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Kerguelen Fabrication Facility (Languedoc) - Montluc Advanced Engineering - 12-04-2019

Kerguelen Fabrication Facility, Languedoc
Kerguelen Fabrication Facility was deployed on 4th December 742 A.G.S. next to the wreck of Remoulins Station in Languedoc as the primary fabrication facility of Montluc Advanced Engineering. With the use of scrap from the nearby debris field and the raw materials delivered from planet Quillan, the company constructs new ships, equipment, ship parts such as hull plates, et cetera.

[Image: mxACbsI.png]

Kerguelen serves Montluc Advanced Engineering for a number of purposes aside from fabrication. The station is intended to serve as secondary headquarters in space, as the commercial hub for raw materials, and as a place to sell the product of the company. Proximity to the wreck of the Remoulins Station opens possibilities to expand the station into the modules left in space as debris without significant investments and construction efforts, slowly turning the station into a large space city.

The station is also designed to revitalise the economy of Languedoc that fell into disarray following the collapse of the monarchy and is implemented with the feasibility of large expansion with different modules - from extra living space to fortifications.

RE: Kerguelen Fabrication Facility (Languedoc) - Groshyr - 12-07-2019

[Image: Hpna6Lt.png]

Charles Moreau
This is a construction log of Kerguelen Fabrication Facility provided by me, Charles Moreau, the Chief Logistics Officer of Montluc Advanced Engineering. The following information is available for all MAE employees and other authorized personnel and remains the intellectual property of Montluc Advanced Engineering.

The first stage of a station's construction has started on 4th December, 742 A.G.S. We have informed GMS and local provisional government about our project and have no aversion to the idea itself from their side.

MAE Logistics Division has been ordered and they have prepared all resources for a structure's core and so we started: pre-hired crew was ready to proceed to work right after deploy of the very skeleton. Our "Taureau"-class transports have no enough cargo capacity to supply our station effectively but we handled it and with the number of recourses our men have brought station repairs should not take a while.

In the late evening by New Paris time on 4th December of 742 A.G.S., Kerguelen Fabrication Facility was deployed next to Remoulins Station wrecks in Languedoc and after a few hours, hidden debris was found stuck in the hull. It blocked docking bay number 2 and reduced the docking capacity of our installation. Our repairs team have met a truly challenging mission and spent about 10 hours to remove this debris or find another solution to this problem. The team decided to remove the portion of the remains and use it as an alloy to repair with the station after.

I shall oversee this project personally: this station is an important matter and proof that Montluc Advanced Engineering is ready to enter the Gallic-wide market with more fabrication capacities than we had at the very beginning of ours path.

First of all, we were going to increase the hull structure by a possible 10% and only then start to construct a shield generator module at the very heart of the station. Unfortunately, we have to change our plans and start the construction of the generator immediately. The good news is that there is no need to have a license to obtain the required resources thus we will have no problems with this part but, as already mentioned, our Logistics Fleet cargo capacity is not enough to complete the construction in such a limited time.

Regardless, we have started construction and our "Taureau" transports are on course from Tau-23 with loads of niobium ore to Abbeville Production Facility in Picardy and industrial hardware from Romorantin Space Port in Orleans, all required for the project. Meanwhile, another transport with a light escort was deployed to Rheinland with a load of molybdenum ore to planet New Berlin and have to get fusion diodes at the route back to Gallia. What's good for us is also good for Gallia et al, oui?

Charles Moreau,
Chief Logistics Officer, Montluc Advanced Engineering

RE: Kerguelen Fabrication Facility (Languedoc) - Groshyr - 12-12-2019

[Image: Hpna6Lt.png]

Charles Moreau
A few days later after the station has been deployed, we have set a shield generator and fueled with Promethene. Kerguelen facility is under protection now: the passive mode of shield generator provides the station with a kinetic defence which protects it from small nor big debris of the field. The passive mode requires a minimum fuel. Meanwhile, an active defence mode, it provides the station with improved protection from any kind of weapon for six hours as a minimum.

Our next step after the shield generator is a cargo module. Remoulins wreck has a few well-saved cargo bulks which our logistics division is going to unmount from a wreck, repair and set with our station. This should not take a while and soon our cargo capacity will be increased before we start to improve our station's hull.

As you can see - the construction is going as planned. The station is slowly repairing and prepares for further development. Its hull is ready for 20% and this is only in a week of work. But I am afraid we will not finish it before 743 A.G.S. - even with alloys from debris field we still have no enough working hands. Fortunately, we have no reason to rush, is not it?

Charles Moreau,
Chief Logistics Officer, Montluc Advanced Engineering

RE: Kerguelen Fabrication Facility (Languedoc) - Groshyr - 12-22-2019

[Image: Hpna6Lt.png]

Charles Moreau
Kerguelen facility cargo capacitive has been increased: one cargo module was set.

14th December 742 A.G.S. at 09:42 AM MAE engineers began the unmount of cargo module from Remoulins station's wreck. One "Rock Barger" platform has been equipped with equipment for unmounting labor has removed welding between module and wreck itself. Fortunately, the cargo module has suffered minimal damage when there was an explosion and can be used with minimal repairs from our side.

Next few hours our men spent in preparing our station and module itself for merging: removing part of hull panels around mount fixture, etc.

The cargo module itself has been set at 01:15 PM on 14th December and currently is fully operational. We use 1/3 of its cargo capacity for our water tanks extension to be less dependent on regular supplies from the planet Quillian.

Charles Moreau,
Chief Logistics Officer, Montluc Advanced Engineering