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Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News - Cuatroce - 05-05-2019

Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News

BREAKING NEWS: Terrorist Attack of MOA claims 3,000 lives

[Image: 0kzTmiV.jpg]

Buenos dias, señores y señoritas. This is Marco Allegri and you watching Prime News on Canal 3 Malta.

Today we received grieving news that over 3,000 detainees were brutally butchered while en route to Malta. The incident happened in Coronado where one of an attack on one of Cuatroce Corporation trade vessel resulted in over 3,000 detainees aboard being sucked out in open space. The responsibility for the attack lies upon MOA, Malta Opposition Army, a new terrorist organisation that stands against Cardamine trade and forced human labour. According to the sources of Cuatroce and la Legion, MOA are comprised of a small group of ex-detainees, mercenaries, and foreign sympathisers whose intention is to overthrow the Nacional Counsil and institute a communist regime.

The incident is shocking in its brutality. According to the logs of the massacre provided by Cuatroce, MOA terrorists put their ideology above the lives of people their organisation claims to be saving and killed them in cold blood by intentionally targeting the cargo hold of the transport vessel. The irony of the situation lies not only in the acclaimed "saviours" killing innocents, but also that over 3,000 detainees lost their lives to other ex-detainees pledging to help their kin. Now we will broadcast the logs of the tragedy. The footage contains graphic scenes, so please keep children and pregnant women away from the screens.

The incident leaves no doubts as to how irrelevant the lives of innocents are to MOA, and how detrimental their organisation and ideology are for Maltese society. We took a comment of su nobleza Don Hernan Escudero on the situation.

[Image: UoR6P5J.gif]
I believe now Maltese public is well aware of the existance of those brigands, and of the why we need to deal with these pests as soon as possible. Before, "Cuatroce" has had a few incidents with the MOA but nothing as low and despicable as attack on innocent souls. From our own intel, and shared information from la Legion, we are certain that MOA terrorists are conspiring with the Coalition, the very communist devils that sabotaged "Hispania" and confined us to Malta. Their very dealing with our nemesis should be a clear signal to the wide public of Malta, and the government, of what they are - traitors - who deserve nothing less but death.

We know that they are incompetent and lack any clear political agenda, but from what we heard from themselves, they want to cease the spread of the Orange Dream, terminate forced labour, and install a dictatorial People's Republic regime akin to the Sirius Coalition. I do not need to tell that the results of such hypothetic scenario would be millions of lost jobs and mass poverty because of ceased Cardamine trade, millions dead resulting from inevitable civil war, and possibly even Malta being handed over to some hostile foreigners. Of course, this scenario is purely hypothetical as MOA stand no chance and it is only a matter of time when we catch all those rats. The Legion, Maltese Navy, and our own corporate security are rigorously hunting down those few terrorits that die in a fameless way to be given over to oblivion.

The attack on innocent detainees who were to be delivered to Malta to live their life safely wit ha views to become naturalised citizens of Malta was a very low gesture, even for butchers like MOA. Adhering to their perverted ideology, they believe they are the judges wise enough to decide people's fate. And this is the most concerning: the detainees aboard had perspectives, and most importantly - choice. Choice, they were brutally deprived of. But worry not, esteemed citizens of Malta, we will make them pay for every claimed life.

A memorial service will be carried out today in St. Basil's cathedral in Villa-de-Mancha near the capital city. If you want to share your impressions and thoughts on the story, leave your comments below. Best commentators will be invited over to the studio for the talk-shaw on the recent events. Follow the developments on the story on our channel. This is Marco Allegri and you have been watching Prime News on Canal 3 Malta. Thank you for attention and have a good day!

RE: Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News - Backo - 05-05-2019

[Image: ieqSV3F.png]

COMM-ID: Eliza Valdez
Subject: RE: Terrorist Attack of MOA claims 3,000 lives
Priority: High

Buenos dias, citizens of Malta,

Three days ago the Maltese Legión gave the Maltese Opposition Army the chance to cease hostilities and seek truce with the Cuatroce. Civil conflict has plagued our world plenty of times in the past and we have learned that it has never brought us good. Today it is evident that the "oppositioners" do not want peace, they do not want to preserve the very human lives they claim to protect - those of the Maltese and those in the face of the passengers of the Cartel transport. Malta itself and the traditions that led from life on it have taught us that every life is sacred, but these rebellious dissidents have decided to disregard that, to attack our own people and our own way of life. With this we have no other choice but to retaliate.

The Legionnaires have pledged their service to Malta and its people. We will preserve the freedom of Malta and uphold the traditions that our forefathers have bequeathed us. Starting from today all MOA vessels will be treated as enemies of Malta by our pilots and will be engaged on sight inside the Nación's sovereignty as well as outside of it. If they have decided to "wage war" against our way of life and principles then we shall show them the full might of Malta and it's people. The olive branch of peace was given but dismissed, their fate has been sealed by their own arrogance.

En servicio de Malta,
Legionario Eliza Valdez.

Attachments: None

RE: Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News - Megaera - 05-06-2019

ID: Miyazaki Rin
Subject: Terrorist Attack of MOA claims 3,000 lives

Konnichiwa Citizens of Malta,

I am Miyazaki Rin of the Gen'an sisterhood, currently stationed on Malta until I ship out with a fresh shipment of cardamine
This is a great tragedy for all of Malta, one that personally touches me. Being the captain of the cardamine trade vessel Fuyuzora, I too could be next on the list of vicims by these barbarians. And even if I survive, it could be one of my sisters who falls victim to these animals. If they are capable of letting innocent people die in space for their own satisfaction, imagine what they could do to one of us.

I was also informed that MOA vessels were sighted in Kyushu yesterday, engaged in combat with two of our sisters. They were eliminated with the help of the Legion of Malta. On behalf of the sisterhood I hereby offer my gratitude for their support in keeping this scum out of our lands.

