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EWN - Strange sightings in the Edge World sectors - Operation Exodus - 10-08-2019

Edge World Network - October 8th, 826 AS

Rumors about the gathering

A few months ago rumors have spread about unknown ships roaming around at the very edge of the Omicrons. At first people assumed these rumors to be the result of boredom, Edge World Mental Fatigue Syndrom, Nomad influence, propaganda of Order and Core or Cult of Technology sightings. However, two days ago this picture was taken by the Freeport 11 McCool Telescope. The image revealed the truth: There is something out there, more than just a rumor. But what are we looking at here?

Critics claim that this picture was faked as it shows a multitude of capital ships, ranging from transports over Bustard- and Aquilon-class carriers to what is assumed to be the silhouette of a Nephilim-class Zoner Colony Ship. On one hand, a large group like this can't move without provoking attention. They need fuel, supplies, maintenance. On the other hand, those ships would need to have been built somewhere. Every ship in Sirius is registered somewhere to some extend, as the IFF system accesses registry data from various identification archives. Flying around without getting identified is pretty much impossible nowadays. So these ships need to be registered somewhere, and judging by the amount of ships seen on the picture, at least some of them need to have gone missing in some way.

However, what if this picture is showing the unedited truth? What if there is an unknown fleet out there in the Omicrons, able to sustain itself even with capital ships being part of it? Do we need to be concernced? At this point, not much is known, and experts warn about this fleet gathering. As long as their intentions are unknown, pilots are advised to stay away from any unusual signatures on the radar. As soon as there are any news on this topic, we will inform you.
[Image: XU6NmPU.gif]

Thora Daystrom, EWN Omicron Correspondent, Edge World Network

Edge Worlds, Freeport 11, Rumors, McCool Telescope, Nomads, Cult of Technology, Danger, Threat, Conspiracy, Unknown Signals

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