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Legion Sicario - Ezio I. Aquila De Malta Biography - Wesker - 01-07-2020

Ezio Ignatziu Aquila de Malta -- Sicario

[Image: Sn0jAIQ.png]

Basic Information

Gender: Male
Age: 78
Marital Status: Married.
Birthday: August 11th, 749 A.S.
Place of Birth: Planet Malta, Omicron Alpha
Affilitation(s): Co-Founder of the Legion Maltesa, Outcasts
Regular known whereabouts: Omicron systems.


Height: 185cm
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Distinguishing traits:

Enhanced senses and reflexes from Cardamine, extended lifespan, decades of combat experience.

Personal Affairs/Personality

The term "Sicario" stands for "assassin", Ezio is one of the few Maltese assassins that live past a decade's worth of service. Neither hateful nor joyful, Ezio finds a balance in concentration on service to his nation. After realizing his people's mistreatment by the nomads, and their struggle to hold their own between the now re-organized Gallic Armada and the Corsair Empire - Ezio's love for his nation and family outweight any other concerns.

Ezio is one of the three co-founders of the Legion Maltesa, and is succeeded by his only daughter - Matilda who lives in solitude after attempting service time as well.


Combat training: Decades of combat experience in space, with firearms, and in hand to hand. Legion training instructor.
Schooling: Maltese education system, mostly militaristic style schooling after two decades.
Special skills: Hand to hand combat is an advantage for any Maltese warrior with the help of Cardamine. Ezio excels with his advantage of Cardamine and decades of experience.
Known languages: Fluent in all languages (hitman necessity).


Cristina Aquila: Ezio's Wife looks after Matilda more frequently while Ezio is away, the two - despite being so distant - hold together for such a long period of time thanks to their only child.
Matilda Aquila: Ezio's daughter has a very strong relationship with her father. With birthrates so scarce, Ezio takes the protection of his daughter more seriously than anything else. Convincing her to live a life that doesn't revolve around war.
Eliza Valdez: Another Co-founder of Legion Maltesa, the two had a falling out after the first Legion disbanded, but once reunited. The bond between the two healed. Now however, the whereabouts of Eliza are unknown, which has contributed to the de-stabilization of the second Legion.
Enma Loyola: The two have served Malta side by side for decades in many different forms. Enma takes on more of a Empress approach while Ezio prefers to stick to the same job he'd been doing since the beginning.

History -- Origins

Ezio Aquila was born into an ordinary Maltese family just outside Malta's capital. Families on Malta were all quite wealthy and well taken care of in respect to the deficiencies they faced with Cardamine. Being the only child in his family, his parents naturally took the same approach he would later take with his daughter - steer away from any combat-related employment or service. Still, even parenting on that one principle, Ezio was sent to a military-style boarding school. Discipline was above all the "norm" of the place, which Ezio's parents hoped would stick with him whenever they told him to do something. Unfortunately for them, that didn't apply to everything.

Ezio was a fighter from the day he was born, fights at school over petty things were all too common. Eventually it turned into some street fighting for money, and like any other boy - fighting over women. Being a romantic more than a fighter for some time Ezio, bared with his parents and looked for place to settle down and live around the age of 18. With his condition from living on cardamine though, family life did not grace him at such a young age. It was a mental blow to Ezio, but he took it with a grain of salt, and instead looked to Military service as a way to keep himself headstrong.

[Image: TrNhzxq.png]
Capital of Malta

History -- War without end

Maltese training was thorough in respect for need for living breathing Maltese citizens. Each person was treated as if it were the last, Ezio was no exception, only he would be one of the luckier ones in his earlier days. He started out as a Cardamine runner escort, eventually moving towards a rear guard for Malta against the Corsair Empire where most of his flight combat experience would come from. Ground experience on the other hand, and his ticket in to being trained as a Maltese Sicario were the smuggling operations on Leeds and fights out in the Omicrons on Nauru. Prior to the Core's capture of the Planet, and the neutrality agreement between the Maltese people and Bretonia - hostilities raged without end with either party. Nauru was home to Corsair bandits, the Outcasts occasionally sent people to the western Omicron regions to weed out what important persons they could. At least the ones that posed a threat to Malta. Ezio took the most pride in his missions against the Corsair Empire, being long time rivals and a much more immediate problem, when the offer to be trained as a lone hitman approached, he jumped on without thinking twice.