Taisa Miyazaki of the Fuyuzora

RE: Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News - Maltese Armed Forces - 05-06-2019

- -- -{ Transmission Initiated }- -- -

[Image: 5POYGlJ.png]

[Comm-ID]: Arturo Ruiz - Republic of Malta
[Receiver-ID]: --
[Location]: Heaven's Summit, Aragon system, Hispania Space

[Subject]: Terrorist Attack of MOA Claims 3,000 Lives

[Priority]: High
[Encryption]: Strong

Una tragedia esto es.

It is shameful that these individuals have resorted to these methods. While the Republic does not support the homeworld's vile tradition of forced labor, even we acknowledge each soul's right to life and death at their own hands. Such an act against those unable to protect themselves is unforgivable, as would sitting by and letting this tragedy happen once more.

These alleged servants of the Coalition will not be welcomed by the Republic if their goals include the murder and disregard for human life. We must take steps towards this to ensure no further loss of life is achieved, and ensure that those guilty of this crime must pay their dues. I, as well as many within the Republic, will mourn for these three-thousand souls lost in Coronado. Their lives will not be forgotten, and we will ensure their loss is not in vain.

Henceforth, alongside the authority of the honored Fleet Admiral, these criminals will be barred from Republic space, and any attempt to breach the border will ensure a swift end the like of which they themselves should be familiar with.
There will be no mercy for the merciless.

Arturo Ruiz
Minister of Colonial Affairs
Republic of Malta

- -- -{ Transmission Terminated }- -- -

RE: Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News - Cuatroce - 05-09-2019

Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News

TALK SHOW: Hoaxes about detainees unrest: what, who, and why?

[Image: zWESpz1.gif]

Buenos dias, señores y señoritas. This is Marco Allegri and you watching Talk Show "Punto de vista" on Canal 3 Malta.

Recently Maltese social networks are outraged by the recent broadcast that reported alleged unrest of detainees all across the planet. While the comment of the authorities is being awaited, the users of social networks already argue that the information spread was a fake. The statistics provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on all recent violations of the law indicated no abnormal criminal activity. The broadcast was transmitted from an unknown private broadcasting equipment, which has already been expropriated by the authorities, provided no evidence on the alleged mass unrest. More importantly, the broadcast argued our recent news item and put under question the trustworthiness not only of Canal 3 News but also official informants of "Cuatroce" corporation. Today we will try to please the public outcry for justice in social networks, as well answer the questions "What", "Who", and "Why" this broadcast was transmitted. We have two guests today, estimado Professor Enrique Torres of la Univesidad de Nueva Salamanca who specialises in Media Studies, and Leonardo Spazza, PhD, of the National Institute for Trade and Economics, an expert on conflict economics.

Señor Torres, buenos dias! You claimed in your last social network update that the news spread was an intentional hoax. Could you please explain more in detail your position on the issue to our viewers?

[Image: 42mKM7z.gif]
- Buenos dias, Marco. You got me correct: I do believe that the broadcast spread was a hoax. Nor only a hoax, but also an intentional slander action against "Cuatroce" and popular Maltese media. The broadcast claims that the recently reported events took a different turn in reality. Well, unlike Canal 3 News item, the broadcast in question, let us just for simplicity label it "disinformation", provided no evidence. Therefore, the confident manner in which it reported events that allegedly occurred is a vivid example of a propaganda technique called "Unstated assumption", which in this case provides that since the events were reported on the news, they are assumed to be correct. Well, it is not. Especially when the official information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not support, but rather contradicted the claims. The information from the Ministry is in open access on the web-page of the Ministry where every citizen can access it and check it for themselves. Let's not also forget about good old slandering. It appears that someone also wants to discredit "Cuatroce" corporation. Slandering in the news that are expected to be impartial is also a sign that it is not to be trusted blindly.

- Hmm, your arguments are rational indeed, Professor Torres. What can you comment on who might have spread this information?

- Well, Marco, we cannot say for sure. Not yet while the authorities are investigating the case. However, I do believe, and I concur with many people on the social networks, who theorise that the terrorist group "MOA" is behind this. Let's put the puzzle together: you report their misdeeds and immediately from a dubious source appears information that slanders your channel, your informer in "Cuatroce", and reports the deeds of MOA in a positive tone while providing no opportunity for feedback and no evidence. Besides, the poor quality of the broadcast and the equipment used to spread it, poor journalism, as well as striking illiteracy of the Maltese language right away from the start, "Braking news" instead of "Breaking News" indicates that the person behind this was not a professional reporter or even an educated about person. Sounds familiar? Indeed! Who is not quite good with Maltese language? Usually, detainees or foreigners. MOA comprise of those almost exlusively, according to the reports of la Legion Maltesa and governmental sources. So, while we are technically we cannot say that MOA were behind that with absolute confidence unti lofficial investigation is concluded, I say there is a solid 99% probability it was them.

- What might be the reason for such a broadcast?

- except for evident causes to slander their rivals in "Cuatroce" and the government? Well, probably they use media for its main feature as of the "Fourth Power" - namely, rallying support. However, I doubt that with such blatant incompetence they can bolster their support both among the citizens and temporal detainees: for citizens it is a clear indicator that those MOA filth is below them, educated and prosperous Maltese citizenry; for detainees - their incompetence as leaders who cannot even spell the news right - how those people can lead troops? Moreover, they claimed to have spread brochures. Paper-based brochures, Marco! We are not on old-Earth in the age of printing press! If they are unable to disseminate their information in a modern and efficient way, it is just a clear indicator they are obsolete, and hence, doomed for Malta is the most scientifically advanced faction in Sirius, thanks to Cardamine.

