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To: Miss Koken - Jax Ironblood - 06-14-2019

==Incoming Transmission==
ID: Jax Ironblood
Date: 24th May, 826 A.S.
Location: Freeport 9 Omicron Theta
Encryption: |Encoder is bust|
Subject: Amends.

Hello, Sun. I've been busting my ass on the surface of Pygar to get alot of people settled in. It's a nice break from being cramped in my fighter and fighting all the time. Though recently there's been a stir amongst the ranks of Velvet and i've decided it's not for me. I will however continue to submit my time and effort to the Zoners of Theta. Those people need help and i'm willing to lend a hand as much as I am capable of doing. Let me know if you need anything on Freeport 9 or Pygar and i'll do by best to help. Jax out.

==End Message==