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MAE - Information (ooRP) - Montluc Advanced Engineering - 11-29-2019


Leader: @Groshyr
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ID: MAE| Montluc Advanced Engineering ID
IFF: Freelancer
Tag: MAE|

Naming convention: Name of French and French overseas geographical place are recommended for use, but it is limited only by your imagination.


With the collapse of the once-mighty Kingdom of Gallia, the differences within the Gallic society manifested in a few splinter states with different views on the outcome of the war and on each other. Chains of production shattered, the economy suffered a decline. The new conditions posed opportunities too, however, as the old kingdom’s regulation now obsolete and not actively enforced in some parts of Gallia. Many Gauls who lost more than gained from the end of the war were adventurous enough to try to turn the tide and make a fortune during the provisional period.

[Image: FVgXUsc.png]
Baron Fabian Montluc
Baron Fabian Montluc was one of such adventurers. Being a minor noble from Orleanais, Baron served as an officer with the Royal Navy prior to the war and gained the honourary title of chevalier for fighting Council forces. A decorated officer and a noble, Baron Montluc retired at the age of 50 in the capacity of Major, one year before the beginning of the war with Bretonia to take care of family matters and invest generous retirement pay into his own business. The war, however, required his talents to participate in the campaign against Bretonia and Liberty. Due to the old age, Baron Montluc commanded 51st Sainte Croix engineering battalion throughout the whole war and predominantly was raising fortifications and observing stellar engineering.

By the time the Council forces advanced on Ile-de-France, Montluc was assisting rebuilding the fortifications on Quillan and on hearing the news - requested to return to Orleanais for personal matters. It was obvious that the planet would join the Council should the Royal government be ousted and thus, rapidly selling the family estate and taking the unspent retirement pay, Baron with his family moved to recently discovered Zurich system to wait for the resolve of the war. With the King assumed dead and the news on the events on Leeds, the chain of command in the Royal Navy was weak and nobody was questioning people leaving amidst the chaos.

Following the ceasefire and the collapse of King’s regime, Baron moved to Quillan that was a beacon for many people who lost their position in the society and procured for a cheap price a destroyed during the time of clashes with the Council fabrication plant with a mine, establishing a small private enterprise. Hearing that many of his men from 51st battalion lost their jobs with the Royal Navy, and some of the - homes, Montluc invited his experienced crew to work with him on Quillan and make a new home there while restoring the local economy. Many of those people shared the invitation with their friends, attracting flocks of ex-servicemen from all across Gallia. Montluc managed to gather a competent team of engineers, scientists, marines, pilots, and businessmen.

[Image: rwfWwSa.png]
Uxeau-de-Quillan, former HQ
With provisional governments in Languedoc and Dauphine weak and still sorting out their allegiances, the local economy was in bad shape and needed any working places and influx of capital it could attract. To support this, local businesses could expect generous concessions, liberal taxation and regulation, and overall support from the authorities. The ban of Gallic technologies export effectively null and void and local facilities in need of maintenance and upgrades, Baron Montluc decided to use his experience in engineering corps to establish a company that would cater for the local needs of stellar and planetary construction, and export superior Gallic non-military technologies to whoever is interested. Thus, Montluc Advanced Engineering was born. The official establishment date is 23 November 742 AGS. Headquarters are located on Quillan.

Following the constituent act of the Confederation of Gallic States, Languedoc alongside the Dauphine system joined Minarchy or Provence, a state with a tight connection to Gallic underworld in the face of Unione Corse families. With barely functioning legislative, executive, and judicial systems, as well as weak military presence, corporate leadership and the Baron himself became displeased with the situation in Languedoc enough to proclaim its own political "party", the Progress League of Quillan. The League nominally declared its goal as the improvement of life on Quillan and in Languedoc and secession from the Minarchy to become autonomous Barony of Languedoc as a separate member of the Confederation. Despite (or due to) the significant support the League gained on Quillan, the Confederal regime decided to crack down on MAE and its political ambitions resulting in the ultimatum of a fine of 1 billion Gallic Francs and threats of nationalization of the company. In such circumstances, Baron Montluc decided not to provoke another wave of violence on twice ravaged Quillan and withdraw from the space of the Confederacy of Gallia which was deemed as "corrupt, illegitimate, and unprofessional".

The exile of MAE led the corporation to those they had been supporting from the shadows all along - the Enclave. Facing no competition from other corporations and enjoying the support of the Enclave that needed the civil development so badly, MAE became the dominant force on Enclave's geographically limited yet rich market and is steadily expanding its production capabilities. For the rest of the world, however, MAE is but a husk of its former self that operates from Freeport 6 in Tau 29 system as an independent engineering company. Such duality allowed MAE to secure contracts with various parties that would normally not cooperate with an Enclave-affiliated entity and become a liaison for the Enclave in matters of shady diplomacy.