- Thank you, Professor Torres. I am sure your comments were informative for our viewers. Now, Doctor Spazza, bongiorno. You are a renowned expert on conflict economies. Your CV is indeed impressive: over 70 articles and 5 books on conflicts all around Sirius. Certainly, you have a say on the economic aspect of the hoaxes, or "disinformation", as Professor Torres aptly put it, that have been recently spread? Even if the events reported are fake, should we really worry about possible detainees' unrest?

[Image: UZyij7a.gif]
- Bongiorno, Marco, and grazzie for such a kind introduction. Yes, indeed, I have been pretty busy writing about how economics of different conflicts work, and how it contributes to the outcome of the conflict. I recently wrote a book on how Bretonian "crippled" economy is still capable of delivering a "punch", "They shall not pass: How Baguette Can Drown in Tea", so if any of the viewers is interested in the topic, I do encourage to buy the book. Now, to the topic. I don't think that under current circumstances detainees pose a real threat to Malta.

You see, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, of our 503 million population, approximately 12% are detainees in some form. This equals approximately 60 million people. While the number itself might sound impressive, let us not forget that those 60 million include elderly and children. So the real number of detainees capable of unrest is much lower. Secondly, this is the total number: detainees vary greatly in terms of their social status from a Don to Don, since most of the detainees, 56%, are in possession of big land owners and Dons. Some of them differ from the citizens by only not being able to cast a vote in political activities, while some are, for sure, suffer from harsh but just conditions. But even those conditions are still at times better than a life of, say, ordinary clerk in House Space. What is the unrest potential of those people? Well, I would say quite low: they have the food, the work, and leisure which are protected by the laws of Malta. Most of them are already addicted to Cardamine and will probably perish outside of Malta. The polls among detainees taken last year indicated that 69% of the detainees were expecting to get Maltese citizenship in foreseeable future. Whether they like it or not but once addicted to Cardamine getting citizenship becomes their best chance in life so most cling on that. Once a free citizen, their income with drastically increase to common 167.824 SC/capita which allows to live luxuriously even given high cost of living on Malta. Majority of the population think with their wallet and avoid risks - they want their families not to be put at risk and not to put them at risk of losing of of the bread-winner.

- So basically, the game of "unrest" is just "not worth the game" for detainees, am I correct?

- You are absolutely correct, Marco. Besides, there are many other factors that make a massive unrest on Malta impossible. The detainees are not concentrated in one place, they are very spread. They have no clear organisation, and a lot of them don't even have a basic military training. Ex-militaries are treated harshly, as you know, and are under strict supervision until they prove their loyalty. They have no arms, and most importantly - they have no massive funds that would be able to finance a large-scale protest that would be at least a nuisance for the National Council. moreover, even if these finances hypothetically were in their possession, they would be needed to distributed appropriately to support local sells. I don't think any Maltese bank or digital transaction system wouldn't notice any suspicious movement of funds. Come on, we are a nation of smugglers, if we know anything about money laundry, that is how to keep it discreet, hence, how to track it, too. And of course do not forget that those surreptitious elements are to face drilled Ejército de Tierra de Malta, as well as Marines Espacial, who are equipped with the best weaponry and equipment available. Our military machine is well funded due to very profitable economy and I doubt that it would face any challenge when dealing with some ill-equipped and untrained rebellious detainees. Even if detainees somehow manage to revolt in an organised fashion, they would not be able to wage lengthy war: their finances would be limited, as well as their manpower. There is nowhere to run and hide: due to harsh planetary conditions, not many spots of wilderness are fitting for accommodating a lot of people at once, while most cities are heavily fortified due to aforementioned reason and feudal wars of the past. So if any movement is audacious enough, or "dumb enough" I should say, to revolt on Malta - they are doomed from the start.

- Doctor Spazza, if speaking hypothetically, do they have at least any chance?

- The only chance of theirs is if some Don with private army, or if National Military or Fleet somehow defect to their cause, which is very unlikely. Speak of MOA, for example. According to the information available to the public, they support some kind of socialist. Tell me, Marco, what an aristocratic Don and his familia in sane mind would support movement that is aimed at undermining their social position and income? What citizen of Malta would support anti-Cardamine movement or refuse the traditions of using detainees, that are due to extensive use of advanced machinery and automatisation since late 7th century AS are even barely used for hard labour but mostly for increased speed of population growth? Same applies to the army that is also known to be the elite of our society and enjoying one of the highest standards of living on Malta? Take La Legion Maltesa, for example: it comprises of volunteers, most of them of pure Maltese origin. Who in sane mind of them would support MOA or other anti-government movement that is aimed at destroying everything that makes Malta strong, at destroying our very way of life and prosperity? At plunging us back into the Dark Ages and conspiring with our nemesis like Coalition? No, I doubt such movement would find ANY public support on Malta. We the Maltese are well educated and are used to political intricate games, thanks to centuries of rivalry between the Dons. Our political and economic wisdom allows us to stay clear of such dubious and doomed to fail initiatives.

Grazzie, Doctor Spazza. I am certain our viewers have heard a lot of interesting information and are now more aware of the developments. If you missed any part of the programme, find the full video on the web-page of Canal 3 Malta and access it for free. Stay tuned and follow the story with "Punto de vista" on Canal 3 Malta. This was Marco Allegri, Hasta Luego, señores y señoritas. If you want to share your impressions and thoughts on the story, leave your comments below. Best commentators will be invited over to the studio for the talk-shaw on the recent events. Follow the developments on the story on our channel. This is Marco Allegri and you have been watching Prime News on Canal 3 Malta. Thank you for attention and have a good day!

RE: Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News - Cuatroce - 07-02-2019

Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News

FEATURE: LSF Use Cardamine

[Image: iFTmpm0.gif]

Buenos dias, señores y señoritas. This is Marco Allegri and you watching Prime News on Canal 3 Malta.

