has only further escalated the war that has cost us not only magnitudes more on the conflict front, but also at home were terrorists run free to gas our civilians, freely assault our economy and claim our land for their own barbaric intent.

While I understand that most of you may question my position as the head of Rheinlands Federal intelligence, I tell you this. The trust I have in my agents to understand the real reason they fought for the Republic as they've seen the deepest and darkest that it has to offer since its creation after the fall of the Imperial Rule since 676A.S. The things that they do so that people can live on within the most democratic age that Federal Republic of Rheinland has experienced for the past 150 Years, but even with that, I can say was not enough as an Imperialist agenda still lies within the Military that we entrusted to protect Republic values; To conquest needlessly and to overrule anyone's civil rights by means of a "Royal Imperial Diktat" not only enforced by pin strips and promotions but by unopposed lobbyists within the corporations and to oust the original efforts created on the Von-Rohe-Day movement which created the Republic.

I still stick to my word spoken out before the start of the war, that this conflict has gone too far and was not needed within the first place to establish actions of reparations against the GMG. Fifty lives were lost on Fulda, how many more on our side are needed not just on the front, but back home to fulfil our satisfaction. We've seen imperialist expansionist agendas destroy the livelihoods of those on Aland in Omega-3, so why should we sit around while they destroy the livelihoods of our own people. That is why as Direktor of BDM operations I am withdrawing our fleet for defensive operations back into Rheinland for the safety and security of our civilians. But heed my warning to anyone who can feel as if this is an opportunity to bring harm to our citizens, we will still repel any incursions into Rheinland space by those our government consider hostile, we will not conduct offensive objectives outside federal territory, this falls within our boundaries of operations.

Additional Content

RE: [Comments open] - BDM Agency Withdrawal from conflict. - Emperor Tekagi - 04-06-2019


"Konbanwa. It does not come as a surprise to see Kusarians listen into Rheinland's news, hai? Truth spoken, yet details remain untold. You lost people on Fulda, at the front, so did we. But your Military started it, killing our civilians over greed reminding me of the Rheinland during the Nomad War. Does the Federal Republic really want to look like them again? Maybe they were never gone afterall.
Yet I am here to honor your steps. Protecting civilians is your best choice, not fuel a war machine which ignited a conflict which never had to come to exist. Shall this end soon before it costs both our sides more than just soldiers, shall it end before it costs us the trust of our citizens. And shall it end before the harm done becomes permanent.

M. U.
HUP, 平和.


RE: [Comments open] - BDM Agency Withdrawal from conflict. - Gas Miners Guild - 04-06-2019

[Image: RRIeQCU.png]

The Gas Miners Guild once again, as it has since the beginning of this unfortunate conflict, implores the Federal Republic of Rheinland to meet at the diplomatic table and put an end to this senseless war.

The Guild has no desire for conflict with House Rheinland and wishes to return to the peaceful relationship we once enjoyed.


Keiji Namura

RE: [Comments open] - BDM Agency Withdrawal from conflict. - Elena Weizmann - 04-06-2019

Kusari and the GMG overstepped their bounds once too often.

The Military should finally defeat them! The Sigmas should be ours.

Cowards. Don't run! Fight.

RE: [Comments open] - BDM Agency Withdrawal from conflict. - Wolfgang Weisen - 04-06-2019

[Image: tjn2pxJ.jpg]
Username: @lispam2330229302
Name: Theodr Lukjen
Likes: 25604
Shares: 230

My business has been hurt badly by this war. I had to lay off another 60 valuable employees because I can no longer send exports to Kusari. Direktor Enfield did the right thing for Rheinland.

RE: [Comments open] - BDM Agency Withdrawal from conflict. - Wolfgang Weisen - 04-06-2019

[Image: tjn2pxJ.jpg]
Username: @lispam2330229302
Name: Theodr Lukjen
Likes: 6404
Shares: 530

@KeijiNamura is ready to negotiate. Why our government is not interested in peace?

RE: [Comments open] - BDM Agency Withdrawal from conflict. - Wolfgang Weisen - 04-07-2019

[Image: P3HM1we.jpg]
Username: @lispam569344136
Name: Angela Meitz
Likes: 46404
Shares: 670

People demand peace from @RheinGov. It is time for The People to say *enough* to the Military-Industrial complex which has involved us in so many wars! Thank you Direktor!

RE: [Comments open] - BDM Agency Withdrawal from conflict. - Wolfgang Weisen - 04-07-2019

[Image: P3HM1we.jpg]
Username: @lispam569344136
Name: Angela Meitz
Likes: 27697
Shares: 470

@KeijiNamura says that he wants peace. Why our government does not want peace?

RE: [Comments open] - BDM Agency Withdrawal from conflict. - Thackeray - 04-07-2019

[Image: BfPjIPK.jpg]
Username: @lispam566378
Name: Patrik Reder
Likes: 61314
Shares: 934

I demand peace from the Rheinland government! End the War!

RE: [Comments open] - BDM Agency Withdrawal from conflict. - Mildred Wolfe - 04-07-2019

[Image: Random-Person-Date-1.jpg]
Username: @lispam4574587668
Name: Jens Adler
Likes: 47890
Shares: 700

This war has costed me two of my siblings, nothing good has come out of it and will come out of it. My family is happy to hear there are some who will lean against the mistakes of our @Rheingov. Please end this war!