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The Core Is Recruiting - The Core - 05-10-2019

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Quote:"Self-proclaimed the 'Protectors of Humanity', The Core is a ruthless, military quasi-state operating primarily within the Edge Worlds. They are relentless in their exploration of uncharted space; feverishly searching for alien artifacts, ancient technology, and rare resources, all in the name of profit and power. The Core initiated a bloody war with The Order, Hessians, Corsairs - and many other rogue elements in the Edge Worlds to gain passage to remote Nomad systems - becoming a dominant force in the Omicron and Omega sectors."

The Core is looking for fresh meat to join its ranks. We are looking to recruit players from all corners of Discovery, including new players or returning vets.

Core| does a bit of everything. There is a large list of things to shoot in our ZoI (Omicrons, Omegas, several Sigmas). We also shoot things outside of our ZoI, such as Nomads, Wild, Order, AI and thing carrying or equipped with Nomad or AI-related items.

We have laws which we enforce in the Omicrons.

We have the highest mining bonus (4.0) on two mining commodities: Iridium Ore and Azurite Gas, both located in Omicron Delta. We want to expand our mining ops, as they are a great source of activity and money.

Core| indulges in PvE activity through farming Nomad remains, which we enjoy doing as a group. We do this both in Delta, as well as Omicron Major.

We frequently plan and submit events for the region. We currently have one major event request in the processing stage right now.

The AP Manufacturing sub-faction trades Core-centric goods across Sirius, such as our faction commodity APM Advanced Hardware, or Iridium Ore and Azurite Gas.

If not trading and mining, APM runs several scientific and research-based RP projects.

We have a high number of shared ships, from snub craft to caps. If you require transports for trading and don't have any, we can support you.

We also have a Bounty Board and a Missions & Accolades Board.

We have recently overhauled our Information Thread, to make the faction concept easier to grasp and more approachable. You can read more about the faction in further detail there.

We are also making some changes to progression:
  • Players of Knight rank and above may construct personal capitals through roleplay and deliveries if they wish to quickly achieve capital access, without touching the shared Caps first.
  • All ranks may request foreign tech such as Templars and Wraiths through the requisition centre. We can use them at 90%.
  • We're planning on allowing Core| members to own land on Nauru, and develop it how they wish with resources granted upon each rank. This will be very ambitious, and if you want to be part of this project we'd love you onboard to help bring it to fruition. Think of it like planetary development in Stellaris, with each sector belonging to a Baron.

We're also looking at reworking our Arcani concept. If you have any ideas or would like to becoming a driving force behind any changes, feel free to sign up.

For any questions, PM this account or look at the FAQ in the OP of our feedback thread.

You can also join our Discord:

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