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RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Chuba - 07-03-2019

Sforza gave Weisen one last glance before he started walking towards Eliza, "I have nothing else to discuss with you, lane boy." A minor grin appeared on his face as now he was not in any sort of political discussion anymore. For the first time since the start of this Golden Chrysanthemum festival, Arturo could start to enjoy himself.

The Legionnaire pulled out another Cardamine cigarette and lit it, relaxing after that unfortunate meeting with Wolfgang Weisen. Muerte waved to Valdez, "Hey."

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Megaera - 07-03-2019

Matriarch Kiri

"Sumimasen" Kiri bowed to Irma Bunt, leaving the Lane Hacker to talk the details of the shipment with Chika.
Seeing that Arturo finished the conversation with Weisen, she decided to go to him.

"Konnichiwa Muerte, how do you enjoy our festival so far? It seems like we got quite gathering here. Only the Junkers seems to have forfeited the invitation."

Meanwhile Misaki saw what going on and recognised Muerte. She decided to come after Kiri with her hand pressed against her bruised ribs.

"Kiri-sama, that is the guy who acts like he is Caesar." She stood infront of Muerte staring at him before making a bow. "Oh, sumimasen, I am Misaki, the bomber pilot you met in Shikoku."

Kiri looked at Misaki.

"I know who Muerte is. We met before." turning back to Muerte. "My apologies, Misaki is an explosive persona."

She's a hot cup of light cola - Glass - 07-07-2019

He stands from the table, flexed fingers splayed out on its surface, his palms aloft. A sweetly sly smile spreads across his face. “As you so wish. You know, had you wanted me to leave you, you might have asked me sooner”, his smile now replaced by an open grin, dripping with cheek. A seriousness returns to his eyes. “I look forward to working with you, rather than against you, then, Kayabuki-san”.

Shifting the weight of his chest from his shoulders as he stands fully, he sidesteps deftly from the seating, and steps toward the bar.

“A light cola for the lady sat there, looking as though her soufflé sank”, gesturing towards Yoko. “And your finest mineral water for me, thank you.”

He turns towards Yoko, leaning against the bar. Widening his eyes as he draws her attention, then giving a cheesy open-mouthed smile and two thumbs up. He maintains it no longer than is needed for her to see it and be confused by it. The water arrives and he turns, long since resuming a flat expression, revealing nothing. Taking a small vial from his sleeve, he drips some unknown substance into the water, giving it an inconspicuous misty opalescence. He leans against the bar once more, sipping and swirling the drink, uncertain of what and who was to come this evening.

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Charo - 07-24-2019

Chika nodded. "Hai, I'll make sure you send you an inventory. I hope that an...Aspis... She peeked at Kiri. "Will bring enough. If not I can always rbing more." She paused for a moment. "I hope that it is okay if the shipments begin a little later? I think it would be better for me to get used to the ship before barging it through house space with cardamine. But I will have it there regardless!" Chika finished, hoping that was sufficient.

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Irma Bunt. - 07-29-2019

Irma listened to Chika and she was very pleased with the outcome. "An Aspis would be marvelous and I was hoping a few more shipments can be made to assess the quality of the Cardamine if thats okay with you?" She paused for a moment... "We like to base our judgment on cardamine on more then just a one time shipment, and it builds an unbreakable bond that I would very much like to establish with the Gen'an."