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=BW= Bundeswehr - Infopage and Feedback - Bundeswehr - 05-13-2019

[Image: XXFKLSs.png]

rheinland Bundeswehr


The Rheinland Bundeswehr is a substantial branch of the Rheinland Federal Military tasked with the protection of Rheinland citizens and nationals. Founded on Rheinland's federalist values, the Bundeswehr is mainly consisted of newer recruits and personnel from branches of the Military that have only recently been activated for defense.

The Bundeswehr now finds itself on the Federalist end of the Rheinland Civil conflict, moving to dispose of the Imperialists that have displaced them. Enemies of the Rheinland Military before the coup are still considered hostile, with exception to the Bundschuh who were in the process of reincorporation before the abrupt end of democracy.


Tag: =BW=
ID: Federalists
IFF: Rheinland Federalists

command structure

[Image: bDzCLbq.png]Republican Guard RG. / Gardist

[Image: zQrYe2R.png]Senior Republican Guard SRG. / Obergardist

[Image: rDUkiLl.png]Staff Guard Sergeant SGS. / Stabsgardist

[Image: 7Ms2byx.png]Staff Ensign SE. / Stabsfähnrich

[Image: qHpIJpj.png]Republican Officer Guard ROG. / Offiziers Oberst Gardist

[Image: JnLguMj.png]Republican Guard Captain RGC. / Gardisten Hauptmann

[Image: 3CPEh7M.png]Republican Guard High-Captain RGHC. / Gardisten Obersthauptmann

[Image: qbipCFf.png]Guard Fleet Admiral RGFA. / Gardist Flotillenadmiral

[Image: KXdAyI1.png]Admiral of the Grand Fleet AGF. / Grossflottilenadmiral der Garde


Allies of the Bundeswehr:
Buro der Marinenachristendiensts

Protected groups of the Bundeswehr:
Federal-aligned Rheinland Corporations
Synth Foods

Enemies of the Bundeswehr:
Imperial Rheinland Navy
Imperial-aligned Rheinland Corporations

Gas Miners Guild
Red Hessians

RE: =BW= Bundeswehr - Infopage and Feedback - Bundeswehr - 05-13-2019


Stationary Fleets

As the home guard, the Bundeswehr makes use of the remaining garrisons across the Bundesrepublik to ensure the safety of the homeland.

Kampfgruppe Koblenz

[Image: Battleship_Koblenz.jpg]
CO: Vizeadmiral Klaus Feilhaber
Commissioning: ~809 A.S.
Location: Sektor-7, Frankfurt system

Kampfgruppe Koblenz is the Bundeswehr's primary base of operations within the Frankfurt system. Christened in 809 A.S. and moved to Schatten half a decade later, the Koblenz is tasked with providing a Military presence within the Sektor-7 minefield and defending the controlled gateway to the Thuringia system from any non-authorized personnel. She is the current flagship of the home guard, serving as a home base for patrols in both Frankfurt and the nearby surrounding Sigma systems.

Kampfgruppe Schwerin

[Image: Battleship_Schwerin.jpg]
CO: Konteradmiral Marta Scheffel
Commissioning: ~814 A.S.
Location: Planet Nuremberg, Munich system

Kampfgruppe Schwerin serves as the flagship of the far eastern guard of the Rheinland homefront. Having taken action recently against the Corsairs of Xi, Schwerin oversees the evacuation of Nuremberg, as well as the defense of the entire system from incursions by hostile forces. Patrols into the surrounding systems, like Xi, Sigmas-15 and -13, and even Dresden are based from here in coordination with the Koblenz. The Bundeswehr operates alongside her position, utilizing her entrenched position within the system as a guard post, and ensuring that the evacuation of Nuremberg continues smoothly.