For the moment the corporation was obsessed with the idea of securing a planet for itself and turn from a corporation into a state. To that end, the Tromelin observatory was built. The first few months of monitoring resulted in success, finding a system suitable for colonization. Dubbed "Gallic Antilles", MAE with the support of the Enclave intends to claim another world for the Crown of Gallia and realize the political ambitions of the Baron.

However, these attempts have failed and after all the lack of success of the last months, the health of the Baron took a turn for the worse and so Fabian Montluc decided to transfer his title, ownership and all power over MAE to his son, Quentin. The new Baron Montluc in the following few weeks after his assignment has stopped a few projects related to the colonization of worlds around the distant stars and concentrated MAE on the monopolization of the Enclave economy.


[Image: ZKdk447.png]
Uxeau-de-Bordeaux HQ
  • Secure a position on the local market: with no Gallic or foreign corporation working with the Royal Enclave, it is a historical opportunity for MAE to become the key player in Enclave’s economy and secure the most lucrative position in its market. Lack of big competitors paves way for expansion in various fields and subsequent vertical integration.

  • Revitalize the local economy: The Enclave has the money to pay for the goods, and sophisticated Gallic nobility to crave various goods. The Royal Army still requires a lot of supplies and maintenance services. Bordeaux lacks civil infrastructure and buildings. All of it is at the same time the opportunity and liability for MAE. It is our utmost priority to contribute to the development of the local economy not only to increase our profits, but also to increase the comfort of the life of the local population, and therefore - its purchase parity, effectively securing a steady increase in our profits in the future.

  • Expand internationally and find reliable contractors: While lack of competition on the domestic market can ensure our survival and steady growth, it is the expansion outside that can make our corporation a true cross-system player. Finding contractors for any of our goods will not only result in the increase of our profits but can also trigger a chain reaction in the revision of the position of the Enclave, removing unnecessary fronts for it to fight and concentrate on a few important ones.

  • Develop own competitive spacecraft: While we still possess the blueprints from EFL to construct typical civilian ships, it is our unique own design that will gain us leverage on the international market. A paramilitary spacecraft of superior Gallic design can benefit not only MAE and the Enclave, but also convince third parties to cooperate with us and buy our ships. This is crucial for expansion into the international market.

  • Develop own competitive weaponry: Similarly to spacecraft, our own military or paramilitary grade equipment can improve our position on both the domestic and international markets.

  • Remain discreet: MAE found itself in a unique position. While most Gallic population knows us as pro-Royalists and is aware of our exodus from the corrupt Confederation, not many citizens or other parties are aware of our current whereabouts. Things are better kept this way for as long as possible as it allows MAE to perform tasks that the diplomatic stance of the Enclave would render impossible. Use our “grey position” to the most advantage to get profits from parties that otherwise would not trade with the Enclave.

  • Ensure a profit and the company’s growth: Like any corporation, our utmost priority is to grow and prosper. The investors shall be pleased, the capital shall be wisely invested, the corporate assets shall be expanded.

  • Find and colonize a new world for the Crown: Our attempts to establish the Barony in Languedoc failed, and it is certainly impossible to establish a planet-wise Barony within the territories of the Royal Enclave. The ambitions of Baron Montluc are not solely his own, but corporate too, as a world in possession of the Baron would mean a world in possession of MAE, opening unique possibilities for legitimate monopoly over a single world that would be a safeguard for MAE’s existence should the operations in other markets fail.


The company was established as a corporation and IPO took place soon after the official institution. As of now, the company is traditionally for Gallia cautious, the stocks being available for purchase for Gallic capital exclusively. The Board of Directors rigorously controls the capital flow to avoid letting parties with intentions deemed malicious from acquiring the stocks and influencing the company. The board is the leadership of the corporation. Includes Chief Officers of every Division and the owner. Decides the course of the company and reports to the investors.

[Image: JM2Anwr.png]
HEV-4 Engineering Suit
Engineering Division

Comprised of all sorts of engineers and blue-collar workers that put the most fascinating ideas of R&D brainiacs into life.

The engineers lay down the schematics and the blueprints and follow up with the construction of the working prototypes of the new products devised by scientists, refine them to reduce the material input and cost of production, and carry out the field tests. Engineering division puts to use extensive corporate funds to advance even further the competitive advantage of the goods already produced, releasing new marks, goods lines, augmenting already existing ones, and ensuring the efficiency of MAE's output capacities. This division is extremely important for a company that has the word "engineering" in its name.

Most of the blue-collar personnel carry out the maintenance of the fabrication process, controlling the assembly lines, construction works, and related machinery and equipment and actually do not engage in manual labour despite the "blue-collar" label.

[Image: bQIhWqs.png]
HLE-7 Exoskeleton
Logistics Division

The veins of MAE that deliver the needed goods to supply the vital or less so production. The logistics division’s primary task is to maintain the supply chain of all production facilities and keeping the output at the optimal level. Logistics division is to be the most diplomatically acute to uphold the image of the company and not to let out the secrets that we do not want the rest of the sector to know.

