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To: The Lane Hackers - Greylock - 04-19-2019

Sender ID: Underboss Lauren Brooke
Subject: A call for aid

Encryption: Heavy

Hey, guess what.

We need a favor.

See this? Looks like the corporate lapdogs that call themselves the Police are building a new academy. Problem is, while we have some firepower, we don't have quite enough to take down this here station and the defenders. This is where you come in. Together, I believe that we can destroy this installation and the defenders with ease.

Lauren out.


RE: To: The Lane Hackers - Vladimir Scorpius - 04-19-2019

[Image: 3b.png][Image: 65.png]
[Image: 13.png][Image: 24.png][Image: 34.png][Image: 43.png]

Ms. Brooke,

The position of this modular base is not strategically important and thus we see no reason to put our assets at risk trying to destroy a station this close to capital planet. We will continue extorting any transports supplying these stations as we have done in the past.

As such, we hope that if you choose to proceed further with your plan that you will consider your safety first. We would hate to see our friends among Rogues getting shot down by Planet Manhattan defense grid.