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MNS - The Approaching Curve - Maltese News Service - 12-10-2019

[Image: udzqkql.png]
Republica de Malta

Maltese News Service
'An informed society is a strong society'

The Brutal Extremism of Terrorists Showcased!
Another civilian installation falls to the traitors' tyranny.
Republic officials call out for a coalition.
By: Ricardo Montoya

Anguish spreads as acts by the vile Terrorist Organization known as the 'IRMM' continue to mount. Only this last week was a peaceful Crayterian installation destroyed by marauding bandits bearing the traitors' flag, and in conjunction with the loss of Malta's outpost at Santa Elena Depot a press conference was held last night aboard Liner Barcelona to convene the formation of a resistance force to drive back these fiends and repair the damage done.
While many topics were covered, the President's speech at the tail end left many aboard Barcelona recurving from the events of past weeks.

A level of silence uncommon aboard the ship was present last night as the President gave an address, one that shocked the entire crowd, and even some members of MNS's own news crew live on the scene.

"Ladies and gentlemen, friends and colleagues.. we stand at the precipice of our dilemma. The leadership of the rebel Maltese who deny our lawful governance has fallen yet again, and with the loss of the illegal Cadiz Cartel we stand poised to take our place and lead Malta on to a better era. However, the Cadiz Cartel was, admittedly, a stable platform for Malta to operate from, and with them in place the Republic grew tenfold. That is not to say that their presence was a substitute for the Republic's legal jurisdiction, but without them Malta faces an uphill battle.

We do not have the resources to compete with the warlords who fashion themselves as the heirs to the Cartel. With our ties broken we must rely on those we have coordinated with in the past and present to help secure our future. Malta must stand as an enduring symbol of democracy and freedom in these times, or we may yet fall victim to the same devils that brought down our opponents. Even as I speak, the Armed Forces are preparing for a large-scale offensive against our deranged brothers and sisters, and moving to secure our dreams and those of Malta herself from those who would see them destroyed.

The war with the Kingdom is over, and while there remains an enclave of murders to deal with in the Taus, we must focus on our goal to liberate Malta from the tyrannical terrorist menace that aims to corrupt her forever. To this end, I am declaring a state of emergency and asking the Defense Department to coordinate the formation of a coalition to oppose the radical elements of the Maltese Navy, and eradicate the threats to our lifestyle. Crayter, the Guild, Bretonia, Gallia and Kusari all stand threatened by this continued expansion and ferocity of the terrorist cells of our homeland. If peace is to be restored to our battered nation, we must stand together to fight the cancer that lurks within.

To any countrymen who hear my cries, know that we have not forgotten you. We have never forgotten you. The dream of Malta is the dream of all her people, and that any plans these seditionists may have for you are not, and never have been, in the mind to benefit our people. While yes, it is ironic that we must become the very thing we swore to prevent, defending the Maltese people, and our way of life, must be mission one, and that must first be the removal of those who would seek to destroy Malta.

To any allies of ours who hear this ensemble, know that Malta's unending gratitude and pledges remain in place, for without the help of those who showed understanding the Republic would not be able to prosper as it does. Expect contact from the Republic within the coming days, and an opportunity at retribution for the crimes committed by those who assume mantles they have no right to mount.

And finally, to any of the traitors who listen to my words, know that your sedition from the ways of our people will not go unpunished. For too long have we given the impression that we would stand by and watch these acts go unresponded. For too long have we appeased your desire for conquest, the bellyaching caused by the lack of empathy common among those who seek only quarrel.
You will find that, should you deny surrender, the Republic will lash back with everything we have. We will fight you in the nebulae, in the fields, and even on cold, hard earth before we ever bow to the whims of terrorists and tyrants.

That is the promise I lend to all who hear my voice.
That we will never surrender, never turn back."

Once her speech was finished, there was a notable level of pondering in the air. Regardless of how many took her message at face value, it got across. The room began applauding shortly after, her words apparently well received.

While there are many who have asked whether or not a coalition would work, the reality is that Maltese society has garnered such a cataclysmic amount of prejudice that analysts believe it to be possible. A pair of polls taken before and after the press conference revealed that as many as fifty-seven percent of the population aboard Barcelona alone had originally deigned the proposal of a military coalition to be beyond the norms of Maltese society. After the conference, many seemed rejuvenated, showing nearly ninety-five percent in support of a joint coalition against the growing terrorist menace.

MNS news coverage will continue to cover topics relating to the details of the press conference. Until then, this short passage will be all we can release until more news occurs.
This has been the Maltese News Service, wishing all of you a good night and a safe flight.