Kampfgruppe Karlsruhe

[Image: Battleship_Karlsruhe.png]
CO: Konteradmiral Koloman Steinhäusser
Commissioning: ~805 A.S.
Location: Planet Stuttgart, Stuttgart system

Kampfgruppe Karlsruhe is currently stationed around Planet Stuttgart, serving as the Bundeswehr's bastion of strength in Suttgart and Cologne against insurgent forces. Having been stationed in Stuttgart since being deployed there in 805 A.S., the Karlsruhe has served as a guard against notable groups such as the LWB, Hessians and even the Coalition for a time now. The Bundeswehr utilizes her position as a rallying point for the defense of the newly discovered Zurich Corridor, as well as ensuring adequate protection for the Altenberg in Omega-7.

Kampfgruppe Altenberg

[Image: Battleship_Altenburg.jpg]
CO: Konteradmiral Sophia von Danzig
Commissioning: ~806 A.S.
Location: Freistadt Gap, Omega-7 system

Kampfgruppe Altenberg is the Bundeswehr's garrison point within the Omega-7 system, and the first sign of Rheinland's strength coming from Bretonia. Stationed on the border, the Alternberg and her flotilla are experienced and well equipped, despite the occasional Hessian left hook against the defensive grid. Patrols from the Altenberg fly through adjacent systems, as well a back through to Stuttgart, and the Bundeswehr ensures that the border is guarded at all times.

Mobile Fleets

In order to maintain tactical flexibility across Rheinland, several mobile assets of the Bundeswehr have been reserved for border control, as well as unlawful containment.

Kampfgruppe Freya

[Image: G1RldQB.png]
Class: Bismarck
Commissioning: February 28th, 788 A.S.
Kommandant: Grossflottilenadmiral der Garde Katherine Anneliese von Meyer
Executive: Gardisten Obersthauptmann Gregory Katz

Kampfgruppe Freya is the lead mobile task force of the Bundeswehr, and is currently stationed in the Frankfurt system. Acting as the de-facto flagship battlegroup of the Bundeswehr, Freya is as old as it is enduring, being a veteran of the Nomad conflict and the Rheinland-Liberty war.

The Freya Flotilla itself is comprised of the titular battleship, two 'Tirpitz'-class battlecruisers, five 'Donau'-class heavy cruisers, and five 'Oder'-class gunships, some of starkly more fame the others. She operates as a strike-defensive flotilla, operating in the core as a guard against incursions into the capital and the nearby surrounding systems.

Kampfgruppe Tirpitz

[Image: tV6snZh.png]
Class: Tirpitz
Commissioning: August 4th, 825 A.S.
Kommandant: Gardisten Obersthauptmann Ernst Lindemann
Executive: Gardisten Hauptmann Klara Schulz

Kampfgruppe Tirpitz is a minor detachment of the Bundeswehr tasked with patrol and enforcement of the Rheinland Bundesgesetz across the Republik. The detachment itself is fairly new, and consists of crews and warships recently pulled from Alster and Oder to refuel the Rheinland Homeland Defensive Force.

The Tirpitz Flotilla is comprised of the lead ship, R.N.C. Tirpitz, two Donau-class Heavy Cruisers, five Oder-class gunships, and numerous wings of Wraith and Sleipnir-class fighters for flexibility. She operates under the command of experienced Bundeswehr officers, remaining on guard at all times to defend against pirates and hostile military forces from the Sigmas.

RE: =BW= Bundeswehr - Infopage and Feedback - Wesker - 05-13-2019

You should set unioners as Friendly

RE: =BW= Bundeswehr - Infopage and Feedback - Bundeswehr - 05-13-2019

Why should we do that?

RE: =BW= Bundeswehr - Infopage and Feedback - Wesker - 05-13-2019

Imperial rheinland.

RE: =BW= Bundeswehr - Infopage and Feedback - Bundeswehr - 05-13-2019


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RE: =BW= Bundeswehr - Infopage and Feedback - Alpha.Wolf - 05-13-2019

Why does your faction exist? What's different to the current Primary fleet?

RE: =BW= Bundeswehr - Infopage and Feedback - Loken - 05-13-2019

They literally explained that in the first post.

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Good luck.