Today’s topic is the House of Liberty. The alleged beacon of freedom that puts refugees into the boron mines of Pittsburgh, military juggernaut holding off the Gallic invaders in Cortez while New London burns, as well as corporate hell and home to many loyal customers of Cardamine.

The House still stands tall, economically shadowing suffering from invasion Bretonia, torn by revolution Rheinland, and collaborative Kusari, boasting the purchase parity high enough to buy off a large share of best Maltese Cardamine. While the exact share of the Cardamine market that Liberty constitutes is not disclosed to public, it is obvious that it is crucial for Malta as most of the trade routes end up in Libertonian territory. Aside from that, Libertonian underworld can be labelled a separate major Cardamine market share: many shrewd Liberty Rogues and Lane Hackers buy Cardamine on Malta to haul it themselves for extra profit, disseminating the orange dream.

Why is it so popular? This question is not for us, Maltese, to answer – for us Cardamine is a necessity, we do not enter exalted state after inhaling the “Orange Dream”. But for millions people across Sirius it is the only way to escape the plain routine of their life, or worse – the terrors of endless bloodshed and political turmoil, bringing their plans and hopes for better future to dust. And can we blame them? The madness that ensued the Gallic onslaught will force a man to desperate measures. Is not enravishment of Cardamine better than suicide? Such escapism comes at a price of addiction, however. But the noble and merciful Dons call upon the people of Malta to welcome with open arms Cardamine addicts from all the sector who seek refuge and support them. Knowing that there is alternative to grim reality of their existence, more and more people choose to give Cardamine a try, especially knowing that in the process they can develop immunity to some diseases as well as find shelter on Malta in case of addiction too severe to continue living in their previous society. The trend is on the rise especially in Liberty due to stable and profitable economy wherein most people do have money to buy Cardamine.

However, today’s news item is not to re-iterate the common truth. The background is provided for the convenience of the viewers. According to our source on Cali, yesterday a wayward Liberty Siege Cruiser was spotted in the vicinity Freeport 6. An odd sight in Taus, the vessel was within the no-fire zone of the Freeport. We cannot state to know with certainty the purpose of its presence in Tau 29 system, however from the communication logs provided to us by a Maltese pilot, Senor Torres of “Cuatroce” Corporacion, the ship’s IFF indicated “Liberty Security Force” and was investigating the alleged connection of Liberty politicum with Malta. A strange event per se, the attention is drawn to this piece of news for other reasons. After a small talk with the zoner denizens and Golden Chrysanthemums pilot, the captain of the Liberty Siege Cruiser “Kepler’s Pride”, Cpt. Williams, requested a shipment of Cardamine for recreational purpose for herself and her crew from Señor Torres and Golden Chrysanthemums pilots, claiming that such a move is incomprehensible within Liberty borders but possible outside of the reach of punishing hand of Libertonian justice. The astonishing brave move was not only in being daring enough to give a try to what had been labelled in Libertonian public imagination as root of sins, but also to do that while realising the possible resentment of the crew. The audacity of Cpt. Williams was, of course, provided with the best-quality Cardamine by one of the Golden Chrysanthemums pilot, commander of "Futatsu", who happened to be in possession of some. The trusted allies of Malta, followers of the revolutionary martyr-matriarch Matsuda are known to be the prominent buyers and distributors of "Orange Dream" in Kusari. Now we provide the excerpts of the logs and link to the footage in open access to the attention of our esteemed viewers:

Senor Torres, who humbly refused to comment on the events, was according to our “Cuatroce” sources rewarded for his resolve in negotiations with hostile party and rationalism with 10 million credits.

The fate of Cpt. Williams is unknown. It is possible that in case of these logs falling into wrong hands can be used against her and her servicemen back in Liberty. We received a comment of su nobleza Don Hernan Luis Escudero on the event:

[Image: UoR6P5J.gif]
The inhumane justice system of Liberty is unforgiving even to its own decorated soldiers who stand against all odds versus the Gauls and have seen all the hells of warfare. I would not be surprised if I hear soon that Señorita Williams alongside her crew is detained and stripped of all ranks should the Libertonians learn of her actions. We, however, do understand that the horrors of war that she and her men might have seen deserve some remedy and I feel proud that “Cuatroce” product can deliver that, if it was oblivion she was after. Whether pleasure or remedy, I am still glad that Malta can contribute to people’s mental health and provide respite in these dark times.

On behalf of “Cuatroce” corporacion and people of Cadiz-de-Malta and Nuovo-Milano-de-Albegna I extend a warm welcome to Cpt. Williams and any Libertonian servicemen or citizen that might be looking for a safe haven. Malta can and will provide it to those in need, as well as social security and opportunities for bright future. Remember, amigos: Each ounce of Cardamine bought is another another hit against predatory human-hating Libertonian state apparatus. Know, that you have friends should those who had called you “heroes” would discard you as criminals.

The other interesting aspect of the story is the “Libertonian Senator” that was being investigated by Cpt. Williams who allegedly work with maltese corporations and authorities. Under no condition the information provided today can be verified, but according to our sources within Liberty Rogues and Maltese authorities, currently there are indeed people of different ranks working for and/or with Malta within the government system of Liberty. Their motivation can vary: from a Cardamine-addicted child to a sizeable cut of Cardamine smuggling. In return Malta receives useful inside intelligence on what is going on within Liberty State Apparatus, lobbyism services, as well as some access to some other services and goods. We managed to receive a comment on the news above of one of such people, a Senator of planetary Senate of one of Liberty worlds, whose name is altered and exact rank is not disclosed for security and privacy concerns:

[Image: QmFTIex.gif]
Senator Michael G.
Indeed, within Liberty, even within the government there are a lot of people who are dissatisfied with the current state of things in the House. But no one dares to address those issues. You see, although we have a democracy of some sort and freedom of speech in theory, in practice it relates only to the “right ideas” being sounded and criticism being silenced with the person behind it losing its job and social security. The life in large hive-cities is very expensive and without the social security offered by the employer most people would face a very difficult choice of not falling ill to avoid exorbitant medical care prices. Why does medical care cost so much? Because corporations like Cryer do not want it to be readily accessible by the people or they will simply lose their profits. Their lobby, as well as other corp’s [lobbies], are extremely pressing for the government that is de facto a hostage of the Liberty “Big Three” as well as some other planet-bound corps. If those don’t like your criticism of the existing things – you are labelled some Xenos terrorists. And even if the claims and investigation come to naught – the very accusation is enough to give you the sack.

