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RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Megaera - 06-26-2019

I did not admit to having little to none experience. Those are just your interpretations to my lack of a clear answer, My exact words were: 'You ask me how much combat experience I have. How relevant is that to you? A leader is so much more than just combat experience.' False assumptions are a dangerous thing. Let me ask you a question. Who gives out the highest rank in any group? Who oversees the overseer?

And as for having the support of our allies." Kiri gestured to the room. "I see plenty of allies who came to my invitation. They are here to join us in the celebration of our founder. And you got it wrong. I do not rely on my followers. We rely on eachother and together we are strong. We each play out our part.

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Wolfgang Weisen - 06-26-2019

The argument between Savannah and Kiri was intense and amusing. Wolfgang always loved when two women squabbled in the open. It was obvious that the Elder Sister was jealous of General Kiri, the past still struggling to be relevant against the new powers in the Sisterhood.

"Ahh, Aimi. You are even prettier than last time. The flight was short and easy." Wolfgang said and approached her. "Perhaps we can speak in private after all this is over?" he said more quietly and creepily.

A few seconds later Rin arrived to greet the Lane Hacker delegation.

"Thank you my dear. We can put this matter to rest. We are here to celebrate with you this important event." the Rheinlander said with a serious face. "I believe my colleague, Irma Bunt, would like to speak with the Gen'an Sisters. We have lots of things that we need to work together, as allies."

"If you will excuse me."

Then the Lane Hacker entered the main hall. He scanned the room, curious to see who answered the Gen'an call. Eventually he noticed the Maltese Legion delegation and started approaching them.

"Arturo Sforza?" the middle-aged man asked extending his hand for a shake.

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Goldanne - 06-26-2019

[Image: X2JS1U6.png]

"Lack of an answer is admission. Self-appointed generals are liability not only for those who end up depending on them but also for everyone involved. It costs lives. Of those who are supposed to be protected. Do you also admit lack of clear vision of your goals, or do you see yourself as the leader of a military cell of the Sisterhood who doesn't go beyond the scope of single missions?"

As for your question, I'm a member of the Council of Elders thus there is no single overseer. I'm mandated by the Sisterhood for my experience and contribution to the movement as a whole, as well as I'm standing at the foundations of the modern organization."

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Megaera - 06-26-2019

Rin listened to Weisen and made a polite bow when he was finished and left. She then turned to Irma Bunt.

"Hajimemashita, Miss Bunt." She made a bow towards her. "If you wish I will take you to Matriarch Kiri-sama."

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Megaera - 06-26-2019

"Lack of an answer is lack of an answer. Something does not vanish when it is unknown to them. A landmine will not disapear when someone is unaware of it."

Kiri looked at Rin talking to the Lane Hackers, then looking back at Savannah.

"You seem to lack confidence in your own abilities when you feel the need to justify yourself against me. I do not need to know if you are member of a council. Your words must stand on their own, title or not. A common misconception is that words gain more value when someone obtains a title. Our lady Matsuda had none, yet she created a legacy that lasted generations."

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Saitо̄ - 06-26-2019

Sayuri had forgone her companion’s offer to browse his collection of family heirlooms in search of something to wear, instead opting for her usual attire: combat boots and a full body suit, of the kind popular with pilots across the Sirius sector, sleeveless and in a shade of ochre typical of Blood Dragon uniforms. The ornate arm protection and green trimming the only things that betrayed her status among her peers. Her dark hair was tied back into a long ponytail, drawing attention the scars on her left eye and upper lip. While impeccably dressed, it was clear to any observer that she was a soldier, not a socialite.

“Lets keep moving, we’re already late” she said, motioning for the standard-bearer to follow her into the small reception area.

Unsure what to expect from the many unsavory characters in attendance, and having not been informed of any regulations to the contrary; she had opted to carry a compact Neutron Blaster on her hip. Its visibility was a gesture of politeness, leaving no question on anyone’s mind that she was armed, but also serving as a convenient warning to would-be troublemakers at the festival.

Upon entering the reception, she gave a polite bow to the attendant. “Captain Saitō and Okamura-san of the Blood Dragons,” she announced, “I must apologize for our late arrival.”

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Goldanne - 06-26-2019

[Image: X2JS1U6.png]

Savannah merely smiled at Kiri's words. "It seems you found an insult necessary. I'll let it slip. The world doesn't move on to our goals by itself. Tell me something then. Do you see yourself as something more than a woman who uses the bright name of Chrysanthemums as a cover for your desire of wealth and recognition?"

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Megaera - 06-26-2019

Ikeda Yume

Yume saw the new Blood Dragon arrivals while most of the sisters were occupied with the guests, so she left Kiri's side and went to greet them, lest they see the lack of attendance as an insult.

"Yoku irasshaimashita, I am Ikeda, the Matriarch's advisor and first communication's officer." She made a bow to them. "Please enjoy our hospitality. It is abit hectic right now, but I expect it to calm down soon. Can I get you something?"

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Hemlocke - 06-26-2019

[Image: 264px-LR_Logo.png]

Hemlocke eventually got bored and walked down the main hall, standing still for a moment as he scanned the goers of the festival. Noting the presence of Outcasts and Hackers. Not particularly fond of the ladder. Walking to where the drinks could be found he leaned against the wall and drank an entire bottle of sake he had just payed for, staring out the reinforced glass to the nebula outside while he waited for the buzz to kick in so he didn't murder someone. His left hand on his upper thigh in case he needed to pull a blade on a rowdy goer of the festival who wanted a fight. Listening to the chaos of the festival, not much different from the regular chaos of rogue bases. Didn't feel much different to him here. Alone as he usually was, used to Amy's company, feeling out of place despite the similar setting, His hazel gaze was kept planted firm on the reinforced glass window as he was lost in thought.

RE: Kingiku No Seiyaku Matsuri (//RP with invited parties) - Okamura - 06-26-2019

Without the usual concealment of his helmet and the added tensions of daily operation, Ryu seemed kind and unsuspecting as far as terrorists were concerned. As a trained reaction, he returned the bow and allowed a smile for the purpose of greeting the woman that had just introduced herself. "We're grateful for the invitation sister. As for refreshment I believe we're fine. Pardon me for asking, but do I hear arguing?" The smoothness in which he handled that small-talk might have come as a surprise to Saitou, but then again idle chatter wasn't the same as diplomatic entreaties in an informal environment. In stark contrast, his choice of protection in the event of aggression were concealed within his boots and reserved for use only if deemed absolutely necessary.