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Montluc Advanced Engineering - Information - Montluc Advanced Engineering - 11-29-2019

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With the collapse of the once-mighty Kingdom of Gallia, the differences within the Gallic society manifested in a few splinter states with different views on the outcome of the war and on each other. Chains of production shattered, the economy suffered a decline. The new conditions posed opportunities too, however, as the old kingdom’s regulation now obsolete and not actively enforced in some parts of Gallia. Many Gauls who lost more than gained from the end of the war were adventurous enough to try to turn the tide and make a fortune during the provisional period.

Baron Fabian Montluc was one of such adventurers. Being a minor noble from Orleanais, Baron served as an officer with the Royal Navy prior the war and gained the honourary title of chevalier for fighting Council forces. A decorated officer and a noble, Baron Montluc retired at the age of 50 in the capacity of Major, one year before the beginning of the war with Bretonia to take care of family matters and invest generous retirement pay into own business. The war, however, required his talents to participate in the campaign against Bretonia and Liberty. Due to the old age, Baron Montluc commanded 51st Sainte Croix engineering battalion throughout the whole war and predominantly was raising fortifications and observing stellar engineering.

By the time the Council forces advanced on Ile-de-France, Montluc was assisting rebuilding the fortifications on Quillan and on hearing the news - requested to return to Orleanais for personal matters. It was obvious that the planet would join the Council should the Royal government be ousted and thus, rapidly selling the family estate and taking the unspent retirement pay, Baron with his family moved to recently discovered Zurich system to wait for the resolve of the war. With the King assumed dead and the news on the events on Leeds, the chain of command in the Royal Navy was weak and nobody was questioning people leaving amidst the chaos.

Following the ceasefire and the collapse of King’s regime, Baron moved to Quillan that was a beacon for many people who lost their position in the society and procured for a cheap price a destroyed during the time of clashes with the Council fabrication plant with a mine, establishing a small private enterprise. Hearing that many of his men from 51st battalion lost their jobs with the Royal Navy, and some of the - homes, Montluc invited his experienced crew to work with him on Quillan and make a new home there while restoring the local economy. Many of those people shared the invitation with their friends, attracting flocks of ex-servicemen from all across Gallia. Montluc managed to gather a competent team of engineers, scientists, marines, pilots, and businessmen.

With provisional governments in Languedoc and Dauphine weak and still sorting out their allegiances, the local economy was in bad shape and needed any working places and influx of capital it could attract. To support this, local businesses could expect generous concessions, liberal taxation and regulation, and overall support from the authorities. The ban of Gallic technologies export effectively null and void and local facilities in need of maintenance and upgrades, Baron Montluc decided to use his experience in engineering corps to establish a company that would cater for the local needs of stellar and planetary construction, and export superior Gallic non-military technologies to whoever is interested. Thus, Montluc Advanced Engineering was born. The official establishment date is 23 November 742 AGS. Headquarters are located on Quillan.

Following the constituent act of the Confederation of Gallic States, Languedoc alongside Dauphine system joined Minarchy or Provence, a state with a tight connection to Gallic underworld in the face of Unione Corse families. With barely functioning legislative, executive, and judicial systems, as well as weak military presence, corporate leadership and the Baron himself became displeased with the situation in Languedoc enough to proclaim its own political “party”, the Progress League of Quillan. The League nominally declared its goal as the improvement of life on Quillan and in Languedoc and secession from the Minarchy to become autonomous Barony of Languedoc as a separate member of the Confederation. However, on Quillan, there are rumours that the real goal of the Progress League is to re-establish the aristocracy and secede completely from the Confederation in favour of the Gallic Enclave as the pro-royalist views of Baron Montluc are common knowledge. Regardless of the rumours, the League is steadily gaining popularity both with the miners and with the newly arrived migrants from the rest of Gallia with the promises of a better life and the money pumped up into the campaign by MAE. With the weakening grasp of GMS on Quillan and unstable labour market under the Minarchy and incapable Confederation, MAE becoming a political force is a logical and expected move, its political power rooted primarily in corporate wealth and alleged ties to the Enclave.