So some people turn to Cardamine when they fear they might be fired and have no medical insurance – Cardamine is well-known to give acquired resistance to some diseases after some time of use, and even immunity. The do not realise this might work only for their kids and should they be born on Malta mostly, but those people are desperate. In this regard, it is also totally understandable why some military personnel recourse to drugs like Cardamine – service with risk of dying in the deep coldness of space while some corpy [corporation employee] are just sitting their ass off in an office and making in a week their annual income. I personally work with Malta to give better future to my kids. The money I am making is by far better than those bits offered to Senators of my rank by the gov [government] or for lobbying some LibCorp [Liberty Corporation]. And the less they know about you… In the worst case scenario, my kids will have a fortune to start anew wherever they want, even in Gallia should the latter win the war.

Canal 3 reporters will be following the development of the story and update our viewers on any new details. If you want to share your impressions and thoughts on the story, leave your comments below. Best commentators will be invited over to the studio for the talk-show on the recent events. Follow the developments on the story on our channel. This is Marco Allegri and you have been watching Prime News on Canal 3 Malta. Thank you for attention and have a good day!

RE: Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News - Cuatroce - 07-23-2019

Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News

TALK SHOW: New dissidents? Discussion of "the Republic of Malta"

[Image: kGv3fPQ.gif]

Buenos dias, señores y señoritas. This is Marco Allegri and you watching Talk Show "Punto de vista" on Canal 3 Malta.

Recent weeks have been productive and prosperous for Malta, as the Strategic Communication Network has been updates allowing to accelerate the connectivity to foster commercial operations, as well as drastic decrease of activity of MOA terrorists, allowing for safer trade through Omicron Tau and Tau 37 systems again.
However, it appears that unorthodox political movements tend to spawn one after another on Malta. The recent broadcast claiming to be issued by some “Republic of Malta”, was aired across Maltese space. It could have been ignored as another political PR move by some marginal ideology if not plans for invading Omicron Alpha for an alleged revolution or a coup d’etat.

Taught by MOA experience, the social networks community reacted less actively than on MOA broadcast, mostly crediting “civility” yet condemning the whole endeavour. More outrage caused the part that put “Republic of Malta” in line with such entities as Crayter Republic, or even worse – socialists of the revolutionary Commonwealth of Liberty. Below, you can see examples of reactions to the news broadcast on the social networks.

Have you seen this news? Is that a spin-off of MOA or something? Hombres better just chill and start a competition of choosing idiot friends. I still think that MOA wins by siding with the Coalition but these dudes side with Crayter – so their stupidity is close enough. What next? IMG? (3531 likes, 1430 reposts)

Fancy names, fancy titles, fancy words. Is that some sort of metrosexuals’ convention or something? I know what I am talking about cos I attended a few. Maybe if it was such, they could rally more public support. I have no clue how those dimwits expect to gain public support of Maltese citizenry by proclaiming friendship with Crayter and saying they fight for better Malta without even providing points of what they fight for. (901 likes, 209 reposts)

Pendejos proclaim fightings against nationalists as if nationalists are bad. But nationalists are good – since when caring about our own people is bad? Since when praising Maltese virtues over others’, especially after we have been tied to a rock on the outskirts of Sirius after a sabotage (and possibly by the other Houses) while those phonies got the best planets around, and then labelling us “Outcasts”? Besides, those pendejos forget one crucial thing – Malta IS A REPUBLIC. Jaja, study your homeworld first, idiots, if you are from Malta after all. Maybe those are some Gallic spies who can’t mask themselves well. At any rate – praise the Legion fighting for us and the NC for stability and prosperity!
Malta una, grande, y libre!
Arriba Malta!
(783 likes, 281 reposts)

#NotMyRepublic (2,837 likes, 774 reposts)

Today we will also present the points of view of esteemed scholar Dr. Patricia Nuñes, Ph.D., Professor or Politology of Universidad de Nueva Salamanca, as well as the representative of IRMM, callsign “Shadowwalker”.

Señor “Shadowwalker”, greetings. I know that our esteemed researchers on Corsica are very busy so we will value your time and be brief. Would you be so kind to comment on who they are and why do they oppose the legitimate Maltese authorities?

[Image: hPBqnMM.gif]
Effective immediatelly, the Administrators of our secret facilities have banned them from accessing guarded Maltese installations. If we would've known sooner, they'd be stopped in their tracks and taken into custody. We don't shoot first until our questions are answered.

And finally, what do you think will be the possible outcome of such a move?

Unless they claim it to be a joke and show their faces, i have a short forecast for what they noted to be a possible battle of today: "Visibility is excellent, so the chance for artilerry showers followed by the screams of the dying is extremely high.

Thank you very much, Señor “Shadowwalker”. Your comments are very valuable to us and our viewers as of the representative of Maltese Advanced Researchers. Now I will address Dr. Patricia Nuñes. Buenos dias, Señorita Nuñes. You are a renowned scholar in Maltese academic circles when it comes down to contentious politics, is that correct?

Buenos dias, Señor Allegri. You make me blush with such praising comments *chuckles*. Yet indeed, I am often credited as a specialist on contentious politics and have written up numerous courses in the field, so possible one can consider me a specialist in the area.