Apart from deliveries of resources for fabrication, logistics pilots also engage in all sorts of commercial activities to trade on the side and yield additional profit for the corporation.

Logistics division also employs a number of scouts who perform reconnaissance flights to investigate the level of danger on situ for corporate activities as well as make marketing reports whether it is advisable or not for MAE to make moves towards expansion into particular markets.

[Image: Z8uvYXv.png]
Holo-Band Equipment
R&D Division

The brains of the corporation entrusted with abolishing any limitation to their imagination and using the latter for the benefit of the company.

The scientists of MAE come up with all sorts of ideas that are useful and at times not very, but most importantly with those that can either benefit the company in a form of a new competitive product or solve some issues that the corporation is facing at the moment. While it is the engineering department that is creating the working prototype, R&D is also creating prototypes yet not limited to the optimization of input materials and not necessarily working in practice despite theoretical predictions.

Scientists of MAE publish their findings in corporate reports that depending on the contents can be published openly to bring academic fame to the authors, or be kept a corporate secret.

[Image: 46qcrJq.png]
MHE-1 Cuirasse Armour
Security Division

The muscles of MAE. Security is composed predominantly of ex-royal marines who sought to continue their trade even after the end of their contract with the state. The hefty profits MAE was offering in conjunction with pro-royal views of the corporate leadership certainly attracted quite a lot of trained military personnel. Each member of the corporate security is provided with an extensive insurance programme that ensures the families are free of need in case of an accident for the rest of their lives. The candidates undergo psychological and political tests to ascertain their loyalty and lack of corporate spies. Due to the aforementioned points, MAE can boast about having excellent, professional, and loyal human resources in the field of protecting the corporation.

Security is entrusted with keeping the other personnel safe by guarding the facilities, escorting staff on their routine and special missions, and keeping eye on the internal affairs of the company lest anyone leaks corporate secrets or infringes the internal stability of the corporation.

From among the corporate security, the Baronial Guard was formed - the most experienced and loyal security staff that de facto became baron’s personal retinue and lay down the grounds for prospected armed forces of the Barony that Fabian Montluc wants to establish.


[Image: wvR9fEs.png]
Tromelin's docking bay
Founded on Quillan, MAE cheaply bought off a number of local mines to supply the raw materials for the production, and built two factories in Uxeau-de-Quillan to refine the ore and fabricate production. The relative ease of producing ships in space motivated the board of directors to invest in constructing a shipyard in space. Soon, Kerguelen Fabrication Facility was built in the vicinity of Remoulins debris with the intention to restore the latter and incorporate both stations into a big corporate administrative hub and a shipyard, occupying a prominent place in local trade lanes to the capital system.

Subsequent conflict with the Confederate regime prompted the exodus of MAE from Gallic space and abandoning all the facilities in Languedoc. Siding with the Royal Enclave, MAE set foot on planet Bordeaux and raised Miquelon refinery & factory close to Uxeau-de-Bordeaux to take care of the rising demands of the Enclave and preparing to deploy a space shipyard. Mothballed Kerguelen in the meantime can serve as a fort post for the Enclave should it decide to deploy to Languedoc.

Station name System Purpose Status
Kerguelen Fabrication Facility Languedoc Fabrication facility Abandoned
Tromelin Observatory Brittany Research complex Active


Montluc Advanced Engineering limits itself to the Gallic civilian ship line, including the GMS' mining vessels from the "Tourez" to "Rock Badger". For logistic needs, the corporation uses "Taureau"-class for valuable deliveries or routes through risky zones and "Vache"-class for common needs. The "Lucullus"-class is used as a long-range research vessel due to its increased autonomous capacities. MAE also allows itself to use a Corvo-class Explorer for short but dangerous expeditions instead of a more fragile liner. However, the amount of Corvo's in the fleet is very limited as they are unable to build new ones, their only option is to procure new units from the Genesis Research Group.

MAE is able to produce all other vessels within its fleet as they procured the blueprints and licenses from EFL Oil & Machinery in 742 AGS.


Faction name Stance Reputation
Gallic Royal Enclave Allied 0.90
Daumann Heavy Construction Friendly 0.55
Core Neutral 0.0
Corsairs Neutral 0.0
Gallic corporations Neutral 0.0
Independent Miners Guild Neutral 0.0
Liberty forces and corporations Neutral 0.0
Natio Octavarium Neutral 0.0
Zoners and Junkers Neutral 0.0
Other parties with no mutual business Neutral 0.0
Bretonia forces and corporations Unfriendly -0.55
Crayter Republic Unfriendly -0.55
Confederal forces Abysmal -0.70
Gaians Abysmal -0.70
Golden Chrysanthemums, Lane Hackers, Liberty Rogues Abysmal -0.70
Mollys Abysmal -0.70
Red Hessians Abysmal -0.70
Gallic Brigans, Maquis, Union Corse Hostile -0.90
Outcasts Hostile -0.90
Sirius Coalition Hostile -0.90

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