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Ernesto "Cazador" Aguado - Goliath - 12-04-2019

[Image: ytNXNBi.png?1]

Name: Ernesto Aguado
Age: 33 Years
Ex-Affiliation: Corsair
Place Of Birth: Planet Crete
Height: 1.61m
Weight: 65 kg

A pure Cretan blooded man with questionable childhood and adult life. Ernesto had no noticeable activities until the age of 18 where his first ship, and the very ship he uses to this day - a Titan - has been part of a Corsair convoy to Leon Base in Omega-41. The very first mission Ernesto took part in was also the one that sparked his thirst for more and more contracts to earn his fortune of credits. In his late 20's, the troubled Corsair aimed for something more than being the average Corsair stained with criminal records. He still had open paths to anything he ever wanted to be.

Everything came to a price, however. The "M10"-class Titan became his signature ship, beloved by the locals for his early ability to maneuver such a fearsome fighter allowed him to gain the nickname of "Cazador" - translated in Cretan as "Hunter" - due to his abilities to track down wanted Bounty Hunters for a fee. By the age of 23, Ernesto left Crete for good into pursuing his goals. After docking on Freeport 5 to clean off his Titan of any Corsair data including the transponder, the now free 'sair left for the outer worlds of the Empire, which proved to be a lethal mistake. Without any warnings, Bretonian Forces began to fiercely shoot their weaponry at Ernesto's ship. Even though they failed several times, a Titan could only take so long.

7 Years in self-exile for blind goals, Ernesto became desperate for a place to call home once more. Freeport 1 was littered recruitment offers - and where he saw an odd-looking man idling by the bar. The man offered Ernesto something -a recruitment offer written on paper. Without any suspicion, Ernesto applied for the job and even got accepted only to realize he joined an Order organization. Despite the stigma they carry on Planet Crete, these scientists welcomed Ernesto with open arms. For around 2 years, he served as an engineer and also became part of the Military Wing.

Months pass, and ORG became relatively stagnant. Sure, he got the monthly payment, free food, and shelter - but the thrill faded away. So as a last-ditch to turn around and pursue his goals. Without any warnings, Ernesto left Omicron Mu for Omicron Delta. A few days of rest and he continued his way towards the Palau Ice Field - the place where only hours later sent an emergency signal which died out seconds after. His Titan lost an entire wing; cockpit cracked; life support on emergency mode. The very same attackers latched towing cables on the remaining wing, using its specific shape to drag it to an unknown station within Omicron Delta. Ernesto was not seen since then and any Zoner or Order rescue team only found the other torn wing - mangled and floating in space.
Months after the incident, Ernesto has showed up once again miraculously. More time passed and in the end Ernesto has shown interest to join The Brotherhood. After a series of chatter with the Elders, Ernesto got his Titan repaired and joined his target faction once again - The Corsair Brotherhood. To this date, Ernesto is shifting his attention between the Brotherhood and the ORG for various reasons - one being the terrifying truth that he became the very thing he swore to stay away from. A Wild Agent.