So, Doctor Nuñes, what do you think they are and why they broadcast such information publicly?

[Image: 0NsFIAu.gif]
- Thank you for the question, Marco. Well, it is still too early to tell with certainty what they stand for but from the comments we have seen they are likely to represent some liberal republican regime alike the one in Liberty. I urge the viewers not to confuse the word “liberal” with actual liberties – if they are indeed similar to Libertonian ideals, then they are close to driving the majority of the population into slave-like servitude to big corporations, killing own civilians who might have become witnesses to some shady governmental wheelings&dealings, as well as selling their people to all sorts of people for profit. We as the Maltese for sure know how a lot of detainees find their way into Liberty Rogues cargohold – from a legal slave-market on Pittsburgh. Liberties? Perhaps they are for the fabled beacon of Liberty – “The Liberty”, but not for us. In addition, they call themselves a republic as opposed to current “nationalistic” as they call, Malta. However, let us recourse to political theory: Republic, stemming from “res publica – common matter”, is just a way of choosing the authorities. In case of a republic, as opposed to dictatorship, by means of elections. To their surprise, the National Council is comprised of Dons who are elected from among many Dons (for Malta has too many) by other dons and influential people. Yes, there is a census that not everyone can cast their vote but it is still a voting, effectively making Malta a republic. Nationalist ideas? Why not, republic can be nationalistic. So they have a huge flaw in the very ideology from the start – Republic against Republic, which basically nullifies all what they might stand for.

As to why they broadcast this news item publicly? Well, any revolutionary movement strives for public support – it is doomed without it. Since the broadcast was made from somewhere outside of Maltese space, I can assume they are a small “exiled court”. If so, they desperately need some support on Malta and as we could see from the reaction of the citizenry to that broadcast – their public support is naught. What would they expect by openly acknowledging siding with Crayterians and some Libertonian socialists who are not enjoying best reputation on Malta? Besides, they raised no valid points of their political agenda. Henceforth, I assume the point of the broadcast was just the political PR, to let people know they exist. Well, some people think that black PR is better than no PR at all – perhaps so.

That is very interesting, Doctor Nuñes. Speaking of Crayterians and Libertonians, what do you think such diplomatic stance mean for this movement?

A political suicide? *Chuckles* If analysing deeper I can say they are struggling to find at least any support to oppose current Maltese government. While at the moment we are enjoying fruitful relations with Bretonia, expecting help from any major player from an anti-Gallic coalition for them would be a nice dream. I wouldn’t even surprise if they side with the Gauls, be the monarchists or republicans, similar to how MOA did it. Crayterians… Well, the relations between Crayter and Malta even after the signature of Coronado Treaty are still not the best and Crayter might now be looking at alternative ways of fighting Malta once the military way has failed them. As for the Commonwealth – they can declare the support of anyone, the Commonwealth is too far, its resources too small to be able to assist some revolutionary Maltese movement in some distant Edge Worlds while their struggle against the House of Liberty rages on. They have more matters to attend to. So what do this diplomatic stance mean? Probalby, just boasting about getting at least any allies they can get and then calling it a diplomatic upperhand over Malta.

Doctor Nuñes, can you tell us about your opinion on how current Maltese authorities should treat these revolutionaries and what might be the outcome of their small crusade?

Until now, Marco, their ships have not been openly seen in Maltese space, as far as I know, neither have been spotted taking any hostile actions against Maltese citizens. We could have easily discarded them as a nuisance if not their open incitement to violence in Maltese homeworld. This should not be ignored. Basically, this very statement of theirs allows us according to Maltese laws call them “terrorists” similarly to MOA and treat as such. Political opposition is good and healthy for the regime but not if it threatens the well-being and lives of the citizens. Besides, they side with dubious entities that are openly anti-Maltese. What next? Standing against Cardamine? In additions, they call for toppling the legitimately elected Maltese government which is an anti-Constitutional move. Such movements like theirs should be persecuted by Maltese authorities, in my opinion.

As for the possible outcome – well, I doubt they can muster any public support on Malta. Being isolated from Maltese installations and, if the government acts, from Cardamine market as well, they will be merely existing on the brink of life, not being able to put up a fight except for some informational commotion. Should we be afraid of them? No. Instead, we should concern ourselves with the why such revolutionary anti-Maltese factions emerge in the first place. An oversight of education system? Incitement and bribes from foreign governments? More researches should be done to figure this out.

Thank you very much, Doctor Nuñes. I believe, me and our viewers have learnt a lot today and can sleep calmer knowing that such disturbing news are being discussed and analysed to make Maltese tomorrow better. If you missed any part of the programme, find the full video on the web-page of Canal 3 Malta and access it for free. Stay tuned and follow the story with "Punto de vista" on Canal 3 Malta. This was Marco Allegri, Hasta Luego, señores y señoritas. If you want to share your impressions and thoughts on the story, leave your comments below. Best commentators will be invited over to the studio for the talk-shaw on the recent events. Follow the developments on the story on our channel. This is Marco Allegri and you have been watching Prime News on Canal 3 Malta. Thank you for attention and have a good day!

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Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News

BREAKING NEWS: State of Maltese Hispania Proclaimed

Buenos dias, señores y señoritas. You watching Prime News on Canal 3 Malta. We are interrupting the broadcast to deliver the breaking news: the speaker of the newly formed Senado Nacional, Don Hernan Escudero, proclaimed the institution of the state of Maltese Unitary Republic of Hispania. Now, the broadcast of the public address to the citizens of Malta is to be shown.

[Image: fB11nuJ.gif]

Free citizens of Malta!