The operation of the company is based around the fabrication units on Quillan for the extraction and refinement of raw materials.

Soon after the establishment of the company, contracts were made with the provisional Dauphine government about the lease of one of Fourchambault Shipyard’s docks and two fighter-class assembly lines for the construction of civilian personal spacecraft and transports.

The company is interested in striking a deal with GMS regarding the use of Lodeve Space Port for acquiring the wrecks of old ships and scrap.

The main operation base serving as HQ outside of Quillan is Kerguelen Fabrication Facility that serves as the corporate sell point and a manufacturing unit. The base is quickly developing, offering more and more jobs and is expected to become a large shipyard for both military and civilian spacecraft in the nearest future. The pride of MAE and Kerguelen is the robotic drydock that can operate without staff with minimal human supervision, which maximises the facility output and competes with large Gallic shipyards despite its smaller size.

Corporate Structure
The company was established as a corporation and IPO took place soon after the official institution. As of now, the company is traditionally for Gallia cautious, the stocks being available for purchase for Gallic capital exclusively. The Board of Directors rigorously controls the capital flow to avoid letting parties with intentions deemed malicious from acquiring the stocks and influencing the company.

Board of Directors - the leadership of the corporation. Includes Chief Officers of every Division and the owner. Decides the course of the company and reports to the investors.

Logistics Division - tough provisional times require tough methods. Instead of relying on other suppliers, Montluc Advanced Engineering employs its small commercial fleet to deliver materials. At times the division engages in independent trade for additional corporate revenues.

Fabrication Division - a refinement of raw materials and assembly of the final product. Mostly located planetside. Main goods produced - armaments, ship parts, various devices.

R&D Division - responsible for fundamental science and development of principally new technologies. Conducts field and in-lab experiments in various fields, predominantly physics and chemistry.

PR & Marketing Division - promotion, coverage, and selling of corporate production. It is responsible for market analysis, strategic communication, and corporate diplomacy.

Finance Division - control of capital flow. Decides upon investments and trade of stocks. Prepares profiles of potential investors and advises whether stocks can be sold. It also carries out the accounting and striking deals for the corporation.

Legal Division - law of the company. Controls the activity of the corporation in the legal sphere, advises on the conduct in unpredicted provisional times finds loopholes in the legal system for profitable deals and protects the employees and the corporation itself in the court.

Engineering Division - whatever R&D brainiacs theoretically conceptualize, engineering division has to manifest in the form of actual technology. Develop know-how and construct working prototypes. Carry out the enhancement of existing products, developing their new upgraded versions. Oversee the construction of the most advanced products.

Сonstruction Division - builders. The division specializes in the construction of planet-side or space facilities, as well as fitting them for further exploitation. Maintains the existing corporate facilities and those of contractors.

Security Division - ex-royal navy and mercenaries in private employ. Ensure the safety of the day-to-day operation of the corporation. Escort logistics personnel in space and planetside. Carry out counter-espionage to prevent leakage of sensitive or strategically important information.

  • Secure a position on the local market.
  • Develop own competitive spacecraft.
  • Develop own competitive weaponry.
  • Revitalise local economy.
  • Ensure profit and the company’s growth.
  • Strike profitable contracts with local and foreign entities.

Corporate fleet
Security ships:
  • "Moonbeam" Gallic Civilian Heavy Fighter
  • "Sunbeam" Gallic Civilian Very Heavy Fighter
  • "Eclipse" Gallic Civilian Heavy Bomber

Mining ships:
  • "Tournez" Gallic Metal Service Light Miner
  • "Courbe" Gallic Metal Service Heavy Miner
  • "Plier" Gallic Metal Service Deep Space Miner
  • "Rock Badger" Gallic Miner

Logistic ships:
  • "Briller" Gallic Repair Ship
  • "Aurochs" Gallic Freighter
  • "Taureau" Gallic Armoured Transport
  • "Vache" Gallic Train

Research ships:
  • "Corvo" Civilian Deep Space Explorer
  • "Lucullus" Gallic Research Liner