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Discovery 491 - elbmek - 11-26-2019

Win 10 home x 64. Ryzen AMD Quad chip and board, Geforce RTX 2070, 16GB RAM.

Disc 487 works fine, as do other older games, so why not Disc 491? I've tried everything from compat, to adjustments in properties, scaling, everything


RE: Discovery 491 - Durandal - 11-26-2019

What, exactly, is not working?

RE: Discovery 491 - elbmek - 11-27-2019

as soon as I get to menu and press new game - crash to black screen

RE: Discovery 491 - Tiger - 11-27-2019

If you are trying to play normal FL after installing Discovery, you cant. Disco overwrites the files of the normal game.
If you want to play normal FL, uninstall discovery and reinstall vanilla, the overwritten files remain if you dont. I always complete the Vanilla campaign before installing discovery, just for the sake knowing i completed it and im worthy to go in more advanced stuff.

Yeah, thats all. If you crash to black screen upon pressing new game, but on Discovery, then i have no idea.

RE: Discovery 491 - SmokesDen - 12-05-2019

Heres some help,
if you got a discovery gameplay, then want to play orginal, You gonna go into your game Docoment file and delete the Restart.fl file, And vise visa if u want play discovery from orginal for best non crash i can think of

RE: Discovery 491 - elbmek - 12-05-2019

I dont want to play Freelancer, I want to play Discovery 491. I have it installed in its own folder in the same folder as Freelancer c:games/Freelancer/Discovery491/ and nothing works.

RE: Discovery 491 - Tiger - 12-07-2019

Setup even says dont install discovery in the same folder as Freelancer, because it will corrupt the install.
I guess now if you did it like that, u should uninstall both freelancer and discovery freelancer, to be completely safe and have a new fresh install after.

RE: Discovery 491 - elbmek - 12-07-2019

dark star many thanks. I cant honestly say I have ever seen that notification. I also have 487 up and running. OK, I'll try it your way, makes sense. Nope, nothing, giving up back to 487