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Komu: Gregor Tykovkin, SCEC, TSB, VI | Ot: HCALD - HCALD - 12-04-2019

Incoming Transmission

Дата: December 4, 826 A.S.

Gregor Tykovkin, SCEC, TSB, VI
High Commissariat for Agriculture and Land Development, Andrey Lukashenka
Proekt "ALD-X-612"

Внимание: совершенно секретно.


My name is Andrey Lukashenka and here I represent High Commissariat for Agriculture and Land Development of People's Government, in case if someone isn't familiar with me yet.

Due to increasing tendencies on development of agricultural industry inside of Coalition, I have decided to start our so-to-say "green expansion" into Omicron Chi or, if to be more precise, we decided to research opportunities of implementing agricultural objects on Rostok station and the planet Istambul. This project got a code name "ALD-X-612".

Therefore, I issue an order to commandant of Rostok, SCEC, TSB and Volgograd Industrial to support this project with all means required for this. Order №51635 has been already signed and issued.


You should support our research and agricultural endeavours with all means necessery, namely providing shelter, food, water and oxygen to our research personnel, as well as you should free some space for research machinery aboard your station. Upon further requests, it is possible, that we will also ask you to clear some space for agricultural objects aboard the station.


You should support us with your front-line researches on agriculture and growing provision in extreme conditions.


You will support us with escorting of our ships from the heart of Coalition in New Moscow up to destination - Rostok Station.

Volgograd Industrial,

You are tasked with bringing all required supplies and materials for construction of aforementioned agricultural objects.

The first step of project "ALD-X-612" is conducting initial survey of environment aboard Rostok station, on surface of Istambul planet and external environment in Omicron Chi. SCEC specialised transport will bring research personnel (19 scientists from Mykolaiv Research Station) and appropriate research machinery. TSB will provide escort to named transport and should protect it by all means necessary.

The following stages of the project will be announced in this channel, should we find efforts to be suitable for this project.

For the bright and green future of Coalition!

S uvazheniem,
Andrey Lukashenka

Transmission Terminated

RE: Komu: Gregor Tykovkin, SCEC, TSB, VI | Ot: HCALD - VEKTOR - 12-05-2019

[Image: QmigeDY.png]
FROM: Wang Qi Shan, Jiang Xi, Omega-52
TO: Andrey Lukashenka
...encryption code authorized
...loading data

Greetings, comrade Lukashenka

Our division's combat transports can fulfill this task in any time. Form list of required equipment, and set date of operation.


RE: Komu: Gregor Tykovkin, SCEC, TSB, VI | Ot: HCALD - Couden - 12-05-2019

[Image: JQKfHJe.png]
Incoming Message
From: Vladimir Akimnov
To: High Commissariat for Agriculture and Land Development, Andrey Lukashenka
Subject: RE: Proekt "ALD-X-612"

Comrade, Lukashenka.

My name is Vladimir Akimnov, Commander of TSB forces.

Our divisions are ready to escort transport vessels to Rostok solar station. I'd strongly reccomend to use Mykolaiv - Iskra - Kamchatka - Rostok route. This is the most safety route to Anatolia system.

End of Message

RE: Komu: Gregor Tykovkin, SCEC, TSB, VI | Ot: HCALD - Gregor Hansen - 12-06-2019

[Image: srC3Chw.gif]
FROM: Gregor Tykovkin.
RECIPIENT: High Commissariat for Agriculture and Land Development, Andrey Lukashenka
SOURCE: Unknown.

...encryption code authorized
...loading data

We will be ready for your arrival.

I hope you are ready for difficult conditions, I will give you several rooms at the station itself, if you like, thanks to my sensitive guidance, we have completed the construction of an external cargo warehouse, which significantly reduced the need to give a lot of space for storage.

Usually those who come from the central worlds spoiled by fast deliveries from the supply department will be disappointed here, I recommend taking the necessary equipment in advance if you do not want to wait for the planned delivery, of course, you can call for additional deliveries for yourself or with a higher rating make an order for scheduled delivery resources.

However, I hope you will not do something that could harm our already fragile supply system.

If you really want to create something big and not occupy a couple of rooms then at the moment, under the surface of the planet, our workers have already cut down and strengthened several fairly large caves that you can use with suitable equipment.

The future underground base is being built in a geologically stable place that is also inaccessible for orbital strikes, there is a security team at the surface and, in case of need, one YX Dromedary ship is always ready to arrive with a medical or strike team if necessary.

If additional premises are needed there, we can provide this more quickly and less harmful to other needs.

Underground agricultural laboratories will be more protected from radiation, but I think that you want to have a laboratory at the station in any situation, I hope that you make your choice in advance that will allow us to prepare.

Also, due to the growing activity of enemy forces in the omicron region, all arriving ships undergo preliminary scans and a full examination cargo, and our medical staff will examine your specialists who will come to us.

And I almost forgot, based on the fact that from the central world like to send large ships, I want to remind you that we will not be able to fully service warships more than a gunboat.

I hope for your cooperation.


RE: Komu: Gregor Tykovkin, SCEC, TSB, VI | Ot: HCALD - Groshyr - 12-06-2019

[Image: Nloo9an.png]

From: Andrey Shevchenko
To: Andrey Lukashenka
Subject: RE: Proekt "ALD-X-612"

Dear comrade Lukashenka,

My name is Andrey Shevchenko. I am speaking on behalf of Volgograd Industrial as the Director of Logistics.

I am not going to waste your time or mine either. Volgograd Industrial is ready to provide your project with any required goods or shipping service for it.

In serving for the Coalition's people,
Andrey Shevchenko,
Director of Logistics, Volgograd Industrial

RE: Komu: Gregor Tykovkin, SCEC, TSB, VI | Ot: HCALD - VEKTOR - 01-05-2020

[Image: QmigeDY.png]
FROM: Wang Qi Shan, Jiang Xi, Omega-52
TO: Andrey Lukashenka, Gregor Tykovkin
...encryption code authorized
...loading data

Greetings, comrade Lukashenka, comrade Commandant.

Due of recent events around Omega-49, this report was not processed fast, but we got confirmations about our convoy safely reached Rostok.

All scientists with their equipment and additional finances in Sirius Credits for Anatolia external operations were successfuly delivered.