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Deep Space Constructions - Bounty Board - Deep Space Constructions - 12-01-2019

Bounty Board Status

Status - Open

Bounty Board Overview

Deep Space Constructions is rewarding dedicated employees and opportunistic mercenaries in dealing with certain elements of the business that slips past DSE's watchful gaze. Deep Space Constructions reserves the right to deny any claim if eliminated target is not marked as hostile or it is a clear case of foul play.

Blanket Targets

These criminals have proven to be dangerous to society and commerce. Eliminate these targets at any conceivable opportunity within Liberty. Each destroyed target is worth 5.000.000 SC.

Lane Hackers
Liberty Rogues


Available through private audience.

Claiming Protocols

Evidence showing identification of hostile target and timed destruction confirmation is mandatory. Optional template provided below.

[b][url=INSERT]Identification[/url] • [url=INSERT]Cargo[/url] • [url=INSERT]Destruction[/url][/b]

Bill: [b]5.000.000 SC[/b]
Account: [b][color=Orange]INSERT[/color][/b][/align]

Group Contractors

Deep Space Constructions (DSC~) at 400% rate
Bounty Hunters Guild (BHG|) at 100% rate

Individual Contractors


Sponsored by Ageira Innovations

RE: Deep Space Constructions - Bounty Board - Wasserdrache - 02-08-2020

BoomBox - Liberty Rogue VHF

Bill: 5.000.000 SC
Account: BHG|Royalist