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Strategy Game Maps - Binski - 12-04-2019

Starcraft: Broodwar

Did a few maps for Starcraft: Broodwar to kill some boredom earlier this year. They make up a Solar System Campaign with all Solar system locals like Mars, Europa, Io and Titan. These are soley Terran vs Zerg maps, although they could be used for MP like normal I'm pretty sure. But for SP just use the map settings, and they're meant to be played as Terran. (one Mars map does have one enemy Terran force).

Some Terran units are now a bit stronger and do more damage, especially your Ghosts (a small group of Ghosts is now very effective), Goliaths and anti-air turrets. Zerg units, on the other hand, are mostly weaker and do less damage, but have been tweaked so that units like Zerglings are cheaper and produce faster, so it makes for larger and faster Zerg hords of easier to kill units (Ultralisks and Hydralisks are slower to build and weaker, and are much more reasonable). Don't let that fool you though, they are still very challenging maps. Its Player vs 3 Zerg broods for most maps. The name of the game for these maps is to block the bottlenecks of routes to your base. Expect big hords, but if you have tight defenses, you will be ok. They're very "Starship Troopers".

The last map "Gas Fields of Titan" has all uses of Minerals removed, and you only find clusters of Vespene Gas geysers throughout the map. You must control and guard your gas clusters, as once they run out, you can still keep going with basically infinite but slow resources (with many refineries you can still collect at a reasonable pace). Othewise these maps are loaded for longer and more interesting scenarios.

Olympus Mons -

A central huge mountain amid the Martian desert with your base at the top, which you must hold.

Valles Marineris -

A massive valley on Mars where the left and right sides are raised up and the center is an open desert with a large island in the center of the valley.

Europa -

And ice world with mountain chains and a frozen ice ocean in the center.

Standoff on Io -

A hot volcanic world with huge molten lava channels, and plenty of large magma craters. A central island chain surrounded by lava is loaded with minerals.

Gas Fields of Titan -

A gassy dead moon littered with strange geological formations and large bright blue methane lakes.