Today is historical day for our Patria! After centuries of being “outcasts” on the edge of Sirius sector, we will finally sprawl our wings and assume our destiny among the stars as one strong united nation that has embraced our legacy. The bearers of old traditions of Earth, noble Bretonians, although having been our rivals for so long, have found the strengths to rebuke the offences of the past and see in us brothers and sisters we used to be when leaving Sol sector aboard “Bretonia” and “Hispania”. Today, we stand united against the Gallic threat and as the fight is coming closer to the final hours, we are as never firm and determined in our unity. A few days ago Bretonia and Malta concluded Basilica Treaty that stipulates terms of peace and cooperation between the Kingdom of Bretonia and the Nation of Malta. Among the terms, our Bretonian allies have recognised us as the true and legitimate heirs of Hispania. This is something we will ever be grateful to our noble friends from New London, and something that will change our society forever.

As the esteemed members of the Nacional Council have recently stepped down, effectively dissolving the ruling body of Malta, our ever vigilant defenders from Legion Maltesa stepped in to secure the stability of the interregnum period. Worry not, brothers and sisters, for today in cooperation with the Legion the representatives of the biggest noble familias of Malta are forming a new ruling body that will lead our proud Nacion forward. Today I, Hernan Escudero as the representative of the Dons of Malta, solemnly proclaim the institution of Maltese Unitary Republic of Hispania, that is now our Patria. The traditions and experience that our society has gathered and honed over the centuries have made us strong, and they shall serve as the strong basis for our new state that will logically continue Maltese view on life. This is exact time to set aside the old feuds among the familias and cartels, brothers and sisters, and look at ourselves as single people. Serving as a shining beacon of prosperity and stability in the Omicrons, perhaps, even our wayward hungry brethren from Crete will see the light in this developments and join us in our quest for greatness.

[Image: BU7dlK2.png]

To ensure stability and unity of Hispania, the Dons and representatives of the other stakeholders are forming the Senate of Nation, comprising 42 senators, that will act as the main legislative and governing body of our Nation. The senators will serve as various ministers and administrators, and will use their personal experience in ruling big families and organisations for the benefits of Malta. The ordinary citizens are to elect their Council of Tribunes that will serve as auxiliary body to keep the Senate in check and deliver the will of the people to the ruling body. Public Tribunes are to be elected in free open votings held biannually. Aside from that we are establishing the Supreme Court of Justice that will adjudicate the most important matters of Maltese Hispania, and in impartial fashion oversee the actions of the Senate and the Council of Tribunes. National Pride, Justice, and Freedom are the pillars that made us strong, and so it shall continue to be.

At the moment, the newly elected Senators are reviewing the legal codices left after the National Council and are writing the new Constitution to serve as the basic law for our Patria. The interregnum period is finishing but there is a lot of work to do, and wars to win. Stand strong and tall, brothers and sisters, for families, for Nation, for Malta, for Hispania!

RE: Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News - Cuatroce - 09-02-2019

Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News

NEWS STORY: Leeds Evacuation: Maltese Hispania Joins the Efforts

[Image: giphy.gif]

Buenos dias, señores y señoritas. This is Marco Allegri and you watching Prime News on Canal 3 Malta.

All of Sirius is patiently waiting for the unravelling of the Gallic conflict that has been raging for over seven years and claimed billions of life. The war toll is unprecedented in human history: while casualties in space were numerous, and ground clashes even more so, the recent shelling of planet New London, and “Tragedia Grande de Leeds” became the testament to Gallic savagery and lack of strategic vision. According to different estimates, about three and a half billion souls, Bretonian and others, perished in maniacal attempt of “le Roi” to save his face. Services to honour the martyrs have been held all across Malta in the spirit of respect and condolence towards the people of Bretonia who shielded the rest of Sirius from Gallic barbarians. Their sacrifice will never be forgotten, as well as the crimes of the Gallic military command that must be given over to tribunal and expect nothing less than the supreme punishment for their war crimes.

The forces of Maltese Hispania have also contributed to the joint war efforts and in relief operations. The mobile battlegroup dubbed “Inquisition” for their vigilance and righteous persecution of the foes has participated in numerous clashes in Taus and Bretonian space against the Gauls and their lackeys, multiple hostile ships having been disabled or destroyed.

The heroes of today’s story, though, are simple transport pilots who took part in evacuation efforts of Leeds. Following the Gallic planetaty siege with orbital bombardments, evacuation became of primary concern to the government of Bretonia that issued the call to all sympathetic factions. Many responded, including our pilots from the Cadiz Cartel and other Hispanic pilots. Working alongside pilots from all across Sirius under ad hoc ceasefire, our pilots managed to evacuate 147,000 Bretonian souls away from the hell taking place on Leeds. Unfortunately, the number of saved fades under the grim shadow of the number of those left behind on Leeds. Nevertheless, we commend the tenacity and bravery of the pilots who risked their lives for saving civilians from Leeds. Our reporter managed to take an interview with one of the transport captain, Senor Juan Cortez of “Baranquilla”.

- Buenos dias, Senor Cortez. Gracias por your time talking to us. So, would you kindly tell our viewers why did you decide to participate in the evacuation in the first place?
[Image: giphy.gif]

Perhaps, this will sound rude, but the war has opened new opportunities for our nation. I doubt we could have become friends with the Kingdom of Bretonia without this bloody massacre committed by Gallia and their mad king and his supporters. But, let’s return to the crux of the question.

I suppose, even without peace and friendship between our nations I would go and help Bretonia as much as I could. Cuatroce corporation gave me an opportunity to save as many, as I was able to. "Barranquilla" by order of Senor de Motti was given under my command for two weeks, corporation also funds me well enough with required supplies like fuel, helps with possible repairs or even in case of being pirated by independent pirates or others, who are corrupted enough to involve in that madness, while men, women and children are dying under the Gallic bombardment.

- Since you are mentioning pirates, I bet you have had a few rough stories. How was it saving human lives while constantly risking your own?

