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Hello Discovery - Vrykur - 12-03-2019

Hi there Discovery Community. My main alias is Vrykur, and I'm new to your server and community. I was a big time Freelancer player back in the day before it was abandoned, spending dozens of hours a week on the North Quadrant server exploring and role-playing with that community.

I stumbled upon your community about a year ago after I by-chance Googled Freelancer and found that it was abandonware, and Discovery caught my eye. After installing it on my machine and launching the single player game, I rediscovered my love for the game's amazing visuals and settings, and the potential for endless enjoyment from the simplest activities the game has to offer. At the time my computer was on its last breaths of life, and every time I tried to join the server it would kick me immediately after loading into the starting base. I still enjoyed exploring the single player setting, and kept the desire to join the server fresh in mind.

Well that computer is dead now, and my new one is much better! When I redownloaded and installed everything, I immediately went to explore in single player again just to make sure everything was all gravy. After a satisfying session, I decided to try the multiplayer server, and it let me in on the very first try! I logged on a couple times, and even role-played with someone earlier today, before finally coming back to the forum to sign up and become legitimate to the community.

I am also on the Discord, but I go by my Warframe name "Vhrykur", which is to be noted for its difference. Warframe is my main game for action, hit me up if you play it too. I don't care too much for fighting or PVP in Freelancer (that's what Warframe is for in my opinion), it'll likely never be the main focus of any of my characters. I much prefer traders, explorers, and odd-balls, but I put the role-play first as it's the only reason why I'm on the server.

I'm a rambler, as is evident by my five paragraph introduction thread, but I do cut it back a little bit in-game so as to not make a wall of text (or I try to at least). Anyway, thank you for having me! I'm already a big fan of this mod, I hope to make myself a welcome sight to all of you.

RE: Hello Discovery - ddogg - 12-03-2019

Welcome to Discovery! Smile North Quadrant had a model of the Sol system in it, right? Old, old memories.

RE: Hello Discovery - Kalhmera - 12-03-2019

Welcome man, be sure to aquatint yourself with our Server Rules and since I lead Liberty Police Inc. I am obligated to tell you to read the laws of Liberty! Smile Have fun and enjoy your stay!

RE: Hello Discovery - Vrykur - 12-03-2019

(12-03-2019, 10:05 AM)ddogg Wrote: Welcome to Discovery! Smile North Quadrant had a model of the Sol system in it, right? Old, old memories.

Yes! Not just a replica model of Sol, but a to-scale model, which made it even more terrifying trying to navigate between jump holes from one side of Jupiter to the other. Granted I was always running trade routes with two of my buddies at the time, the Sol runs were more a scenic route than an efficient one. To go through just 3 systems (planets, essentially) would take well over an hour to traverse. But that's why you play with friends, to make the long ride enjoyable. Smile

RE: Hello Discovery - Groshyr - 12-03-2019

Welcome to Discovery. Be sure you're in our general Discord it's useful for communication and support things.