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RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Goldanne - 06-26-2019

[Image: X2JS1U6.png]

"Amaia-san isn't of our concern at the moment," Savannah noted, "she is busy with the Hackers. I thank you for your kind offer, however there are some things to clear first." Savannah kept her eyes fixed on Matriarch Kiri. "So you call yourself a general. Interesting. I know what is it to climb the military ladder. Do you? How much combat experience do you have?"

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - afkippebier - 06-26-2019

Morioka Station, main hall

“I personally wasn't around when the invitations were sent because I was busy with getting the needed supplies for the festival, but to my knowledge, we invited everyone we do business with. Like with you as you surely are aware of“ she answered with a soft smile while waving her arm to show all the guests in the main hall.
“Did you bring some of your cardi with you, since I prefer it clearly over alcohol."
She wondered how old Valeria was.

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Hemlocke - 06-26-2019

[Image: 264px-LR_Logo.png]
Morioka, The Landing.

A grey Werewolf was throwing flames everywhere when it entered the hanger, one of it's engines out, Hemlocke kicked the cockpit open and dropped to the ground with a hard thud, the hover function was still in tact, he pushed the ship out of the hanger's protective field as it exploded in a fiery blaze for pretty much everyone on this side of the station to see. He sighed and looked over to Lord Moka, his long wild hair obscuring the left side of his face except for a glowing retinal from his robotic eye piercing through. The metal face plate pulled down for once, the robotic eye not sparking up a storm for the first time in awhile. he left his dirty old IMG jacket in the cockpit of his ship, walking over to Moka, his skin paler than Moka had seen before. Dark grey short sleeved shirt, dark leather pants and boots with two curved blades on his left hip, Gatling hand cannon on the other. "Sorry i'm late Moka, the police fielded fighters faster than I had anticipated. killed around 30... 35? before I had to bug out, lost track. I really should have brought my damn Scylla." Hemlocke glanced from Moka to Misaki and Chika, crossing his arms as he sized them up. "I assume you are Misaki. Pleasure to meet you in person rather than over a comm." Hemlocke would bow his head a bit to the two, but just that, a bit.

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Megaera - 06-26-2019

"Everyone here is of my concern at the moment. During the festival, it is my duty to keep everything in good order. A leader always needs to have a good oversight over the playing field. Know both your enemies and your allies, Savannah-san. If you are distracted by focussing on only one detail and lose sight over all, people can turn the tide of battle against you. You ask me how much combat experience I have. How relevant is that to you? A leader is so much more than just combat experience. Again, you focus too much on a single detail instead of overseeing all. Focus on one entity is only relevant in single combat but even then, do you only watch for the sword or do you also try to anticipate the movement of their feet, might they have a hidden dagger?"

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Goldanne - 06-26-2019

[Image: X2JS1U6.png]

Savannah smiled at the answer. "Yet the building is as good as its foundation, miss a little crack there and the whole structure is bound to collapse. System depends on every element. You call yourself a Matriarch, is it just a fancy title for the leader of this Cell or you are going to lead the Kusari society in future? You are also a self-appointed general. This is not just a title. Can you justify your bearing such a high military rank?"

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Megaera - 06-26-2019

"Every person has cracks. I am mortal, I have flaws and imperfections. But what makes you think I am the foundation? Is it not Matsuda who is the foundation of this all? Even if she is not, it is the sisterhood who carries on her legacy. There is no Golden Chrysanthemums without Matsuda-sama. And there is no Matriarch without the Sisterhood. I am not some goddess sent from the heaven. I am the one the Sisterhood placed their trust into to lead them into the future."

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Charo - 06-26-2019

Hachiro was still watching the interaction. He leaned over to his neighbor. "she seems a bit full of herself ne? But what else can you expect for an out-" he caught himself, remembering who he was talking to. "...sider...coming here with that outfit." He turned his head to look at Torres, hoping they wouldn't notice the near train wreck. He set the bottle of sake down, starting to wonder why Chika would start the hevay drinking so quickly.

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Goldanne - 06-26-2019

[Image: X2JS1U6.png]

"Military ranks are earned. With blood, hardship, through courage and self-sacrifice for the people one protects," Savannah said, looking at the leader of the Cell. "It's a sign of authority gained by one's military exploits. You admit you have little to none."

"You name yourself a Matriarch," Savannah continued. "Matriarch is a leader, an example to follow. The leader relies on the followers but the leader clearly reliases one's goals. You claim the Sisterhood trusted the role upon yourself. By the Sisterhood you mean your Cell. As you pointed out yourself, one has to see the broader perspective. To achieve anything, one must have support. Not even from the Sisterhood as a whole but from the very people of Kusari and our honourable allies. Tell me, do you see the perspective, the goals beyond minute tasks of harassment and terrorism? Do you see yourself as the leader capable of leading Kusari to bright future?"

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Okamura - 06-26-2019

The subject of leadership struck a chord with the ambiance of the room, almost as if a bell had been tolled, prompting the curt arrival of an aged gunboat. It nimbly cut through the nebula, processed its clearance codes with the control tower and began mooring procedures. Dressed in at least somewhat suitable attire for the occasion, Okamura had arrived albeit fashionably late and apparently with a plus one in the form of one of the Captains. Regardless of the potential optics, her presence here was only out of the most cautious reluctance, so as to ensure the standard-bearer, despite his best intentions, didn't insult anybody potentially useful. To this end she was by his side, observant of the crowd that had assembled prior to their arrival, her wisdom over the social domain and its nuances was something Okamura would by all means defer to.

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Darkstar_Spectre - 06-26-2019

Morioka Station, Shikoku system
23th June 826

Torres smiled slightly at Hachiro's slip up and finished the rest of the sake he was offered before grinning even more "Is it just me or are we actually agreeing on something?" Torres continued to watch the scene unfold whilst also keeping an eye out for any newcomers arriving late