I was scared. While evacuating, I was surrounded by Gallic fleet and saw non-civilian ships around Leeds. Every second could have been my last, but I am glad that I saved a lot of people and I do hope they will be safe.

- That experience must have had an impact on you. Seeing so many Bretonians in the time of need, what do you think of them and their tragedy now, you having personally engaged in the evacuation effort?

Bretonia, perhaps, made a wrong decision when they annexed Gran Canaria or took Aland shipyard, but this was demanded by war, and people who think that Bretonia paid enough for Gran Canaria are mistaken - Gran Canaria is still safe, while Leeds is a graveyard of hundreds thousands of people, victims to Gallic occupation and bombardment.

- Politics will always be difficult, let the politicians handle it I say. But sympathy for a common Bretonian is likely here to stay for long, nobody deserves what they have undergone. Same as sympathy and respect for our own Maltese heroes. Senor Cortez, do you consider yourself a hero? And how was it cooperating when required with everyone, including factions that are deemed hostile on Malta?

To be honest, I feel like a hero. It is a strange feeling, a lot of rescued people not only thanked me, but also paid with cash, some of them really a lot. I was surprised when during the evacuation I was contacted by an Interspace ferry and was offered his services to carry refugees onboard of "Barranquilla". Its was strange because even an IMG vessel offered his ferry services a few times. At first, I decline their offer, but after we started to work together to evacuate as many as we could. Even Gallic fleet stopped firing upon civilian ships that were evacuating people from Leeds. Unfortunately, not all of them were so merciful. Surely, sometimes we were attacked by the Gallic fleet, which, perhaps, was loyal enough to the king, to carry a mark of murderers. But, at least, I am still alive.

- Thank you for your comments and a breathtaking story, Senor Cortez. I am sure you were properly rewarded for your outstanding service.

The Tragedy of Leeds has bolstered the morale of the Bretonian forces. Not with inspiration, but with cold dark desire for vengeance and justice. Recent offensives in New London and Leeds were successful and the end hour of the war is coming upon us. Soon, the time will come to judge those responsible for the crimes against humanity. Here on Malta, we do not forget that treacherous IMG and Corsair brutes stood together with Gallia, and we will expect justice for them as well when the time comes.

Stay tuned with Canal 3 to get all the latest news and to follow the story. If you want to share your impressions and thoughts on the story, leave your comments below. Best commentators will be invited over to the studio for the talk-show on the recent events. This is Marco Allegri and you have been watching Prime News on Canal 3 Malta. Thank you for attention and have a good day!

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Canal 3 Malta: All Fresh News

NEWS STORY: "Velazquez Bill" Adopted: Old Trade new Benefits

[Image: DlMGt8C.gif]

Buenos dias, señores y señoritas. This is Marco Allegri and you watching Prime News on Canal 3 Malta.

From our sources in the government Canal 3 received information that after today's plenary session of the Senate, "Velazquez" Bill was adopted in the first reading. The bill is directed at promoting Cardamine trade and providing support to traders and businessmen who engage in a risky but brave missing of spreading the "Orange Dream". The bill is supposed to pursue two goals: to provide protection and assistance after the shift of power on Malta to the Unitary Republic of Hispania, and to fill the legal void arising from the withdrawal of Malta from the Orange Treaty. A number of questions has already been raised by parties concerned, both from within and outside of Maltese Hispania. To the end of clarification, we asked for the comment of Su Nobleza Consul Escudero who directly participated in the adoption procedure.

[Image: UoR6P5J.gif]
Buenas tardas, Senores y Senoritas!
From what I understand, there have been a few misunderstanding regarding the Bill. So on behalf of myself and esteemed Senor Velazquez who drafted and popularised the ideas conveyed in the bill, I will address a few of them.

1. Will Cardamine traders be obliged to procure the "orange" license?
No, they are not obliged to get the license. Those who trade Cardamine already and are not hostile to Malta can continue just what they have been doing. They are defined as "Distributors" under the Bill. Moreover, now they shall enjoyed formalised benefits that Malta is supposed to provide to them for their trade. So no obligations for a regular trader - only benefits. The Bill just formalised our gratitude to them.

2. Are the Maltese Hispania's law enforcement units and paramilitaries to observe the adherence to the Bill by other Hispanic entities, and non-Maltese people?
Yes and no. Yes in the terms of Maltese citizens who are by "Velazquez Bill" obliged to assist and treat favourably those with licences and/or falling under other categories provided with benefits in the Bill. And no towards non-Maltese - the Bill is non-obliging but of recommendation character to our partners. So, our allies and friends are kindly invited to adhere to the Bill but certainly not forcefully asked to. We respect their business and their own matters. However, the Bill stipulates a win-win situation for them: the Maltese Hispania's citizens are obliged to help them while they are provided with benefits by default and can obtain even more of those by procuring a licence.

3. Does the Bill provide a legal escape for detainees?
No, not really. Except for those ones who willingly surrendered and were known to be addicted to Cardamine on the moment of falling into our custody, they cannot enjoy the benefits of a "User" and receive financial support. However, if they do surrender willingly and are standing Cardamine users - no detainee status for them, but a refugee. Certainly, for detainees who surrendered willingly and had no Cardamine addiction there is also preferential treatment should they show their readiness to become a resident of Maltese Hispania, observe its laws, and prove absense of harmful intentions.

Those were the main points of confusion, I hope my comments will clear them out. The Government is following the social media and should there be any criticism and/or inquiry in the feed following this news item - I ensure you, it will be answered.

This was Consul Escudero with clarifications regarding the new "Velazquez Bill". Canal 3 received official statement from the Senate of the Unitary Republic that the comments to this article are indeed to be monitored and responded to by the government officials. Stay tuned with Canal 3 to get all the latest news and to follow the story.This is Marco Allegri and you have been watching Prime News on Canal 3 Malta. Thank you for attention and have a good day!