Ezio would secure that title just a year later after taking a trip back home to Malta, around roughly 780 A.S. During the same period before taking on some jobs Ezio had made a connection with another woman that would later be his wife, and the source of his one offspring. For now, obsessed with his new job, and lacking anticipation for a family based on past experience - Ezio took off across Sirius in pursuit of action.

History -- El Sicario

Ezio proved to be a cunning, motivated, and effective assassin after about five years of working. Some lucky scenarios proved to be helpful lessons, every target was a lesson until eventually it just became redundant. That redundancy was only applicable with having so much experience though, the motivation was still left over. Ezio took pride in killing independent ring leaders, pirates, and corporate heads. Pretty much anyone that resembled something selfish brought out the real light in his soul, it might've seemed hypocritical considering his origin point - but Ezio lived in denial about a lot of what his home was.

That denial was his way of keeping his moral compass in line, that mixed with his distaste for the aforementioned "selfish" personas. The more he saw his country's true colors though, the more he sought to correct it.

History-- Matilda and "retirement"

Some more years had passed, Ezio and his wife Cristina were near a breaking point until finally they had a child approaching 790 A.S. Having a child of course, completely erased any doubts of a long-term relationship between the two. Ezio decided to "retire" at that point, or so he believed, so he could focus on raising his daughter. Ezio - only after having lived the life his parents told him to avoid - now understood why he needed to keep Matilda off the same path. Matilda looked up to her father more so than Ezio had looked up to his parents, it made Ezio a successful parent, at least for the first two decades.

The appearance of the nomads shook the Maltese Nation in fear, they would later discover that the remaining hive of nomad systems were at their doorstep. Some were ready to fight, but a large group of others saw the nomads as gods. Deluded, these individuals eventually took on the title of the "Crimson Cross" under the head of a zealot - Erika Espinoza.

History -- The Legion Maltesa

The Aquila family was eager to fight at this point, but Ezio's concern for his daughter's safety still outweighed that eagerness. Matilda used Ezio's own decisions against him, it was difficult for him to recoil and explain to someone young and ambitious. Ultimately, he failed in keeping her from the conflict, Matilda eventually joined up on her own with those willing to fight, and went at it for some time.

Ezio stayed in hibernation for a little longer until he met Eliza Valdez and Enma Loyola, two outcast pilots looking to run things their own way. Both had caught wind of Ezio and his history and insisted he join them in making what they would later call the "Legion Maltesa". It was strange, but somehow they convinced him to join up with them both. At first, the Legion was just a little gang of talented pilots, having a Sicario with them made the group a bit more reputable. But as time went on, the group grew, as did it's anti-nomad mission. Eventually so much leverage went along that the Crimson Cross collapsed, and the Legion was left to act as Malta's fist for the time being. In place of the government, a new governing body known now as the "National Council" took its place. The two groups worked side by side for roughly a year, harassing nomads, Corsairs, and Gallic forces at their doorstep. Most notably, the Legion pulled off the capture of Charlotte De France, a daughter of Gallia's King Charles.

[Image: IX4PpMG.png]
Sicario - 800 A.S.

History -- All good things come to an end.

Just when the Legion seemed to hit its height though, Loyola disappeared, thought to be infected and or dead. She winded up a few months later in the hands of the Core, a paramilitary group sponsored by each of the houses operating in the Omicrons. Their real conflict was with the Order, but holstering one of the Legion's founders made the group dissolve quickly. Valdez was drawn into working with the Core, while Ezio insisted on supporting the new regime in Malta. The disagreement between the two was bitter at the time, and with no command structure, the Legion fell apart.

Service to the new regime didn't last for much long afterwards anyways, the National Council lost its popular support after it went aggressively after nomad supporters. Though Ezio supported the decision, tackling its own people in such a manner broke the people's trust and well-being-norm that they held for each other. The National Council would fall a few months later, and Ezio went back to being an independent hitamn.

History -- The Second Legion

After roughly a year of roaming on his own, Ezio was once again called back home by Eliza - who had broken off from the Core on her own. Claiming that Enma had up and vanished again, and that the nomad problem back home had grown more and more serious. Without any real sense of direction, Ezio accepted, and many from the Legion had returned for a short time. Once again though, another one of the heads had seemed to up and vanish again. Eliza had gone missing just a few months into the Legion's attempt to regain its name. Now, Ezio as the head of a loose cannon, operating scarcely when Malta needs it's true defenders.